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PM Lee: Govt help is not something Singaporeans are absolutely entitled to

Posted by temasektimes on September 30, 2012

Singaporeans should not expect too much from the government and needs to ‘adjust’ accordingly ‘without going overboard’, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

In an interview with “The Australian” newspaper, PM Lee was asked if there were any lessons Singapore could learn from the Western world, which is suffering from a crisis of entitlement spending.

“Singaporeans are not poor, but feel less well-off relative to others in society and that there is a relative sense that they should get an entitlement,” he said.

PM Lee added that from giving very minimal welfare, Singapore has gone on the basis of growth, high employment and low unemployment.

“Singaporeans will get help, but the help is not something they are absolutely entitled to,” he quipped.

Though Singapore has one of the highest GDP per capita income in the world, it also has a wide income gap between the rich and the poor.

There is no comprehensive social safety net for Singaporeans who are expected to work as long as they can without being a burden to the state till they drop dead and die.


97 Responses to “PM Lee: Govt help is not something Singaporeans are absolutely entitled to”

  1. NaBey said

    There is one thing we can learn from “ang mor”. That is, fight for our human rights! Protest and strike!

    • x said

      Commenters here are missing an important point. In modern societies, the government’s main function is to serve the people. That’s why civil servants are called “servants”.

      Singaporeans have been enslaved by the PAP government for so long they have forgotten their basic right and act like they still live in feudalistic times, bonded as serfs to their PAP lords. Your PAP government is here to serve you, not the other way round.

      Lee Hsien Loong is trying to hoodwink you by using the word “help” instead of “serve” — “help” is charity, given at the mercy of the helper, who is free to withhold it from you; “serve” on the other hand is obligatory. The government doesn’t help you, it serves you. Just like your Indon or Pinoy maid doesn’t help you, she serves you. You are your maid’s employer just like you are your government’s employer.

      You are entitled to be served by the government just like you are entitled to be served by your maid. Why? Because you pay Lee Hsien Loong and all the other worthless dicks in his cabinet their million dollar salaries just like you pay your maid’s salary. And just like your maid, your government’s job is to make your life easier. If the government is incapable of doing their job, you should fire your government.

      • Angry Bird said

        well said. fire these undeserving fools in 2016.

      • Tsa74 said


        The concise summary of key points that need to be hammered across the people is exquisite.

        In Singapore, the ‘ruling Government’ holds power and authority over the people, instead of the other way around. Which is really astonishing; we don’t see the same predicament in any of our neighbours.

        Either they are taking their appointment to Cabinet for granted till they forget whom they must serve, or they are already so assured of power; implementations already in place to ensure their stay?

        Democracy? Bahh.

      • my mother say.... said

        well said, X. Good that you pointed that out the role of govt is to serve the people. Now I wish they would realize that and stop expecting citizens to be pleading them for “help” due to their policies that have created so much social imbalances and problems. If no problems, citizens NO NEED to ask for “help”, right?

    • compatriot said

      Couldnt agree with you more Nabey.The British are the best administrator even when they no longer ruled the Air and the Waves.The Yanks comes next.

      Whereas Singaporeans and their families are struggling and fighting for their rights for a decent livelihood which was encroached by the government with impunity and beguile behest

      The PAP has been seen as a pig headed elected government and will remain so as long there is no Legal Resistance shown to rebut their abject and forlorn policies

      Concerned and enabled Singaporeans will have to take the stride and strive with unity to protest for a hearing of human rights with a direct proper channel to the UN

  2. Repenting Aljunied Resident said

    Paying yourselves millions is something PAP are NOT ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED to. Using taxpayers’ monies to fix opposition wards is also what the PAP are NOT ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED TO.

    • Me said

      We think our govt. Is not poor is because you pay YOU & YOUR PEOPLE so RICHLY … a ‘poor” govt DON NOT behave like rich lords !!!!!!!!!!

    • Welovesingapore said

      Not only the party, the whole cohort of gahman service is paying handsomely. This adds up to billion dollar budget. What entitlement? They are our essential rights! We never ask for handout, but please do not subsidies PR for education eg. Paying $40(primary), $55(sec) and $80(JC) for thousands of PR children school fee. The pay for teacher along is already $5-8k. Did the gahman asked our citizen approval for this type of spending for the huge number of PR in our country. This subsidy can be channelled to build nursing homes and child care center in the first place.

  3. alamak said

    Ya lah, we awready know from long time back. ‘No such thing like a free lunch; and oso ‘noboddy owes noboddy else a living’ no even your own pappa mamma. You die your pasal you die. Jus pay your taxs and live anyhow you can. So nothing new hor.

  4. Zan Tan said

    There are no free lunches. When Government spends, someone will have to pay for it. Either in the form of direct or indirect taxes. Minimum government intervention is the way forward.

    • Free Nasi Lemak said

      Who say got no free meals?? Election that time got free Nasi Lemak and drinks. Even got free transport!!

      • Me said

        … still empty stadium. Point to prove – sporeans are not looking for free meals

      • Then what ‘bout the period between elections? Have you thought ‘bout that?

      • Tsa74 said

        Only during Election times.

        Its a shame on how simple minded we can get. Where measly GST monies and the like can cloud and influence the mind.

        I bet you, they dare not say that ‘Government help is not your right’ to our faces, on the months leading to election.

      • mahbok tan said

        That is not free meals that is showing of appreciation ( read-corruption ) to the citizen. Its their VOTES that count.
        Remeber the old man say ” one man corruption is another man appreciation” so now he is changing his tune….!!! Coz he longer have the power to control the younger generation leaders.
        A clever man do have their stupidity so to are the stupid man , they have their own greative thinking in them.

      • JAFO said

        They ‘lend’ you first……later they take back many many times from you ! Something like loan-sharks !

    • Francischuanghli said

      The LORD gave number to medi-save acct. for senior who work but the senior who work have to caught out CASH of $thoundsands for entitlement to continue for working. Another stun of efficient Gov’t .

  5. Samuel said

    then pay you for what?

    • Francischuanghli said

      Ocos everyone know wat they R paying 4. 4gotten wat SM elustrated during his term : they were paid 4abilities of Footballing .
      This common statement I believe is familiar to all of U.: I will keep U inform when THEY decided. ( not my problem but THEY DECIDEs ). Hallo , got it !!

  6. studentinsg said

    Perhaps it is time for him to question why his Ministry are giving free education and scholarships to students from affluent families in China.

    • mahbok tan said

      Alamak friend that good question…..but hor sure no reply 1 lei…!!!

      This tiu na seng …..tork cork only….make my blood go north onli lei…!!! What LKY got owe money to PRC people is it…!!! Are those PRC student ENTITLE to tax payers money….might as well tell Hu Jin Tao or PRC leaders to sent in more pandas here for further studies on how to make babies…!!!!!

      • Francischuanghli said

        U don’t talk much my friend. We hav enough Bens&Seng around 2create Panda of our own. These R real talents our CID treasure. Authorities will tell U ” LOCAL CREATIVITIES” not “CRIME” understand ? Next time goes out, make sure U R well equipped 4self preservation la.

  7. Pink Panty Loong said

    Dear PeeM, did we hear wrongly? Help from the government? Your administration is best known for giving out a chicken wing and get back a whole chicken from its citizens. Your administration is also famous for “You Die Your Business” not without reasons. Please stop maligning us further to divert attention from your poor leadership and mismanagement of Singapore. You and your bunch of monkeys are really incompetent and our quality of life has gone down the drain eversince you took office.

  8. Robin Hood said

    “till they drop dead and die” reminds me of the poor old lady cleaner who passed away in the toilet recently. I had a friend who was late on payment of his utilities bill and threatened being cut of supplies. He was out of job then. He told me he went to the social welfare department. Initially he was denied help but when he lost his head and started to yell around, he was attended to and given help.

    There is social assistance but the Government’s policy is not to readily give out. As such it remains unknown to many who are in dire need of help. It is indeed an irony that a rich country like ours can be very stingy to the poor. While top civil servants are paid tens and hundreds of thousand dollar a month, many old citizens are suffering, especially those who are destitute or those whose children just don’t bother. They end up collecting card boards, cans, etc or work as cleaners.

    For the fit and healthy old folks it is good to be gainfully employed rather than sit in the house or hang around void decks. The old poor and sick must be helped. Don’t allow them to struggle to survive, shivering as they go about doing their chores.

    Do have a heart for fellow citizens who were and are supporters of the party that rules.

  9. Pink Panty Loong said

    Singaporeans to PM Lee: Your million-dollar salary is not something YOU are absolutely entitled to.

  10. spotlessleopard said

    the arrogance of this man is beyong comprehension.

  11. Monkey see monkey do said

    “PM and his ministers will get high pay, but the high pay is not something they are absolutely entitled to.”
    What do you think?

  12. Pink Panty Loong said

    PeeM, why don’t you just step down for the good of Singapore? We certainly won’t die without you & your party. However, we will surely become hopeless, heartless and homeless if you continue to run Singapore with your bunch of white monkeys.

  13. Damn said

    When u raise yr pay and the entire papaya men pay, is ok.
    When u ask us to serve SAF for 90 dollars is to ok and acceptable to you and family.
    Now, so what we get in RETURN as LOCALLY BORN SINGAPOREAN?

  14. Singkaypoh said

    Haha, MIW are entitled to their million $ salaries but Sporeans are not entitled to “government” – except when they find more ways to suck your money…. we’ll probably see more & more of the “BJs for favours” scandals coming out, since “we don’t deserve entitlement”. Yeah, so much for the CONversation, lol

  15. Wah ka likong said

    Pu nia boa A kir

  16. Dreamer said

    That is the truth behide their policies.. Very very sad for Singaporean. Why do we need gov when they don’t give damn abt the ppl. well being.!!! It horrible to think they r being paid by ppl. Money..! Folk do think for next election..!

  17. mahbok tan said

    Is the GOVT of the DAY entitled to the Citizen CPF money , so that they can extend it to 62yrs old…????

    KNNBCCB ( Meaning don’t bullshiit la )

  18. happy said

    if we are not entitled to government help, then what the fuck is the government for

    to help foreigners ?

    this jerk is not up to his job

    he is leading us to nowhere

    but destruction

  19. Singaporean said

    No wonder everybody wants to earn enough money then leave this country.

    • NoEgoNoPride! said

      How many can really achieve that in Singapore? Most will end-up dying broke here! And…should you “earn enough” and finally leave Singapore for good, do you think you will be welcomed at your adoptive country? You will end-up being just like the FT here in Singapore…hated and jeered!

  20. Julie Ong said

    ‘Singaporeans will get help, but the help is not something they are absolutely entitled to’, said the Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

    Pray, may, I ask: What is the Responsibility of Government? We are talking not about entitlement but needs, Mr Lee. Another thing: local born and bred Singaporeans are entitled to zilch, but you and your ministers are Entitled to obscene salaries and for which we have not seen the commensurate achievement nor performance. Frankly, Mr Lee, you should be ashamed of yourself! I most certainly will if I were in your position. The populace is getting increasingly unhappy because of your ill thought out policies. I’d just single out your argument that Singapore can accommodate upto 6 million people. Are you sure that this figure will not impact adversely on our way of life? If you think it’s such a good idea please provide more information and details to convince us how it will be so.

    Mr Lee, I will be very frank with you, but Without Malice. You need to improve.
    By heaps! Some Singaporeans have gone as far as saying that you are mentally
    deficient, but I think that you should be more insightful and considerate to us when you make those tough decisions. It hurts! But, for no real purpose. Unlike a good doctor who’ll give you a horrible tasting medicine which ultimately brought about and restore you to good health your ‘medicine’ adds to our pain without any gain!

    Please, Mr Lee, for the sake of the country do rethink your policies. I am not talking welfare. I’m talking ‘Duty of Care’ (responsibility of government).
    Isn’t it the prime and primary function of the government to improve the lives of the
    people? The simple fact is that for many of us our standard of living has gone backwards.

    Please do something…..or frankly….. the people will do something come General Election 2016.

  21. ngpy said

    The Singapore Government in other words are shirking Almost all its responsibilties, on what was a promised to the WHOLE NATION AND IT’S PEOPLE PROIR TO BEING ELECTED. WHAT ABOUT THE PLEDGE THEY HAVE PLEDGED. DOES IT MEAN ANYTHING TO THEM.

  22. BK said

    We want a robust society that every man can fend for himself. We want a man to fight for his own living, to earn according to his talent (as valued by an open market economy). We put on the pedestal the parents who work 12 hours shift to put their children through University. The children in turn take care of the parents in their old age.

    And finally, we abhor the notion of the dependent citizen being a leech onto society, lazy and being a bum. If he is old and destitute, it is his fault, since he did not bother or was not wise enough to save for his old age. He has no claim on society’s benevolence, no claim as a citizen, he has no claim for health care or fear from hunger, he has no right to even ask, he was told to be tough and wise, but he was foolish and feeble.And since he is unable to be part of the more “upright”, “capable”, “talented” and “dependent free” Singaporeans, he deserved to be where he is, in need and without help or hope.

    I think there is an existential belief in our elites that they are appointed by God; a Darwinism that is raw and coarse, stripped of graces, humility and Noblesse oblige. And what is even more troubling is that they have greater affinity to the global elites than they have with fellow Singaporeans. Is it a wonder that many rich people (US and Europe) descend upon Singapore? They too believe in low taxes, minimal social spending, no inheritance tax, no capital tax, because sharing in a Darwinian society is a cataclysmic paradox; it at once takes away the reason why some should be rich and others poor, it takes legitimacy away from opulence and taints it with guilt, and more importantly it bares the truth that humanity is equality, not a progressive apex where X men appear. As Ecclesiastes showed, the rich man, the poor man, the wise man and the fool, they all die. Yes, I understand that LKY did say that he will get up even when he is six feet underground if Singapore is in trouble, but I rather think that is rhetorical.

    Least I am accused of a being Marxist or Communist, lets say I have no illusions with the pomposity of Communists elites; there are enough corruption cases on either end of the cold war spectrum, that elites whether Capitalists or Communists are not that different.

    But least I am accused of being emotional and not level headed. Let me show some numbers with regards to how the richest nation on Earth treats its “wayward” citizens. Among Advanced Economies (which include, Iceland, Israel), we spend the least on healthcare at 4% of GDP, almost all other Advanced countries spending is more than double ours. Again, among Advanced countries only Singapore has no unemployment benefits. While, the logic is that the Government will help the unemployed seek employment, the fact is, low unemployment does not mean no unemployment. And more elderly are working, not because they are saving to buy the BMW, but they cannot afford to retire, and about 40% as menial workers competing with the FTs.

    When the Government talk about the silent majority, these are the ones they neglect talking about. They are not ones clamoring for benefits, they are not ones going online asserting their rights, they just silently go about their lives in full acceptance of their position in life. But how can we as members of this community called Singapore just keep quiet?

    “Help is not something they are absolutely entitled to?” Sigh. If they are not entitled to be helped then who is? If no one needs to be helped then are we already in Heaven?

    • Overeseas Singaporean said

      I dun understand why the logic of importing young workers to support the elderly as SG is not a welfare state, since the elderly have to fiend for themselves. If there are unemployment benefits the gov is pressurised to get employment for the ppl as they have to avoid paying dole money.

    • Andy said

      KUDOS to “BK”. You have struck every piece of chord in my nerves.. your article should be on ST headlines for all to see! Cheers! 😉

  23. Shia Low said

    Yes, but the cabinet is entitled to massive monthly salaries despite the fact that the work of managing the nation is done by the civil service.

  24. Eddie said

    No one is asking you for hand outs Mr Lee. Just like no one will know where their votes will go the next election.

  25. poor Singaporean student said

    “Singaporeans are not poor, but feel less well-off relative to others in society and that there is a relative sense that they should get an entitlement,” he said.


    No, Singaporeans just wonder why foreigners are getting free university education here through taxpaers’ money while even poor Singaporeans have to manage on their own.

  26. You must be kidding me and I want to said

    What if one day, you get a average pay, living in the same standard of the citizen you swore to safeguard, would you still say the same thing ?

  27. Surprise said

    Now the real Prime Minister is out of the cage, PAP will never change, that is for sure. Now let see who is sorry…

    Singaporean have to suffer for another four more years before twe could do something about it and it doesn’t prove that the sixty percent will wake up. By the time, PAP a bit of ang pao will let the sixty percent forget everything….

  28. Lim said

    When a person loses insight this is the end result. When a person loses all conscience, humanity, compassion and becomes completely blinded by greed, entrenched power and paid millions from the peasants sweat, blood and tears, it is not inconceivable that such words will be uttered. .

  29. Lim said

    I think MPs and those CEOs are not entitled to wear so many hats by being advisors, directors for so many companies and federations, etc and, take so much money too. I think for a part time job the allowances for MPs are too high. For a small island I think we are not entitled to so many MPs – redundant. We are also entitled to a less overpaid govt machinery.

  30. Danny said

    Support of Singaporeans is definitely something the PAP is NOT entiled to considering its mistakes, failures and pro-alien policies.
    (1) low productivity of Singapore economy
    (2) low birth rate which started from LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
    (3) depressed local wages
    (4) failing to plan for the many foreigners it allowed into Singapore
    (5) shortage, “shrinking” and high cost of public housing
    (6) shortage of public buses and MRT trains
    (7) shortage of hospitals, doctors and nursing homes
    (8) shortage of teachers and places in schools for Singaporeans
    (9) gave foreigners a big advantage over Singaporeans in job market
    (10) shortage of jobs for Singaporeans
    (11) foreigners taking jobs away from Singaporeans
    (12) frequent breakdowns of MRT trains
    (13) overcrowded public transport (buses and MRT trains)
    (14) bailout of public transport (failed privatisation)
    (15) frequent 50-year “ponding”
    (16) high inflation (Singapore more expensive than Hong Kong)
    (17) high cost of education and healthcare
    (18) high cost of electricity (failed privatisation)
    (19) poor air quality as per WHO Air Quality Guidelines
    (20) depleted CPF accounts after buying “affordable” HDB flats
    (21) many CPF accounts below CPF Minimum Sum
    (22) massive (billions) losses of taxpayers’ money by Temasek / GIC
    (23) wasteful purchases by Government agencies like NParks
    (24) made Singapore a “tuition nation”
    (25) real income likely to fall this year
    (26) failing to provide Singaporeans with Swiss Standard of Living

  31. Naivety said

    Hey Pinkie!

    How come there is no accountability & responsibility for all these inadequacies & failures directly caused by you & your government?

    1) Low Productivity of Singapore Economy
    2) Low Birth Rate
    3) Depressed Local Wages
    4) Bringing in a large number of foreigners without properly planning for it
    5) Shortage, ‘Shrinking’ & High Cost of Public Housing
    6) Shortage of Public Buses
    7) Shortage of MRT Trains
    8) Shortage of Hospitals
    9) Shortage of Doctors
    10) Shortage of Nursing Homes
    11) Shortage of Teachers
    12) Shortage of Places in Schools & Universities for Singaporeans
    13) Shortage of Jobs for Singaporeans
    14) Foreigners Taking Jobs Away For Singaporeans
    15) Frequent Breakdowns of MRT Trains/Infrastructure
    16) Overcrowded Public Transport (Buses & MRT Trains)
    17) Bailout of Public Transport (Failed Privatization)
    18) Frequent 50 Year “Ponding” or Flooding
    19) High Inflation (Singapore now more expensive than Hong Kong)
    20) High Cost of Education
    21) High Cost of Healthcare
    22) High Cost of Electricity (Another Failed Privatization)
    23) High Cost of Private Transport & Fuel
    24) Depleted CPF Accounts After Buying “Affordable” HDB Flats
    25) Many CPF Accounts below CPF Minimum Sum
    26) Massive (Billions) Losses of Taxpayers’ Money by Temasek & GIC
    27) Unequal & Wide Disparity in Income Distribution & Huge Gaps among Singaporeans
    28) No Minimum Wage Policy
    29) High Cost of Living & Failed to give Swiss Standard of Living as promised.

    • Francischuanghli said

      We oso have very very low CRIME rate friends. Hav U not read our latest reports? eg: 15cyclist assaulted a cabby tile he needs facial reconstructive surgery ++++other assaults to cabbies in the same week R All classified as SOCIAL DISPUTES. .
      This R all the glories of our Proud And Prospering administration achievements

  32. Overeseas Singaporean said

    Now he tells sg ppl not entitled to any help, But the ppl from Asean countries entitled to scholarships given by him from tax payers money marginalised sg ppl. Allow foreigners to come in to take away our jobs. Just like you allow foreigners we are aloowing another party to come in.

    It is simple if majority of ppl disagreed with the ruling party either
    1) Vote the ruling party out
    2) You become a dictator and persecute sg ppl and we become asylum seekers

    What we ask is equal ttreatment ietreat us as foreigners and give us scholarships and what ever pass to work in SG.

    Go to Australia and learn from the Australian Gov how they treat their citizens.

    • Francischuanghli said

      If Aussie Gov’t is good in your view, go & I had said it B4: I respect your choices rather then haunt around me 4 my black spot reflection .

  33. Nice Person said

    We come to this world just to work till we drop dead and die!!!!!! So sad. Better not create more new life to this country and suffering.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Nice Person.

      Excellent comment! The government and the previous PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew are hypocrites. They want the citizens to have more children. But, for what? To serve the ulterior motives of this bad government? Until now I am really puzzled. They are so enthusiastic in us having more babies, but at the same time are so anti-family. No real help/support for the young working couple to enable them to juggle work commitments with raising children. This is a talk, talk only government. Greedy too! More money for themselves, but absolutely void of ideas to improve the citizens’ lot in life.
      Perhaps, more accurately they are consumed by the lust for money and power. Responsibility is an alien concept to Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his ministers.

      We should decide for ourselves. Take everything the government said with
      a pinch of salt. Whatever they say don’t believe. What you see them do only believe half!

      On a more optimistic note there will still be daylight and a bright new day.
      Live life well. It is really up to us!

    • Francischuanghli said

      GOD made U subject to this LORD of this territory. YO job is to slave yourself to him. Wat is there 2B complained !

    • jack sparrow said

      please dont have children. your children will just be slaves to papee. they will suk all their life’s income, just like you are being suked now. if u wanna have children, migrate

  34. nb la said

    singaporeans are not poor. u including the HDB we stay in is it? sell liao will not be poor for awhile la but how long it can sustain? joker… unless we emigrate, if not such prized assets are nothing but a roof over our heads, the hard life goes on.

    one thing we learnt is never depend on government no matter how desperate we are. u die your business attitude is ingrained in us. we ask for assistance for those who really need it, not to whole world.

    I just realised IRAS is sending mails to landed property owners to claim back their property tax rebate if they have not done so. so nice right… ever wonder why such things never happen to HDB people?

    • Francischuanghli said

      We SinkA-Poor, Poor And Pertetic People need not 2B help cos we all R Millianare Loh. Look: yo HDB property worth Oready around 1/2M + acct. in hostage by the LORD + monthly cash on hand = >1Million.
      Who dare to tell to the LORD U R suffering from poverty !!!!! Tell any one in the world and the will laugh @U that U : ungreteful PAP subject to your LORD.

  35. Victor said

    Simply put… this government is beyond redemption. JUST VOTE THEM OUT IN 2016. What need to be said had been said so many times, they just refuse to listen.

  36. Free Nasi Lemak said

    During election time, can cater buses and provide free pack lunches for those who go to PAP rallies, all these expenses can lah???

    Help is not entitled, do u think Singaporeans are so stupid to expect unconditional help from our Govt?? We are NOT asking for helping, just don’t squeeze more money from us can already.

  37. True BLUE Sinkie said

    The PAP Ministers helped and enriched themselves with the million-dollar salaries. Surely, all other singaporeans are entitled to help from the government, if not million of dollars, at least thousands of dollars in cash for each singpaporean per year.

  38. Yharyah said

    PAP Govt is more concern about helping foreign trash instead!

    Like the MP who support the pinoy trash who played DRUM at a HDB flat.

    • nocando said

      that’s true for sure. fawning on foreign trash. happily got screwed by foreign scholarship students running off to western country and still happily finding excuses for their action. making foreign trash richer by giving them cushy jobs . shelter them under art and culture umbrella.

    • Francischuanghli said

      FT R more value able over LT BCos they R more greteful to their LORD in compair to their own shaked squatters in their hometown. If U choose to stay far away, I respect your DECISION. Rather then stay around to reflex my black spot .

  39. DustyP said

    I cannot believe any politician in any other free country having the sheer arrogance to make such a comment and still expect to remain in power! I guess using the words “free country” excludes Singapore but will be interested to see what comments he evokes from Australians; that is if they bother to read the interview!

  40. Ken Lee said

    iras tax, gst tax tax tax!! something Singaporeans are absolutely entitled to!!!!!

  41. Exaggerated said

    There are no difference between someone living in a developed country who cannot afford to buy a place to call home and another living in a third world country who cannot afford to put a roof over his head.

    Same goes for other neccessities in life!

  42. Steve said

    “Singaporeans will get help, but the help is not something they are absolutely entitled to,”

    Let me defend our beloved PM Lee, he means that Many Singaporeans will get help, but the help is not something they are absolutely entitled to for those who are well off, hence those are poor wll entitled to help from government.

    • happy said

      fuck you, steve,

      you mean he cannot express himself adequately that you have to put words in his mouth

      he is paid millions, and you are telling me he cannot explain clearly

      are u nuts

    • Submitter69 said

      What a no brainer ! Even those who are struggling,let alone poor, often find it difficult to get help becoz of numeruos conditions. All I can say is that PAP politicians themselves are absoultely not entitled to remain in power come 2016.

  43. “PM Lee: Govt help is not something Singaporeans are absolutely entitled to.”
    Singaporeans: Replacement rate is not something the Govt is absolutely entitled to.
    Think about it, PM Lee.

  44. Pest said

    What a shame that you put us down in front of an international audience. This is of course the umpteenth time by this PAP government.

    We are not asking for entitlements. We do not say openly and shamelessly that we are entitled to million-dollar salaries.


  45. People Inaction PArty said

    This is absurd and absolutely rubbish. The gahmen make all the policies thinking that they always know what is best for the people and when the people are in trouble because of it, the gahmen says it can’t be helped?
    I am responsible for my own actions. But if the gahmen makes the rules, as a citizen I expect them to be accountable and to apologise or resign to say the least.
    This is what you get when you vote them and trust them. I lost my respect for them many years ago. No regrets.

  46. csingapore said

    Singaporeans will get help? You mean new citizens don’t you? You mean you’ll rendered them help to let them integrate in our society. But the thing is, i don’t think they want to integrate even, they prefer singing loudly with their bicycles just like in their past country. Not like i want them to integrate either.

    le sigh.

    Oh well, why singaporeans are begging government for help? Shouldn’t the government do the best for their citizens? Shouldn’t we entitled the best (true blue sg)?

    le sigh.

  47. Blanket said

    I won’t ask help from government becos they simply not helping at all by making living cost in Singapore so high. It is all start from the land cost that government making it so high. Which eventually affect properties to raise. Housing go up never come down. All properties landlord push the rental further up on retails shops, hawker stalls, coffee shops etc. All our daily requires 3 meals are much expansive now in Singapore. This is thanks to our great ex-PM whom always said Singapore is a free markets and government would not want to control it.

    Well, they are damn right abt it becos MP’s & Ministers pay went up with tax payers money. However, all the ordinary folks salary not enough just becos all the bosses having excuses to higher “FT” with cheaper salary. They all claims can’t get Singaporeans. What’s the nonsense!

    Nowadays, you see many Marcos working in all sectors in singapore. Do you know why? $1,500 for them is usually 2-3 times what they will get in their countries.

    Well, Mr PM need to go to the ground level to understand it. How abt starting with a example of showing Singaporeans that they having a Gracious Government which not resort to all kinds of fines. Let start with Parking fines in HDB estates. Whom majorities require to visit their close ties families week in week out. Picking up kids from their parents house etc. just this kind of little help we are all expecting you to look into it.

    Appreciate your kind attention.

  48. ngpy said

    The Government of today is shirking their full responsiblities. The PROMISES of post election and the NATIONAL PLEDGE means nothing to them now anymore as they are already in POWER TO DO WHAT THEY THINK FIT TO THEIR SUIT THEIR LIKINGS



  50. Yee said

    come on. if you want the govt to absolutely regulate the rich poor gap – then there you have it – communist government – to ensure wealth is distributed equally among everywhere.

    sooo…the rich can afford iPhone5…the poorer judges their inability to have as good quality a lifestyle as not being able to afford that – fair? many poorer-than-the-rich are spending beyond their means. spending on drinks in clubs, spending on expensive phones when you could get a cheaper phone instead of one that costs hundreds of dollars.

    blame the govt for your expensive lifestyle?

  51. Francischuanghli said

    I M your LORD, U R my subjects. As long as U remain on my territory, U got to follow to wat I commands . O else leave this place &. ” I respect YOUR decision of stay away ! This was wat he had said B4. “

  52. jilla said

    this is the way of the world… i don’t know why some people are slagging the PM for it.

    “Do not ask what the country can do for you, Ask what you can do for the country” – John F. Kennedy

    • Julie Ong said

      I will vote them out at the General Election of 2016. That’s what I’ll do for my country! Meantime, I’ll stand up and fight for my rights.

      Fortune favours the brave. It’s foolhardy to stick with this tired and incompetent government.

      I hope that the majority of Singaporeans will join me by voting out the
      PAP government. This will be the best thing that you can do for your
      country….and your future too!

      Thanks, Jilla.

      Mod’s note:

      It is IMPOSSIBLE to vote out the PAP because its ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ has vowed to support it at all costs:

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

      – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      “Do not ask what the country can do for you, Ask what you can do for the country” , this phrase also applies to the spoilt brat up there and his cronies of monkies. They are elected to form a government to work for the good of Singaporeans and NOT the other way round. If they are not up to the job, we’ll SACK them by voting them out.

  53. Putty said

    I believe when he says “Singaporeans are not poor”, he’s referring to himself. Drawing millions of dollars annually, who will call himself poor? With an ever widening income gap, the high GDP only proves that the rich are filthy rich while the poor are miserably poor.

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