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Who will help needy Singaporeans if not the government?

Posted by temasektimes on October 1, 2012

We want a robust society that every man can fend for himself. We want a man to fight for his own living, to earn according to his talent (as valued by an open market economy). We put on the pedestal the parents who work 12 hours shift to put their children through University. The children in turn take care of the parents in their old age.

And finally, we abhor the notion of the dependent citizen being a leech onto society, lazy and being a bum. If he is old and destitute, it is his fault, since he did not bother or was not wise enough to save for his old age. He has no claim on society’s benevolence, no claim as a citizen, he has no claim for health care or fear from hunger, he has no right to even ask, he was told to be tough and wise, but he was foolish and feeble.And since he is unable to be part of the more “upright”, “capable”, “talented” and “dependent free” Singaporeans, he deserved to be where he is, in need and without help or hope.

I think there is an existential belief in our elites that they are appointed by God; a Darwinism that is raw and coarse, stripped of graces, humility and Noblesse oblige. And what is even more troubling is that they have greater affinity to the global elites than they have with fellow Singaporeans. Is it a wonder that many rich people (US and Europe) descend upon Singapore? They too believe in low taxes, minimal social spending, no inheritance tax, no capital tax, because sharing in a Darwinian society is a cataclysmic paradox; it at once takes away the reason why some should be rich and others poor, it takes legitimacy away from opulence and taints it with guilt, and more importantly it bares the truth that humanity is equality, not a progressive apex where X men appear. As Ecclesiastes showed, the rich man, the poor man, the wise man and the fool, they all die. Yes, I understand that LKY did say that he will get up even when he is six feet underground if Singapore is in trouble, but I rather think that is rhetorical.

Least I am accused of a being Marxist or Communist, lets say I have no illusions with the pomposity of Communists elites; there are enough corruption cases on either end of the cold war spectrum, that elites whether Capitalists or Communists are not that different.

But least I am accused of being emotional and not level headed. Let me show some numbers with regards to how the richest nation on Earth treats its “wayward” citizens. Among Advanced Economies (which include, Iceland, Israel), we spend the least on healthcare at 4% of GDP, almost all other Advanced countries spending is more than double ours. Again, among Advanced countries only Singapore has no unemployment benefits. While, the logic is that the Government will help the unemployed seek employment, the fact is, low unemployment does not mean no unemployment. And more elderly are working, not because they are saving to buy the BMW, but they cannot afford to retire, and about 40% as menial workers competing with the FTs.

When the Government talk about the silent majority, these are the ones they neglect talking about. They are not ones clamoring for benefits, they are not ones going online asserting their rights, they just silently go about their lives in full acceptance of their position in life. But how can we as members of this community called Singapore just keep quiet?

“Help is not something they are absolutely entitled to?” Sigh. If they are not entitled to be helped then who is? If no one needs to be helped then are we already in Heaven?


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


29 Responses to “Who will help needy Singaporeans if not the government?”

  1. Singkaypoh said

    Yeah the Old Vampire will rise from the grave, as long as there is another drop of blood to be sucked, and his zombie spawn will squander all the moolah, so there’s not a penny left for the Darwinistically “weak”. The foreign elites are top of the food chain, but it is the local elites that are parasites, they do not earn their bloated salaries, they suck it from the “lower castes”… hence no entitlement for the rest – because they have taken it all.

  2. Mike Zeng said

    Uniquely Singapore! What a wicked heartless Govt we have. No wonder this statement has always been alluded to the PAP Govt…..You die your business!

    • Singkaypoh said

      Haha, now NBG also can say to CS “special favour is not something you are absolutely entitled to” (u give me free f**k your business) — learn from the Great Leader 🙂

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Mr Zeng.

      Really sad, but unfortunately true: the government’s motto is You Die Your

      Hopefully, the citizens’ overwhelming response: We Will Send You Out Of

      Do remember that we the people have the power. Use it. Otherwise the PAP government will abuse it!

      Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, got it
      absolutely right even today, viz. ………a government FOR the people, BY the people…..

      The challenges confronting us are mammoth. I take comfort that a fellow citizen wrote in this forum sometime back that ‘we are born to survive’. More than that I wish that we’ll go on to greater heights and into better things. For that we must have the courage and resolve to consign this greedy, heartless and incompetent government……. to the rubbish bin!

      Majulah Singapura!

      Besok tak susah!! Singapura pun boleh lah!!

  3. Piratetoon said

    They should just return our CPF monies when we reach 55 years old. We are not asking them to give us money but return what is rightfully belong to us.

    • alamak said

      Eh Goondu Piratoon, what talking you lah ‘our CPF monies’? You forget only part from you, Employer towkay also contribute many money, if not where you got so big egg? oso forget how many interest gahment give you for many year and not charge for safe deposit. 55-age sure oneday raise to 62, meybe even lucky 68, or 75.Dontch wory about your money, will come back linstalment when you really old cannot work any more and no more income.The 55-age mean for British colony angmoh who go back his mother country for shake leg. Us Singkaypohian got where go, you tell me? Pulau Ubin, or Mandai forest. When grow old, meybe get demenshia and forget all about money. So no complain complain, jus be happy and ‘let’s move on’. Whaddo you think? Hope same like me.

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    We have a government that helps needy foreigners. 70% jobs created goes to foreigners. Free education and scholarships for foreigners. Foreigners entitled to the same privileges as any Singaporeans when they don’t have to serve NS while our Singaporean sons are required to risk their life to complete NS under National Obligation. WHAT A DYSFUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT WE HAVE!

    • Mikey said

      Sorry, foreigners have more benefits and privileges than us.

      Do you get free studies? Free accommodation? Allowance? No NS liabilities? Free to come and go once you are done here?

      No, the government said that those thing will make us lazy fat and stupid. Yet, they are freely given to these people.

      What do you have? Free uniform, free military training, and tied down to this damn place for the rest of your life.
      Even when you leave the country, you have to apply for exit permit.

      • gongling said

        so, if you are not happy, you can be a FTs in another country! we are the bred that is the intelligent sort and do not be a born loser, do something with you life , why not go to Johor or Batam and be a fisher man? or maybe a road sweeper?

      • BK said

        Singapore is our inheritance. Why would anyone meekly surrender his inheritance? The intelligent man fights for his inheritance and help his brothers retain theirs. Only cowards run away just because others tell them they are not deserving. Just because you are poor and need help that does not make you a born loser. The fortuity of being born is some are rich and others poor. The fortitude of living is having the courage to live a life as well as one can, whether handicapped or less intelligent.

        It is fun when you at the top, and can be derisive to others less fortunate. It is good to be rich because you have little worries and can do as you wish. Be that as it may, you are always a slave. A slave to wealth and power. You will always be looking at envy at others richer, sucking up to others more powerful. You will be feared but never admired, because at the core you are hallow. With your death, your debtors are freed, and darkness lifted.

        There is admiration of Mother Teresa, who was with the poor of the poorest. What can the poor give you? But a smile. But sometimes I think that is enough.

      • Pink Panty Loong said

        @BK, well said!!! Sometimes it’s amazing to see that there are bootlickers and ass-kisser that will turn against their own citizens and challenged them to leave if they are not happy. Why should WE leave? If the government is not doing a good job and is trying to shirk its responsibilites further, we don’t have to suffer under their incompetencies. We have every right to criticise our government and vote them out if they are not doing a good job!

  5. spotlessleopard said

    The son of the strongman shows his true colours in Australia….To those who voted PAP I hope you will vote the PAP OUT in 2016…

  6. nb la said

    say till got heaven and earth when want us to vote them. simi inclusive society la, no man get left behind la, find those who fall off the cracks la blah blah.;

    now? ask u don’t think so much ah…

    • alamak said

      ‘no man get left behind’ can oso interprete ‘no man got rights in front’ har har har.So No point just tok-tok.

  7. “I think there is an existential belief in our elites that they are appointed by God;”
    How can they believed that when they’re Godless as hell?

  8. Pink Panty Loong said

    This idiot often goes overseas to malign Singaporeans for his failed policies. He is only keen to cut Singaporeans out to be a lazy and complacent to save his blardy CB face. Luckily we have the INTERNET to expose all his evil deeds!

  9. Lim said

    The govt can help in this. PM says he will price new flats `right’ – yes price it right down please to help us. “THE Housing Board (HDB) resale prices have soared to a record high, even as HDB ramps up the supply of new flats to keep a lid on prices.Resale prices went up by 2 per cent – its largest increase since the third quarter of last year, according to latest estimates”.

  10. DIY said

    Well phrased. Without prejudice and malice that’s how Socialism that works the Singapore way.

    If BK loathed the Marxist or Communist, then deplore the Capitalists and Communists on their elites corruption enclaves, then living history is indeed in transition. If Singapore leaders had followed with the above-mentioned ideologies, than we are not pragmatic enough. The island state is being void of natural resources. We have to co-exist somewhere in between and find niches all over the world.

    Yes, at some time during the past history, Karl Marx was the think tank to theorize the ideal state of socialism. The socialist and the communist were all out to demolish capitalism. The concept had since failed after the Berlin wall was removed. Every country wants to embrace capitalism, but don’t have the knowhow.

    When comparing the rich elites against the poor majority, indeed the gap is wider. The question is the Who should lead the Whom? If we ask the person on the dole to be a leader, he will definitely be reluctant. He can simply answer, “How can I lead when I am still on welfare.” Hence; there is no other alternative than to the elites and the capitalist to be our leaders.

    Yes, we have achieved the gumption to the slogan of the “goal getters” and now how to accomplish as the “goal givers”. Economics of the Wants and the Needs is ongoing and debatable. If your emotion prevails, than you can cry for another day. The best answer is co-operation.

    Our CPF foundation was initiated by the Dutch economist in a co-operative manner. Other derivatives include NTUC Income, Fairprice and Thrift & Loan society. These setups co-exist in competition with other free market businesses e.g. insurance, supermarkets and commercial banks.

    Darwinism theory of diversity is well known, for survival of the fittest. It has to do with the instinct of an ‘economic animal’ in our being.

  11. Ken Lee said

    err think only we local can help each others only. our fund almost all are for the foreigner now!

  12. alamak said

    Not ask what your country cando for you, but instead what you do for your country.
    ‘Who will help’? You want answer? If you believe got God, go pray Him, If no belief, too bad. Noboddy owe noboddy other a living. Laff everybody laff with you, cry you only ownself cry, other again laff – agenst you.

  13. “PM Lee: Govt help is not something Singaporeans are absolutely entitled to.”
    Singaporeans: Replacement rate is not something the Govt is absolutely entitled to.
    Think about it, PM Lee.

  14. P Koh said

    Do you think our present government will change after all these glaring issues are raised.? So far the National Conversation has done nothing to address the problems that the populace is crying foul to. What can make this government wake up or are they in denial and refused to be take cognisance of the problems that have beseiged the country and especially the poor who are crying for help.? The writer above has painted a very vivid picture and if it cannot launch a thousand ships, I hope it can at least evoke the people at the top to seriously take a relook of what is wrong with the present system of government.

  15. PAP Don't Harm You Lucky Already said

    They bring in the foreigners to supplant us ; therefore irrational to think they will ever help us

  16. Robin hood said

    When I look at the old and feeble begging, the handicapped, the blind waving tissue papers at busy intersections and the ever busy able bodied oblivious to the presence of those souls, I just wonder why the Government is not helping them.

    The officials are instead on the lookout for illegal fruitsellers earning honest living.

    What kind of society are we???

  17. Dragon said

    We had good worker but lousy director or chairman.The only in this world is money,profit and concern itself.No money or saving die hard.

  18. Robox said

    “Silent majority” is a term coined by the right wing Christian fundamentalists in America in the gay rights debate to:silence those who are vocal – LGBTs in that case – and primarily because they were right.

    That’s the same motivation with which the PAP uses the term – it’s to silenec opposition voices.

    The term is also used to potray a non-existent majority as an aggrieved lot.

  19. Yee said

    the government helps needy citizens.

    • P Koh said

      It is through actions for the needy that the sincerity of the government to help them is evidenced. Hope these destitutes and old folks need not go to collect cardboards cartons but placed in safe “Homes” to wait off their twilight years.

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