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NSman died after being hit by a falling tree during in-camp training

Posted by temasektimes on September 27, 2012

Barely one month after a full-time National Serviceman Muhammad Fahrurrazi died during a training exercise in Brunei, the Singapore Armed Forces is hit by another unnecessary and unfortunate death of its serviceman again.

A 23 year old NSman Lance-Corporal Tan Tai Seng died after he was hit by a falling tree outside the Ama Keng training area at Lim Chu Kang.

LCP Tan was undergoing his in-camp training then and was standing in front of his military vehicle when the incident happened at 11.50am. He arrived at NUH only 40 minutes later at 12.32pm.

As usual, MINDEF responded with the STANDARD statement:

“We are assisting the family in their time of grief and are investigating the incident.”

The previous deaths are also still under ‘investigation’ and the public remains in the dark on what exactly happened.

Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen said in parliament lately that servicemen have to be ‘responsible’ for their own individual safety.

Unlike in other First World countries, there is no real opposition in parliament to hold him accountable.


32 Responses to “NSman died after being hit by a falling tree during in-camp training”

  1. Julie Ong said

    I am incensed! National Servicemen have to be responsible for their own safety,
    said Dr Ng Eng Hen, the Defence Minister. Yes, I agree. But, what about your Duty of Care to the soldiers under your charge?? Not your responsibility?

    Inspite of my open requests for the policy regarding compensation following the death of Cpl Fahrurrazi , we the public are none the wiser. Secret? To my mind arrogant and scornful to the extreme!

    The citizens of Singapore must now wake up and demand Responsibility and Accountability from the Government. I really wonder if the dead soldier is the minister’s son then what would he say? He’s dead and that’s his own funeral??

    Despicable and disgusting government, this PAP.

  2. oh really said

    screw NS, Mindef, PAP!!! totally pointless and waste of life. I really don’t want to wish death on others but I really hope that one of the general’s son will die the same way so that they know how we, common Singaporeans, feel about NS.

  3. Poison Ivy said

    WP must demand transparency and accountability on this issue. Go Workers’ Party, stop being so quiet.

    Mod’s note:

    Do you know those monkeys need permission from the PAP HQ before they can open their golden mouths or pussies?

  4. Robin hood said

    Our heartfelt condolences. In what way is the late L/Cpl Tan is responsible for his safety. It is so easy for the DM to say so. Now we realize how important it is to have strong opposition in Parliament. How many more of our sons are going to die?

    Mod’s note:

    It is not the quantity of opposition MPs, but their quality which matters. We now have 8 WP clowns in parliament who are more interested in bird droppings than important national issues. Vote for the real opposition who can make a real difference, not the fake opposition which is in cahoots with the PAP.

  5. SAFisBloodSucker said

    My condolences to LCP TAN. My heart goes out to you and your family. As fellow citizens, we will forever remember your contributions to Singapore.

  6. Vote 4 Change said

    To TT mods, how come I notice every day got at least one article bashing WP, one? How to get rid of the PAP when we got people like you.

    Mod’s note:

    We are bashing the PAP’s ‘B’ team – the ‘Wayang Party’ is on the SAME SIDE as the PAP. Once you realize the truth, you will stop supporting this useless party and switch your support to the real opposition which can make a real difference.

    • Ben said

      Then how about you SPH team B ? U are trying to split the Vote by helping PAP

    • Nico said

      Mod, who are you going to fool? Already everyone knows you are the real PAP ‘B’ team trying to bash WP because WP is the real threat to PAP. The other ‘seemingly’ real opposition is not going to make it in near future. That’s why PAP is leaving it alone. Try harder. The more you try to bash WP, the more support it will get bust like we wish LKY will stay on till 2016 to lose more GRC.

      Mod’s note:

      WP a ‘threat’ to the PAP? LOL…since when is a subsidiary party a threat to the main party? It’s all one big happy family!

  7. lool said

    Haha. More dead better. Come my foreign friends! Time to rape this country!

  8. Wong said

    Oh my ! Not again ! Since we are responsible for our own safety , than may as well opt out from National service .

  9. delbert said

    It is really unfortunate that such things happen, but no one had any control, nor should anyone be blamed.
    For once, I have to agree that we should stop trying to blame everything on the garmen.

    • Naivety said

      Full Time NS was made compulsory by the Pro Alien Party for all native Sinkaporeans who have come of age as the govt deem it as our necessary duty & responsibility to help defend the country.

      However, there were some exceptions in place in the case of Tony Tan’s son, Patrick or some other Minister’s son or even for some MPs such as Janil Puthucheary who have escaped from serving the compulsory 2 Years of Full Time National Service before becoming a full fledged Sinkapor Citizen.

      Strange as I thought that the law in place should be equitable & applied fairly to all parties concerned but however, it seems that if you are the son of Minister, President of S’pore or even an MP, you are above the laws.

      Imagine if you’re an ordinary native citizen trying to escape from serving Full Time NS or going AWOL for that matter, you would have been put in jail already & thereafter upon release from prison, you would still need to serve the 2 Yrs of Full Time National Service duty as there is no escaping from it!

  10. happy said

    all along i knew that workers party is a trojan horse, planted by the evil regime

    this evil regime is more cosy to the wayang party as it does not give them any problem

    they rather live with the wayang party than sdp because csj will give them hell

    so the devil is more comfortable accomodating the smaller devils than a saint (sdp)

    Mod’s note:

    Agreed. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans still believe that the WP clowns will dare to ‘challenge’ the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP = A vote for more FTs!

  11. What a loser.

  12. Why is there a picture of a bus-stop here?

  13. Pink Panty Loong said

    “..servicemen have to be ‘responsible’ for their own individual safety?” While I can contend that accidents do happen, BUT not forgetting that we are made to serve NS under NATIONAL OBLIGATION? Failing which we can be prosecuted and jailed? Hello? SO SHOULDN’T THIS BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF EVERY SOLDIERS?

  14. Genghis khan said

    Rest in piece soldier…hope your soul will come back and haunt the stupid officer in charge!!

  15. Lucinda Goh said

    Understand that any accidents in camp will have to refer to medical centre first before seeking medical attention elsewhere. Understand also that army ambulances cannot travel faster than 50 kmph. All these rigid rules should be scrapped or changed as it only waste time when lives are at stake. The army should be responsible as Lance-Corporal Tan died while doing reservist.

  16. Raged said

    My deepest condolence to the family of Late LCP Tan. Another misfortune to a Singaporean son which brings the total number to 7 this year.

    I cannot imagine if any exercise or even any other activities is allowed to continue after such an accident.

    Thought the evolution of time, has our army evolve to one which poses high risk even during peace time?

    The citizen needs transparency and answers! We seriously do not need a leader who goes around messing up the system. First the Manpower issue with the flooding of all these FT, then the education system and now state defense.

  17. Ron said

    We have to accept that there will be casulties in NS. The Armed Forces can do their best to reduce the incidents but the nature of training is high risk. And then we have freak accidents like falling trees and drownings. No need to get worked up. Either we have military training or not.

    I think there should be adequate insurance coverage such that the parents are looked after in their old age if they are of low income. And if they have siblings they are given scholarships. This is the least that the nation can do for those who lost their lives in NS or during military service. Spore is not a poor country and cannot be stingy when someone dies in the service of the nation.

  18. Ben said

    RIP .

  19. James said

    Come on! A falling tree can kill anyone, not just an NS man. It is an unfortunate freak accident and it reminded me that we must keep trimming branches that become a hazard especially when we are heading into monsoon season. SAF is very serious about Cat 1 weather status ( thunderstorm) and has an island wide phone computerised system for weather advisory. This ensures that strict safety measures are adhered to during training. Personal safety is our own responsibility. We mused about the dangers of live ammunition and travelling in military vehicles over rough terrain but we must treat safety with a serious attitude.

  20. JayF said

    Lance corporal was hit by a falling tree. That’s on par with being killed by a falling cow when driving by a cliffside.

    Maybe you guys think that Lee Hsien Loong personally sawed the tree which was planted in China before transplanted to Lim Chu Kang.

    A tragic accident no doubt. Exactly what accountability are we talking about here. Maybe we should put out a sign saying warning, trees falling?

    Beyond idiotic, the gist of this article.

  21. wtf said

    To that indian MP and Patrick Tan who believe they have done the NS equivalent- this is something they’d never understand.

    Hen: have to be ‘responsible’ for their own individual safety- what the fuck is he trying to say? You die your own business while serving NS?

  22. Julie Ong said

    Hi, JayF.

    No one is blaming Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Dr Ng Eng Hen or the officer-in-charge in this fatal accident. As the matter is ‘under investigation’ hopefully the public will know of the findings after the investigations’ completion.

    What riles me is the callous disregard for our young men. They have dutifully step forward to do National Service as stipulated by the government. By way of reciprocity and good faith wouldn’t it be incumbent on the government to ensure that the sons of our loyal citizens be looked upon with care and wherever possible steps taken to ensure their safety whilst on duty? Accidents happen. That’s a fact of life. But, what about adequate/fair compensation? Can you imagine the parents’ feelings for bringing their sons up to 18….. and then….Dead! I’m a parent myself. I would’ve thought that the right and decent thing to do would be to give a fair and dignified compensation to the family of the deceased serviceman. The crux of the matter is reasonable compensation and the continued vigilance and effort on the part of the government to ensuring that their Duty of Care to our servicemen is paramount. That way we’ll also have fewer accidents and fatalities.

    Hopefully, the government will announce the details of their compensation package to the family/beneficiary of our deceased servicemen and make the facts public.

    It will then help stem the disquiet about the seemingly callous disregard for our
    young men out there doing their bit for the nation.

  23. Alan Ng said

    Judging by some of the stupid comments written here, it seems that some idiots are expecting the government or SAF to protect against act of gods or freak accidents!

    I challenge any one of you to give me a solution to prevent death by a falling tree branch?!
    …and what the fcuk have politics got to do with this tragic (but unfortunate!) accident?

    I swear, my opinion of my own country man goes down lower each day with comments like those above…it seems that we have lost the ability to think and be logical…

    • ahbiao said

      don’t generalize. most singaporeans don’t read this. this is a case of the mislead, but highly vocal minority.
      i’d like to think and have faith that most of us citizens have better sense than this.

  24. Star said

    Guys, keep calm, I just came back from the wake, its not SAF’s fault (according to the deceased father), it was plainly an accident. The thing is they are not allowing the family to take a look at the tree that killed their son as it happened within training compound. Classified area.

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks Star for keeping us informed.

      I hope that the parents and family of Lance Corporal Tan Tai Seng are coping with their tragic loss.

      As fair minded Singaporeans nationwide I hope that the government will make a dignified monetary compensation to the family in this their moment of deep grief.

      R.I.P. Lance Corporal Tan Tai Seng.

      We Salute You!

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