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Cecilia Sue suspects child’s father is Boon Gay after having unprotected sex with him

Posted by temasektimes on September 28, 2012

The plot thickens in the ongoing corruption trial of former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay as more juicy details emerges from the statements given by the prosecution’s key witness Cecilia Sue Siew Nang at CPIB.

Ng was accused of soliciting sexual gratification from Cecilia in return for contract.

In a statement given on May 3 and signed off by her, Cecilia wrote:

“When I was pregnant in the first quarter of 2010, I asked Boon Gay what if the child is his. At that time, I felt Boon Gay was an irresponsible man because he did not want to show responsibility and did not comfort me either. He broke my heart. It was then I decided to end my relationship with him. After I told him I wanted to end the physical intimacy in September/October 2010, I did not remember giving him any indication that I like him.”

The investigating officer then referred to another paragraph of an earlier CPIB statement whereby Ms Sue had mentioned that:

“I’ve made myself clear and do not want history to repeat itself or cause another scare. What I meant was I would not like to have another sexual penetration with Boon Gay anymore because of the pregnancy scare.”

It is not known if a DNA test was done to confirm the parentage of her child. Cecilia’s husband was absent throughout the trial.

When defence lawyer Tan Chee Meng questioned her if divorce proceedings have commenced, she denied it and claimed that all is ‘going well’ in her marriage.


33 Responses to “Cecilia Sue suspects child’s father is Boon Gay after having unprotected sex with him”

  1. teo cheap buy said

    Omg..the child is a BC

  2. fpc said

    this is a distraction from the cock up from pap in population control.

    simply put: population increase is to ensure land price increase which will be used to fund th/gic

  3. fpc said

    I think she had an abortion before.

    Which husband can take this?

    I think she is going to be divorced by her husband.

  4. GreenHat said

    Your husband is the biggest loser b*tch!

  5. Free Trolley said

    Earlier headline: “Cecilia Sue: Boon Gay inserted his dick into me, but did not ejaculate inside”.

    • Free Trolley said

      just like a 7pm Hong Kong drama

      • DIY said

        It is one of the many happy hour motives. The couple assured themselves that things won’t be that bad. The worst will be a half pregnant.

        But what they didn’t know is the biological chemistry would full blown into a foetus. As the probable quiz goes; which comes first the hen or the egg?

  6. YUCH…..YUCH…..TUCH…what a woman

  7. Robin hood said

    Wow….it’s getting hotter everyday. My monitor is going to overheat.

  8. Mike Zeng said

    Just conjecture….but after marrying her current husband 5 years ago and not bearing a child with him, the infertile cause could be either of them or even both of them. Then in 2009 along comes NBG who had unprotected sex with her just once ( or maybe a few more times?) and taada…a child is born last year.
    Is it any wonder that CS suspected it to be her lover’s and not her husband’s?
    But no need to worry….just do the DNA test to be certain once and for all!
    The husband should demand the test legally to force NBG to give a swab of his mucosa or inner cheek. If it’s NBG’s, he could then decide whether to divorce her or to raise the child as his own with financial support from NBG.
    Here’s the caveat….before the baby came last year, both mr&mrs NBG as well as CS and husband had no kid. What are the implications, as all 4 players are now in their mid-30s to early 40s.

  9. Overeseas Singaporean said

    CPIB should whether the CNB chief have other similar cases

  10. wow said

    what a drame… mediacorp should take this story up and make it a good series.

    • neo jack will wow you said

      I second your idea, but the role of Boon Gay should go to me and I get to select the female media corpse artist to play role of Cecilia after auditioning people like Joanna, Felicia, Jessica, etc, etc.

  11. Ah Piah said

    Cecila Sue is now known in Geylang circle as Ice Cream Cecilia

  12. Sue said

    Cecila Sue to appear naked in next issue of PLAYBOY

  13. Naivety said

    Wow, Cecilia is such a talent & can make great actress material to rival both Zoe Tay & Fann Wong & it will be a waste if MediaCorp doesn’t talent hunt her as a potential top actress at the end of the day!

  14. alamak said

    Last time in school got hear joke, or maybe riddel. If like angmoh beliefs ‘stock bring babies, which one stop the baby?’ Answer very funny, swallows lah. Ha ha ha.

  15. Hilary said

    Cecila’s tertiary education was in Australia. Therefore did not perform well academically in Singapore. Her husband is already separated from her. Divorce proceedings will commence after NBG’s appeal has been disposed off. Cecilia likes to be in the limelight everywhere she goes . She has now got her 15 minutes ( or more ) of her share of fame ( and or shame) . In Oracles she was known as a cock-teaser. This is not the first Blow Job ( or Ice Cream in Geylang parlance ) she has performed. She came to be in a position of authority purely through her good looks and her blow job skills and her shaven ( or waxed ) pussy. But unfortunately age is catching up on her. Why the need to be heavily dolled up when giving evidence in Court. She can play a simple next-door-Jane. But, alas, she wants to be in the limelight. Pity her angst stricken husband and her child whose biological parentage is still warped in mystery.

  16. fpc said

    seriously I don’t think it was a corruption case. It was pure attraction. I don’t think CNB got a lousier deal. It is just that these people mixed business with pleasures that is all.

  17. Ron said

    No more mention about corruption…it is all about lurid sex, what penetrated to where, sperm in the mouth, etc. Such juicy porn stuff have never been printed in the ST before.

    As I have mentioned before, I was impressed with the defence counsel from Day One. His smiling face belies that tiger within. He is tearing this woman apart to show that it was all lust that went on for a long time and it would appear to be an act of revenge to allege corruption. So far, not a single evidence on corruption but plenty of evidence on copulation. ha ha

    And for this woman, her shame is laid bare for all to see; when she sucked, when she fucked. Not surprised if her hubby has commenced divorced proceedings. No need to tender evidence of infidelity. It is in the papers daily.

  18. joker said

    dna – simple
    ah gay may have many more of these…

  19. Psy the rapper said

    I will stop watching my regular Korean serials for the time being
    This is truly what I called ‘ reality drama ‘

    ( oppa oppa gangnam style )

  20. Ckoh23 said

    I see NTR going on here.

  21. Mike Zeng said

    The 4 main characters are not young hot-blooded persons but middle-aged marrieds in the late 30s and 40s. NBG is 46, CS is 36, Mrs NBG looks in her early 40s or late 30s and presumably CS’s husband is also in the late 30s or early 40s. So, what’s my point?

    Looking at the bigger pic….b4 CS gave birth in may2010, both couples had no children at all. At their ages, surely they must have been trying hard to produce offsprings but just could not for some reason or other. No wonder Father&Son Lee were exasperated and decided to import thousands more immigrants from China to replace the missing kids.

    1 Apparently Mr CS could not impregnate CS.
    2 Mrs NBG could not be conceived by NBG
    But if a DNA test should prove NBG is the father, then it means….
    3 CS is able to conceive and Mrs NBG has fertility problems
    4 NBG is able to impregnate and has no sperm problem

    See my point? Both couples would likely remain naturally childless if not for the timely intervention of NBG! You work out the other implications and beneficial outcomes focussing on reproducing kids for Singapore!
    Yes, if I were Judge Siva, I would order a DNA test for the 1 yo child to find out who her father actually is! If it’s NBG’s baby which I’m sure it is, a lot of questions would have been answered for Judge Siva to make the correct judgment! Hope he does on Monday!

  22. NaBey said

    Hello CECILIA, u “take in” from mouth can get pregnant meh? Remember that night I went to DIY, you “take in” when I “come”?

    Solly, I mean that night I went to DIY store, I saw you were taking some nails when I came.

  23. Daft Peasant said

    WOO HOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MORE AND MORE JUICY ALREADY LE WEI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!


  24. rover2sg said

    According to CS, he was like speedy gonzales, just dip in and out, So fast. Like that can also father child? Isn’t this all a “blow” up job???

  25. KNN said

    She is trying to help our CNB chief get out of corruption charges.
    So trying to make herself look stupid in front of the public. Wonder why so many stat board still buying from companies that employs stupid gal like Cecilia. Still other services not expose?

    • PenAndPenis said

      Agree with your analysis. Cecilia has so far been cock-teasing the trial judge with her testimony and her agenda to help Bon Gay is obvious…..
      And of course the agenda of this trial is to distract the 60% MIW supporters from the Nat Con.

  26. ahboy said

    if what the bitch claims having sex is consider rape,
    Then by forcing the dick into her mouth is not? then SG can have alot of rapist forcing ppl oral for them instead..

    Stupid right?

  27. rover2sg said

    Methinks this is a carefully planned wayang by Ng and CS to make weaken the DPP’s case.

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