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Be realistic: Impossible for government to meet expectations of everybody

Posted by temasektimes on September 29, 2012

Government works for the people, but they are not God. They work in the best interest of the country and its people, but not for the unreasonable individual requests. Don’t blame all problems on the government, some are self created. Take housing for example, everyone is assured that price for HDB first time buyer is affordable. But many ended homeless because they used their flat as a trading commodity.

They sold their first flat, making good profit and spending them all, bought another unit with maximum loan and hoping to make another good profit again. Some did it a few times, until a day when they have problem servicing their loan, they ended up homeless. These people then approached HDB to buy or rent but was rejected because they already used up all their entitlements of buying twice directly from HDB and pocketing good profit. If HDB were to help these people then more will treat their flat as commodity trading.

When become homeless request for aid got rejected, the blame again falls on the government. Someone mentioned why we need foreign cleaners to clear trashes. It is because many Singaporeans are littering and not many Singaporean want to be cleaners. We also need other foreign workers to drive the economy otherwise businesses will go to other countries and we will have less jobs for our people. We need more businesses here to create job for ourself otherwise we will end up finding jobs in other country, and how much can we earn? Now talk about inflation. Yes, cost is going up, but inflation happens in all countries around the world. We import everything we use and we want only quality goods.

Transport fare increases but compare with many other advance city ours is still considered reasonable cheap. Food prices at many coffee shops and hawker centers are very affordable. Many of my overseas friend find our costs of living affordable and reasonable, given the amount of income we are earning. They admire the quality and price of our public housing. They envy the peace and security we enjoy. They wonder how a small island city state, without any natural resources or vast land is able to enjoy such a high level of success. I told them because we are blessed with a good, capable and honest government. Of course there are some fellow citizens who are not doing as well. They really need helps from the government and I know there are many bodies and organizations out there offering helps. There are people talking of free health care, free this and free that. This will means more taxes from the people, and it will also lead to misuse and wastage.

Don’t complain of having to wait for BTO flats. Flats are buying something that can be built over nights. We should instead plan in advance what we want in life accordingly. Government cannot meets every individual expectations or wants, some of which are really unreasonable. It should only work the country overall interest at large and not give in to unreasonable demands.


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.


39 Responses to “Be realistic: Impossible for government to meet expectations of everybody”

  1. Lim said

    (1) “Don’t blame all problems on the government, some are self created” – Many are created by ill-thought short-sighted unco-ordinated govt policies too.
    (2) `everyone is assured that price for HDB first time buyer is affordable’ – only the writer and HDB think so only, not affordable to the rest of us when salaries stagnate but HDB prices its flats according to private property bubble.
    (3) `It is because many Singaporeans are littering and not many Singaporean want to be cleaners. We also need other foreign workers to drive the economy otherwise businesses will go to other countries’ – I think it is the hordes of foreigners who are littering and throwing rubbish down from flats. Why do you need foreign workers to drive economy? So that you can depress wages and make maximum profits – paying low wages which Sporeans can’t survive. Foreigners monthly workers’ levies fill govt coffers.
    (4) `Now talk about inflation. Yes, cost is going up, but inflation happens in all countries around the world’ – many costs are govt imposed and localised inflation.- rents, fees, levies, COEs, ERPs, taxes, etc
    (5) `Transport fare increases but compare with many other advance city ours is still considered reasonable cheap’ – if tax payers got to cough up 1.1 billion to buy buses for the private operators who’s proftis go to shareholders is it still cheap? Or the frequent disruptions to trains and long wait for buses – has the wirter forgotten $10million spent on COI SMRT? Who pays? Is it still `cheap’?
    (6). ‘Food prices at many coffee shops and hawker centers are very affordable. Many of my overseas friend find our costs of living affordable and reasonable,given the amount of income we are earning. They admire the quality and price of our public housing’ – overseas friends do not live here. Who are they to tell us costs of living affordable here? How can hawker food be cheap when costs like cleaning hikes to 200% imposed by govt is passed on to consumers?
    (7) `Don’t complain of having to wait for BTO flats. Flats are buying something that can be built over nights. We should instead plan in advance what we want in life accordingly’ – Tell that to the govt – did they plan in advance the massive influx of foreigners they let in over the last decade knowing as your wisdom tells us that flats can’t be built overnight? Did govt plan in advance before they let in indiscriminately foreigners to strain our public transport and housing.
    In conclusion most of the problems we face are not self-created – don’t try to push the blame to people or label critics as xenophobic, intolerant, etc – Such diversionary tactics won’t work anymore.

  2. Babuseng said

    Desmond is a mindless tool who can’t think for himself. You need to only see his other statement – “Lastly I don’t see any reason why would the government implements any policy or regulation that will harm our country.” He is the one who sees PAP as infallible like god.

    • compatriot said

      Truely Desmond is not only a mindless anatomical tool but more of an idiotic kookaburra alas devoid of principles and integrity to condone this PAP government yet again,has blatantly upset the feelings of Singaporeans added with mockery and breached protocol by making used of the Istana (highest office In the land) as they pleased like a toy It is shameful and has insulted the integrity of Singaporeans

      There lies an anomaly.The voted and elected parliamentarians has a duty and responsibility to rectify this anomaly for they owes their success and presence to the people who made them as their parliamentarians

    • IronMan said

      Once a dog, will always be a dog. Master says sit, it will sit. Roll over, it will roll over. No questions asked, regardless of the situation/circumstances.

  3. Dono said

    Yes,they r not god….if they r not paying themselves millions…their incompetence will not be an issue…and before anybody comments that if I can do better why not step up…well,give me a year to try and their million $$ salary and I show u..either way,I win.

    • Cozy said

      thing is you need to prove to be at or above a certain level of calibre before you are allowed to “step up”. so yea prove that first then you’ll get the either-way-also-win salary 🙂

    • Bottomline is, they are not omnipotent supreme things. They cant stop rain from falling, they cant stop trees in the process of falling, they cant manipulate fires and they cant control external causes.

      • Naivety said

        But they can stop new S’pore PRs from buying New HDB Flats directly from HDB right? Can they???
        Singaporeans are not xenophobic but PAPphobic (fear of PAP malfunctioning again). This phobia is not without basis considering the numerous PAP failures since LHL takes over as PM (“Plenty Malfunctions” or “Prime Mediocrity”). These includes but not limited to as follows:

        1) Low Productivity of Singapore Economy
        2) Low Birth Rate which started from LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
        3) Depressed Local Wages
        4) Bringing in a large number of foreigners without properly planning for it
        5) Shortage, ‘Shrinking’ & High Cost of Public Housing
        6) Shortage of Public Buses
        7) Shortage of MRT Trains
        8) Shortage of Hospitals
        9) Shortage of Doctors
        10) Shortage of Nursing Homes
        11) Shortage of Teachers
        12) Shortage of Places in Schools & Universities for Singaporeans
        13) Shortage of Jobs for Singaporeans
        14) Foreigners Taking Jobs Away For Singaporeans
        15) Gave Foreigners a Big Advantage Over Singaporeans in Job Market
        16) Frequent Breakdowns of MRT Trains/Transport Infrastructure
        17) Overcrowded Public Transport (Buses & MRT Trains)
        18) Bailout of Public Transport (Failed Privatization)
        19) Frequent 50 Year “Ponding” or Flooding
        20) High Inflation (Singapore now more expensive than Hong Kong)
        21) High Cost of Education
        22) High Cost of Healthcare
        23) High Cost of Electricity (Another Failed Privatization)
        24) Poor Air Quality As Per WHO Air Quality Guidelines
        25) High Cost of Private Transport & Fuel
        26) Depleted CPF Accounts After Buying “Affordable” HDB Flats
        27) Many CPF Accounts below CPF Minimum Sum
        28) Massive (Billions) Unaccountable Losses of Taxpayers’ Money by Temasek & GIC
        29) Wasteful Purchases by Government Agencies such as Nparks
        30) Made Singapore a “Tuition Nation”
        31) Real Income likely to fall this year
        32) Unequal & Wide Disparity in Income Distribution & Huge Gaps among Singaporeans
        33) No Minimum Wage Policy
        34) High Cost of Living & Failed to give Swiss Standard of Living to Singaporeans as promised.

      • Why do people still want the impossible Swiss Standard?

    • Naivety said

      Don’t be so naive as before you could even step up to try, the Pro Alien Party will use the ISA to put you away for good i.e. detention without trial just like what they have been doing to their political opponents all these years!

      Off course, the Pro Alien Party will try their very best & utmost efforts to strive to hold on to their power & retain their authority to rule & lord over Sinkie Land with an ‘Iron Hand’ as long as possible as this is no brainer!

  4. sporeoboriginal said

    Hahaha.. Propaganda indeed. Wow.. So many felt singapore is great? No wonder we are not even in the top ten Most Livable City in the world. Yes true lar government is not god! No need to write we also know although we never study so high.. But policies are real!! What are u an idiot? If the policy benefits the “country” but not the people then i think its a whole lot of bull. Face it.. PAP will lose their votes.. Pls redesign gameplan. People know that si mi lan media also is mouthpiece and message embedding device for gahmen. U need idea u can talk to me.. Lol.. This aint no longer Kampung elections : )

  5. happy said

    it is the failure of the pap regime to meet the expectation of most singaporeans, not just a few

  6. Piratetoon said

    Singaporean are not happy with some of the govt policies. Public housing should be affordable for Singaporean. Why are people using their flats as trading commodity because the Govt created this situation for people to speculate in HDB flats. Why can,t just restrict HDB flats to Singaporean only. As for foreigners I believe Singaporean accept foreigners for the Construction, F & B, Healthcare , Cleaning and marine sector etc. The problems is with the S Pass and EP that singaporean are not happy with. Also this free scholarship for foreigners is another issue. If the Govt can afford so many types of freebies for foreigner why can,t they do more for the old folks in turn of Healthcare. Like the F1 , how many singaporean benefited? If they want a night race do it at Kranji or Lim Chu Kang area, don,t create problems for people staying, working and doing business around the area. Look like for self interest than for the people. Maybe you can get HDB to provide how many families because of buying/selling HDB flats become homeless or due to other reasons.

  7. Ron said

    I support what Desmond Chua has written. I travel and live overseas extensively to both advanced and emerging nations and I return each time appreciating what is in Spore.

    Singaporeans have themselves to blame for wrong attitudes. Each day I go to the Ghim Moh centre for coffee and I see littering from the high-rise apartment blocks. And the government has created such a nice ambience for those HDB blocks with landscaped gardens, tiled walkways and walls. It does not matter; each day they are throwing litter from their back windows. And each day a foreign worker is sweeping them up. Shame on Singaporeans.

    The toilet at a popular seafood restauant at the former Bukit Timah Race Course stinks. Obviously the management does not bother to wash it regularly. Shame again.

    We can go on lambasting the government for many short-comings but are Singaporeans doing their part to help Singapore? And the argument goes around in circles…since the Ministers are already paid such high salaries, they better be our slaves and do everything for us.

    Singaporeans deserve to remain unhappy and frustrated. They better look within themselves and see what they can do for Singapore. And if they have better alternatives then exercise their right at the GE. I have not seen a better alternative yet and am not optimistic there will be one in 2016.

  8. SCORE POINTS said

    This DESMOND CHUA AIK HONG wants to score points on his masters but in the end? STILL A WAGGING TAIL DOG.

  9. William said

    Very well said, you are right, the government don’t served individual needs especially those who misused their rights etc.. then put blames to the government, complaint this and that, they never think of what is their own root problem that causes. Complaint king.

  10. Mikey said

    Content notwithstanding..

    the grammar gave me cancer..

  11. alamak said

    Cannot meet everybody expectation every time remind of old saying.mebbe Confushius say ‘can fool some peeple some of time, not everybody all the time. ,Har har har but true..

  12. Pink Panty Loong said

    Oh, we certainly knew they are not God, judging from the way their suppressed and crushed alternative voices. But it is a screaming fact that this government has put its own interests above the nation’s. Desmond, if you still can’t see that, we really “don’t know what to say!”

  13. figure is not realistic! said

    figure is not realistic!

    No government in the world can meet everyone (every of her citizens) expectation!
    But some government in the world take care of their citizens and meet their basic requirements, they own their house at low or affordable price.

    In Singapore, government had made housing so expensive, and this basic requirement of owing a house was not met by most of the citizen (average income people).

    Again, by bring few billionair from oversea business man, Singapore became the highest income per citizen, this figure is not realistic and should not be used to say that most Singaporeans can afford the housing price.

  14. joker said


  15. Jenny said

    Flawed reasoning lol. One can only buy a hdb for 2 times. But he mentioned there are some ppl buying for a few times. In the end, he is just another cock sucker.

    • Julie Ong said

      Whoa, Jenny!

      It’s OK though. We just have to let it all out. Good for the lungs.

      Mr Lee Hsien Loong is now the top cock (rooster), but who knows…..he may be the feather duster after General Election 2016.

      The way he is talking at the people instead of to/with the people …..a sure recipe for people to turn against him and the government.

      Sure, the government cannot do everything. We don’t expect miracles from them.

      All we are saying is you put Singaporeans first in all you say and do.
      Singaporeans, número uno. Then, all others.

      Which part of número uno do you not understand, Mr Lee Hsien Loong?

  16. nb la said

    i dont expect them to meet very single demand, reasonable or not. but when majority are failed, something is terribly wrong. instead of asking us to plan in advance what we want in life instead of complaining about long BTO waiting, why didnt the government plan in advance and build in advance in stages? they got all the monies and people to do planning but none is done. require 80% then can start building. my BTO is released in march and 100% takeup within 1-2 months. 2nd appointment is in sept and the place just got barricaded with wooden boards, trees not yet chopped. what type of planning is this? 4 months to find people to chop trees?

    or 4 months to wait for lowest quote from developer like lum chang and koh bros? even if u get lowest quote, we do not get any cost savings only but instead more time wasting.

    save the crap about 1b loss of HDB due to subsidies and grants. Why didn’t u talk about the market based pricing instead of cost based pricing? Why not disclose how much SLA made from the HDB sales then?

    Why blame people complaining BTO location is crap when the best land are sold privately to developers for condos? Can only buy and pray the gov decide to build MRT nearby, for we cannot get BTO near MRT, not to mention those 750k tiong bahru HDB that are called subsidised.

    the list goes on…

    hey puppy desmond, i think u deserve a bone. go claim from your masters. do wag your tail harder though. u are facing more competition nowadays. why?

    dogs live a better life than stupid singaporeans nowadays. too bad many of us got integrity, live a dog’s life rather than a poodle life like yours. honor can be a hindrance at times, isn’t it?

  17. James said

    Ah yes….another worldclass testicles bearer. Is it an unreasonable demand to ask pinkie to account for the humongous loss of billions of our money thru ho jinx and gic? Or do you have any testicles left in your scrotum to post these hard truths on pinkie’s fb at all?

  18. kenza said

    I look for my MP last week and my MP say i give her kar kian attitude. I was thinking WTF? Since when did me or my wife did? One thing I notice was, if you bug them with the same request/ problem for more then 2 or 2 times, they either play tai chi or shut you out without undertstanding the roots of the problem. Really. I felt im like begging for their help when i seek their assist. Really a let down from pappy and I kudos to thier art of wayang.

    From that day onwards, i knew i can’t count on them. They are like customer service centre. You can complain and there’s only so much they can do. End of the day, it’s still up to you to help yourself.

  19. Exaggerated said

    So who advocated that HDB is a good investment? Is it not the government body?

    Who pegs public housing to the market rate?

    Who sells HDB 3 times above the buildig cost?

    Who refuses to have minimum wage to help citizens fight inflation cost to help citizens afford public housing?

    Who is short sighted to see the increase in demand in HDB flats? Who Fails to build in advance to anticipate to market needs? Or was refusing to build more flats a ploy to force people into a situation to buy the the balance rejected units HDB has?

    Its not difficult to comprehend, is it?

    • Davi said

      well said!
      U got the points!
      Support U!

    • Henry said

      (a) We should corporatize HDB just like SingTel and SMRT … maybe the annoted CEO can be paid more and spend more time on advertising revenue.
      (b) Uniquely Singapore … and Singaporeans buy it
      (c) In order to build a top class office block for its kaki, and can afford to leave the old office premises wasted
      (d) In order to justify pay disparity and confuse the men in the street
      (e-1) An self-proclaimed emperor who lives in his own world and thinks his subjects live like him for he has never walked the streets.
      (e-2) One who sees public housing as a business venture “this one” can speculate on market forces, and procurement of building materials instead looking after the interests of its subjects; one who has its mission all confused up.

  20. fpc said

    he should be saying that the policy of high property prices is bad. i don’t see how his assertions lead to the conclusion.

  21. WTF said

    Desmond, you are a pure idiolt, you are too shallow in your thinking. Worst than foreign trash…..

  22. sawadee said

    if government cannot serve citizens then why must citizens accept government’s every needs? why do we have to say YES to millions of salary and say YES to 6 million population? why do we have to say YES and accept flooding and YES to mrt problems? We are the people and you are public servents. Yes you serve us! YOU the government LISTEN to us the PEOPLE not the other way round. period!

  23. Duncan said

    Hey CHUA AIK HONG, pls rot in hell.

  24. Ben said

    Sing song , hope u a single , and high income .rmb pray to your god , don’t get jobless , pray to your god , don’t married and don’t have kid .if have then continue your bird singing .

  25. Danny said

    How about Singapore’s expectation of honesty, openness, transparency and accountability in the public sector? Does Desmond Chua think this cannot be met by PAP/Government?

  26. Naivety said

    @Desmond Chua Aik Hong, Please do not try to talk cock & sing here lah!

    HDB allows Singaporeans to purchase brand new HDB Flats multiple times thereby enabling Singaporeans to make good profits out of it?

    Please name at least 2 Singaporeans that you know off that were able to purchase brand new HDB Flats from HDB on multiple occasions & sell them off at good profits each time???

  27. csingapore said

    After reading this entire be realistic post. All i want to say is the true blue citizens are already very realistic. They know they can’t afford private housing so all they ask for is a HDB flat. Is it not realistic enough? Besides housing, lets talk about our public transport. Our mrt and bus system is still pretty much the same from the past but our population has already changed, meaning that more are taking the transport, more profits are being reaped. And why the fares keep increasing, breakdowns, reduced speed etc. DESMOND CHUA let me ask you back, are singaporeans being not realistic enough? We are just merely using PUBLIC transport, not driving cars, not taking taxis. Don’t we have a right to say Public transport is not cheap? Especially we’ve to squeezed in the trains and be pack like sardines, missed a few buses before i can get on to one. And worse, the long intervals at some random timing. Yes, to & fro costs me about $3 to school, it might seems reasonable. But if it’s for the good service, if it’s for the less jam-pack situations, if it’s for not missing my transport due to humans, if it’s for not the reduced speed, if it’s for not the breakdowns. I might say $3 is reasonable. But sadly $3 for such a service is too much. I’m already very realistic.
    Now lets talk about jobs. Rubbish collectors are foreigners, okay i accept this fact cause not many singaporeans are willing to be one. But the fact is foreigners are not just rubbish collectors, they are rising up fast, entering ALMOST ALL THE INDUSTRIES AT ALL LEVELS. If you ask me to welcome them in open arms, i’m afraid i can’t do that. I’m not that open-hearted. I’m just selfish taking my own interests at heart. There are too many new citizens around me, it makes me feel suffocated, it makes me question myself if i am in singapore. If they’re here just to help us boost our GDP i don’t mind. But if they are here to take our citizenship, I MIND. Cause true citizens are already feeling that they are the minority here already.
    Cracking a joke here, i think thailand got more singapore shoppers than in singapore. ( even we ourselves can’t afford local retail therapy, do you think singapore is cheap? )
    I think desmond chua you’re not very realistic afterall. I think you are just too affluent to even understand the pain of most singaporeans. I don’t think you even squeeze to get in MRTS and BUSES. I don’t think you even feel the pain of tapping your ez-link card.

    Maybe you’ll say i’m short-sighted, i don’t look far enough, we need the population to boost our GDP. But somehow, i don’t mind our GDP grows at a slower rate with lesser foreigners. Look at japan, ageing population, proud of their culture, not into the notions of foreigners. Aren’t they not well recognised enough? Their citizens are proud of being call japanese. But now if you ask me, i’ve doubts especially i don’t even know if i ‘m really in singapore.
    And again, looking at Hong kongers, they too reject china people from influxing and even called them locusts on their apple daily news. Sometimes, i wonder all the policies is it for the benefits of citizens or just the country. Comeon, be realistic, since when is it for the citizens right? When costs are increasing, inflation etc.
    Education systems, be it private or local, there’re foreigners, not one BUT MANY. Are they going to be rubbish collectors? NO right? They are going to be fighting for us? And again i bet you will be telling me this, only the best will survive. Oh well, competition is good i don’t deny this. But too much competition will lead to societal problems? Be realistic. Oh man who ought to say this line.
    BE realistic about the figures. 6 million is too many.
    Be realistic okay MR CHUA.

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