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NUS sex scandal: Law prof now claims he was ‘coerced into confession’

Posted by temasektimes on September 25, 2012

The sensational NUS sex scandal involving a Law professor and his student now takes another twist with the accused Tey Tsun Hang now claiming that his confession statements made to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) were purportedly made under duress.

Tey, a former district judge, faces six corruption charges for allegedly showing favour to his former student, Ms Darinne Ko Wen Hui, between May and July 2010 in exchange for sex.

His lawyers argued in High Court yesterday that he was not in the ‘right’ state of mind to give a statement as he was rushed to Alexandra Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department within 12 hours of his arrest by the CPIB and was diagnosed with Acute Stress Disorder and Altered Mental Status.

Tey , who was prescribed with psychoactive drugs, was then said to have been ordered back to the CPIB, dressed in hospital patient overalls, to record the first of his two confessions on the day of his discharge.

They added that “false confessions” were extracted from the day Tey was discharged from the hospital right through the last interrogation session.

This is not the first time a suspect claimed that his/her confession was extracted under duress by the law enforcers. Not too long ago, a Malay man was acquitted of a murder charge after it emerged that he was forced to admit to the crime by the Investigating Officer when he was not even at the scene. He was on the death row for six years.


28 Responses to “NUS sex scandal: Law prof now claims he was ‘coerced into confession’”

  1. Henry said

    Someone need top fix such law enforcers … I was hauled up by a TP once and he claimed that I was not wearing my car seat belt. When he saw that my seat belt was buckled up neatly, he said he saw me earlier not wearing a seat belt. Before I could finish my clarification, he stopped me short and said, “I am still going to book you … if you (are) not happy, you can appeal” … so sad that we entrust the maintenance of law and order to such officers …

    • NaBey said

      It happened to me once. I appealed but was fined even more!

      • Henry said

        I appealed … They replied ” … your traffic offence has been disclosed. … appeal not successful.” I do not understand the English here … I am questioning the TP and rebutting that is was a mistaken observation, and the reply is that the office has been disclosed … how arrognant!

    • Sam said

      I was booked by a TP too and he claimed that my he booked my car when it was along a main road, when in fact he saw my car in a school and he demanded that i drive out to the main road before he booked me… this was some 2 years ago. But i know for sure TP are just someone who knew the law better then u and who will use the law to work against u.

      This guy is one who knows the law inside out…. it will be very interesting to see how he will use the law to wriggle himself out of this situation. I believe he will walk out scott free

      • Henry said

        You are absolutely right! When he stopped me and book me it was on a road off the main road, but when I got the traffic office, it was stated that I committed the office on the main road. I was puzzled but did not question. What you have said, Sam, makes good sense. These people have abused the law on us …

  2. Confucius, he says, ‘a man without integrity will talk nonsense’…

  3. load of crap said

    “Not too long ago, a Malay man was acquitted of a murder charge”

    Wrong- he was only discharged not amounting to acquittal. He has borderline IQ close to retardation, the witness to the crime told police he wasn’t involved but the police disregarded this and didn’t even share with defense lawyer. They don’t give a damn sending an innocent person to the gallows.

    There’s no justice in SG.

    • Again with the feeble-minded vermin. Such non-normal, non-people have destroyed countless lives by just being in existence in the first place.
      I had many acquaintances, all perfectly normal people. They have been wrongfully associated with the feeble-minded. They were needlessly taunted and even threatened, by their peers and the occasional passer-by. Their lives were destroyed as a result.
      Therefore, for the honor of all the normal people, especially those wrongfully associated with the feeble-minded, I not only demand, I NEED, the total and complete extermination of all feeble-minded vermin, on a global basis.

      • James Wong said

        I think you’re pretty feeble minded for suggesting something as stupid as this.
        maybe instead of trolling – you should spend more time reading and learning something.

      • I have read enough to know that you can’t tell those things to not get near us normal people.
        Because these wouldn’t comprehend us.
        Those things destroyed lives by just being in existence.
        If these didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any of those to be wrongfully associated with in the first place.

  4. Mike Zeng said

    False confessions under duress, threat and torture ( beatings) were accepted by the ISD and MHA and ultimately our then Lord LKY…. and got the 22 so-called Marxist Catholics into Whitley Road detention prisons for years.
    So, what’s new? Has happened before for top national cases. The precedent has been set…..what’s a less important case of an assoc prof for a sex-for-grades corruption? The end justifies the means!

  5. teddy said

    Being a law professor, he knows best how to get himself acquitted…claiming “Acute Stress Disorder and Altered Mental Status”!

  6. Tortoise said

    Yet another attempt by the Singapore PAPolitical Force to fix the opposition. SPF should work for Singaporeans not work for the PAP.

    • Cozy said

      fix what opposition!? don’t be a lame duck la everything must link back to the PAP. people like you love character assassination cases. Why not ask whether those allegations were factually supported? recall that the girl received a B for her paper. if favoritism was shown should it not have been an a? could this have been simply a tryst and not some form of corruption? if the paper reported a story glorifying the PAP people would be all over the facts but if not, they would simply feed on the frenzy huh? talk about double standards 🙂

      • Mike Zeng said

        Fixing the Opposition came directly from the horse’s mouth in the 2006 GE at Boat Quay lunchtime Rally. LHL said then that if too many Oppo candidates enter Parliament, he would have to waste much time and effort having to fix them up. I think he also mentioned about buying them over….

      • Naivety said

        Maybe if not because of the sexual tryst exchange with the Associate Professor, Tey, the girl concerned could have gotten grade “C” or “D” even as she is practically a weak student lah!

        It is precisely because of the sex for grade tradeoff that she has managed to obtain a “B” grade but she is still not satisfied & wanted an “A” grade instead…Lol

  7. Viscount said

    @ Load of Crap: To set the record straight, Ismil Kadar was acquitted unconditionally of all charges. It was not a case of a discharge not amounting to an acquittal. The following press statement refers: But I do take your point about the stunning lack of procedures in police investigations, especially governing confessions. For a start, confessions should only be admissible if recorded on video – this is already standard procedure in jurisdictions such as the UK and Australia. At least this way, there is some contemporaneous evidence as to the accused’s state of mind, physical condition etc. I believe however that the PAP-ayas will do nothing about it. They have every interest in deliberately leaving police procedure lax and opaque -that together with people’s ignorance as to their rights, is a potent weapon of intimidation.

    • dff said

      The problem is that the police do not follow the law in the processof an investigation. There was a case of a SIA stewardess being raped and killed by a colleague in LA. The killer was interrogated and admitted to the charge. However when extradited to LA, the evidence elicited by the Singapore police was thrown aside because it was obtained illegally.

  8. happy said

    everyone is looking for a fuck

    and yet singapore population is spiralling down

    1 plus 1 equal 0

    singapores equation

  9. Robin Hood said

    It is not improbable that the Prof was subjected to intimidations and bad mouthed during Police interrogations. Who was there to support him. Under the law there is no offence having sex with a female above 18 years if there is consent. Gratitude can also be in another form like cash, gifts, holidays, etc. In this case the if the Prof admits that the consented sex is in return for giving good grades, then it is wrongdoing under the Corruption Act. But if the Prof was smart enough to sense the student’s approaches and suggestions to go to bed, he should have a recorder hidden to record her words “Ahh Prof… this has nothing to do with my exam
    papers you’re marking. You are handsome and I want to have a good time in this bed with you. Now please remove my panties.” There is then no case against the Prof even though the girl hoped for his leniency in her mind as she opened her legs.

    Enquiries during interviews to determine the facts surrounding the wrongdoing must be held in the presence of a third party, preferably a lawyer engaged by the accused.
    The witness need not necessarily sit together at the same table. He/she must have full view of the proceeding from behind a glass panel. An act of extreme intimidation and/or physical abuse can be seen. At the end of the interview, all parties must sign attesting that such an interview was carried out. Any statement without the name and signature of a witness is not acceptable in court.

  10. sadasdsads said

    4 other students involved. 2are assistant registrars: colin seow and elaine chew. Shame on nus law.

  11. nocando said

    just curious how many identical cases had happened in NTU and SMU as well ?

  12. Kelvin Lawrence said

    When he was a DJ I believe he has no mercy to many cases that was heard before him. He knew the law and now faces the law himself and even attempt to feint so many excuses. The truth will catch up with him finally!

  13. Jeremy Fitzroy said

    And they said Singapore had the best judicial system in Asia! Now we know how crimes are solved, through the time-honored tactic of “coercion”! The single appeals process and the murky criminal procedure isn’t the standard for any criminal justice system, even oppressive regimes like China’s and that of the Arab world have an intermediate appellate court! Parliament though supreme in its sovereignty is ramming through possibly unconstitutional laws as there’s no mechanism for judicial review. Prisoner rights are non-existent and very often the suspect is presumed “guilty” until proven innocent as the burden of prove lies with the defence, and not with the prosecution as it should be! With so many corruption trials going on, it’s either that the department wasn’t doing its job for a long time and just picked up speed, or that there’s something more sinister going on, for example like in Malaysia where the government preempted senior civil servants from jumping ship by beleaguering them with imaginary crimes and other charges, otherwise something is severely wrong with the political system in Singapore where some very high-level officials despite their hefty remuneration still play into corrupt practices!

  14. JG said

    Wah .. the Professor also had sex with 2 other gals and 2 other guys!! Its here :

    And did them in his office.





    这4人其中为萧富宏(男)Colin Seow Foo Hong 和周意玲(女)任高庭助理主簿,他们和高文慧各聘请律师出席昨天的刑事动议。另两名卷入此事的学生是张伟扬(男)和林美仪(女)。

  15. Yharyah said

    Can someone check why did CPIB investigate this case in the first place?

    What’s the exact story behind?

  16. mochi said

    Acute Stress Disorder and Altered Mental Status… ok, learnt something from him

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