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VIDEO: Dr Chee Soon Juan thanks supporters for helping him raise $30,000 to discharge himself from bankruptcy

Posted by temasektimes on September 29, 2012

Singapore’s opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan gave an inspiring speech thanking supporters for helping him raise the $30,000 needed to pay former Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong to help discharge him from bankruptcy.

Watch his speech below:


26 Responses to “VIDEO: Dr Chee Soon Juan thanks supporters for helping him raise $30,000 to discharge himself from bankruptcy”

  1. Yup Gi Guan said

    Let us know who that elderly woman is. She is a true heroine. Let us recognize and acknowledge her contribution.

  2. Robin hood said

    CSJ must now assume the leadership of not only the SDP but also the rest of opposition. field as many candidates as possible in 2016. Singaporeans just cannot wait to cast their support votes.

    Mod’s note:

    We must unite behind the real opposition to boot out the PAP-WP coalition in 2016. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP = A vote for more FTs! Please help spread the message around.

    • Sunny said

      Hey Mod, do you really believe that The opposition can win 2016 by 2/3 majority? Of course we must break the Pap 2/3 majority first. If we do that, then the Pap will need the opposition to form the next government. It is then that real negotiations can take place to bring true democracy to Singapore eg. Independent Election Commision,No GRC system, No electoral boundary changes every election, No serialization of voting paper, No ISA, No Death sentence, open up GIC accounts for scrutiny, reveal true land prices for HDB

      Mod’s note:

      Do you think the fake opposition aka the ‘Wayang Party’ will dare to raise these important issues in parliament? They seem obsessed with bird droppings, construction materials and car parks! As such, the real opposition must unite to challenge the PAP-WP alliance in 2016. Boot the ‘Wayang Party’ clowns out of parliament and replace them with real opposition MPs who dare to ask real questions.

    • compatriot said

      Cant help hearing to share a helping hand for anyone with moral principles of democracy anytime,anywhere,anyhow,anyway to fight and attain for morality,honour integrity and justice which the PAP camp dont practise and is shy of

      My contribution would be,besides a suggestion that a fund raising for true democracy,justice for all with fair play and good sense be set up before GE 2016

      I instinctively remembered when that Rotary Club of Singapore had subjected and donated S$10K seemingly as an object to a raising fund to politically campaign the PAP candidate for Hougang BE who happens to be the loser

      By taking this avenue Sigaporeans island-wide respectively within their own constituencies have within their legal rights and legal means can come together and show with unity as one common people and citizens to stand fast and built up being as a donor membership to raise funds for an OPPOSITION WARD representing their legitimate voice to be heard in parliament

      When that cleaning lady a magnificence,worthy and selfless had the will to donate S$5 to help to raise the fund for Dr Chee,believes she can make a difference so can be all able Singaporeans

      Make the Will of “Waterloo” for the PAP in 2016

  3. R Usha said

    dr chee soon juan should first admit publicly that both mr lee kuan yew and mr goh chok tong gave him a huge discount from the half a million dollars to a mere pittance of $30,000 dollars. and he should be ashamed that he doesnt even have that money in his personal kitty that he has to go around selling books and getting donations to pay off the amount in damages.
    And I am prepared to reiterate a point which I have made in a previous posting- the downslide of the singapore democratic party begins with the re-entry of chee soon juan into the political arena for GE 2016. The sdp did creditably well in 2011 in terms of votes percentage garnered and thats thanks to NO APPEARANCE of chee soon juan at the rallies and in the GE. people like tan jee say and vincent wijeysingha brought credit to the party with good ideas and proposals and arguments. But all this will blow in the wind the day chee is declared no more bankrupt and his nonsense in the public arena resumes.
    God luck SDP!

    • Maximus said

      We could have different views about Dr Chee’s political position and how he had acted. But I can’t agree with you, R Usha, that Dr Chee should be ashamed that he didn’t have $30,000 in his kitty …. to pay off the damages.

      Why should he? Poverty or the lack of money could be due to many reasons.

      If you are not in the position to help, at least do not condemn him on that ground.

    • Robox said

      “dr chee soon juan should first admit publicly that both mr lee kuan yew and mr goh chok tong gave him a huge discount from the half a million dollars to a mere pittance of $30,000 dollars.”

      A discount on an extortion by thugs is still an extortion.

    • Naivety said

      I believe you’re seriously deluded & a pig brain…R Usha!
      Shouldn’t it occur to you that CSJ should not have been made a bankrupt in the 1st place?

      By making him a bankrupt, the Pro Alien Party main objective & aim is to stifle, suppress, quell, curtail & hinder CSJ’s creativity & constructive criticism of the ruling party as well as to prevent him from speaking out the truth which is something pig brain like you will never understand desu!

    • R Usha Nonsense said

      So what is LKY and GCT gave him a discount? CSJ borrowed from them and owed them one is it? It was awarded by a kangaroo court, people from their own establishment. Why should CSJ be ashamed by selling his books to raise money? LKY also earned money selling his books right? So in what way is CSJ doing not legitimate and should be ashamed of?

      Whether SDP will be doing well or not, we shall see for itself. What you see is his nonsense is your own opinion. And I also see what you write about him is nonsense too.

      • R Usha said

        history will repeat itself
        chee soon juan will make defamatory remarks again about singapore leaders and get sued AGAIN
        just wait and see
        he will never learn his lesson.and now he has kenneth jeyaretnam to join his bandwagon
        thank god tan jee say left the party in time to contest the presidential elections
        and my advice to vincent wijeysingha and those who have some brains in the party- stay away from chee soon juan. he will drag u down to deep shit!

    • house of spartacus said

      I look forward to the day when retribution in some form is extracted from the old despot and Goh, including their familees. Would you then agree there was a discount if one familee member is spared ? All MIW supporters and like-minded numbskulls should be thrilled, right ? What do u think ?

  4. Disillusioned said

    Well done Dr Chee.
    You will bring us a new dawn soon.
    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing a song of angry men?
    It is the music of a people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!

  5. nocando said

    don’t know if this is just my pc or what, i cannot hear anything from the footage he said.

  6. common cents said

    Can TT moderator explain why CSJ is considered to be “Singapore’s opposition leader”? Why not Ken J or Nicole Seah or Tan Jee Say? How can you justify calling someone who wasn’t a candidate in the last election a leader?

  7. dave said

    Oh no….not Chee Soon Juan again….now we know why the $30k discount…because PAP wants to unleash a mad dog into the Opposition to bring chaos and discredit it. That’s what Chee Soon Juan will do the minute he has the chance…he will end up with another breech of law. Further discounts needed? If he is even allowed to participate in Ge2016, the Oppies will be doomed and be seen as discredited and irrelevant.

    • Robox said

      If support for the opposition dwindles, as I predict it will by the next GE, it will be entirely due to the WP giving the impression to the electorate that no more opposition members in Parliament are necessary apart from the minimum guarantee of 9′ because the PAP is doing a damn good job – even of their electoral fraud – that the WP can relegate itself to silence and inaction.

      Dr Chee would have had nothing to do with that.

  8. xga said

    All the foolish will follow the foolish who has no integrity… Sigh…

  9. K S Foong said

    Don’t just oppose for the sick of opposing. Opposing is easy, but propose something is workable is the challenge. I look forward to seeing a constructive opposition. But first of all, he must know how to play his game for not crash with the law again, else I would there is no chance for him to come back any more. He needs to watch his steps while doing things and saying things right!

    • Stop parroting and start thinking said

      Excuse me, if you don’t agree with something in e first place, does this constitute to opposing? What’s wrong with opposing? Need it necessary be accompanied by alternate proposition? I say here now that u, KS Foong is a stupid idiot. Will u agree with me? If not r u opposing? Instead of opposing for e sake of opposing, can u be a constructive opposition?

      Pls stop parroting what e mainstream media and what e MIW dishes out send accept their arguments so readily.

    • A G Young said

      I fully agree with you! Talk with SENSE and to play a CONSTRUCTIVE role in the process.

    • Robox said

      “Opposing is easy, but propose something is workable is the challenge.”

      Haven’t you been following the SDP’s many government-sized alternative proposals such as on healthcare and the economy? Or have you been reading the news on the net and even in the mainstream media with your eyes wide shut?

      Incidentally, the SDP is the ONLY opposition party with such substantial policy alternatives. How’s that for “constructive opposition” for you?

      And where’s the WP as far as policy alternatives are concerned? Oh, I forgot. The WP’s alternatives are just minor tweaks to the PAP’s. So they all they have to do is wait for the PAP government’s to propose, and then they put up a farce of an opposition to the PAP by making proposing their minor adjustments.

      They don’t have minds of their own and take direction only from the PAP. It doesn’t seem that the WP is cut out for any kind of politics and policy making, so they should get out of the business and leave it to the professionals like the SDP.

  10. Singaporean said

    Becareful of PAP’s trick. Remember PE 2011 on how they dilute the votes.

  11. Vote WP Out said

    Pritam Singh scores yet another own goal again:

  12. nocando said

    i am glad that he said he will not changed. don’t change, you are the rare one like JBJ . just not forget act in discretion not to get yourself in trouble again.

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