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Why did the Archbishop write the letter of support initially?

Posted by temasektimes on September 26, 2012

Did you ask yourself why the Archbishop wrote a letter of support? Is it because he knew the charges against these people were false and lies? DPM Tharman had said that he did not believe these people were Marxists. And they were tortured. Do you accept State torture as an instrument of security? ISA is not a crude instrument, it is an immoral instrument.

Pertaining to issues of separation of Church & State. The best way to interpret that separation is that the State should not influence how a man obtains his conscience. And the collapsed of that conscience in modern times can be seen in Nazi Germany. Can you name me an incident in recent history whereby the Church overthrew a State based on their application of conscience? Or that social disharmony was the result rather than the cause when a Church applies its moral authority?

Marcos Philippines fell, when Catholics through peaceful civil disobedience overcame his compunction for violence. But this is a country that is 90% Catholics.

This Government has cleverly over the years make Singaporeans think that politics is only for politicians, and that politics means every culture, every social event, every thought and action. The blanket usage of what is political is to restrict civil society and to preserve that interference and influence solely by the Government. Has not LKY proudly said that his Government makes no apologies for direct interference in very detail of Singaporeans’ social life?

Is the Archbishop the Head of the Catholic Church, but also its spokesperson, its leader, its ambassador? He has been doing this for a long time. To say that he didnt know what he was doing when he wrote that letter is to do him injustice, he is not a novice, he is a man of intellect, he has been granted wisdom. He was chosen by God to lead the Catholics in this little 700 sq km.

The withdrawal of the letter whether it is “forced” or as he claimed, likely to be used in a manner he did not intend, is not believable. Firstly, the letter was not solicited. Secondly, why should a man of God have hidden agendas in the segregation of ‘private” and “public”? Thirdly, what right is there that the giver withdrew his gift when that gift is unconditional?

But if the Archbishop had just withdraw and not make an issue, I think that would have been that. But perhaps goaded, he then say that he was “used”. Implying F8 intentionally manipulated him and the Catholic Church. But if his letter is unsolicited how can that be the case? That has since set in motion all the other incidents.

Every Singaporean has a right to apply their conscience. Peacefully, articulately and politely. By insisting that “politics” is only meant during elections and for politicians, you deprive right minded citizenry of its ability to participate in our country, you deny young people the education needed for their growth, you deem the lights of open debate and foster darkness of withdrawals, retreats, self immolation.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


14 Responses to “Why did the Archbishop write the letter of support initially?”

  1. Singkaypoh said

    Eloquently expressed, BK!

    On 1 hand u ask for a “National CONversation”
    On the other hand (assuming it is not engaged in mental masturbation) u silence people who express opinions that u don’t agree with
    Well done, Adolf!

  2. sohwai said

    Churches in Singapore is a great joke! Many institutions in Singapore are in great shame! People in Singapore are cowards and the continuation of complains if any, is just a show,NO BOSS TO TAKE ACTION and no team work to fight for you own rights and even the slightest of democracy is tainted by the name of your government, eat your hearts out and live your life to this regime and the next, welcoming the next million immigrants to marginalize your breed, how sad, begger pathetic so, WHERE IS YOUR BOSS HANGING NOW…religion, Catholics of Singapore, they are traitor of their very own faith and belief and have sold their souls to the Devil!

  3. Sad Old Man said

    (Every Singaporean has a right to apply their conscience. Peacefully, articulately and politely. By insisting that “politics” is only meant during elections and for politicians, you deprive right minded citizenry of its ability to participate in our country, you deny young people the education needed for their growth, you deem the lights of open debate and foster darkness of withdrawals, retreats, self immolation.)

    Well said, This should be the foundation of LHL NC.

  4. alamak said

    You ask why? Alamak, surely in primery school self you learn the answer for ‘why’
    “Why? becoz the sky so high; and pigs cannot fly, ,and the bird shit in your eye, That’s WHY.”

    If answer no enuff, then go fly kite, lah.

  5. Jack said

    The ultimate power seems not with God, however, it is a matter of time we stand in front of God for the judgement we have done

  6. WanAhLun said

    It may be easier to understand if a link to previous event is included. Now it makes little sense by itself.

  7. Jf said

    I’d add a few more questions. Why did the Archbishop sent that ‘unsolicited’ letter of support? What transpired before that letter was crafted? What prompted him? Was he manipulated to send that ‘unsolicited’ letter? Was that letter a personal expression or that of all the catholics in Singapore.

  8. The Archbishop has publicly dissociated himself from the political brouhaha and we shd respect his decision. On the flip side, TT is doing nobody any good to flog an issue that is already closed to all intents and purposes.

  9. Wo Lai Ye said

    seggregation of church and state is a must in multi racial community. everyone can claim their own moral position and we may end up like middle east.

  10. Let's Move On said

    Who cares why he wrote the letter in the first place? Was it truly unsolicited or was he (ill) advised to write something to give that group some encouragement?

    Whatever it is, Archbishop has since decided to retract that letter and does not want the letter to be made public. If we respect him as the Archbishop, we respect his decision.

    • DIY said

      Well said Let’s Move On.

      I searched the internet at World Facts & Figures and discovered that Taiwan and The Vatican were not members of UN. For Taiwan not being a member is quite obvious because of China. However The Vatican is a state within a state (Italy). That’s very strange in the way I see its differences.

      The Christendom is managed like a state with its Head of State (Pope), army, ministries, budgets and ambassadors, but not for politicians. It is meant for the catholic believers to influence other politically appointed states for recourse.

      In the context of Singapore, the separation of religion and politics is well preserved. But any grand design to influence a man’s conscience to create a state within a state must be avoided at all cost.

      If F8 had made use the Archbishop as a proxy to support their movement, then it must be curtailed. Don’t mix religion with politics. The posting is written in such a manner to doubt the mind that the State is interfering. We must not be seen for the issue as being that the State is influencing how a man should create his conscience.

      Allow politics for the politicians. That’s for sure and not to turn Singapore into another Philippines. With respect to Singapore being a multi-society we cannot have ambition to have 90% catholic believers.

      • kingdom of heaven said

        But it’s ok to have 90% money worshippers, praying to god of no mercy who doubles up as god of wealth…..submit to him and he will bestow wealth, oppose him, and he will take away your wealth.

        I wait patiently that in the not too distant future majority in SinCity will embrace the dominant religion of our immediate neighbours to the north and south.
        What do u think ?

      • DIY said

        @ Kingdom of Heaven

        Thanks for sharing the forum.

        When you ask a question, I try to bring out an answer.

        Your first paragraph hinted at our secular society being godliness, and innuendoes of becoming too rich and worshipping money. The second paragraph hinted our society being immoral and is a Sin City. Therefore you concluded that the dominant religion of our immediate neighbours will assimilate Singapore. So there is the fear that your Shepherd has thought you to go alongside in creating a ‘state within a state’. That’s what I presume.

        Well for a start, you can read the books available at NLB section on South East Asian Policy Studies. The historical backdrop of our society evolved and was a turning point after the Japanese Occupation of South East Asia in 1945.

        When the regime surrendered after the Atomic bombs were dropped onto their cities, the world was quieter for a while. It was followed by communism ideology spewing the Asian continent. That was started by Mao Zedong as a revolutionist. The East is red was the slogan.

        The Communist Party of Malaya did not gain a foothold to recruit the ethnic Malays. I read some books on MAJPA. It was disclosed that the Muslims are against atheism. When Malaya gained independence in 1957 the religion of Islam was enshrined into their Constitution.

        For Indonesia, the history was entirely different. The Indonesian Revolution launched by Soekarno to overthrow the Dutch rules went into frenzy in 1947. He was at loggerhead with the Communist Party of Indonesia. To compromise the revolutionary zeal, President Soekarno enacted an ideology called the ‘Panca Sila’. It is made up of four components with the banyan tree as a symbol. One of the concepts is to believe in one god.

        When you look at the situation now; the Muslim majority has assertive voices in the Majlis Perwakilan Rakyat (parliament).

        Living history is always in transition. Conscience is the pivotal word and compassion is the crafted action to show concern. Both these words play a part when you launch your perspective views either through politics or religion.

        Even in the USA religion is mixed with politics. The greenback is portrayed with religious connotation ‘In God We Trust’. Hence where is the fairness?

        In Singapore’s context for Function 8 (F8) to wiggle politically, I suggest to them to be registered as political party. Don’t hide behind the robe of the Archbishop. All other political parties function under the Register of Society.

      • DIY said

        “Oh Blimey, homonym error at 3rd paragraph should read ‘..your Shepherd has taught you..’ and a thousand apologies.” May the Almighty bless you people.

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