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‘Ah Peks’ packed the courtroom in early morning to attend corruption trial of Ng Boon Gay

Posted by temasektimes on September 29, 2012

Public interest in the sensational trial of former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay has spiked with some 30 to 40 people queuing since Friday morning to enter the 32-seat courtroom, most of whom are senior men in their 50s to 70s.

The case has gripped the attention of Singaporeans with mind-boggling description of Ng’s sexual liaisons with IT saleswoman Cecilia Sue Siew Nang.

Ng was charged with corruptly obtaining sexual gratification from her to further her business interests.

Speaking to queries from the state media, 50 year old businessman Wong said he attended the hearing because he is interested in the ‘legal’ aspect of the case:

“The case is quite high-profile. The legal aspect is quite interesting … like how they prove corruption. I’m not that interested in the gory details,” he said.

Another 77-year-old retiree said:

“I’ve been here since 8:45am, but only managed to come in after lunch because we had to queue…It’s my first day watching the trial but I’m always interested in how good lawyers argue the case. … I want to see how the lawyers argue his case because they are paid $2,000 an hour and how the counsel is able to challenge the deputy public prosecutor.”

Words such as “Ng Boon Gay” and “Cecilia Sue” have taken the third and fourth spot of the most searched keywords on Yahoo! Search as well, a sign of how ‘popular’ they are.


38 Responses to “‘Ah Peks’ packed the courtroom in early morning to attend corruption trial of Ng Boon Gay”

  1. Ron said

    The ah peks are there for the titillating expose.

    I am more impressed with the wife of Gay who stoically accompany him each day to Court. Reminds me of that song “Stand by your Man”. Yes, in times like this it is great to see the wife attend Court everyday. Destruction to family harmony and fortune is happening. But fighting the charges is important. I wish the family well.

    I also note the reverse is not happening to the star witness; her hubby is not in Court to “Stand by your Woman”.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Maybe hubby cannot stand anymore, needs blowing???

    • Jf said

      Stand by your man in case more women want that cock. Standby your woman –
      be a cockold and listen to how your woman take in his SP? Guess not.
      This is real life. When Shaw made the movie directed by Jack Neo, Apek can say “I was there part of the witnesses in the law process.”

    • Daft Peasant said

      imo, Gay’s wife appear in court is just a show…… too fake……. Sue’s hubby never appear is normal, and by right its suppose to be like that…….

    • raymond h said

      Ron, don’t talk cock so much, just offer yourself to cecilia and stand in on behalf of her hubby. It is in times of need like this that she will be grateful to you. After that you can tell TT readers whether cecilia gives you a more mindblowing experience than what you claim to have received in China.

  2. Chee Ko Pek said

    Can get thrill listening to Cecilia herself how she suck !!

  3. sporeoboriginal said

    At the end of the day what have we learnt? Corruption exists.. Enough with the bull of spore not corrupted and shit. The difference is tat other countries, the ministers or whoever when the are corrupted, they are honest and brave enough to show that they are : )

  4. Bernard Deng said

    It becomes disgusting hearing how she got fucked and sucked his cock. The bone of contention is whether she can prove that she was coerced into submitting herself. The way she is giving evidence is like a porn star witness.

  5. Ron said

    Is there a need for so many plain-clothes officers (probably from CPIB) to escort the star witness? The accused is walking by himself to the Court and yet the press is not harassing him with questions.

    Who is paying for the cost of the escort services? And does she deserve such special protection?

    • Daft Peasant said

      of course she must be protected lah…….( i tink the 4 hunk man are not big size enough ) or else later got many man goes up to CS to ask for gum-lan-jiao…..100 dollars one time…..

      • rover2sg said

        CS must indeed be grateful if the guards are actually provided by the govt. How is she going to repay them or show her gratification?
        Uncle hopes she does not blow it all up by her upstanding evidence….

    • Naivety said

      Off course, her 4 bodyguards were being paid for by Tax Payers’ monies lah…what do you expect then?
      Why she deserves such special protection is because people like your kindself might demand a special ‘Blow Job’ from her golden mouth!

  6. Mike Zeng said

    The old apek said he came to compare how the pros and Defence argue over the case? Blady BS! He came to ogle CS and her replies to sexual questions by the counsels. She’s no doubt very hot and sexy and 99% of the DOM there only want to ogle her. Likely they will DIY in the court toilets during breaks.
    Luckily I’m now asexual, otherwise I may be tempted tonjoin them also…sitting in court but not DIY in the gents…so unhygienic!

  7. Ms Sue must not forget she is only a witness and not the complainant in this case.

    All she needs to do is just tell it the way it was for the sake of the administration of justice.

    Whether Ng is finally acquitted or convicted is none of her business but that of the prosecutors’.

    But her demeanor displayed thus far is exposing her to public scrutiny and even ridicule. Why the trouble. What she would need most is a lawyer to advise her accordingly instead of the flabby bodyguards.

    One can be a prosecution witness in any case and whatever the outcome at the end of the day both sides can still be friends.

    Sexual exploitation and sexual harassment are common tools used by sexual predators around the world. In South Korea, company directors sexually exploited a starlet until she committed suicide.

    Singapore with the patriarch passionate about being the first in everything is trying to introduce sex as a bribery tool.

    In the same vein many years ago they tried to introduce a charge of “raping prostitutes”.

    I remember a police sergeant and 2 constables under him were hauled to court with a charge of raping a prostitute. During the trial at the high court the mattress used by them and hundreds of the prostitute’s clients was exhibited together with the grim.

    Even the sergeant smoking a cigarette exhausted after the “rape” was given as part of the testimony. They were convicted but fortunately exonerated the appeals court.

    Sex is a service provided willingly by prostitutes and the act committed by the policemen was none other than not paying for services rendered. Otherwise it is like charging restaurant patrons for robbery for not paying for the food.

    The way I look at it Ng could only be guilty of sexual exploitation if ever there is one. We shall see.

    Simon Wee

    • Ron said

      At issue are the four blowjobs. Did it have the element of corruption? All the revelation of their long relationship with many episodes of sex and intimate messages only goes to show that both were intimate friends. So how did that developed into a corrupt relationship? And what specific act of corruption was made?

      CEOs or Head of Divisions have no involvement in the long selection and scrutiny process. In fact this is deliberately set up to separate gate-keeping and control. The gate-keeper has the final say but a rejection has to be made on solid grounds that the many layers below have not done their job to the highest standards or that the corporate requirements have been changed.

      If rejected, then the entire procurement goes back to starting point. It is too simplistic that the CEO can influence the process. The Prosecution has to tender evidence such as voice recordings, sms, digital messages, etc. So far their ground is based on sex having occured and therefore there must be an intent for corruption.

      The defence is doing an excellent job so far.

    • fpc said

      it is a joke. it was just a blow job

  8. Richard said

    It would be interesting to find out the truth of this whole episode. I think the defence lawyer is trying very hard to piece the story together. It would difficult for him as so far no one tells the whole true. And it is getting harder as time goes by. At the end of the day, the judge will have to believe either Gay or Sue and make a sound judgement. Only god knows the whole true besides Gay and Sue.

    • Mike Zeng said

      Correct! Only God knows the truth….read my comments in the latest posting by TT today on this matter. What is good for society takes precedence over everything else.

  9. KNS said

    The whole episode could be political and staged.

    DPP is not that stupid. CS statement now and taken by CPIB contradict too much. It is staged for CS to be taken down as witness. The plan is to aquit NBG. Too many such cases happening, CNB, SCDF, NUS, NEA, etc. If NBG is found guilty, it could start to unfold more!! PAP is worried bcos sporean are not happy with them! If NBG is aquitted, it will paint an image that GOVT is clean! Think about it! SCDF 14 charges become 1!! Why?

  10. Of course, they are retired and have nothing better to do.

  11. happy said

    the crux of this case is that the prosecution witness is not reliable

    time and time again, story changed

    she had sex and then she had no sex

    she love him and them she did not

    she blow job 4 times and then 10 times or more

    she better blow job everyman in singapore, to have everyman believe in her

    I felt sorry for the wife of Gay, who stood by her man

    despite the media onslaught

    not the husband of the blow job

    he got no balls to come out in the open to support his wayward wife

    be a man, either you divorce her or you come out in the open , and escort her to court

    it is your cowardice that allow your wife to sleep for contract or simply behave like a japanese porn

    • Singkaypoh said

      Hubby got a share of the profits too, and he gets to enjoy CS’s expert service, why should he come out & show himself in this media circus? IMHO he may be the smartest one of the 4 main players, & will emerge with most sympathy & with least damage!

  12. K S Foong said

    It is common to see sex case attracting “ah Pek,s” eyeballs. Personally, I think whether there is love or consent in sex between the two, it does not free him from the corruption charge.

  13. rover2sg said

    Wow! Four bodyguards! Like big film star, Why and what for? Who is paying for them or how is she going to gratify them?

    Fact: Affair or not Ng received gratifcation whilst he was in a position to influence or control public acquisition or tender process.

    The rest are just “wayang” which seems to be Singapore’s main entertainment nowadays, politics or otherwise.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Ya what – Singapore’s next big thing, our top porn star (after Annabelle Chong got banned)
      She has bright future – maybe Jack Neo would be happy to guide her career ? Singkapoh remake of Lust, Caution?

  14. Poo said

    Is this a sex or corruption trial?

  15. Poo said

    The point here is whether NBG is corrupted, not what he and CS has done. The most is he can he charged for adultery. Until now, it has not been proven he is corrupted.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Correct! So the story so far seems to be that he enjoyed all the gratification, but didn’t do his part of the deal, which is the special favour, so corruption is not proven… yet. It still remains to be seen how they will prove corruption. But they are proving the “gratification” part in a rather entertaining way 🙂 The prosecution has to prove both, they just haven’t come to the “corruption” part yet.

    • Impartial said

      Agree. Those that jump conclusion to jugde that NBG is corrupted are idiots. They belongs to those poor pathetic people that hates any government workers

  16. pi said

    The only thing I am interested in ———- will the commission of that huge contract be returned?

    Also, is that mole cancerous?

  17. rover2sg said

    One blow job after another! Sooner or later this case will also blow over.

    She does look like a PRC beauty and not one born in Singapore? This will also blow over.

  18. CPIB said

    I am wondering if NBG is acquitted, if he will seek claims from the government for his $500 k lawsuit fees

  19. Carrz said

    I don’t know whether to admire Ng’s Wife or to practically say she’s pure stupid. If my hubby did this to me, there is no way that i could be so calm and supportive. Staying on with him just because he’s rich? She’s practically need to prepare herself from getting AIDs if she still want to maintain this marriage and keep it going…

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