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Modify PSLE to reduce competition among students

Posted by temasektimes on September 28, 2012

Is it possible to modify PSLE so that it is NOT used as a criteria for admission to “good” secondary schools. I see this competition for “good” schools to be the source of the stress and the need for tuition to get more than 95% marks!

If PSLE is to grade students who meet the academic standard and 90% are marked as “pass” with no other distinction, then students who can meet the passing mark has time for other activities to build up their character and social interaction skills and to enjoy their childhood.

If there is lesser difference between “good” and “other” schools, students can go to a school near their home and spend less time on travel or being fetched by their parents.

We can identify leaders for our society based on their actual work experience and leadership in society and not on the academic results.


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.


8 Responses to “Modify PSLE to reduce competition among students”

  1. Angry Citizen said

    Do away with PSLE, all students who want to be admit to good secondary who will have to sit for entrance test at respective school during November each year.

    That will do alway grading school through PSLE result.

  2. Ana said

    There must be less competition in schools and more in politics. PAP is a bunch of hypocrites. It believes in competition (and free markets), except in politics where it cheats with the “opaque” GRC system. This double standard proves that the PAP cannot be trusted. Vote against the PAP in GE2016. Convice your family members and friends to do the same

  3. Jimmy Ho said

    Agree with Kin Lian. It is the government’s ambition to single out the future talents for their party that sacrifices the rest of the kids and deprives them of their childhood. Also, agree with Ana on the double standard party.

  4. leyla said

    Parents choose the method to raise their kids. We don’t need the govt to take away the possibility of putting a score on a test.

    Don’t go senseless hyperbole to say that the govt is looking for leaders solely on academic results.

  5. Ron said

    Has Spore ever produced a Nobel Prize winner? So the vaunted education system of tests and stresses has not produced world class brains in research. So much for the mania to get into the best schools.

    Time to look at USA, UK, Japan, etc. The fight to get into the best universities is what matters and the whole world is available then.

  6. phillipsG said

    tan kin lian still alive, o my god! you guys still listening to this LOSER?!! COM’ON MAN, he is the least qualified person to comment on anything at all in Singapore, he is a BORN LOSER a PAP WANNABE but got kick out and then, the WORST LOSER IN THE PE ELECTION and back stapping the other TAN, so, how can this man worth anything he say unless is a load OF BULLSHITS! he will only BE HAPPY when you praise him and yet,..TT you let this OLD HAG write something that is nonsense?! ask him to go BATAM AND BE A MONEY CHANGER!

    • Ron said

      I disagree. Tan Kin Lian is not a born loser. He fought a good fight. And he has political ambitions and is still building his base for the next election.

  7. SG said

    Yes. The problem with PSLE scores, school entry and stress may be caused by the school or government, but parents play a huge part. Parents compare with other parents about their children and then pressure their children to do well, otherwise they will lose “face”. The separation of students may indeed cause a lowering of self-esteem in the students labelled as poorer, but because of the separation, teachers can help students of the same level learn at the same pace, instead of forcing slower learners to catch up with fast learners or the fast learners to wait for the slower learners.

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