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My thoughts on the Ng Boon Gay corruption trial

Posted by temasektimes on September 30, 2012

Ms Sue must not forget she is only a witness and not the complainant in this case.

All she needs to do is just tell it the way it was for the sake of the administration of justice.

Whether Ng is finally acquitted or convicted is none of her business but that of the prosecutors’.

But her demeanor displayed thus far is exposing her to public scrutiny and even ridicule. Why the trouble. What she would need most is a lawyer to advise her accordingly instead of the flabby bodyguards.

One can be a prosecution witness in any case and whatever the outcome at the end of the day both sides can still be friends.

Sexual exploitation and sexual harassment are common tools used by sexual predators around the world. In South Korea, company directors sexually exploited a starlet until she committed suicide.

Singapore with the patriarch passionate about being the first in everything is trying to introduce sex as a bribery tool.

In the same vein many years ago they tried to introduce a charge of “raping prostitutes”.

I remember a police sergeant and 2 constables under him were hauled to court with a charge of raping a prostitute. During the trial at the high court the mattress used by them and hundreds of the prostitute’s clients was exhibited together with the grim.

Even the sergeant smoking a cigarette exhausted after the “rape” was given as part of the testimony. They were convicted but fortunately exonerated the appeals court.

Sex is a service provided willingly by prostitutes and the act committed by the policemen was none other than not paying for services rendered. Otherwise it is like charging restaurant patrons for robbery for not paying for the food.

The way I look at it Ng could only be guilty of sexual exploitation if ever there is one. We shall see.



*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


31 Responses to “My thoughts on the Ng Boon Gay corruption trial”

  1. Naivety said

    In the scenario as depicted above, the rape charge committed by a police sergeant & 2 constables can only “hold water” if the prostitute is underage ie below the age of eighteen years old according to the Women’s Charter. Therefore, it is immaterial & irrelevant whether they have her consent to sex or not if the prostitute is underage.

    Is Cecilia Sue below the age of 18 then when the fellatio acts were obtained from her by NBG (Lol)?

    Stupid case created with the aim of distracting & diverting people attention from the bigger pressing issues facing Sinkie Land today such as the Massive Influx of FTs, Escalating HDB Flat’s prices, Over Congestion & Constraint on Public Transport Infrastructure, etc etc!

  2. Errol Tan said


  3. cc chia said

    Agree that this is a stupid trial created by the PAP govt, in order to distract the Sinkie peasants from bigger issues, such as continuing to bring in of millions of foreigners.

    Anyway, this NBG fellow is an evil and dangerous fellow to be around, especially when he is masquerading as a top civil servant. Our daughters, wives, sisters and girlfriends would be easily raped by him should they have the misfortune to cross his path, and suffer the similar anguish as this Cecilia woman. In my opinion she is lying in her testimony, and should be prosecuted for perjury, having oral sex in a public place and also for corrupt behaviour.

    NBG should also be sent to prison for all the above crimes and be locked up with hard core criminals who would be happy to see him and perhaps subject him to the same treatment as what he did to Cecila. When this evil fellow is finally released from detention, he would most likely become expert in also providing oral sex and begin to walk in a different manner than previous, since many of the other inmates would have “had their way with him”.

    • kkelster said

      CC, why are you accusing him of being a sex offender? He’s not on trial for being a sex offender, but charged in a more ambiguous nature, based on an assumption.

      You may be the model citizen with no sexual or kinky desires, but you are not reflective of what reality is. Singapore is allowed to filled with vices, especially of a sexual nature, and many men (as well as women) are willing participants. Therefore to brand him and hope for the worst is hypocritical.

      Ng Boon Gay is well known amongst CNB colleagues and many others as good man. He got to where he is through hard work and determination, also by being a scholar. I’m no fan of the ruling party, so this is not a rhetoric.

      This is about calling a spade a spade, he and Cecilia had an affair (many have had or are having), that’s all. He should not have to go to jail for it. Many take the moral high ground and many have done worse. I plan to reserve judgement till I know more, it’s called being objective, even then, it’s not for us to judge, lest we be judged one day

    • ORAL-cle Senior Sales Ex. said

      Wow based on what you say, then Ng Boon Gay should be charged for sexual crimes, not corruptions. The reason why he is not charged for sexual crimes is that even the AGC has solid concrete evidence suggesting that Cecelia Sue is a willing party. Remember those notti sms such as “Do you DIY?” ” She at home” ” I could have three more hours with you”

      Does they look like its sent from a oral sex forced victim to a so-called sexual predator???

      These are the SMSes I would receive regularly from my mistress and those ah-guas from Changi village.. ( *ahem* )

      • Naivety said

        “Ng Boon Gay should be seconded to patrol Geylang lor 6 to deter China prostitutes”

        Hey Bro, Don’t be so bad leh as NBG is a Top Scholar as well as a Superscale Top Civil Servant earning a monthly income close to $50,000/month from Income Tax Payers’ monies…it will be a wastage of talent for him to patrol Geylang Lor 6 lah!

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Rember the old days when you can be charged for subjudice just for commenting publicly on an ongoing court trial? Not anymore with the ubiquitous social media……

    Here’s my latest thoughts on this sensational trial involving a top scholar top civil servant destined to be the next CP of the SPF or even a Minister, not unlike Heng Swee Kiat, also a fmr top cop…..
    1 I believe in an unseen Power (call it God if u must) overseeing human beings everywhere.
    2 God must have realized that society can’t afford to lose the brilliant genes of scholar NBG who’s already 46 and sans an offspring after being married for 18 years! So of course He arranged for NBG to meet CS and sparks flew…a child with superior genes is born. NBG’s genes’ are saved for the next generation….
    3 I believe NBG, being a nerdy scholar, is a decent faithful husband not prone to wild behaviors like forcing fellatio from an unwilling female. He was subconsciously goaded by the unseen Power to seduce CS into submission. And of course CS was also influenced by the Power to yield to NBG.
    The main priority and objective was the production of NBG’s progeny for the benefit of society, love and faithfulness can take 2nd spot where society is involved.

    All these drama would not have happened had Mrs NBG produced an offspring during their 18 yrs of wedded bliss.
    Hope NBG and wife as well as CS and husband now realize that a higher unseen Power was responsible for all the happenings since 2007. They had no choice in the matter…

    Caveat…..of course if it’s proven later that the 1yo child is not NBG’s or that NBG already has an offspring, then I apologize profusely for my wild speculations and seek your forgiveness. But I really don’t think so….

  5. Anparasan said

    Simon the case you are referring to is the Yishun rape case in the 80s. Though they were convicted by Wahab Ghows, the Appeals Court allowed the appeal because of caustic comments made by the trial judge hearing the matter.

    • You are right, Anparasan. but that was only part of it that we read in the newspaper. Maybe the defense lawyers could enlighten us with the detail. Aren’t we all glad that Singapore failed to achieve the first in that regard.

  6. Haiz said

    Obviously this guy don’t know the Sue can be charged too. If she is found to have offered sex in exchange for contract than she is also guilty. So far from what we see, this is just a plain adultry. But because there is conflict of interest the guy will be jailed just based on that

  7. ngpy said

    So you see what I saw, the case is carried out so as to create with the aim of distracting and diverting attention from mort importing issues facing mostly all the poor and needy people and no queries on THE CORRUPTIONS ISSUES.

  8. Justice Bao said

    I was waiting for a post like this.What the hell is going on?

    Why this trial in the first place?Where is the element of corruption?

    What we hear daily is explicit details of sex,sex and sex…..can’t you folks see the wayang in this?

    Lately 3 major sex scandals.One involving underage prostitute,another sex for grades in the law faculty and this.It looks like all these cases are tailor made to sell newspapers.But the question is why is PAP thick in all this shit?

    Isn’t it obvious?—PAP wants you folks gulping sex scandals instead of waking up to more and more foreigners flooding Singapore…In fact,the real casulties are social medias…PAP wants them to fill their pages with these sex stories and forget the real issues in hand.Because sex sells.

    TT,will you please set the trend by ignoring this PAP manufactured sex scandals on concentrate on issues that affect our daily lives.

  9. 闹剧一场 said


  10. Lim said

    It reminds me of an unhappy housewife repressed by her authoritarian husband and mother-in-law. She watches TV wayangs and immerses herself in the stories and characters of the serials to escape the harsh realities of her miserable life. But sooner or later she will have to go back to her real life and deal with her problems. We will not be distracted by this Cecilia and Gay soap opera provided by our media to make us lose focus on the real problems of high cost of living, foreign influx, expensive housing, inadequate public transport and health, etc.

  11. Henry said

    Good point … I wonder what’s in it for her? Is she under duress to testify against?

  12. Damn said

    12 millions contract. 4 blows.
    1 blow 3 millions. Better than strike toto.

  13. suck in the jail said

    It takes two mouths to suck. Both should be jailed. Back to CON nation please.

  14. Robin hood said

    Actually, if NBG is convicted of corruption, she may charged for abetting simply because it takes two to commit the offense. The kind of gratification is just the means.

    • Lim Peh Kong said

      Will she be charged if NBG is convicted? There is a reason why she is turned prosecution witness. I believe the offer must have been along the line that if she testifies against NBG, they will not charge her.

  15. Hugh Hefner said

    eh… Ms Sue can you contact me ?
    I’ve got a interesting project for you……..

  16. True BLUE Sinkie said

    LKY and LHL is keen to contact Ms Sue to try out her recipe

  17. Sidelane Observer said

    It looks like a case of “misfortune”. With the liberation of ladies, they have all the rights to do what they want. If A likes B, there it goes. But words like “probability” and “chance” are still in existence. So, there is no guarantee of not coming face to face “with the tiger” when one goes into the jungle too often.

  18. People Inaction PArty said

    Ms Sue, just tell the truth and this is the only thing you need to do for justice and earn back the respect of the people. If you don’t, you sink deeper. It’s damage control for you from now on.

  19. Adrian said

    I pity the 2 main characters. One is a CNB director, many drug traffickers’ and abusers’ brothers will be in jail waiting for him, I pray for his life. The other is a married women, and will have to live this for the rest of her life, I pray for her family. It is such is simple case, did they has sex for contracts or not. Who else was bidding for those contracts, did they had sex with NBG? If they did not, and their bid was cheaper or better, case close. This is another flaw in our procurement system.

  20. Curious George said

    What happens when this is all over and NBG is found not guilty of corruption? Besides adultery is a matter for his wife to take up and should remain as a personal problem…….His highly decorated reputation, career, pension, contribution to the Country he has worked for all his life is up in smoke??? I mean if we all view the establishment as fairly intelligient, given all the evidence presented and they still get the green light to proceed to take him down, where is the justice for him? Isn’t this regarded as malicious prosecution? Any recourse for him as Im sure he has had to spend a pretty penny to defend himself and reputation? Can he sue for Malicious and wrongful prosecution, defamation of character, restoration of benefits, pension, legal cost , an apology 🙂 🙂 ???

    • Naivety said

      NBG is welcome to join the Opposition Party especially the SDP or form another Opposition Party if he dares & so desire then!

  21. ORAL-cle Senior Sales Ex. said

    Those CPIB officers double up as Guards for this bitch must go gym la. The two very fat officers look like they can join WWE anytime.

    By the way, the prosection star witness has come and go. Where is the element of corruption? Every day I read so many sex and oral sex stories until I almost masturbated myself in the bathroom. I almost forgot this is a corruption case. The DPP should be retrenched for wasting taxpayers money to start a prosecution which resulted in millions of taxpayers money going down the drain. I think he should be the one being charged alongside Cecelia Sue. Ng Boon Gay should be seconded to patrol Geylang lor 6 to deter china prostitutes.

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