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PHOTO: PRC scholars in NUS celebrate PRC National Day

Posted by temasektimes on October 1, 2012

PRC students celebrate China’s National Day in Singapore on 1 October:


55 Responses to “PHOTO: PRC scholars in NUS celebrate PRC National Day”

  1. Vic said

    I think it is fair that they celebrate their national day in private. Nothing wrong with that unless they make it a splash to attract attention.

    Yes. correct! You cannot buy their hearts. Singapore is like a forlorn suitor that keep giving expensive gifts; but all in vain.

  2. PRC said

    Hello everyone is welcomed! come down tonight. we make good dim sum and fortune cookie for everyone!

  3. Daft Peasant said


    I’m waiting for the new / article to come!!!

    Ha ha ha……do you mind ah lao and ah loong to tag along??!!!

  4. Daft Peasant said

    TT, please take some photos of china flags hanging around and PRCs singing china national athem loudly around sinkie land!!!!!!

  5. Ken Lee said

    see prc gov so good to them, got moon cakes’ supper performance and various gifts ipod shuffle! ha our gov should follow their way!! give out door gifts like iphones , notebooks….. etc.. ha ha ha

  6. alamak said

    This one ok lah. We oso celebrate ND in other country similar like, nobody complan then. Even got sometime our minnister go as country rep on offisheil expense. But here no PRC minni come, so where got to complain? Long time before got ’10/10′ oso celebrate here, no?

  7. Whatever said

    Singaporeans celebrate August 9th overseas I guess TT will complain? Bo liao.

  8. studentinsg said

    Its not like they are stopping Singaporeans from attending that event.

  9. Observer said

    Nothing wrong with that. If you are offered a scholarship to study in the UK, it’s not wrong for you to celebrate the National Day with fellow Singaporeans there.

  10. lima said

    My god – is this also going to be a problem – for the MR. Editor of the Famous Xenophobic Temasek Times?

  11. See-Buay-Song said

    You can take them out of China but you can’t take the china out of them. Just because we give them free scholarships doesn’t mean they’ll be ready to die for Lee Kuan Yew. Their hearts still belong to Mao.

  12. Zzzz said

    Seriously. What about singaporeans celebrate singapore day in new york and other cities? Bo liao. Nvm. Read shiok only lo.

  13. Naivety said

    PRC students given scholarships by Sinkie govt to study in universities here will ultimately be given PR first & then Singapore Citizenship upon graduation unless they reject and eventually Pro Alien Party will hope that these PRC scholars will in turn vote for them to show their gratitude lah!

  14. Use the statistics said

    TT you are doing a great job with the entertaining news but this one makes you lose credibility lah. Whack the govt policy, dun whack the individuals.

  15. Pink Panty Loong said

    Well, our stupid government love to play GENEROUS & MAGNANIMOUS sugar daddy to all these foreign junkies. But when it comes to Singaporeans, they become petty and small minded

  16. Ben said

    when i was overseas in australia studying, there are events for singaporeans on the 9th august every year over there too. did the locals complain? nope, just keep it among ourselves. nothing particular about this i should say.

  17. local boy said

    the person who posted this is horrendously narrow-minded!

  18. Undergraduate life:
    FT stay in hall enjoy life.
    Locals stay in HDB flats and endure the crowded train every fking day.

  19. pi said

    they prepare all the free food using their own savings, Nothing wrong with that

  20. nocando said

    singapore is already a county of china among PRC. in chinese they call 坡县(po xian=county) they even mocked that calling po xian is showing intimacy towards this cuntry. wondering how is the feeling of those who helped this cuntry to such a stage.

    • Vic said

      @Nocando, where did you hear or read this term 坡县(po xian=county) in reference to Singapore?
      This is damn serious. could you report, please?

  21. we not like you said

    Promoting stuffs like that gives a bad name to the opposition cause…

    A bunch of people who loves mindless hate fest..

  22. singaporean said

    You have to learn to be less xenophobic.
    Enlighten us if you would, what’s wrong with celebrating one’s national day?

  23. Maximus said

    TT, we should instead give these scholars our respect. They are Chinese and they show their loyalty to their country.

    Scholarships don’t (and are not meant for that purpose) buy allegiance. Allegiance is owed by a citizen to his country. It is ridiculous to expect otherwise!

    Having said that, it is up to the host country (or any organisation that offers scholarship) to properly structure its scholarship to ensure that it gets back what it gives (if it so wishes), commercially speaking.

    But don’t confuse citizenry allegiance with commercial obligation!

  24. alamak said

    Celebrate lor…. so what. We are not a communist regime that forces everyone to think and act identically.

  25. Victor said

    TT integrity is in serious doubt. Seems to flame every thing which are not related to the real issues Singaporeans are facing. Best to take stock before you go down the drain.

  26. Alan said

    Narrow minded.

  27. True BLUE Sinkie said

    It is OK, afterall Singapore is a country of China. What’s wrong??

  28. Lim Peh Kong said

    Another mindless PRC bashing. When it comes to PRC and WP, all logic is out of the windows.

    WTF is wrong for PRC students here to celebrate their own national day?

  29. oute said

    Right, right – join them lah, and integrate with them lah.

    what are you wating for…

  30. wed said

    what’s wrong with it? it’s their rights. why bother?. i also celebrate Singapore National Day in Australia.

  31. prc said

    pls la whats the point of this post? they are prc studying in our local uni, so if it was their nat day, they will celebrate it and it appears that they were doing it on an organised way in one of the uni hall.

    it is the overflooding of foreigners in singapore that locals are not happy about but pls dont put out rubbish on your website!

  32. Singaporean said

    Yes, anyone deserves their rights to celebrate their own ND at foreign country in private manner or by invitation only.
    As long as it’s not doing in public and also not causing problem to the public, it should be allowed.

  33. Singapuraboi said

    Migrants will always have that umbilical cord to their original motherland. It is the subsequent generations tht will sever that connection.

  34. Ah Pek said

    Is Cecilia Sue’s Blow Job, part of the menu?

  35. Ah Piah said

    Is Cecilia Sue’s Blow Job also part of the PRC package?

  36. Stupid Article said

    This article is clearly to incite more unnecessary xenophobia towards foreigners. What’s wrong with people from overseas here NON CITIZENS celebrating their National Day? I wonder the moderator or moderators here know that their so called Temasek Times blog is nothing more like the Ah Peks at the latest sensational courts hearings regarding DIY! Boh Liao.

  37. Anthony Ng said

    What ‘wrong with that?
    It is natural to have emotion with country

  38. Gazebo said

    this is ridiculous. what is wrong with foreign students celebrating their heritage? temasektimes, u are really losing credibility.

  39. G said

    Nothing wrong with that.. we had Singapore Day in various cities

  40. Native Sun said

    I used to read your blog daily, now down to once a week as you have lost your credibility in my opinion. Continue to post rubbish like this and I’ll leave for good.

    If you are the quality of the opposition then f**k that. I’ll take my chances with the pappies!

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