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Lawrence Wong to netizens: Make a stand against online ‘personal attacks’

Posted by temasektimes on September 28, 2012

After being widely and roundly criticized by the online community for his earlier remarks on critics of the ‘National Conversation’, Senior Minister of State for Education Lawrence Wong now called on netizens to make a stand against ‘personal attacks’.

In a later post on his Facebook, Mr Wong wrote:

“…there is a difference between having robust debates, and making personal attacks against people just because of different views or different political affiliations. Let us make a stand against behaviour of the latter category – and this applies to all individuals and parties.”

Mr Wong also implored Singaporeans to be more ‘patient’:

“We are dealing with complex issues, and we need time to resolve each and every one of them. No policy or system is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. I hope we can all be patient as we take the next step together for our country.”

In a speech made to the UN General Assembly two days ago, U.S. President Barack Obama said:

“As president of our country, and commander in chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so.”

Numerous Singapore patriots had their names smeared and reputations destroyed by the PAP and its media in the past such as Francis Seow, Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam and Dr Chee Soon Juan.


25 Responses to “Lawrence Wong to netizens: Make a stand against online ‘personal attacks’”

  1. Lim said

    Just answer yes or no – are you politicising issues yourself? Does your supporters also make personal attacks on people who have differing views from PAP? How more patient do you want us to be when no real action is taken on `complex’ issues? What is so complex to put SIngaporeans interests first and stop treating us like cash cows with marked up market subsidies in everything? e.g. supposedly to increase cleaners pay the govt increase 300% the fees charged to hawker centres instead of affecting their own profit margins?

    • Edwin Goh said

      Obama at the UN: As president, people call me awful things every day
      September 25, 2012

      “As president of our country and commander in chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day,” Obama said. “And I will always defend their right to do so.”

      • Ron said

        Obama is defending a foolish practice of so-called “freedom of speech”. See what happens if someone decides to make a threat against the President? Will he defend their right to do so?

        Same goes for gun laws that has allowed hundreds of thousands to be killed by gun violence over the decades…more than have been killed in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

        Spiteful attacks against others and their religious beliefs cannot be tolerated. Many innocent lives are being list by such evil.

      • SashaQueenie said

        Ron is wrong. Obama is right.
        But even I know I must support Ron’s right to free speech, no matter how stupid it is.
        I may not agree with him but he should be allowed to spew his garbage.

  2. rover2sg said

    I am a senior citizen in my seventies. I could trace my ancestry in Singapore back to the eighteen sixties. I was politically aware and active (though not joining any parties) and have done satisfactorily well and served my country. There is nothing I need further for myself or for my family and thank God for my good fortune.
    However, I am still not happy about our political situation and the PAP in the past decade or two. I am thinking of the less fortunate citizens and what more could and should be spent on having a more caring and gracious society. We are not spending the “reserves” on those less fortunate. We will eventually spend them on new immigrants and citizens who have not done anything for the reserves or undertook national service.
    I visited Penang again recently and could not help but cherish for a wish to retire there. I was thinking of Singapore in the fifties but with modern facilities like communications and health services, It is not true that Singapore in the fifties was a “barren land” according to LKY and the PAP.
    The last thing I need now is to be talked down and lectured to by an upstart of a young PAP minister!

    • mahbok tan said

      Thanks for your contribution Rover2sg ,

      That is what our new generation of leaders lacking in ” Experience In Life ” because without it , they do make error in their decisions. We know what LKY is talking is rubbish but we are not in the corridors of power to change it but make “noise” only in the net.

      I am very angry with our GOVT of the Day , on their action and inaction towards the citizen of SGpore. We will voice our anger come GE2016 , whether we can make it heard or not is secondary but hopefully all SGporean will make their voice heard come GE2016.

      Thanks again Sir.

    • Singaporean that had gone to hardship during the last decade said

      Totally agree with you!! well written…
      These young ministers are ‘balls carrying’ .. they don’t have enough life experience to understand the minds of the citizens esp the commoners.
      We need more oppositions in the parliament.

    • compatriot said

      As I have said earlier this young punk buck is worthless who wants to be known as a warrior with no battle scars to prove his worthiness,wilfully boasts to peddle his wares with corrosive and deceitful words which leads to nothing fruitful but only vallainly and the people knows that he cannot be trusted


    • SashaQueenie said

      I share your wish to retire in a simpler, more rustic place in Penang.
      My mother came from Penang and I vacation at Gurney Drive every year. It is a lovely place.

      • rover2sg said

        Yeah maybe I should stay there longer for rest and relaxation! What about Gurney Drive? Can Singaporean stay there for longer period?

    • caring to own citizens first said

      well said, our reserve should be used to upgrade our own citizens and not PR or foreigners!

  3. akincheng said

    The one that is politicising is this stupid goat Lawrence himself! Trace his past record & just being in the govt, try to act smart by talking so much! Hey Singaporeans, have boss la, vote out all these bastards coming the next election!! these pple need to be taught a good lesson like Aljunied and honestly, if you keep complainings, nothing gonna get done and for these idiots (taking our money as salary), talking big & cok will get them bigger head, you know what, let them learn the lesson of being a human instead of sitting at the mighty chair up there, he is after all nothing :big: check him out and yes, Lawrence, I AM CALLING YOU AN IDIOT AND A REAL DAFT FOR MAKING THOSE UN WARRANTED COMMENTS AGAINS SINGAPOREANS!

    • alamak said

      Wah, Akincheng, you so quick awreddy forget he advice to not “making personal attacks against people just because of different views or different political affiliations”
      He oso advice “Be patient” but dont say go where, SGH, CGH, NUH, MtE. or even
      IMH, last time Wouldbrige, look for cheaper rate like supermarket. Like some big body say, “Just do what I say” or else???.

  4. TT said

    He wears PINK wherever he goes… WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  5. pohtiongho said

    The cowards hide behind pseudonyms and are always vicious. They are also suferring from inferiority-complex.

  6. mahbok tan said

    Wah sei this lawrence wong arh torking as if everything is very complex issues…!!!

    How complex is it that bus company can get money from GOVT of the Day , when they are a profit driven company???? Like this hor all SME’s or BIG corporation can ask GOVT money if they want to expand their business….????

    Or how simple issue like stamford woffles driving standard being given a lenient sentence as if our policemen do not know how to do their job….allo lawrence you can have study very high high lei…but you lack the x-factor to be a mini-ster….understand…!!!

    To you KNNBCCB…(meaning Good Luck )

  7. David Ong said

    If you cannot stand stand criticism then don’t be a politician unless of course you believe that being a politician in Singapore, cannot be criticized, a fallacy perpetuated by the ruling party for 50 years.

  8. wtf said

    Mr Wong,

    You and Kee Chiu are way over board on complex issue BS. There are many simple easy to implement solutions that exist and you and the ENTIRE CIVIL SERVICE refuse to do it, & by now I believe it is pure VESTED PROFIT INTEREST.

    For example, I refer to housing matters in terms of pricing and design consideration. It never fails to amaze me when I travel to a nearby country how developed such guidelines are and how protective they are to CITIZENS and NOT Towards CORPORATIONS & FOREIGNERS. In this country you can buy property under certain conditions and if you sell it, you have to sell it to LOCALs. In addition, in this wonderful country, you cannot just tear down and anyhow redevelop. You will NEVER get a case of neighbouring overcrowded infrastructure and mismatched towering monster houses next to you as you neighbour has the RIGHT OF REFUSAL if you build a house that is detrimental to his living quality. you can be forced to redesign whether u like it or not.

    By the way, what I mentioned is purely by legislation in a country where there is this vast amounts of land. Great aren’t they? You civil service people do not know this exist or choose to ignore it?

    This complex issues you mentioned and many times mentioned (or rather avoid) by Kee Chiu , some are not that difficult at all. Don’t throw smoke bombs, it show pure lack of determination only.

    You will never implement this which can be done overnight with ease as I am sure this is too lucrative for the Govt, Property developers, GIC/TEMASEK link property develops to give up. In short, it is collective greed! A small group of people benefit at the expense of the rest. I repeat again, a very small group of people benefit at the expense of the rest.

    • wtf said

      WTF continued

      Just to prove a point…. just look at last year’s election. How come there is the major property developer CEO who happens to have so much time to help out in elections. You can check back, he can be seen always with WKS and seems to be his personal assistance, during the entire elections.

      Vested interest only to a small group of people, including the govt. This small group takes us, 99% of SG citizens, all as hostages.

      Mr Wong, don’t treat use like idiots.

  9. robust said

    Lawrence Wong is another bag of shit. A good-for-nothing dud who has never earned a single cent in his life that didn’t come from the taxpayers, one of the many parasitic government scholars who have been sucking taxpayers’ blood ever since the day taxpayers’ bought them their degrees from fancy universities. Lawrence Wong did absolutely nothing of significance all these years except squandering taxpayers money to pave his own career path from jia-leow-bee scholar to jia-leow bee minister.

    Take Lawrence Wong out of PAP’s cradle and put him in America, a person of his caliber would at best be a store manager in McDonald’s, asking whether you want fries to go with your burger. It’s amazing that in Singapore, taxpayers are made to pay a million dollar every year for a worthless piece of shit like him.

    This is no personal attack, just an objective assessment based on his complete lack of any notable achievements.

  10. Daft Peasant said

    ah wong, you better diam diam,lay low and collect your monthly pay lah…….nobody will say you eh-gao if you don speak…..

  11. nb la said

    well, the english can scold hitler and without scolding them back, hitler bomb them instead. so who is in more wrong?

    we scold the government for not doing a good job and this is called personal attack. they flood the country with poo and coated us with shit, what is this called? genocide?

  12. denzuko1 said

    Stop personal attacks? Isn’t PAP doing all these personal attacks all these while? They have conviniently ignored their own rude behaviours and its fine when they are doing it but wrong when they are on the receiving end? This is such hipocritical!

    Seriously if the minister wants to fight against personal attacks, he should set example and stop doing it himseilf. constantly shooting at netizen as xenophobic is a form of personal attack by labelling the persons with negative links. I have not even mention the way they talk in parliament, if their way of answering to oppositions is not personal attack, I don’t know what else is.

  13. ngpy said

    I can boldly state that Mr Lawarence Wong is not up to mark to be a Minister. I am not sure how he could be appointed as a Minister with his calibre. Hopely he don’t give instructions to teachers to teach our student to behave the same as his attitude and behaviour. Nobody cares how he want to curry favors but problem is as every can see he is not able or capable to accept hot seats or to accept pressure. EVEN WITH EVIDENCE OF NUMBERS OF PARTICIPANTS WITH PHOTO SHOWN AS A HONORABLE MINISTER HE MUST ACCEPT THE TRUTH OTHERWISE HIS MINISTRY AND ALL IN HIS MINISTRY WILL ACT LIKE HIM. IS A HANDFUL THAT HE COMMENTED REPUTABLE.

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