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Sylvia Lim lavishes generous praise on PAP in interview with Bloomberg

Posted by temasektimes on October 6, 2012

Workers Party Chairman Sylvia has heaped generous praise on the ruling PAP in an interview with international news agency Bloomberg to lend legitimacy to its autocratic rule.

Sylvia was so impressed with the PAP that one may be forgiven for thinking that she is its official spokeswoman.

“You have to give credit where credit is due….I think the PAP is very proactive in macro-economic issues and finding niches to make Singapore globally relevant and competitive,” she gushed.

This is not the first time Sylvia had boot-licked the PAP publicly. During the International Bar Association’s annual conference in 2008, Sylvia defended the PAP against criticisms of its laws, saying that they are absolutely ‘fair and just.’

Sylvia also revealed that the Workers Party is still ‘not ready’ to challenge the PAP:

“While we have made progress in attracting new blood, we do not have the critical mass in terms of forming a cabinet at this point.”

Workers Party Chief Low Thia Kiang had earlier proclaimed that his party will not be able to challenge the PAP for the ‘next 50 years’ or so.

In contrast, a new opposition party in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia – ‘Georgian Dream’ won the parliamentary election in its first attempt last week.

Singaporeans yearning for real change and reform should not pin their hopes on the Workers Party which seem more obsessed with gaining the PAP’s recognition than challenging its political hegemony.

In the aftermath of the General Election last year, newly minted WP MP Pritam Singh declared the intention of WP to form a coalition party with the PAP:

“If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition government with it (to keep it in power forever)”


41 Responses to “Sylvia Lim lavishes generous praise on PAP in interview with Bloomberg”

  1. Surprise said

    Worker Party might be PAP B-Team. Therefore do not see them talk about what they have promise during 2011 election. First World Goverment my foot… Another wayang party..

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ bootlickers only talk big during the rallies once every five years after which they will vanish into thin air. Aljunied residents must be feeling stupid to vote in such a bunch of clowns into parliament to ‘bird talk’ with the PAP. The real opposition parties should contest in Hougang and Aljunied in 2016 to boot them out. Don’t forget Sylvia Lim already stated clearly that WP will contest in Marine Parade, Tampines and other constituencies contested by other opposition parties in 2016. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  2. Nico said

    In contrast, TT just attack non-PAP rather than the real PAP, proving just one simple point, it is the real bootlicker.

  3. Francischuanghli said

    I had already found it out not now but 10 years back with some testing facts. Old saying; ALL BIRD of the SAME FEATHER will fly together.

  4. frankie said

    WP MP already heap praise honestly and truthfully that PAP is very good,so let us do away WP the next time,if honesty and integrity is what we want.

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ has betrayed the trust of Singaporeans. Instead of being the co-driver to slap the driver, it is not giving the driver a blowjob! Please switch your support to the real opposition parties like SDP and RP and boycott the ‘Wayang Party’ and its monkeys!

    • Naivety said

      @Mod: “The ‘Wayang Part’ has betrayed the trust of Singaporeans. Instead of being the co-driver to slap the driver, it is
      not giving the driver a blowjob!”

      What the hell are you trying to say as your statement made above is politically incorrect?!
      So is it giving or not giving the driver a blowjob…please made up your mind?!

  5. Alfred Chong said

    These are wise people. It takes bravery, sincerity to say things as it is. I’m sure the PAP as well as the WP supporters would want to see political differences as well as how they can work together, closing ranks. As MPs they represent the people. Being parliamentarian, it be PAP or WP, we see them as one.

    Mod’s note:

    Of course they are ONE – one big Happy Family. That’s why a vote for WP = a vote for PAP!

    • P Koh said

      Alfred’s remarks is correct. We need not wash dirty linen outside our country. The opposition party has to work harmoniously in the eyes of the outside whole even if thier policies in governing the country may differ internally.

      Mod’s note:

      The key role of an opposition party is to OPPOSE, not to make the ruling party look good. China has 8 approved ‘opposition’ parties as well in its rubber-stamped National People Congress. It is pretty obvious the useless ‘Wayang Party’ has degenerated to being a subsidiary party of the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Wake up before it is too late!

      • Wowser said

        Really?!? The key role of an opposition is to OPPOSE? Even if a policy drafted by the government is sound and beneficial for its citizens? If your stance is echoed by your supposedly real opposition parties like SDP and RP, then boy am I glad they were not voted into parliament…

      • Wrong example said

        Why use China? Use US n Australia system for comparison. Unless Singapore opposition parties are as powerful ad those in US or Australia, Singapore Opposition parties would find themselves in a difficult situation to fight PAP. What is needed is a strong opposition party.

  6. Dan Hibiki said

    her actual words were “You have to give credit where credit is due,” she said. “I think the PAP is very proactive in macro-economic issues and finding niches to make Singapore globally relevant and competitive. It’s more on the social justice side that we don’t think they’re doing enough”

  7. Mike Zeng said

    She’s following the footsteps of Tommy Koh, Vivien B, Chan Heng Chee etc etc.
    LKY was right when he said everyone has a price…it’s a matter of just finding out the price, not necessarily big bucks….wonder what is SL’s price?

    • ;Annonymous said

      Unlikely to be high, given her limited intellect. But why not give it a try? You still can acquire significant wealth. Thereafter, you can stand back, admire paintings in museums, attend concerts featuring the dissonance of Gage played on pianos with strings stuck with forks and spoons, etc. As Americans have been taught , first acquire wealh, then acquire culture.Your family and friends will be grateful; and admire your wisdom.

  8. oute said

    What do you expect from them. Fight for you. Fight the battle yourself lah….Wake up..

  9. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Give the PAP praise to deflect their arrows, while screwing them up from behind and during the next GE 2016. Smart fella Sylvia Lim. I would have done what you have done if I had been elected as a WP MP. Play the strategy right and it will prove the PAP is dumb.

    Mod’s note:

    On one hand, hoodwink the naive voters into thinking you will oppose the PAP. On the other hand, bootlick the PAP’s balls and collect $15,000 monthly for doing nothing in parliament. What an easy job!

  10. R Usha said

    The workers’ party is the true opposition party- where credit is due, ot gives credit to the ruling party. just look at the sordid state of the spore democratic party under chee soon juan- pathetic. and the sdp will never learn its lesson. first it goes out and helps chee settle hos libel damages dues with singaore’s two former PMs. and now it seems they are all waiting to hail chee’s anulment from bankruptc- can really puke at sdp’s crap!! little do they relaise chee is gonna bring the prty back to the dogs after he hails himself annulled. and maybe thats a gd ploy by mr lee kuan yew and mr gct- let chee ruin SDP again.

    • P Koh said

      Let us not judge the book by its cover. Time will tell and it is easy to discredit a person for past deeds but time has changed and if you have seen CSJ’s video, there is some value in his stance against what PAP stands for and given the opportunity to stand for election in 2016, his credibility and mission may then be better judged.

  11. Jack said

    The mod of TT should start a TT Party and get ready for GE 2016, look forward fo TTP to take over the govt in zgE2016

  12. Lim said

    There has been many issues which affect Singaporeans but the WP appears to be rather reticent about putting forth it’s stand more visibly either by questioning the incumbents in parliament or having a more public presence in the media (social media included). I don’t know what their 2016 strategy is but perhaps it is to work like ants in its territory on municipal issues and hoping to win and consolidate their ground support in Aljunied-Eunos GRC and Hougang. Or it could be one of conserving strength and biding time to grow stronger before they deign to take on the Hydra?

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’s ‘strategy’ is a no-brainer. Just keep quiet, wayang in parliament for five years and then pretend to wack the PAP during the rallies to get votes and gullible Singaporeans will fall for it again! The ‘Wayang Party’ is the single biggest threat to democracy in Singapore. It must be eliminated and destroyed once and for all in order for genuine democracy to take root here.

  13. BK said

    To be fair to Sylvia Lim, even Francis Seow who gave a talk to Murdoch U students in Perth in the 1990s, said that except for political cases, the justice system in Singapore works. He was former Law Society President and ex-Solicitor General.

    I have a greater affinity to SDP in terms of its political objectives than WP. But WP has a better path to parliamentary victory.

    2011 GE, SDP fielded a formidable team with Mr Tan Jee Say, Ms Michelle Lee Juen, psychiatrist Dr Ang Yong Guan and social activist Dr Vincent Wijeysing. Yet in the last 2 GEs, SDP was lagging not only PAP but in the total number of voters that had gone for opposition candidates. 2006- SDP had between 23% to 22% versus total opposition votes of 33.3%, 2011- SDP had an average of 36.8% versus total opposition votes of 39.9%. Strategically, something is not right.

    Students: We have about 290k students in primary schools and 213k students in secondary schools. For simplicity, lets say by next GE 2011, we would have roughly another 250k new voters from students reaching 21 years of age. In 2011 GE, we had 2.211 million eligible voters. What that means is that by 2016, excluding attrition of the electorate due to deaths, we have an additional 11.3%.

    New Citizens: Between 2006 and 2011, we had more than 100,000 new citizens. Lets assume that by 2016, we have another 100,000 new citizens , which will add 4.5% to the electorate in 2016.

    We assume that the new citizens will vote PAP in 2016. If the new voters follow the same pattern as the voters in 2011 GE, then PAP will have an additional 4% of votes (aggregating the total number of new voters to the electorate).

    So, for the opposition , they must convince at least 64% of that students base just to counter the new citizens vote for the PAP.

    While anecdotal evidence showed that the new voters from the students base will value more diversity, more accountability, more transparency and a sharper and edgier political landscape, the 2011 GE showed that a significant number of the population prefers a more collaborative opposition while wanting better and a wider social safety net.

    Yes, WP is glacier in its movement, but at this time you have to say that they are reading the electorate mood better.

  14. Wastetimela said

    Well done Sylvia! Well done WP! Keep fighting smart! Do not let the other party make you move towards bankruptcy like some opposition parties. That’s the way to stay alive in this political world or you may get kick out! But pls don’t forget your promises to those who voted for you.

    Mod’s note:

    What promises? The co-driver is now busy giving the driver a blowjob! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Aljunied residents must have regretted voting for the PAP’s ‘B’ team instead of its ‘A’ team led by George Yeo!

  15. Vote WP Out said

    WP = Wayang Party = Wrong Party. Vote WP Out in 2016 to save Singapore!!!

  16. Ex-SDP Volunteer said

    TT, your fav party is made up of Chee Soon Juan’s YES MEN AND YES WOMEN. Those who don’t agree with him are kicked out of the party. Vote for SDP? Might as well vote for the PAP!!!

  17. Z said

    “(to keep it in power forever)” You now have to resort to twisting words and pretend it’s part of the quote? How desperate are you, TT?

  18. Robin Hood said

    This sad turn of event is indeed disheartening for Singaporeans, especially those in Aljunied GRC. They must have felt betrayed. No wonder those WP MPs have been silent on issues which adversely affect the lives of Singaporeans.

    But not to worry. True blue Singaporeans are not to be fooled again come 2016. The WP have chosen to affiliate with the PAP. It can then be held that no vote for WP is no vote for PAP. The latter must now be very desperate. What went on between the two behind closed doors appears to be quite obvious now.

    I am sure many WP members and supporters do not align themselves with this cordial relationship which they surely feel is against the party’s principles and honour. The party leadership seems to agree with the adage “If you can’t beat them, join them”. This is indeed a shameful move. But for people without any face, there’s no face to lose.

    But all is not lost. There are other political parties and they see the WP as very disgusting as fellow opposition. They must now take this as a lesson and pledge not to follow such lowdown bootlicking. With the current hot issues which the government bulldoze around, unhappy Singaporeans can still vote in more opposition MPs, not including the WP. Desperate tactics to increase foreign born citizens will not help the PAP-WP alliance to win by a very big margin.

    The SDP, RP and NSP should join hands to form another party to take on the PAP and WP in GE2016. Victory is not impossible. Consider Singaporeans’ interest first, party’s second. Unhappy Singaporeans are waiting.

  19. afraid to use my name said

    1) From the WP 2011 manifesto: (Chapter 1, section C, clause #2)
    Ministers’ remuneration should be benchmark internationally against the political office of developed countries. Their remuneration should also take into account all associated benefits (e.g. benefits-in-kind) under the total remuneration or total employment costs.
    **When they argued on the Ministerial salary debate, they used medium salary of top earners in Singapore.
    2) extend full co-operation to PAP
    3) to be co-driver
    4) hoping to form coalition government with PAP
    5) AVOID ASKING TOUGH PROBING QUESTIONS ON BIG & IMPORTANT ISSUES (they do NOT want to speak-up on big faulty issues & join the netizens to pressure the government, they let the issues grow out of hand, while the citizens suffer giving rise to anti PAP sentiments. This is a very DEVIOUS method employed by the current WP. Selfish & geed two sides of the same coin.)
    6) ASK BABY QUESTIONS SELECTIVELY? (for PAP to hantam with warp logic & justified their faulty policies. WP then play victim & evoke the sympathy of the citizens. This is how they hoodwinked the so-called “daft Singaporeans” through their well-crafted smokescreen. Indeed a wonderful charade!)
    7) from Mas Selamat case:
    PM Lee asked Mr. Low Thia Kiang: should Mr. Wong Kan resign during the debate.
    LTK was unable to reply. (IMO he should said “yes, must resign immediately)
    8) the “whip”: It up to the holder of the respective party to lift the whip for the members to vote as per conscience. Clearly, Mr Low Thia Khiang was trying to mislead when he commented on the party whip after the Hougang by-election.
    9) why WP involved in 3 cornered contest at Punggol East during 2011 GE? (WHY NO CRITICISM ON THIS? correct me if I am wrong, WP did not participate in the opposition meeting to carve out the territories. Problem lies with WP, it wants to go alone.)
    10) “Do you want a fresh coat of paint or a voice in Parliament?” – WP at GE2011 rally
    11) WP is good at PR (some of the ways of getting into good book of the citizens)
    – attending every funeral wakes, hang beautiful WP banner, pay respect to the dead and giving at least S$200/= donations known as “peh kim” (white gold) to the bereaved family
    – depending on race/religion, they send greeting cards personally signed by the MP for the festive season.
    – attending functions, 7th month dinner, Chinese Lunar New Year dinner…
    – regular walkabout selling their publication “The Hammer”
    – becoming estate manager in Town Council
    I don’t agree with the multi-prong approach of WP playing the game (clearly WP is insincere & coward, taking the citizens as pawns,) of patiently waiting, how long must we wait? life is short, time & tide wait for no man.

    Mod’s note:

    It is obvious that the useless ‘Wayang Party’ has no ambition of challenging and replacing the PAP and is contented playing second fiddle to the PAP. On one hand, it claimed to be a ‘co-driver’ to check on the PAP, but it is obviously not doing so in parliament. Low Thia Kiang once said it will take 50 YEARS for the ‘Wayang Party’ to even be able to challenge the PAP. Are you willing to wait that long?

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Afraid To Use My Name.

      Good analysis. I’m also wondering why the Workers’ Party is mute when the PAP government implement bad and rotten policies that really hurt the
      people. By asking awkward and difficult questions in parliament the WP will
      be able to elicit answers from the ruling PAP as to the rationale for their
      nonsensical policies or action. What is this First World Parliament when there is no check and balance on the incumbent government? The WP
      can still redeem themselves and make good for their silence and inertia thus far. No one is saying that the WP or for that matter any opposition should oppose for opposition sake. However, the ruling party must be held to account for their abuse of power and total contempt and disregard for the
      electorate in so far as the sellout of Singaporeans to foreigners is concerned. In other advanced first world countries you would already have
      mass protests and street demonstrations for this treachery……and their
      elected governments are always mindful of the mood of the electorate. Not here in Singapore where the PAP government can abuse their power with
      impunity!! This Must Change. But only if YOU want it.

      Let’s hope that in the coming days and months the WP will ask for more
      information and prod the government for amendments/improvements to
      the latter’s policies. Yes, the role of the opposition is to question and oppose especially so now when this stale govt has been in power for far
      too long and is now out of touch and even disdainful of the electorate.

      It’s really up to us.

      More of the same or change for the better.

  20. pap Team B said

    Here is the undeniable fact that WP is really the team B of pappies! No wonder WP has been so meek and compliant since the last erection, and has now become so “limp”. Thank you sylvia, for opening our eyes to your “sleeping with our Enemy” !

    Mod’s note:

    Instead of raising issues which are of importance, the ‘Wayang Party’ clowns prefer to talk cock sing song in parliament on completely useless matters like BIRD DROPPINGS! Even the PAP backbenchers and NMPs are more vocal than them. Why do we need to pay $15,000 monthly for these dummies to ‘wayang’ in parliament? A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! The real opposition parties should contest in Hougang and Aljunied in 2016 to boot out these scums!

    • P Koh said

      @Mod’s. You are like a broken-down tape recorder which repeats the same message over and over again. If you have nothing new to say, please do not damage our faculty with nonchalant rubbish.

  21. jaded said

    wah tt now posting comments and replying to them yourself ah? you have sunk to an all time low

  22. Dr.Arsch said

    So you are now expecting our opposition parties to wash our dirty linen in public and make us look like a bunch of fools on the global stage, just to convince the voting masses that they are playing co-driver still and not gagging on PAP’s ball sack? o.O

  23. Main Bola said

    TT, stop giving the passenger (CSJ and SDP) a blowjob lah…

  24. MR SMITH said

    TT webmaster and mods should be FT lah. Working hard like a woof woof for their masters.

  25. flere000 said

    Regarding Ms Sylvia’s comments are certainly no entirely wrong, there must be something that drives the economy the thing is HOW it is done. And regarding about actually giving a real challenge to PAP is also true as well a overhaul of the government system is certainly not going to benefit anyone. How are they supposed to find so many people that are deemed suitable so quickly?

    As for Mr Singh’s comment is not all untrue, IF PAP fails to win a majority and is kicked and looked down like crap in the government. There are however still supporters of the PAP which might be unhappy with the fact and who knows what happens when there is social unrest in a totally new government where PAP is not in power. The question is how will the coalition takes place which we will know when the time comes

    I have not heard the whole interview and I am relatively new to political issues, so I apologize if I have said something wrong.

    Mod’s note:

    Do you think WP will get more votes than PAP? If WP join PAP in a coalition, the PM will still be LHL, meaning that the status quo will remain. Singaporeans yearning for real change should not count on the ‘Wayang Party’. In fact, these useless clowns should be kicked out of Hougang and Aljunied as well. They were voted into parliament to be a co-driver to slap the driver if he falls asleep and NOT to give him a BLOWJOB. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Boycott the ‘Wayang Party’ now before it is too late!

  26. Fox said

    [quote]“While we have made progress in attracting new blood, we do not have the critical mass in terms of forming a cabinet at this point.”[/quote]

    I understand your problem, but do you think you will get the mass required by kowtowing to the ruling party whose approval level is already in decline?

    It doesn’t take a genius to predict that your critical mass will shrink in line with how much you boot lick the rulling party.

  27. biased article said

    Hi, Pritam Singh’s comments were taken out of context. What he said was if neither party had a majority of seats in parliament, then there would be a possibility of a coalition with the PAP MPs.

    On the contrary, what is truly dangerous would be for Singapore to have a political deadlock that has shown its inability to make decisions concerning the welfare of the people in states like the USA or UK. Any political party needs at least 44 seats to form the government while it needs a 2/3 majority to amend the constitution.

    Pritam Singh and the Worker’s Party has never shown its willingness to form a coalition government with the PAP nor have they ever shown allegiance to the PAP. In fact, they have continually debated in parliament over critical issues ranging from Mas Selamat’s escape to the rigidity of our education system. They have shown a past trend of voicing out the concerns of all Singaporeans and fulfilling their duties of forming a comfortable and secure place in Aljunied GRC despite scarce resources.

    In fact, the manifesto released prior to the GE showed several key points of clash with the PAP and they have been the only credible opposition party thus far that balances out promoting income equality with continual economic growth for Singapore. For the WP, moderation is key towards better governance and representation in the legislative body.

    Mod’s note:

    Taken out of context? He stated clearly that WP will form a coalition govt with the PAP. Being moderate does not equal to being DUMB. Instead of being a co-driver in parliament, the ‘Wayang Party’ clowns are giving the driver a blowjob!

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