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PM Lee reminds Singaporeans: Lack of ‘consensus’ within society will lead to dysfunction

Posted by temasektimes on September 28, 2012

It is important for Singaporeans to reach a ‘consensus’ on their future direction as failure to do so will lead to dysfunction in society, warns Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

In an interview with a newly set up socio-political blog set up and run by the establishment, PM Lee was asked if the ruling PAP will continue to be ‘dominant’ in the future:

“The question is whether Singaporeans can come to a consensus on the direction they want to go. If ‘yes’, then there can be one party which has a strong mandate and can work on behalf of citizens effectively,” he said.

PM Lee then cited countries like the US and India where divisive politics has led to gridlock and dysfunction, which can happen to Singapore.

“If we don’t have that consensus within society, like in America where there is a deep divide between the Republicans and Democrats… then you have gridlock, dysfunction and it can happen to Singapore,” he added.

Singapore has been under the iron-fist control of the PAP since 1959 which controls all institutions of the state including the so-called elected ‘opposition’ in parliament, an unique political system not seen elsewhere in the world.


32 Responses to “PM Lee reminds Singaporeans: Lack of ‘consensus’ within society will lead to dysfunction”

  1. Pink Panty Loong said

    Goondoo Lee, you should go to the crux of the problem, reflect upon your policies on why there is a lack of “consensus”. Stop making it sounds like Singaporeans are a unsupportive and uncooperative lot. By the way, I bet most of the Singaporeans are getting more aware of the danger of a single party system now where there is no checks and balance on a government that bulldozed its policies to benefit and enrich themselves instead of the people.

    • Bai Hu said

      Good point here.

    • Welovesingapore said

      The points made are sadly true. From the inputs all below, it is quite clear that the consensus is a one way traffic in favor of the gahman. That’s how the net citizen understand. They are still trying to convince those who are die hard pAp. Is it so difficult to have policy that is favourable to citizen rather than victimize them. The big picture that they are painting about the need for FT/PR cannot justify the lost in opportunity for the ordinary citizen.

  2. Lim said

    What consensus? Bt Brown must go to make way for expressway – consensus or not, it will be dug up. Nursing home location fixed here- consensus or not, accept it. Market price subsidy for HDB flats – consensus or not we will profit. Hawker cleaning fees – increase means increase, how many % we decide. Town council increase fees – just say costs increase – consensus or not it will go up the anount we decide. Foreigners let in – consensus or not we will open the gates at the numbers we decide. F1 – you MUST accept accoding to Teo Ser Luck. What conversation, what 2-way feedback? It is all decided first, wayang a bit to pretend to get some feedback but nothing will change the final decision. Lack of CONSENSUS divides society and YES they decide the direction we go and this is consensus according to their dictionary. Again we are at fault for not being in consensus with them. So we are the divisive ones, not them..

  3. alamak said

    If you dint get the massage proply, mean you vote PAP ever ever, dont rock the sampan ot throw stone. Leeve it to us,or you all sink. Dontch worry, we safe on mountan top

    • Gopal Madhu said

      I guess you’re right.

      By consensus, he probably means that all Singaporeans have to agree with whatever he says and practice self-censorship.

      Citizens have to stop voicing out our reservations and criticisms and just suffer in silence as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

      Having said that, I think these clueless politicians must be living in their own little dream world if they think that Singaporeans will accept this.

      It is too late to try and pool the wool over our eyes now.

      Singaporeans want change and it is destined to happen in 2016.

  4. Mary said

    The consensus among Singaporeans is that regime change is urgently needed in Singapore to protect Singaporeans from PAP and its pro-alien policies.

  5. Jenny said

    What he really means is we all should shut the fuck up and follow his directions.

  6. Jaded said

    strong mandate? for you to bring in even more foreign trash?

  7. Lim said

    HDB is coming up with some devious ways to make money – in future no taps or basins – want them to install $4,300 more. No partition between living room and kitchen. Want partition another $2000. So HDB’s own consensus is since most people do changed them or knock down wall, they make it optional and must pay. But who knows if they reduce the flat price in the first place for no taps, basins and wall or sell at the same price but still want to charge more for `optionals’. In future the exorbitant price for flat paid is for a completely unfurnished empty flat only – every tile they count money. Then they can boast their flats are affordable but without telling people that with the optionals added in it costs double the original price.

  8. ken said

    The digging of bukit brown will be the curse of PAP. The downfall of PAP is coming….

  9. To be fair said

    Our government is the greatest magician of all times. Singaporeans are concerned about the import of foreign PMETs who will replace them of their jobs. They are not worried so much about the blue collar foreign workers for construction, factory, cleaning, etc. But in dealing with the issue, our government mixed the two under “foreign workers” so that, when they restrict the menial (2nd grp) workers, they hope to think we believe it is the PMETS they are reducing. Even during the national conversation, they jumble up the two categories to confuse us. So, as they reduce the intake of ducks into Singapore for complaints that there are too many chickens, they wish for a consensus??

  10. Maximus4444 said

    It’s time you listened to the People and reached a CONSENSUS!

    • Edwin Goh said

      Fat hope. They have never listened to the people and are not about to change that. A leopard cannot change its spots. Its time Singaporeans realised that these people will keep on doing what they think will make themselves rich, never mind what the people think. Our only salvation lies in putting more opposition party members into parliament.

      If Singaporeans are afraid to do that, then stop complaining and be prepared to suffer the hardships of their failed polcies.

  11. Blame yourself and not others! said

    Without foreigners, our consensus is already difficult for four races, now by bring in more foreigners, government is making it herself more difficult.

    Who to blame?
    Blame yourself and not others!

  12. Crap... said

    Am i mistaken? His version of consensus sounds more like dicatorship.. so strange…

  13. AMiTuoFo 阿彌陀佛 said

    The milkman is asking us cows to stop resisting being milked dry to grow their GDP.

    There is no point arguing till the cow come home on their agenda vs those of the cows.

    All of the 60.1% who lives in HDB flats has to wake up before GE2016.

    The CONsensus has to be a multi-party parliament in which SDP, WP, NSP, RP, etc has representatives.

    Mod’s note:

    The figure is actually 76% if you include those who vote for the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ which is masquerading as an ‘opposition’ party to mislead Singaporeans. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP = A vote for more FTs! Please help spread the message.

    • WP is our fren said

      I am spreading the message that TT is a pro-PAP site in disguise. If we dont vote WP, who else do we vote? You have so many oppostion to contest every GRC meh? Use ur brains lar, if your mum got give birth to you with one

      Mod’s note:

      The ‘Wayang Party’ is a subsidiary party of the PAP. Just look at how their clowns perform in parliament, asking stupid questions like bird droppings instead of important ones like the influx of foreigners. You can have 10, 20 or even 40 WP clowns in parliament and nothing will change. Our only hope left is for the real opposition to form a coalition in 2016 to contest in every single constituency to challenge the PAP-WP alliance. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  14. danik said

    gridlock and dysfunction in America because of a great divide between republicans and democrats? that’s a poor analysis of the US political situation and completely taken out of context…

  15. Fellow Singaporeans are already dysfunctional. They are already blaming one party for everything that takes place in the world. Even an act of nature thousands of miles away is blamed on them.
    There is just too much illogical comments all over the web.

  16. Babuseng said

    The REAL problem is when you have full consensus for a terrible policy (e.g. immigration). This is what happens when you have 1 party PAP rule and having no diversity of opinion.

  17. Ron said

    I have offered my services to two Ministries on advisory basis. When the letter goes down from the Minister to the bureaucracy, I get nice replies but it was “No, Thanks”. The PM and Ministers need to look at their own civil service. Why is the government asking for feedbacks and participation and yet it will not go further than the desk of the Minister?

    Singapore has a large pool of talent and experience. Why is it not tapping into that? And what mechanism is there to tap into its home-grown expertise?

  18. SG is already dysfunctional. They have thrown the spanner (influx of FT) in the works and created some chaos in the society just to assess the reaction from the local. All your noises will not derail their policy making and they will not listen. They practice the politics of the US Republicans that the elite minority will bring up the poverty level while the US Democrats believe a wider and stronger middle class will sustain better in the longer run. SG is already in a diabolical and ironic position from day one, we call ourselves a Republic but has a democratic national pledge. We borrowed the western practices and implement them with Asian belief. Like India, we are a open society with closed minds.

  19. James said

    We badly need a gridlock to jam this pap idiots from displacing singaporeans . Lets send pinkie a strong message by voting out pap.

  20. rover2sg said

    “Consensus” means totally agrees with the government and giving the PAP full license to do whatever pleases them?

  21. seah said

    a vote for WP is a vote for PAP.Mods note said ,so my family will happy vote for WP the next election 2016,instead of PAP ,because we like the word WP,after all the same.

    Mod’s note:

    You vote for WP, WP supports PAP and form a coalition govt with it. So isn’t this tantamount to voting for PAP? Vote for the real opposition parties to boot out the useless ‘Wayang Party’ clowns from Hougang and Aljunied!

  22. PenAndPenis said

    It is already a dysfunction when we have a PM running the country like a famiLee business with the help of 80 PAP stooges.

    Mod’s note:

    The figure is actually 87 if you include MPs from the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’.

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