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No apology from Law Society President on M Ravi fiasco

Posted by temasektimes on September 25, 2012

The legal fraternity in Singapore appears to be increasingly divided over the Law Society’s handling of the M Ravi fiasco following a divisive closed-door meeting yesterday.

Some 500 members who attended the meeting called on its president Wong Meng Meng to apologise for the society’s handling of the recent clash with lawyer M Ravi, as well as for Mr Wong to recuse himself from chairing the Extraordinary General Meeting.

However, Mr Wong refused to do so and told the state media that he refused to apologize on the grounds that, if he had agreed, he would have accepted that he could not conduct the meeting fairly.

The second motion, which sought possible censure for Mr Wong Siew Hong who sparked the controversy by appearing in High Court with Mr Ravi’s medical report, was also rejected as it was considered “prospective” and dependent on the outcome of the first motion which failed.

Speaking to queries from the media, one lawyer said:

 “It was a waste of time and disappointing. I think it has opened up a bigger rift between members.”

Mr Ravi described the outcome of the meeting as a “disgraceful situation”:

“I am appalled, and I have registered my protest.”

The ongoing saga has tarnished the image of the Law Society in the eyes of Singaporeans who are shocked at its treatment of one of its member M Ravi.


14 Responses to “No apology from Law Society President on M Ravi fiasco”

  1. Jack said

    I wonder why would a top talent like the president of Law society would want to protect the act of a single member against the rest of 500 members? I cannot see revealing the medical record of an individual is correct?

  2. Henry said

    We should let the Senior Fellow speak his mind … rise old man …

  3. Mathews said

    M Ravi does not deserve any apology as you know the courts in HK , any independant party eg a Law society has the rights to surrender a Lawyer records wheather if a Lawyer as violated his position as a Lawyer for over-charging his services or if he has a medical record that needs to be clarified before the Courts.The Law society has every right to disclose any information pertaining to a Lawyer to the Courts for his clients own safety.

    • Ron said

      I find this line of reasoning absurd. The Institution of Engineers or Professional Engineers Board should troll throughy medical records as engineers may be involved in high rise construction that can bring danger to others. The dental community should do the same with disclosure of medical records as patients may suffer more trauma if a dentist has medical problems. And perhaps even the medical records of Cabinet Ministers be disclosed as they make national deliberations.

      What rubbish. If medical records are not kept private then what is the purpose of seeing a doctor? Only in exceptional cases should a Court demand presentation of medical records.

      • Jack said

        Agreed totally.
        For the same reason, PM Lee should publish his medical record regularly, Singaporeans are concern that his health may affect his leadership capability and endanger Singapore economic and Singaporeans well being. Like wise all the cabinet ministers, their health, lifestyle, hobbies, living habits etc.

        All CEOs of listed companies should do the same too, it is publish shareholders and potential shareholders interest to ensure their investment are not affected by the leaders of the companies.

    • Playfair said

      Would you agree if your medical records are made public.
      How it is done and as lawyers they should have been more professional.

    • Jack said

      What about the court of Singapore, and the privacy of individual?

  4. Tortoise said

    Will making a complaint to the UN works?

  5. ngpy said

    He maybe the President of Law Society but don’t forget he is not above the LAW

  6. Breach of privacy said

    It is clearly that there is a breach of one’s privacy. In US, the President of Law Society will be sued for a breach of privacy. Unfortunately there is no such law here. Ethically it is not right to reveal one’s medical record. What if someone did it on him? Would he initiate a law suit against someone??

  7. R Usha said

    no love lost for no apologies for M Ravi
    singapore’s legal fraternity is not gonna fizzle out just because nothing happened at the EGM finally.
    Frankly, I am ashamed by the group of lawyers who have filed this motion causing the EGM
    The law society is trying to help Mr Ravi overcome his illness.
    But the group of lawyers who caused the GM are not helping Ravi in anyway!!

    • Jack said

      I disagree. I can’t see how the law society is trying to “help” M. Ravi.

      • Julie Ong said

        Hello, Jack.

        I agree with you wholeheartedly.

        Mr M Ravi is an intelligent man. I’m sure that he knows and is well capable of looking after his physical, mental and emotional health. The matter here is that his right to confidentiality or privacy has been breached and by none other than the people who should know better – his fellow lawyers!

        Yes, Mr Ravi has my full support. I do not know or understand the motive/s for the disclosure of the uncalled for state of his mental health.

        In all likelihood these other lawyers themselves are ‘Siow’ (mad).


      • P Koh said

        Fully agree. Sometimes mental problems can be temporary only due to stress and unless it is permanent then it calls for review and assessment. I am sure that nobody will want to engage a lawyer with mental difficiency to act on his behalf and this alone will ensure that a “mental case” lawyer will go out circulation in no time.

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