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PM Lee to netizens: Always be courteous and respectful in your comments

Posted by temasektimes on October 6, 2012

Singapore netizens should always be courteous and respectful in their comments posted online, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

In his latest update on Facebook, PM Lee shared an article from Wall Street Journal ‘Why we are so rude online’ and urged netizens to be more aware of what they do online:

“In my National Day Rally, I expressed concern about some of the nasty views expressed online, especially anonymously. This problem is not unique to Singapore. This article explains why people can be so rude online, and say things that they would never say face-to-face.”

He added netizens should behave towards others as they wold like others to behave to them:

“I hope this understanding helps us to be more aware of what we do online. We should feel free to express our thoughts and opinions. But let us always be courteous and respectful in our comments and postings, and behave towards others as we would like others to behave towards us.”

Following a drop in its percentage of votes in the General Election last year with significant gains for the real opposition parties like the Singapore Democratic Party which was widely attributed to the influence of the new media, the PAP has implemented a series of measures to reclaim cyberspace such as setting up a news blog ‘’ to ‘engage’ its online critics.


35 Responses to “PM Lee to netizens: Always be courteous and respectful in your comments”

  1. Silver said

    The PAP has set up a news blog ‘’ to ‘engage’ its online critics…..

    But Singaporeans are not reading this blog.

    Even if they do ….. 80% do not believe what the PAP said.

    They have lost faith in the PAP……..

    Mod’s note:

    You are mistaken. The Straits Times is busy publicizing the blog. The naive ones will fall for it.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      If Singaporeans don’t even have faith in the Straits Times and PAP-churned media, whatever blogs they set up, no one would even bother to log on to them. It’s what the readers (Singaporeans) want to read, not what the PAP thinks readers will read or swallow the bait.

  2. oute said

    What is the meaning of “draft”.

  3. Pink Panty Loong said

    Have I heard it wrong? You are concern about online nasty views? You and your over-stayed old fart never hesitate to put Singaporeans down internationally whenever the two of you go overseas! OH PLEEeeeaaaaaaaaasseeee…

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    You want respect? EARN IT.

  5. Pink Panty Loong said

    Come face-to-face? Great. Abolished ISA first. Teo Chee Hum won’t come and disturb us. Guaranteed you won’t sue. Allow public demonstration and strikes. Can’t do that? Then forget it. Cheers.

  6. Pink Panty Loong said

    Spoilt brat, not everything is laid down on your table nicely by your daddy, including respect! You got to earn it? Or you are so used to having everything without the need to work hard for it? You have forgotten how to earn yourself something through hard work and efforts?

  7. Pink Panty Loong said

    Oh yah, your beloved China netizens posted alot more nasty comments on you which we Singaporeans will PALE in comparison. Why not you go talk to them?

  8. Peter Teo said

    Dear Sir/Mdm., Many feedback from our Singaporean about unhappy with SP Services. They are inconsiderate , irresponsible and poor services to the publics, take too long to answer a call, and round the bushes refer to superior…to another superior and unslove problems and its take almost the whole day to return a call witout solution. Please look into this matters to other agency too.

  9. Pink Panty Loong said

    Ah LONG, when views/comments/suggestions kept falling on deaf ears, it’s hard to be polite, you know. My boss would have fired me if she ever gets a chance to repeat her instructions to me twice without any actions from me!

  10. compatriot said

    Hello PM Lee I should like to believe more that you have the goodwill and fair play in emitting transparency with your good office and the media in dealing with us Singaporeans when the Wall Sreet Journal posed an article about why we are so rude online and you urged netizens to be more aware of our participations online

    The media with haste posted this artice about how netizens participated online

    How about the media censored the news to blackout the awareness from us Singaporeans when Tony Tan before he is president plundered and blundered the loss around 59 billion Singapore dollars of taxpayers monies in January 2008 when he was GIC,Deputy Chairman and Fund Manager

    Kindly I urged your good office,”Dont Short-Changed Singaporeans”

    • Naivety said

      These are only pertaining to those losses that were being detected & reported by WSJ, what about those huge losses that went unreported & undetected so far???

      • compatriot said

        I wonder how,and whether this another supposed name sake one star papaer general without field battle skills b4 he is PM and being a gentleman as he would want to be respected which I believe is far fetch can say about this colossal loss of our taxpayers monies of around 59 Billion Singapore dollars.The Singapore media has failed in its responsibilities and short-changed its subscribers by not reporting about this colossal losses

        If this 2nd PM Lee want to talk about respect and respectability obviously he has to be earnest and as the leader of his camp he has to show transparency,honesty and sincerity in his respective leadership

  11. nb la said

    己所不欲勿施于人. your chinese so good, PM sir i think u know what it means. it is not about u thinking u doing the best for people but what u really are doing that is improving the lives of people.

    no amount of national conversation is useful when it became a national convincing session, how u stand by all that u did and there is no wrong u could be doing. Nope, 1 apology to erase 5 yrs of crap will only work once. no amount of apology can make up for 10yrs of crap. do not test the people, u cannot imagine what they collectively can do to u.

    it is tiring to list out the crap (i think your online guards have made up a long list for u to vet through, not sure if it reaches u uncensored).

    we have been respectful to your party, your government for as long as we can remember. things did not change overnight, we did not wake up suddenly hating u and the government. the foreigners did not appear all together also.

    take some time to reflect. when 1 says u are wrong, u might be right. when millions are saying u are wrong, most probably u are. still standing by your beliefs blindly is a foolish act. turn back before u fall off the cliff

  12. Tan Yan Ren said

    The Prime Minister is right.Mr . prime Minister please understand also why this is happening,.the CRIES OF BLOOD of Singaporeans are NEVER HEARD and all along the ruling elite took Singaporeans LIKE MYSELF for granted. Sorry you are wrong . Someone has to take the lead in a civil way and i am glad you are reading the CRIES although the way it was put across was not good . I must admit i myself have strong words although not directly personal in my rebuttals. Its like the Govt has been muffling the cries of blood of the Baby(BORN and BRED Singaporeans)and when they finally get their cries heard you increase the wall insulation to prevent the cries from being heard…what you get is the Baby now throws the bottle at the first adult present…do you beat up the kid????what do you do as a parent? tell me sir.
    What i am saying is that the GOVT is NOT listening AND doing the right thing…and WORSE some Ministers are insensitive to the SINGAPOREANS…all this while I mentioned “Born and Bred Singaporeans” is because the same explanation Maidin Packer had written to you about…I WOULD DARE STRAITS TIMES to PUBLISH the LETTER of Ex MP Mydin Packer to you ,…if they arte serious about journalism..otherwise …pack up please !!!anyone who wants the letter send me their request please

  13. Poison Ivy said

    PM Lee should tell that to his PAP MPs. PAP MPs should stop calling us names like noises, lunatic fringes.

  14. Ex-SDP Volunteer said

    TT, your fav party is made up of Chee Soon Juan’s YES MEN AND YES WOMEN. Those who don’t agree with him are kicked out of the party. Vote for SDP? Might as well vote for the PAP!!!

  15. nocando said

    we just do not listen to the leader we do not respect

  16. steven theo said

    In the National Day speech, the whole SGP population (citizen + foreigner[ non citizen]) are forced to watch as all TV channel show same speech live.The speech was SGPn behaviour n attitude beating, while no mention on foreigner misbehaviour, painting them as ppl that were being dis respected by SGPn. This really send a very wrong signal to foreigner interpretation of SGPn. It is really disheartening that our PM see foreigner as saint while we SGPn as evil that need repentance to see the light of foreigner. I as SGPn is very very hurt by the speech. Is this respect

  17. Robin hood said

    PM Lee is right that netizens need not resort vulgar and nasty words in putting across their opinion. We can criticize policies that we feel are not our favor with very strong words which can be very effective in influencing public opinion. Thr more we make sense in our posting the more worrying it will be for PM Lee.

    There are several happenings at hand which Singaporeans are very concerned of like the astronomical cost of the new supposedly public flats, the overpopulating of the small island which is home to us, the many jobs to go to FTs, the cost of healthcare, overcrowded public transport, the high COE, etc.

    Singaporeanat began to see that the government bulldoze through all these policies because there virtually nobody in Parliament that can stop them. As the result, Singaporeans also started to realize how important it is to have more opposition members in Parliament. In fact the results of the previous GE2011 showed that the PAP’s popularity had slid. It is probably envisaged by the ruling party that if nothing is done from now till 2016, it’s popularity is going to slide further down and it may not be able to form the next government. To the PAP this scenario is going to be catastrophic for Singapore. Who can rule the country then?

    This fear is caused by no else but the ruling party. Having to share power through a coalition is unthinkable because die die they must have all the cake to themselves. They hold strongly that without them continuing to hold the reins
    the country will be on the path towards stagnation, regression and collapse. So in order to evade defeat in GE2016, they have to harness the votes of new citizens.

    Even with the support of the new citizens, they cannot feel too secure. There are many old citizens who will fall for the goodies handed out during the days preceeding the polling day. The ‘cooling off’ day was introduced to, hopefully, make voters consider and calm their anger so that the cross is not made against other than PAP on polling day , the next day.

    The ruling party needs to do more to pacify angry local born Singaporeans.

  18. Chin Too Lan said

    My name is chin too lan, sorry. My father give me this name. If u don’t believe go ask him at choa chu kang cemetry.
    U dictator! i want to say in front of ur face! provided ur doggy police dont arrest me. where is our human rights? u kim jong il? go sleep with snake!

  19. Robox said

    I believe that absolutely no PAP member, whether personally implicated or not, has the moral authority to tell Singaporeans to behave differently from how they themselves earned a reputation for behaving.

    At any rate, no one voted any of you to be their moral education teachers. If I wanted a moral education, my parents and the other truly moral incluencers in my life, have always been more than sufficient for my needs.

  20. Lightning will strike you dead said

    Your most honourable highness, the clown prince of dictator harry, in the most courteous and the most respectful way may I express my innermost emotions towards you and your pappies – PLEASE GET STRUCK DEAD BY LIGHTNING AS SOON AS YOU COME UNDER THE OPEN SKY. THERE IS A GOD ABOVE WATCHING AND WAITING…THANK YOU. Courteous and respectful enough for you???

  21. Cheaptalk said

    If you want a civilized society the it has to start with u

    Give respect to Singaporeans stop treating Singaporean like animals

    Give respect to opposition

    Don’t bankrupt people and threatened with isa

    Apologies for the wrong your father had done to people like

    Jbj , tang liang hong ,chia they poh, poh see Kai,

    Lim hock siew. , said Zahari,

  22. P Koh said

    Courtesy be it on line or off line should always be practised if we want to pride ourselves to be a caring and courteous Singaporean society. Venting anger and unkind remarks do not go well with a good living environment and parents have a duty to ensure that their children learn to respect the opinions of others even if they go counter-vein to their own. It all starts from the home and then with the schools to inculcate such values for a better society.

  23. Julie Ong said

    With all due respect Mr Lee Hsien Loong should not be overly concerned by the comments made by netizens. Some are indeed rude. Even vulgar and totally inappropriate. But……..Mr Lee, this is democracy! Messy, loud and even confusing sometimes… but at least everyone has the right to think and speak their minds. Do you still want to be a control freak and curtail the further growth of Singapore into a more open and freer society? Looks to me Mr Lee that you will not give up on the Internal Security Act (ISA) as you want to have the vile/evil power to detain citizens without trial. You still can have a form of deterrent against anarchists and troublemakers hellbent on destroying Singapore without resorting to the draconian ISA. It is high time now that we make amendments: we are now better educated and certainly do not need this ‘hoon’ law.

    Singapore can be justifiably proud when we look just around us. Within the South-East Asian region we shine as a beacon of truth and light….with reasonable
    wealth as well. But alas, Mr Lee you’re no longer committed to the nation’s continued growth and prosperity. Seems that you’re more interested in your own
    gain and political power rather than improving the lives of your fellow Singaporeans. I’ve seen and heard your arguments in parliament when you argued for million dollars salaries for your ministers. I’m not convinced. If your ministers are that good, even yourself, you should resign and make yourself available in the private sector. That way, you will earn more money (your implied claim) isn’t it?? I’d strongly encourage you and your ministers to do so.

    I will never criticise for criticism sake. We need to re-evaluate the present situation in Singapore. Amend/improve upon them wherever possible….. With An All Out Effort! You have the power and resources. Just Do It!!

    I hope that I’m not being discourteous and disrespectful for writing these forthright and sincere comments. Thanks, one and all. You may criticise me for all you like.

    To the precious government ministers: If you cannot take the heat please, please
    stay out of the kitchen!

    Do remember : As the government you should serve us and not lord over us.

  24. rajkumar said

    A party which sues political opponents,is dismisive of alternative views, looks down on it’s
    citizens,treats oppositon members as targets to be shot at ….. ironically they want to teach nitizens courtesy and respect?

  25. Rope a Dope said

    It is the bloody govt policies that are provoking ordinary sporeans to become angrier each passing day and it does not help one bit when we have Dopey as PM.

    Perhaps 40% on this island should each send a rope to Dopey to acknowledge the call to be courteous and respectful.

  26. Wong said

    RESPECT need to be earn , it work both ways !

  27. Naivety said

    Singaporeans are not xenophobic but PAPphobic (fear of PAP malfunctioning again). This phobia is not without basis considering the numerous PAP failures since LHL takes over as PM (“Plenty Malfunctions” or “Prime Mediocrity”). These includes but not limited to as follows:

    1) Low Productivity of Singapore Economy
    2) Low Birth Rate which started from LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
    3) Depressed Local Wages
    4) Bringing in a large number of foreigners without properly planning for it
    5) Shortage, ‘Shrinking’ & High Cost of Public Housing
    6) Shortage of Public Buses
    7) Shortage of MRT Trains
    8) Shortage of Hospitals
    9) Shortage of Doctors
    10) Shortage of Nursing Homes
    11) Shortage of Teachers
    12) Shortage of Places in Schools & Universities for Singaporeans
    13) Shortage of Jobs for Singaporeans
    14) Foreigners Taking Jobs Away For Singaporeans
    15) Gave Foreigners a Big Advantage Over Singaporeans in Job Market
    16) Frequent Breakdowns of MRT Trains/Transport Infrastructure
    17) Overcrowded Public Transport (Buses & MRT Trains)
    18) Bailout of Public Transport (Failed Privatization)
    19) Frequent 50 Year “Ponding” or Flooding
    20) High Inflation (Singapore now more expensive than Hong Kong)
    21) High Cost of Education
    22) High Cost of Healthcare
    23) High Cost of Electricity (Another Failed Privatization)
    24) Poor Air Quality As Per WHO Air Quality Guidelines
    25) High Cost of Private Transport & Fuel
    26) Depleted CPF Accounts After Buying “Affordable” HDB Flats
    27) Many CPF Accounts below CPF Minimum Sum
    28) Massive (Billions) Unaccountable Losses of Taxpayers’ Money by Temasek & GIC
    29) Wasteful Purchases by Government Agencies such as Nparks
    30) Made Singapore a “Tuition Nation”
    31) Real Income likely to fall this year
    32) Unequal & Wide Disparity in Income Distribution & Huge Gaps among Singaporeans
    33) No Minimum Wage Policy
    34) High Cost of Living & Failed to give Swiss Standard of Living to Singaporeans as promised.

  28. Ken Lee said

    “In my National Day Rally, I expressed concern about some of the nasty views expressed online, especially anonymously. This problem is not unique to Singapore. This article explains why people can be so rude online, and say things that they would never say face-to-face.”
    guess what ? you people are damn good in using pen paper and hammer!

  29. steven theo said

    Hi PM Lee, after yr National day speech showing live on all TV channel, it really left me speechless. 1st: You basically force every human being in SGP to watch, which include FT. 2nd: You tell everyone SGPn are not so fair in our behaviour towards FT. This is like telling FT that u care for them n bashing SGPn in front of FT. I feel really hurt that u r doing this live as u must also by aware that not all SGPn behave that way, but u chose not to offend FT n did not even single out the bad behaviour of FT ! U r standing up for FT at the expense of SGPn. This will send a wrong signal to FT that they are treasured to SGP n may just increase their already attitude n ego that because SGPn have no talent and they r here at the pleading of SGP but we do not respect them. Be fair in your comment is another to show politeness

    • Naivety said

      Fully agreed with you…Steven

      All Sinkaporeans have to stand united together & vote this rascal out of parliament @GE2016 once & for all…there is no 2-ways about it & 2nd thoughts whatsoever starting with AMK GRC first!!!

  30. knn said

    LHL, ur party use LAW to snatch our land. Compensate us minimum. Worst, now all land prices inflated sky high. You care? No.
    Yet, your party reward yourself skyhigh but DO NOT KNOW lots of Singaporeans are JOBLESS? You do not care!
    Even worst, you pay us 90 dollars to serve NS but you reward PRC trash with lots of money yet allowing them to work in PUBLIC SECTOR!
    Now u even has LOTS of MALAYSIAN as MPs and Minister.
    You want to secure your position, but this IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.

  31. solaris8899 said

    sick and tired about reading his message….

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