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Teo Ser Luck defends Lawrence Wong: We should allow PAP activists to contribute on the future of Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on September 25, 2012

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck has spoken up in defence of his party colleague Lawrence Wong who was widely criticized by netizens following a post on his Facebook decrying those expressing skepticism at the ‘National Conversation.’

Mr Wong has earlier lambasted netizens for exposing the identities of PAP activists who were invited to participate in the first telecast forum with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and questioned their agenda:

“Indeed, the critics online clearly have their own political affiliations too, even though many have chosen to stay silent on this, or to hide their real identities behind anonymous online profiles.”

His post has drawn more than 400 comments so far, most of which condemn him for lacking real understanding on the ground sentiments.

However, Mr Teo, who is also the Young PAP Chairman felt otherwise. In a comment posted on Mr Wong’s Facebook, Mr Teo lend his support to him:

“Lawrence’s post is well intentioned. Yes, feedback about the need to change is important, should be considered and the discussion should be on the larger topics of what needs to be done to bring Singapore forward.”

He added that being Singaporeans as well, PAP activists should be allowed to contribute on the future of Singapore:

“However the spinoffs from the forum was a focus on some of the participants’ party affiliation. It has affected them, some of whom just wanted to share their views. I think the point has been made about their involvement and we should allow them to contribute like any other Singaporeans on the future of Singapore.”

Following a poor result in last year’s General Election which is largely attributed to the New Media, the PAP has responded by reaching out to ‘engage’ Singaporeans through all possible channels in a desperate attempt to claw back lost ground.


18 Responses to “Teo Ser Luck defends Lawrence Wong: We should allow PAP activists to contribute on the future of Singapore”

  1. wah ka li kong said

    Come on! you already said it , Mr Law ..Wong. Pardon me, they have been already given a chance in the grassroot or what ever affilated you can named. if they are so eager to contribute then why we are still in this national conversation? It ‘s simple! for all the post they are given they are not doing a good job! If not why the Conversation? It is LPPL . these ppl always filter for the MPs…they only feed Mps with what is needed and the liken of MPs to hear…….very the Boliao ppl doing boliao job

  2. Nico said

    Hi Ser Luck, I think you should just reflect when there is so much voice against the conversation. Isn’t this something that PAP always tell Singaporeans to do, now that you claim you are Singaporean too?

    • What ab said

      Despite the comments raised by the netizens, PAP still do not admit that they are wrong. Are PAP connecting with Singaporeans??? When a peron is credible, the longer the time, the better it gets. For someone who lacks credibility, the longer the time, the worst it gets. Credibility is all about trust. To be an effective connector over the long haul, you have to establish credibility by living what you communicate. If you don’t, you undermine trust, people disconnect from you, and they stop listening. The bottom line is that the effectiveness of the communication relies more on the character of the messenger than on the content of the message.

  3. tyu said

    KNNBCCB! PAP ministers already fucked up our lives and you want PAP activists to contribute further?
    Fuck you!

  4. sporeoboriginal said

    One way PAP can crawl back lost grounds. The are thousands of homeless in singapore. Give them a home. Dont always protect the rich. : )

  5. alamak said

    Off corse lah, bird of same feather sure fock together, so one minster got to
    carry nuther brudders. whad do u think?

  6. teo cheap buy said

    Spore belong to teo?

  7. Clifford said

    Does the number of “party affiliation” depict the right percentage of people in Singapore in population affiliated to any other party? It does show a sense of too many from 1 voice.

  8. Robin Hood said

    Much has been said by many about the present and future problems associated with high cost of housing, living and foreigners. The government don’t appear to share the opinion of the masses and is thus creating a problem for itself and the populace should the PAP fail to win in GE2016.

    It must realise that the ground on which it is clawing back is rather sandy, not firm like clay.

  9. Crap... said

    TSL.. u make me puke with all your motherhood statements.. “stand together to build the future”. Cut the crap lah! What have you done for Singaporeans in the first place?? Furthermore, you PAP elites are all high up the Ivory Tower.. how to stand together with you??

  10. PAP!! said

    only PAP can move Singapore forward. others please fxxx off…

  11. Pink Panty Loong said

    Remember how he embarrassed himself at the GE2011 Election Rally? It was so painful to watch that I cringed all the way through the youtube video. No need to take him seriously. He’s better off holding banners and welcome the Pandas.

  12. gary said

    Hi Ser Luck, luckily our family did not vote you in the last GE coz from your above comments you and your party have not changed. FYI we voted for the SDA and will continue to vote for the oppostion come GE2016. Your bunch of yes men in PPR-Ponggol GRC are singing the same tune as Big nose Teo.

  13. patrick eng said

    since we are all singaporeans, why are oppositions excluded?

  14. Babuseng said

    Nobody is saying PAP activists cannot be represented on the National Conversation. They can be represented, but they should not be OVER-REPRESENTED which seems to be the case here. The people selected for the forum was overly pro-PAP, which clearly is counter-productive to diversity of opinion, and more succinctly a wayang show.

  15. luck said

    Teo Ser Luck is a bag of shit. A good-for-nothing loser whose life had been completely devoid of achievements until his years of PAP cock-sucking earned him a place on the Pasir Ris GRC team in 2006. The fact that a halfwit like him can make Minister of State shows that PAP values loyal toadying more than competency.

    In America, a person of Teo Ser Luck’s caliber would be working in a car wash or delivering pizza for minimum wage. It’s amazing that in Singapore, tax payers are made to pay a million dollar every year for a worthless piece of shit like him.

    • teo Shit luck said

      By far the most accurate assessment of Teo Ser Luck.
      How this piece of Shit can be part of new Gen of PAP leadership is simply mind-boggling !

    • animal farm said

      Another utter idiot and lackey, shameless enough to defend the illogical. Ok for activists but not for opposition? what divisive view!! NC is just about PAP than country. Better to keep you mouth shut or lose your seat.

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