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AWARE President: Women involved in sex scandals not ‘conforming’ to gender roles

Posted by temasektimes on October 5, 2012

The woman involved in the recent string of sex scandals plaguing Singapore are not conforming to their gender roles, said AWARE President Corrina Lim.

Two high-ranking civil servants were charged for soliciting sexual gratification from women in exchange to further their business interests. A NUS Law professor was also charged for having sex with a few students in exchange for better grades.

Speaking to queries from the media, AWARE President Corrina Lim feels that in all the cases, the women involved are playing out of their gender roles.

“Women are known to be submissive, not so ambitious, but these women are seen not to be conforming to gender roles,” she said.

The sex scandals have been the talk of the town of late with many wondering how these successful men have their careers and reputations destroyed by lust.

Corrina Lim observed that there is much public interest in such cases because people are curious to know how these women could have so much power over the men.


31 Responses to “AWARE President: Women involved in sex scandals not ‘conforming’ to gender roles”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Nonsense! This is 2012, the age of the Aquarius. Nowsaday sex is alive and kicking everywhere even in staid Sing. The modern women of today enjoy sex even oral sex as much as the macho men!
    Here’s to sex and the sexual revolution!

    • Singkaypoh said

      Oh no, these women are very submissive….submit to sex, then submit tender or exam papers 🙂
      BTW I wonder if Corinna’s hubby is fully satisfied with her service, or does he supplement with trips to Geylang? lool

  2. alamak said

    From Adam Evie time awreddy evryboddy know woman so expert sa-kai man. Oso all woman know man like chase skirt, even camera under nowaday. If give chan they sure one-up on man anytime no? If not sucseed, they prepare suck stone oso. Only AWARE not aware and surprise.

  3. Naivety said

    Aware’s role is crap & they should abolish the Women’s Charter Act with immediate effect!

  4. DKT said

    The biggest critics of women, are sometimes the women themselves. Therefore, sometimes the ones that most chauvinistic are these apparent, independent feminists who decide that they are the role models and therefore, women should adhere to THEIR ideals.

    And if people really are wondering how women can have so much power over a man…

    “Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon. The best one’s between your legs.”


  5. Ah Pek said

    Welcome to the Brave New World of Fellatio, cheorographed by ( Blow Job ) Cecilia Sue.

  6. TheOracle said

    AWARE is trying to portrait women as submissive, not ambitious, etc.; gaining sympathy so that when she committed a sin, the judge can grant a divorce but the poor hubby still has to pay her “maintenance fee” – because women are “support to be weak”. It’s time women stop the nonsense if they are serious about sex equality.

  7. TT said

    This is NONSENSE remark coming from AWARE President!!

  8. Cozy said

    Yah not conforming to gender roles but definitely conforming to the gender stereotype of beautiful women having to sleep around to climb their way to the top. repulsive and pointless statement.

  9. teo cheap buy said

    I love BJ lady

  10. Steve Lee said

    Women of today are well educated, hold responsible positions of power and are sexually the equal of any man. The Women’s Charter may have played a role in early days when women were not allowed to own land in their own right, had to contend with the possiblitly of multiple wives in a single household and were poorly educated etc. Nowadays, groups like AWARE do not advocate equality for women but superiority for them. The laws are very biased towards women. They treat men badly. Men biologically live shorter lives, are more susceptible to diabetes, heart problems, mental disorders, inherited problems, blood pressure, dementia, cancer, stroke and are less able to handle stress, are in greater danger of committing suicide, In a divorce, even after all the above, the Women’s Charter dumps more problems on men who are already suffering. Women get everything. The Women’s Charter is both unfair and wrong. It discriminates against men. Get rid of it as soon as possible so that men stand a chance please. We’re dying.

    • P Koh said

      It is not just the Women’s Charter that prejudices the men. Try filing a divorce proceeding against the wife and it will not be heard for years. But when the wife files the divorce, it will be heard in no time. This is very real and the system here in Singapore just sucks.

      • balls for women said

        I believe it was Mdm Kwa who helped LKY with drafting the “Women’s Charter”
        As you can see, LKY made sure wives have their husbands by the balls, and it should be noted, LKY also has all his stooges by the balls. This is probably one reason why LKY and son have been so successful lording over everyone on this island.

  11. Robin Hood said

    The beauty of creation is that a woman’s sexuality is akin to that of the alternative current and man the direct current. The woman’s body is sexually sensitive almost every part and she remain calm and nonchalant until sufficient arousal is generated. The ac generation makes her enjoy sex very much more than her partner. She experiences the ‘peak’ (orgasm) after a vigorous ‘assault’. Thereafter a slide to minimum when the enjoyment depletes to zero. Depending on the performance of the partner who continues on to fondle and caress, she rises again and after another round of intense lovemaking, she ‘cums’ again. She gasp with pleasure moaning and shivering. It goes on until almost all energy is drained off her.

    The man on the other hand, is easily aroused. Look at him ogling that cleavage exposed by a low cut or a bikini clad young chick at the beach and swimming pool. During foreplay, the guy behaves like a starving casanova unable to control pleasure. And when he finally starts to mount and ride he feels he is on the way to heaven. When he reaches he moans with estacy and discharges his load. Thereafter he lies exhausted unable to do another round even if the sexiest women were to fondle him. So,he direct current and needs a recharge.

    So, little wonder why men go to Geylang and Batam in their twilight years. The old ac generator at home is beyond repair being in advanced stage of menopause. But remember,


  12. Singapuraboi said

    The Women’ Charter archaic as is the stupid law on outrage of modesty. Aware exists for the nuns. And even nuns can’t claim the outrage of modesty rule. Any women who has no idea how a man’s reproductive organ looks like is either a retard or is living in the Dark Ages. We all have human and social bio in Sec 4…. So how can anyone claim outrage of modesty? It is like accusing ur male Gynae of molest when he touch u during medical examination.

  13. it has been preordained and written in many books of god that a woman’s gender role is to please men. as has been designed by the creator that

    her only tool to please that the men find irresistible is sex. for ms sue only the powerful man like ng she would want to please and not any of the ah peh hanging around the court.

    it is also preordained that a woman’s bosoms, curvasive body and bulging buttock are created to make god’s command to go forth and multiply so successful that spawned fighting tales like Helen of Troy and Chinese 3 Kingdom.

    in Animal Planet 2 bulls knocked their heads off for the honour to mount. Who knows Ng’s predicament is the result of another “bull” unable to knock heads with Ng but could only watch him having a hell of a nice time, tipped the cpib off.

    why am i talk all this crap? it is of ms lim’s crap.

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  15. pay said

    Old women loves making excuses for themselves.

  16. John Galt said

    Feminists are absolutely retarded.

    All feminists want to eradicate ‘sexist’ gender roles, because to them, gender role is a social construct. Hence the notion of ‘gender equality’ (which, by the way, is an oxymoron and an impossibility).

    Now that Cecilia Sue (and a few other women) were caught using sex to advance personal interests (grades or contracts), suddenly these women are pariahs and an aberration to ‘traditional’ women everywhere.

    Newsflash: Between prostitution and marriage, all women throughout history were using sex to trade for certain benefits.

    Corrina Lim, you are so full of crap.

  17. Ron said

    Let’s not be an ostrich with the head in the sand. In Spore, sex is becoming more easily available and there are plenty of places to go to for such activities. And the norms of faithful marriage has long eroded as the Internet has brought the world of sex to Spore. It is whether one wants to tune in to such sites.

    So what is strange about a man and a woman being intimate? It is common now. And to stretch that to think that sex is a precusor for corruption, for blackmail, etc. may be stretching one’s imagination. Sex is common.

    • raymond h said

      “Sex is common”
      not only is sex common but illustrated on a daily basis by 80 PAP stooges cocksucking LeeConYou and son. what do you think ?

  18. AWARE is Jealous said

    might as well said they are not women!

  19. (amending my earlier incomplete post)

    It is preordained and written in the many books of god that a woman’s gender role is to please man.

    But alas for woman like ms sue it is not just any of the ah peks hanging around the court will do but the powerful one like ng.

    Woman are created with wobbling bosoms, curvaceous bodyline and bulging bump to made her irresistible to man not for any other purpose but to fit into god’s design–go and multiply.

    Woman’s attractiveness to man, is none of her own making however but that of the creator.

    She can flaunt all her assets and endowments but once the arrow hits bullseye, god’s design is achieved and she could do no more but to procreate.

    In Animal Planet two bulls would knock their heads out for the honour and of course pleasure of mounting the cow waiting patiently by the side while the bulls knock themselves senselesss. Well this is life in this earth.

    In ng’s case just maybe the other bull had no chance of knocking heads with him that the next best thing to do was to inform the cpib. A few cpib officers are on the line to testify. Maybe they would spill the beans a bit. If I were the defence lawyer I would pose my quenstioning in such a way as to draw out the whisle blower a.k.a the other bull.

    But man starting from adam has his own design too, exploiting sex into a major entertainment industry as part of human endearvor in this earth. As for “Eve” she would maintain “man can do it so can I as all men and women are equal, what.”

    Why am I spewing all these crap? well only as a reaction to ms lim’s crap as pointed out by your other commentators. …

  20. Chloe said

    I still remembered the sex scandal cases with young escort involving ex principle, famous enterprisers, Shaws etc. It’s just pure normal that this kind of news are getting more and more frequent on daily papers. Ladies do this for the sake of money & personal gains, guys do it for entertainment and pleasure purpose without caring whether they have offended the law or something. This is how the world has becomes.. Sooner or later, you will find Daddy having sex with their daughter/brother having sex with their sister, whereby it is so commonly found over there in other countries such as japan etc.

    • You just watch too much of Japanese porno. Porno is not real and the Japanese, not the porn stars, are as conservative as the Chinese or Koreans. Just don’t be carried away by those porno videos. By advise if never download onto your mobile camera as the police is waiting for people like you to do it.

  21. Putty said

    “Women are known to be submissive”? Which era did Corrina Lim come from?

    In this present time and age, women are like chameleon. Their role changes with the circumstances. When faced with physical hardship, they will claim to be of the weaker sex. When faced with competition with men, they will claim equality to obtain matching opportunities. When sought after, they will claim to be superior to men.

    Perhaps there are women who are submissive in nature, but the majority of them are far from being it.

  22. woman's charter said

    Let there be gender equality by abolishing the woman’s charter.

    • Putty said

      Couldn’t agree with you more!!! There’s a huge disparity between the sexes. The scale has already tipped heavily in favor of the female sex. Canning is a good example. If it’s a good deterrent, it should be applied to both sexes. If it cannot be administered to women due to the physical arrangement of their autonomy, then it should be abolished and not be applied only to men. The secular world itself is already favoring women (for example, ladies night), we do no need to have the law in their favor too. Nowadays, men can be victims of women too. Either abolish the unfair “women’s charter”, or change it to “human’s charter” and protect both sexes! Let the Singapore pledge be one that is practiced and not just recited for the sake of reciting. Let it really be “based on JUSTICE and EQUALITY”, or “HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY, and PROGRESS” will never be achieved!!!

  23. Lim said

    Contrary to AWARE’s assertion that these scandalous women are not conforming to gender roles to be submissive and not so ambitious, they are fulfilling their biological role perfectly! Women have to use their bodies, camoufage with scents, cosmetics, and clothes to lure strong successful men’s sperms to her womb and mate her egg. This is so that strong successful genes mated with aggressive ambitious women result in intelligent hardy progeny able to top the world. Would you vie for Head CNB or a trishaw ah pek to mate your eggs? Would a successful man mate with an old ugly? Unlikely. Therefore dear AWARE these scandalous adulterous women, shameless no doubt, are carrying out their genes’ instructions to their fullest potential and geting the best chromosomes for their eggs.

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