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NUS Law Prof reportedly had SEX with two male and female students in his office

Posted by temasektimes on September 26, 2012

NUS Law professor Tey Tsun Hang not only had sex with one female student, but reportedly four others as well – including two male and female students.

An affidavit filed in High Court yesterday by Tey’s defense team revealed that he admitted to CPIB officers during his interrogation in May that he had sex with the students in exchange for better grades.

The two male students are Xiao Fuhong (萧富宏) and Zhang Weiyang (张伟扬) and the female students are Zhou Yiling (周意玲) and Lin Meiyi (林美仪)

In addition, Tey also revealed that he had sex with the two male students in his office in NUS. It is known if they had a mass orgy together.

However, Tey is now contesting his original admissions, claiming that a CPIB officer had threatened him with more charges for corruptly obtaining sexual gratification if he did not admit.

Meanwhile, the trial for Tey’s case will take place after mid-December following a criminal motion filed by his lawyers who said they needed sufficient time for preparation.



28 Responses to “NUS Law Prof reportedly had SEX with two male and female students in his office”

  1. MAN WHORE said

    Quick…. Google those two female names and get their photos before they delete their existence in the internet !

  2. Babuseng said

    Good job breaking this news story. Very interesting.

  3. Not expecting the unexpected.But this revelation stuns me to expect more of the unexpected.A classic case of sort

  4. Hip, hip, hooray
    Kachang puteh.
    Professor Tey
    It’s time 2 repay.
    Ur confessions, u say,
    R forced all the way.
    U really make my day
    ‘Cos Truth is near – 2 stay.

  5. Pen And Penis said

    If this is true, then the NUS Law Prof is a very fair person, giving equal treatment to both sexes. He definitely makes an ideal student counsellor, solving all the stress problems with his Pen And Penis.

  6. Sexy Boy said

    He had 1:1 male female orgy or all-male gay orgy? If it’s the latter, that is just so… sick

  7. pi said

    this pic looks like a patient seeing doc for constipation……

  8. Singkaypoh said

    Oh well, Anwar style media circus… Sex & the Uni, Spore style.

  9. fpc said

    I don’t believe this shit.

  10. Idiot said

    Their pictures are here :

  11. Robin hood said

    My oh my! This is different. More victims to add to his discredit. A good clever mind is not spared the perversion of never satisfied lust. But still the judge will lose hairs if he cannot put two and two together.

  12. ganina utama said

    It will be nice to see a formal judge defending his case. Best that he could overhaul our system!

  13. Hanky panky said

    This shit is big !!!!

  14. Mark said

    who is the foreigner here ? who is the singaporean ?

  15. Playfair said

    Poor guy wrote something against the goverment, now in hot soup.

  16. Ren said

    Oh..Hes a bi..

  17. Chiam See Tong Gu said

    hey give us the dialect / proper names!

  18. daph said

  19. NUS Curious said

    3 males 2 females mass orgy? Did the males use condoms? Did Zhou Yiling (周意玲) and Lin Meiyi (林美仪) swallow? How long did it last? Where did they mass orgy? Hotel room?


    Lawyers are treated like superstars in Singapore.

  21. Gone Case said

    What a Jerk!! A disgrace to the academics. As long as is a hole is good enough for him.

  22. the reporter said

    Looks like the his UNI is……… LUMPAR ONE now !!!!

  23. takeit said

    google image 萧富宏 . got his photo!

  24. Anonx said

    wonder who wrote this misleading article. must be someone who cannot read english. if you READ the document properly it is not implied that the prof had sex with the other 4. but rather that that he accepted GIFTS (i.e. the iPad, montblanc pen, etc.) from the other 4. only student implicated for sexual gratification is still only darinne.

  25. J said

    That photo is not that Kenneth Teo. This kenneth teo graduated from NUS FASS ECONOMICS.

  26. RL said

    Never trust those Lawyers who were trained by Prof Tey……..Lumpar Lawyers one…All of them are money suckers only.

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