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Lee Kuan Yew: We need MORE foreign workers

Posted by temasektimes on September 27, 2012

In a sign that there will not be any changes to the government’s ultra-liberal and pro-foreigner immigration policies, Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew declared publicly that Singapore still need MORE foreign workers.

Speaking at the 7th Russia-Singapore Business Forum on Tuesday, Lee declared:

“We are short of workers today. We have 5.2 million people of whom 1.5 million are foreign workers… We need more.”

He also gave a lecture to the Russians on how to make foreigners feel happy and welcomed:

“Today, we have more multi-nationals in Singapore, in manufacturing and R&D, services, in any field you like… We make the place liveable, safe for foreigners and their children… therefore (making it) easy for them to settle here and do business. If you do the same in Russia, you will succeed.”

Though the relentless influx of foreigners has boosted Singapore’s GDP per capita in recent years, it has also led to a widening income gap between the rich and the poor exacerbated by sky-rocketing property prices, rampant inflation and stagnant wages.

Despite promising to ‘moderate’ the inflow of foreigners on the eve of the General Election last year, it appears that the floodgates will be opened wider after PM Lee proclaimed recently that Singapore can still accommodate 6 million people or more.


39 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew: We need MORE foreign workers”

  1. Francischuanghli said

    Yea, we R a save place to live bcos crime were classified as social dispute, chargers were drop and unreported. Few had Bcome news only when it Bcome too prominent for uncovering.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Oh no, million $$$ salaries & 35 month bonuses are not crimes, and please open wider, we gonna shove our policies down your throat Ng Boon Gay style, because it’s good for u !!!

  2. Daft Peasant said

    [QUOTE] “Today, we have more multi-nationals in Singapore, in manufacturing and R&D, services, in any field you like… We make the place liveable, safe for foreigners and their children… therefore (making it) easy for them to settle here and do business. If you do the same in Russia, you will succeed.” [UNQUOTE]

    But he never tell them that the citizens will be unhappy……

    And btw, the floodgate will not open wider…bcos in the first place, there is ” no gate “

  3. Jaded said

    wah…. TT bashing PAP ah? Mai gey xiao leh… yesterday you were sucking up to TPL so shamelessly

  4. Dr.Arsch said

    Es Spricht der Fuhrer! Sig Heil!!!!!

  5. too old to have good thinking said

    He may be too old to have good thinking now? Is he working 8 hours a day, or only 8 hours certain day only?

  6. Invictus said

    Thanks for the clarification LKY. PAP just lost votes from me and my family. Majulah Singapura !

  7. Lim said

    If you do the same in Russia by letting in locusts and other invaders, there will be a revolution cos’ they are nto as daft as the 60%

  8. Dr.Arsch said

    Now we started advising the biggest country on the planet which was already an empire when we were still a fishing village. Dafuq is wrong widcha LimPeh!?!?

  9. alamak said

    Less face it. PM/SM/ MM now jus plane OM not so rong after all. Singaporeans no
    want work low-class service jobs, no smart enuff for top job, and complain overwork
    no enuff money in middle sector jobs. So what else do, get forien, some got talent,
    many no have but willing anyhow get salary enuff. This is realty situation.

  10. Frankie said

    LKY limited the number of Singaporeans (20% later raised to 25% of each cohort) that can go to university and be better educated and trained. Now he says Singapore is short of workers in manufacturing, R&D and services. He (deliberately) forgets that he created the problem in the first place and further compounded it with his Stop at 2 policy.

    It is clear now that PAP claim of competence and effectiveness in planning long-term is a lot of bull. Throw out the PAP in GE2016.

    • Daft Peasant said

      When a person tell 1 lie, he must use 5 lies to cover that one……. father and son are now using many many many………..lies to cover the previous lies…….that’s all……

  11. Pink Panty Loong said

    Blardy old man, why can’t you just kick the bucket and rest forever like any other old folks?!

  12. Pink Panty Loong said

    Singapore has alot of workers over 40 years old without jobs but these idiotic white monkeys took the easy way out by importing foreign workers to create more hardships for this group of Singaporeans…..

  13. Our Savior Chairman Li, whose birth up on a magical mountain of the 5 palm lotus Buddha palm forest was foretold, ideologies must not be questioned! It is He who decreed the holy scrolls of SPH. Hail!

  14. Pink Panty Loong said

    Stop telling people (Russia) what to do lah! Singapore are just a blardy SMALL CITY! Ruling a small city only already caused so much unhappiness for its own people! People (Russia) are ruling a COUNTRY leh, and a BIG ONE too! DON’T TALK BIG LAH!.

    • Daft Peasant said

      Ha ha ha ha……..this ah lao kart ti yi kar ki si~~~~~ beh~~~~~ eh sai mah……GDP number one leh…….tao tua loh…….

  15. Naivety said

    The reasons & excuses given by these white monkeys for the unabated massive & relentless influx of foreigners into SinkieLand are not rational & logical at all and do not correlate to the supposedly acrued benefits as claimed by them!

    Seems like these white monkeys have already gone mad in their pursuit & desire to hang on relentlessly to power, authority & greed!

    Why don’t just simply say so that the tremendous massive importation of foreigners is just to replace native Sinkaporeans as well as to buy votes for themselves come GE2016 (as foreign converted new citizens will undoubtably vote for PAP to show gratitude) so that papaya govt could preserve their rule over SinkieLand forever!

  16. tom said

    i think they are coming to senile phrase of their lives…

  17. Pink Panty Loong said

    We won’t buy your story, STUPID OLD MAN. Why not you just admit that all these are done to ensure that your party will stay in power and stay wealthy?!

  18. i dont understand the constant demand for foreign workers. Do they really statistically improve our economy? In real terms, i don’t feel their contribution at all. And for LKY, my moscow friends also hate the foreigners, making their city less russian.

  19. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Will LKY please shut up!! You are a relic of the past colonial era stilling living in your dreams Better still get Ms Cecilia to give you a blowjob so that you have your final fanstasy before your destroy any more singaporeans lives

  20. Robin hood said

    LKY confirms that out of 3 persons 1 is an FT. So among the 4.7 mil , I guess close to a million are new citizens. The party veteran surely knows the contingency plan for GE2016. He senses that there’ll be further slide downwards in popularity. He is taking no chances. The PAP must continue to rule albeit slimmer margin. He is the godfather. if he goes to meet the Lord before 2016, the party will be shaken to the core.

    • mahbok tan said

      Yes thats’ their plan B. And they have to come out with excuses or reasons so that the citizen of SGpore who are”daft” to them will not see through their action.
      SGpore politics are similar to Malaysia politics. Break and rule for the ruling party . The opposition are all enemies to them.
      They in power will make used of the GOVT machineries at their own pleasure.

  21. richard said

    OK let 1o million foreigner into singapore be happy. Another 5 million new citizen and PR very very happy.Sit down close your arm GDP sky rocking high revenue up up up.

  22. Siao said

    You need more ft as worker (he claims) or be PR or be business competitor? Make up your mind.

  23. Singkaypoh said

    1 Cecilia oredi produce $640k…. imagine 1.5 million Cecilias….. woweee!!!

  24. legion said

    After his wife passed away, the old man did not has a good prepared script to read. So, now he is talking based on his true self useless/fake talent talks.
    Why don’t they just announce they need more foreign manpower to help boast up GDP, so that PAP can has every reasons to transfer it into their own accounts through bonuses.

  25. SMC said

    The pappies haf lost touch with what a govt needs to do for a country and it’s ppl.. and instead, has been hammering away on how a citizen should carry the country. The voters and citizens elected them to help us and the country.. not to drive us to despair and misery??

    Wake up Sporeans.. and those 60% are u getting the right treatment from the ppl u voted for???!!! ..


  26. James said

    The key in foreign workers policy is in its selection of profession. Few Singaporeans want to be refuse collectors, food stall helpers or even skilled masseurs. It is no longer a question of money to a certain extent but work prestige. We become too choosy in looking for jobs. Hence, we need these workers to be imported constantly.

    It is ad hominem to think that FT is stealing our jobs when we ourselves will not want the job in the first place.

    It is the middle class job replacement that I am fearful, like those jobs in IT industry or sales. Some policy flexibility is needed to ensure sensible labor mobility.

    • Robin hood said

      As what ex-MP Packer Maidin said, it is ok to let FTs to work and when the time comes, they go back home with all the money they earned. Menial jobs are shunned by Singaporeans. We need FTs to develop the country but we don’t need them to be citizens to favor the PAP so that it will continue to rule with little or no opposition.

      On the pretext of retaining talented foreigners to help with the growth of the economy, we now see in our midst thousands of Indians and Filipinos commanding good jobs but paid must less than Singaporeans. many of them were offered citizenship. I suspect that the bulk of FTs, very many lowly educated, are given citizenship.

      Ordinary citizens like us have no access to immigration offices which are guarded by super loyal Gurkhas. The only way is a strong opposition in Parliament. They will concede under constant demands during debates. This, I feel, they have to avoid at all cost. To them this is thenecesssry evil to meet the ‘good’ end, i.e. Peace and Prosperity for Singapore. But to me
      the future is going to be very messy and miserable for all, Singaporeans and foreigners. For the foreigners, no problem, the’ll just throw away the certificate of citizenship/PR on reaching back to their respective homeland.

      God bless Singaporeans.

  27. Daft Peasant said

    i am waiting to see how the PRCs here will celebrate their national day here in sinkie land which falls on 01 Oct…..

    ha ha ha ha……

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