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Tin Pei Ling: I believe Singaporeans can rise above their ‘political differences’

Posted by temasektimes on September 26, 2012

Popular young PAP MP Tin Pei Ling has given her input on the recent fiasco about the ‘National Conversation’ which prompted Minister of State for Education Lawrence Wong to write a post on his Facebook rebutting netizens who decry it as a ‘wayang’.

In a post on her Facebook, Ms Tin pointed out that building trust is impossible if netizens continue to remain skeptical:

“In many endeavours, it matters what the starting point is. If the starting point is to tear things down, then we will not accomplish anything. If the starting point is a mindset of skepticism, then we will never build trust.”

She added that she believe Singaporeans can participate in public discourse in a ‘constructive’ manner:

“In this context, I believe we Singaporeans can rise above our political differences and come together for Singapore, as we have done so over the past decades. I believe we can all participate in the public discourse in a constructive manner. Let’s prove to everyone that Singaporeans are capable of being civil and respectful, while maintaining an independent mind of our own.”

Ms Tin contested in the General Election last year in Marine Parade GRC where her team garnered a commendable 56.5 percent of the votes.

Since her debut in parliament, she has asked many relevant and challenging questions which have put the elected ‘opposition’ to shame.



33 Responses to “Tin Pei Ling: I believe Singaporeans can rise above their ‘political differences’”

  1. Nico said

    While she has put many elected ‘opposition’ to shame according to Temasek Times, the Temasek Times has glorified the PAP on the other hand. Well done!

    • Jaded said

      TT is Pro-PAP in disguise…

    • compatriot said

      If TT is indeed a mole to covert and conspirate as a treacherous pig untowardly in its activities then Singaporeans and netizens must make it as their national duty without execption or reservation to terminate this pig so never ever again to hear its snorting

      I believe Singaporeans are a mature and enabled society and knows the very kind of treatment if there ever is,to terminate and end this sordid act of villainy

      I used to lived in an ethnical multi-racial kampong establishment and I have witnessed pig farmers how they killed the pigs for food on their table,By drowning the pig in an empty big gallon drum filled with water right to the brim with no need of an abattoir

    • If we give her 20 years, she can get close to where Tan Cheng Bock was.

    • Singkaypoh said

      TPL only believes 1 thing : KATE SPADE !!!!!
      That’s her starting point
      MIW’s starting point is to pay themselves millions & teach u to suck eggs

  2. Naivety said

    Wtf TT…”Popular Young PAP MP Tin Pei Ling has given her input on the recent fiasco about the ‘National Conversation’…”!

    You might as well say “Kawaii & Kirei Young PAP MP Tin Pei Ling with potential of becoming the next PM of Sinkapor”!

  3. WP is our fren said

    Since starting this website, you have been licking PAP’s boots while lambasting WP. You have really put SDP which u claim to support to shame

  4. alamak said

    Siow Kuniang TPL still young lah, will learn more better come one day. So she agree ‘our political differences’ only more recent, not like ‘we have done so over the past decades’.She ask us ‘prove to everyone that Singaporeans are capable of being civil and respectful, while maintaining an independent mind of our own.”
    Please try pass this message to your colleges in party first.

    • Julie Ong said

      Alamak, you make damn good sense! Greetings, my fellow netizen.

      With regard to being ‘civil and respectful’ my mind flashed back to many years ago when Mr Chiam See Tong stood for election against Mr Mah Bow Tan of the PAP. Mr Lee Kuan Yew (then the prime minister) spoke of Mr Mah in glowing terms while he scornfully criticised Mr Chiam by saying that he (Mr Chiam) has only a Grade 3 in his Senior Cambridge Examination (the equivalent of today’s ‘0’ Levels). He then told Singaporeans that Mr Mah is the far superior candidate. However, Mr Mah Bow Tan lost. Potong Pasir Constituency it was, if I’m not mistaken. Civil and respectful? Furthermore, from an internationalist leader! I can never
      forget that, because even back then I couldn’t believe my ears! Next, when
      told that the opposition has supporters Mr LeeKY sneeringly shot back: ‘what supporters’? Or words similar to it. This is the Civility and Respect that you can expect from this arrogant and now also incompetent PAP government. The cancerous legacy of Mr Harry Lee Kuan Yew lives on! For good measure I consider myself as very highly credentialled. My qualification: PSLE (Hons). Are you or will you be respectful of me, Ms Ting? Frankly, I think you’re OK. Cute too!

      All said I believe we all together should respect one another. As equals.
      Politics and your leanings and persuasion thereof is entirely up to you. Never let Mr LKY tell you otherwise. I sincerely respect those who still ‘worship’ him, but in the main we must move on to greater heights and better things. The tyranny of LeeKuanYewism is obsolete and should be consigned to the garbage bin of history!

      The world has changed.

  5. Jack said

    Ms Ting, May I know PM Lee said only if your vote for PAP then your flat will be upgraded with $100 millions special budget? Let’s all rise above politics. Thank you

  6. Victor said

    I do not undestand what she is talking about. Arn’t our comments on the social media constructive? The only problem now is the government’s refusal to constructively engage the netizens. They are not bold enough to come out to provide explanations to the comments posted here and choose to treat these constructive comments as noise.

  7. Jaded said

    TT true colours coming out, pretend to support SDP but actually seeking to divide them so that more support will be garnered for PAP. Well done!

  8. Sunny said

    Hey Temasek Times, looks like you have been bought over by PAP Propaganda Paper the Straights Times. No wonder your comment postings has gone down. You will not last long with this type of articles.

  9. Pink Panty Loong said

    The starting point of the National CONversation is to hoodwink Singaporeans, how to accomplish anything and build trust?

  10. Tin Pei Ling Fan said

    TT is right. This proves that Tin Pei Ling is a talent. Tin Pei Ling has also done a lot for MacPherson residents. Unlike that Nicole Seah who have disappeared after the elections.

  11. richard said

    I still study deep into what is trust in sinapoor.In this world only money u can trust.

  12. Chinese said

    She put us to shame.

  13. Observer said

    “In many endeavours, it matters what the starting point is. If the starting point is to tear things down, then we will not accomplish anything. If the starting point is a mindset of skepticism, then we will never build trust.”
    If the starting point is to put in your own party members it is difficult for the public not to be skeptical. Questions were probably submitted in advance and answers gotten ready before the start of the forum.

  14. Free Trolley said

    I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky ar!

  15. Lau Tee Ko said

    TPL is cute and adorable. Wonder if she and Cecilia Sue are good friends and sure would like to try out her skill in bJ.

  16. bob said

    Quote “WE THE PEOPLE, do NOT have to accept ANYTHING – we TELL YOU WHAT WE WANT and you do it – you are a public servant – WE are the public, and YOU are the servant – you serve us!”

  17. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Bravo Tin Phui Ling, you speak well cos you have two mouth – one with teeth, the other with moustach but no teeth. Will you please keep one mouth shut, and the other completely stitched up?

  18. Scaramouche said

    Yes, I fully agree with Ms Tin. But then, if we Singaporeans were to “rise above our political differences and come together for Singapore” , then so, too, should the PAP rise above their political differences with the opposition parties and come clean with all the murky goings-on that show their imprint there.

    We want transparency in everything they do. Like who called the Archbishop Nicholas Chia for a meeting after he had allegedly submitted a letter backing the call for the abolition of the ISA. And why was the meeting called. Did this govt Minister ask him to withdraw his letter? Yes, come clean! After all, there is nothing to hide, is there? So let’s be above board — on both sides — and act like mature adults! No hitting below the belt and all that nonsense that only bear the mark of hoodlums!

  19. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Tin Pei Ling, Chow Chee Bai, your speech was crafted by one of the PAP Ministers and timed to deflect the heat on them and the PAP members. Did you know that you are being made used of?? You are too young and inexperienced in life and politics. You are just a pawn in the game, cos I would not expect you to speak up at this point of time… You idiot.. ask you husband and he knows better.. chee bai small gal

  20. seah said

    sorry so far what i hear and known she teaching those old folk at MADPERSON dancing, keep it up MEI NEE,i love you.

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