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Cecilia Sue: Ng Boon Gay shoved his dick forcefully into my mouth

Posted by temasektimes on September 27, 2012

During the second day of the sensational trial of former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay, it was revealed in graphic detail of how the woman at the center of the storm – Cecilia Sue was ‘forced’ to give a blowjob to him on four different occasions.

The first encounter occurred in June 2011 when she had a ‘celebratory’ lunch with Ng during which he asked her to ‘take’ him:

Prosecution lawyer Tan Ken Hwee asked her, “Did the accused ask you for anything?”

Sue said, “We chatted… then he asked, ‘When you wanna take me?’”

Tan, “What does that mean to you?”

“It’s pretty common knowledge… to take in… his sperm,” she replied.

After a few hours, she drove him back to Beaufort (hotel) to collect his car.

“What happened next?” Tan asked.

“We chatted in the car… and then… all of a sudden he pushed my head down to his private part and he shoved his private part into my mouth,” Sue said, her voice breaking.

The ‘session’ was similar in three subsequent encounters during which Sue accused Ng of forcing her head down to his private part.

It is not known how Ng managed to shove his dick (so accurately) into Sue’s mouth in one swift move in a car and how a blowjob could be performed satisfactorily to completion without the woman cooperating and sucking the male organ willingly.


67 Responses to “Cecilia Sue: Ng Boon Gay shoved his dick forcefully into my mouth”

  1. alamak said

    own home grow monicca and bill, only here dick.

  2. Mike Zeng said

    He said, she said! No other witness in the car….
    If only she had confided to a close buddy what she described to the court in explicit details, ie she was forced both physically and psychologically( not to endanger her livelihood) by NBG and therefore entertained him reluctantly whenever he called those 4 times.whether she enjoyed the 4 fellatios is another story..
    It’s quite obvious to me she’s now doing the turnaround for her own survival. Self-survival is more important when it comes to the crunch!
    It’s also possible what she claimed….but that makes her, a tertiary-educated woman to be immature, naive and really stupid at the age of 36!
    If judge Siva, a fmr ASP, believes her story wholly…she’s safe but NBG is done for!
    Ps: in 2009, oral sex like fellatio was still a Penal Code offence even consensual.
    Only last year was it ok after taken out of the PC!

  3. How the blowjob was done: she didn’t blow, she was trembling with fear (or sheer joy :-)), and her trembling lips sent shivers up and down his joy-stick!!

  4. Daft Peasant said

    ha ha ha ha ha………………….

    一派胡言 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Robin hood said

    She’s a smart dame. Should have made report to Police with cum still on her lips. Then the lid is sealed on NBG.

  6. BOth are equally at fault in my opinion. One try to charm & bed her with his authority and the other try to impress him with her demure and feminine nature. Both tried to gain advantages from each other playing the flirting game but unfortunately it went sour. Its quite unbelievable that she has gone through 4 (not 1) times of forced fellatio and she keep coming back to meet him despite the drama she went through each time. MOst women will run scared at the 1st time. On the other hand, he keep trying on each occasion. I think their relationship was beyond friendship prior and he tried to have one more go (for the road). They are adults (not kids) and judging by her appearance last few days in public, she seemed a strong character and dressed in full designer suite (even her eyeware, Fendi). Saying NO is quite easy for her unless NBG didn’t respect her wishes or assume she didn’t mind because of previous rendervous. Most adults out there will know what I trying to say here. It takes two hands to clap !!!

  7. I just can’t help wanting to vomit; by just reading. This lady must have a hell of a time taking in this guy’s dick; taking into consideration that the dick’s head surely smelt rotten. As in most Chixxxe; they do not circumcise.

    • Circumcision is an act against the human body.
      Just taking off the foreskin for no damn good reason is unreasonable enough.

      • how old are you said

        do you understand the reason for circumcision on males? any idea whether there are scientific benefits ?
        by your logic, tattooing, dyeing the hair, piercing any part of the body is also an act against the human body. heck, even covering ourselves up. LOL

      • From your name, you appear to be asking me a question.
        If you want an answer, here it is.
        I am 30.

        Now for the answer to that post — like all the other anti-circumision advocates in the world, the scientific reasons given to us are still not enough to justify taking off the forskin.
        I do not like tattooing nor piercing, but coloring of hair, if done in a proper style (the whole head of hair is homogenously colored to a subdued tone, like dark brown/brunette) is fine by me.

      • how old are you said

        a circumcised kukuchiao is less likely to develop infections, complications compared to another that is not, especially when both have not been washed for days or weeks.

        in an environment where you have access to clean water then it is not a problem.
        now imagine yourself trapped in a situation where you have no means to wash your kukuchiao……….only enough water to survive from dehydration….LOL

  8. Realist said

    How she could suck with the urine smell and all is unthinkable unless perfume is used.
    Ha ha ha………….

    • both willing party said

      If she would like to suck, she would not mind his urine smell.
      If she was forced to suck, she could have given him a good bite, this is an instinct response and made a police report after that, did she?

    • realistic deduction said

      Realist knows better because he has been sucking his own cock.
      You can say it’s more realistic for him.

  9. mahbok tan said

    Aiyah…this one hor , police duty(dirty) at work….how can blowjob being force one…!!!

    Just one to make the dramastick on NBG.

    Both oso enjoy each other company ma….!!! U scratch my back I scratch your back system at work.

    Waste electric current only lei….!!!!

  10. ZR said

    her mouth seems to be loose!

  11. Pink Panty Loong said

    He force his dick in, BUT she reciprocate with suction power? Hahahahaaaa…

  12. Ren said

    She simply luv it!!! Though she denied it…

  13. Ren said

    I m sure he will enjoy his staycation inda slammer…Lotsa nancyboys for him…

  14. fpc said

    seriously. got the guts to do the thing but no guts to admit honestly.

  15. teo cheap buy said

    I envy gay..shiok

  16. azmi said

    ” You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it drink”.. You can show off your puny dick to a slut.. and she will suck it anyhow..

    • Daft Peasant said

      ” You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it drink”..

      i tink this verse must rewrite liao…..

      ” You can lead a horse to water, and you can force it to drink!! “

  17. Duncan said

    She loves cum or else how to prolong her youth ?

  18. TheThinker said


    If she was forced to bj for him, she could have use her teeths to rip his dick away, why carry on with the BJ? And all 4 occasion all forced?

    If got hit the 1st time and why a stupid woman would like to invite a 2nd, 3rd and 4th hit? This Cecilia Sue is full of shit.

    I wonder what judges think about it? Knowing AWARE will back Cecilia Sue up and will make sure NBG get into deep shit.

    • Daft Peasant said

      yeah…..AWARE!!! Must really AWARE cha bors’ in sinkie land……when bo tai chi, its 你情我愿 situation……. now kenna sexposed liao…..its he-force-me-suck-cock situation……..

      Now more jia lat……both go fucking before kenna sexposed is 你情我愿 still…..kenna sexposed liao is he-rape-me situation…..

      KNN!!! Really must AWARE sinkies woman…..

  19. Sooner said

    Ya the lawyer did not ask the key questions ? or the reporter dunno how to report ?

    1. Did she take him ?? (commonly interpreted as taking his sperm in her mouth ?)
    and how she was forced to do it ? ya need cooperation and sucking..else how to shoot ?
    2. Did she swallow ? (maybe she was forced to swallow again ?)
    3. The zipper was opened before of after her head went down ? meaning… he unzip then force her head down she could see 1st dunno how to shout / run and was being forced or really being forced down 1st and then he unzip.

  20. DISAPPOINTED Sinkapoorean said

    TALK COCK ….. This is what talk cock really means …. TALK COCK not once but 4 times !!!!

    • Pen And Penis said

      I believe Cecilia was trying to have a conversation with Boon Gay’s cock.
      About time she explains this to the trial judge.
      By the way, do u think the judge plays with his own cock when listening to Cecilia’s testimony ?

  21. richard said

    Both hand hold not how to perform.If she don’t like,she can just bite of the dick why still can perform four time ,so good and smoothly.She also in high mood.

  22. Naivety said

    She is simply too timid, naive & nice to reject NBG’s ‘big golden cock’…Lol

  23. anakin said

    I gotta learn from NBG on how to show it in a gals mouth…..hahaha

  24. Mike Zeng said

    Read the latest from Yahoo News Blog just out…..DEfence counsel read out several SMS messages she sent to NBG during the period where the 4 fellatios took place allegedly against her wishes. Lucky NBG did not delete them.
    Her goose is cooked….will be out in ST in detail 2moro.

    Obviously she’s in self-denial mode. Many people when faced with an unexpected traumatic shock of expose of shameful deeds will go into this self-denial mode, I believe LKY also went into this SD mode when informed of the sudden demise of his d-i-l Dr Wang in the 80s. We are all humans after all.

  25. Walls have ears said

    Cecilia Chung, Cecilia Sue… Oh Cecilia Who next??

  26. James Bond said

    That is the most stupidest thing ever. How can someone force you to give a BJ. Just bite his dick off la if you dont like.

  27. Clueless Peasant said

    “It’s pretty common knowledge… to take in… his sperm,” she replied.

    Since when is this common knowledge?

  28. Free Trolley said

    Women always say don’t want when they really want it bad.

    • jf said

      She went back for a few more times right. The defence lawyer should ask for a demo to see what happened when you a man forced a woman who is in the driver’s seat to blow. Surely her teeth will scrap the little head. Ouch. The mouth has lots of bacteria also.

  29. Jerry said

    hahahha i dont know if i should believe this.

  30. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Ng Boon Gay’s wife has been faithfully attending the court hearings to learn and unlearn the old.. Trying to benchmark how Cecilia Sue can make her husband cum so easily and how she can continuously satisfy her husband’s joy stick, even though it may be only for 5 minutes in changi hotel.

  31. alamak said

    Jest to wondering, more and more case of high officers charging coming out now.
    Some quite old oso. Some for money, some for sex. Why?.

    • jf said

      The nation’s attention is diverted. Maybe recession. No more space for other news. Cecilia is the star at the moment. She lends the popular notion that a good looking woman on her fast track up the corporate ladder opens her legs. Now mouth also besides talking.

  32. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Ng Boon Gay and Peter Lim of SCDF is and will not be the last. More has yet to be unravelled in this totally corrupt PAP system and civil service. Next in line to be exposed may be one or more of the PAP MPs and Ministers.. I have not doubt about it. Afterall, LKY will not be around longer to read the news in the media, as he will reuinted with his darling wife with his ashed mixed with cow dung instead and flushed into the sewerage system.

  33. andy koh said

    do you know how much strengh is require to ply ajar a unwanted jaw ????

    • randy danny said

      Cecilia’s testimony so far gives the impression she is cock-teasing the trial judge.
      If a man’s dick looks good, smells good and taste good, then no effort is required to get the woman to open her mouth…….according to many women. LOL

  34. Lim said

    This Sue is flip-flopping, telling untruths, worming in and out of her statements – so the Gt World city graphic encounter was a fable? This witness is so unreliable and cunning. Ng is no saint and a terrible womaniser but this Sue’s testimony is definitely not to be trusted either. Ng Boon Gay definitely sounds like a sex addict.

  35. ahboy said

    forcefullY? then why nv report he raped her?

  36. nationalist said

    If she being force, why did she keep coming back for it again??

  37. SoFDMC said

    Distractions, distractions distractions. As one poster said, our own homegrown Monica Lewinsky. The media circus surrounding Bill Clinton’s scandal in the 90’s was just that.

    There’s real problems out there. Immigration, domestic issues, international issues, and the clear and present danger of US Navy blockading over 80% of China’s oil coming from Iran, inviting the possibility of World War 3 with the likely use of thermonuclear weapons.

    This is clear and present danger facing this country and the world.

    This media circus could not have come at a better time to distract us. Why is this being splashed on every major newspaper. I believe Singaporeans are smart enough to see past this. I ask my fellow Singaporeans, get wise to this, don’t let this distract us from the real issues facing our country.

  38. Safe Haven said

    My basic instinct this woman is not telling her truth… not convincing for her age of 36.

  39. NaBey said

    BLOWJOB is BLOW not SUCK !!!

  40. She actually used the word dick in the courtroom?

  41. Ben said

    It’s a conspiracy!! We all know Ng is Gay!!

  42. RL said

    Cut the crap and move on… Jail the two ….

  43. Cut The Crap said

    If that much we read in the papers are true, then it appear now that both NBG and CS may have made a huge human mistake. Indeed a very bad one cos the courtroom saga alone must already be painful and traumatic for them and their loved ones. If both had any slightest inclination their (accused) tryst is going to attract so much attention and draw so much flak from the public, I am pretty sure they would’nt even dare think about it in the first place. Lets spare some thoughts for their family members, siblings and love ones and not sensationalise it any further. It does not make us a better person or any happier to damn someone and watch them suffer. We are human after all and mistakes we do make. Let the law takes it course and the findings will soon be out. Whichever way the verdict may turn out, lets hope the innocent parties are not affected, lets hope we learn something out of this, and move on… wiser.

    • Julie Ong said

      Yes, Cut The Crap. I totally agree.

      Hopefully, this saga of greed and lust comes to an end soon. We are human. I will not be judgmental, but leave it to the learned judge to decide.

      We can then move on with our daily lives as usual.

  44. Sel said

    Just another prostitute!

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