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Opposition supporter: Shameful of WP to affiliate with the PAP

Posted by temasektimes on October 7, 2012

This sad turn of event is indeed disheartening for Singaporeans, especially those in Aljunied GRC. They must have felt betrayed. No wonder those WP MPs have been silent on issues which adversely affect the lives of Singaporeans.

But not to worry. True blue Singaporeans are not to be fooled again come 2016. The WP have chosen to affiliate with the PAP. It can then be held that no vote for WP is no vote for PAP. The latter must now be very desperate. What went on between the two behind closed doors appears to be quite obvious now.

I am sure many WP members and supporters do not align themselves with this cordial relationship which they surely feel is against the party’s principles and honour. The party leadership seems to agree with the adage “If you can’t beat them, join them”. This is indeed a shameful move. But for people without any face, there’s no face to lose.

But all is not lost. There are other political parties and they see the WP as very disgusting as fellow opposition. They must now take this as a lesson and pledge not to follow such lowdown bootlicking. With the current hot issues which the government bulldoze around, unhappy Singaporeans can still vote in more opposition MPs, not including the WP. Desperate tactics to increase foreign born citizens will not help the PAP-WP alliance to win by a very big margin.

The SDP, RP and NSP should join hands to form another party to take on the PAP and WP in GE2016. Victory is not impossible. Consider Singaporeans’ interest first, party’s second. Unhappy Singaporeans are waiting.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


23 Responses to “Opposition supporter: Shameful of WP to affiliate with the PAP”

  1. P Koh said

    Sometimes silence is in itself a weapon to deal with uncanny situattions. Opening one’s mouth unnecessarily removes all doubts. We are not privy to what happens behind closed doors or whether there are any sinister happenings that have placed the opposition in silent mode. There is enough time for the opposition to show their worth and what they stand for when they set out to be another voice for Singaporeans. However, it is important to be level headed and not to oppose just for the sake of opposing but to be a check and balance so that the abuse of power if any is put into proper perspective.

    • Jimmy KONG said

      Well said. Just do not blah for the sake of blah and be a black sheep. Think of the bigger picture.

    • James said

      Totally agree. If we don’t have totally proof that garment policy will fails. Y argue now.

      • Jeff D said

        That’s an easy one. For many policies, we can’t have absolute proof that a policy has failed until it’s already done irreparable harm to the country and society, and/or until those in power have become to addicted to that power to let go. Stop at Two and the GRC system are two obvious examples… neither of which would likely have happened under an authentic Government.

    • frankie said

      What happened behind closed doors has no relevance to our observation.Politicians are seen what they do in public,and if we are unable to see them in Public,sense their worth,and mindlessly guessing what’s behind closed-doors,we may as well not see anything,overlook anything.WP told us that PAP is actually a great and good Govt,so we have to accept their words,and live with it.

    • Naivety said

      Silence? Not so for one big & loud mouth WP’s MP who sounds like a loose cannon…Quote: “If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition government with it (to keep it in power)”
      – “MP Pritam Singh, May 2011”

      Does he need to proclaim & spell this out loud…a postgraduate student in law some more I wonder with the intelligence of PSLE standard??!!

      Mod’s note:

      He’s only a ‘big cannon’ during the election rallies, but after that, he is as quiet as a church mouse. Don’t be deceived by these useless ‘wayang’ clowns anymore. Vote them out together with their PAP masters in 2016! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

      • Johnny Toh said

        I will vote for WP till I die.

        Mod’s note:

        You are actually voting for the PAP. Wake up, the ‘Wayang Party’ has become a subsidiary party of the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

      • Johnny Toh said

        Look at all your ‘Mod’s note’ replies. YOU should be the one that seriously needs to wake up. Live like a gentleman, not a woof woof.

      • seah said

        so a vote for WP is a vote for PAP,i love PAP so if i vote for WP means i vote for PAP right ?but i like the name WP with the hammer,so i next time i cross my X on WP,as you said the same as voting for belove party PAP

        Mod’s note:

        Vote for the real opposition party in Hougang and Aljunied in 2016, not the phony opposition!

  2. meesiam said

    very disapointing. hopeless.

  3. Pink Panty Loong said

    @P Koh, agree totally with what you said! WP is the only one credible opposition party around. Let them concentrate and do the ground work in order to win more GRCs then to get into unnecessary troubles and gotten sued like SDP Chee Soon Juan. Look at SDP now, not even a SMC to be won, let alone a GRC. But having said that, I will still vote for opposition party, ANYONE OF THEM, because we certainly need more alternative voices in the Parliament!

    • Francischuanghli said

      To be honest, I personally still believe that we are not capable to replace this over arrogant PAP Gov’t and go back from the ’50. We had come so far to today level and we have to continue on. We have to optimize on whatever on hand. Of cuz we are not to oppose against with anything for the sack of opposing but a constructive alternative voice could be helpful if ever there is any. Objection for the sack of gaining popularity is not what we wants or needs in our opposition camp however, if there is a needs of pointing out for a better of our life effect, it is expected from the opposition camp. Talking birds is OK but immigration policy is also needed to be addressed to. When a watchdog is still functional, we are not to dispose it, however we needs a handler to make sure this DOG don’t shit arround in massing up the place all over. This is suppose to be the purpose of electing our opposition members into the parliament.

  4. pohtiongho said

    On Oct 7, 2012 10:06 AM, “THE TEMASEK TIMES” wrote: > > temasektimes posted: “This sad turn of event is indeed disheartening for Singaporeans, especially those in Aljunied GRC. They must have felt betrayed. No wonder those WP MPs have been silent on issues which adversely affect the lives of Singaporeans. But not to worry. True ” >

  5. MR SMITH said

    TT, it’s faster to write your own WP bashing story than finding from facebook. You can write whatever ‘magic’ you want.

  6. Vote WP Out said

    WP have achieved nothing since elected. WP had to flip flop on issues like public transport, ministerial salaries. None of the 8 WP MPs have impressed me. Vote for WP for what??? Collect $15k doing nothing??? Like that, might as well vote for PAP!!!

    Mod’s note:

    Well, the ‘Wayang Party’ clowns have managed to waste alot of precious time in parliament on frivolous stuff like construction materials, carparks, PSLE textbooks, overseas voting and BIRD DROPPINGS! What will they raise in parliament next? The color of Cecilia Sue’s panties? LOL….

  7. mahbok tan said

    Be aware n alert for all the hype that were posted in the internet. Robin , if its true than its very unfortunate , but for the benefit of doubt , we still believe that some agenda are being played to make WP looks like wayang party.
    We are concern about pap than WP , coz they are in power n they knew their game plan…break n rule….easier to control. Play some game here and there to break the trust Citizen of Sgpore towards WP n other opposition. The stake are getting higher for the pap….coz theif million dollar salary are at stake.
    So whatever it is , we hope fellow SGporean will vote in any opposition into parliament so as to rectify all the mistakes that have been done by our Govt. Of yhe day.

  8. Silent Majority said

    RP consists of KJ’s YES MEN AND YES WOMEN. SDP consists of CSJ’s YES MEN AND YES WOMEN. NSP especially that Nicole Seah had disappeared. SPP is just Chiam’s party. SDA and SF should just close down. WP is fast becoming a joke. With duds opposition like this, I might as well as vote for the PAP!!!

    Mod’s note:

    SDP is a growing party. There are no Yes men or women in it. The ‘Wayang Party’ is the biggest JOKE of all – its MPs are paid to PRAISE the PAP! PHUI! Boycott the useless ‘Wayang Party’ now! Those clowns might as well join the PAP proper…hey wait..they don’t qualify to join the ‘A’ team, that’s why they are rejects in the ‘B’ team. LOL…..

  9. Ron said

    Look at HK. The Opposition members are vocal. After the ferry disaster, an opposition lawmaker took up the case of compensation and demanded the HK Electric Co. make available investigation reports ASAP. Yet HK is very stable despite the loud noises made and the weekly street peaceful protests.

    In Spore, we are not asking for the WP to be a noise maker or to organize protests. But they have been too silent on many issues. What do they think is their role in Parliament?

  10. dragon said

    In singapore collecting millions dollars still nothing done and retire.Some even so many diirectorship so what can u do,we just a layman not a superman work hard and work 12 hrs per day be silent that is what singapore need.Those who collect million need to put more effort they have more room to work hard with ppl of singapore.Minimum wages needed at $2,500 per month.

  11. dragon said

    They like to share wayang,wayang too.Learn from young.

  12. Jaded said

    See WP getting stronger so now get people to vote for the other parties so as to split the opposition vote? Just like what happened in the Presidential Election? Haha nice try pappies…

    Mod’s note:

    WP getting stronger = PAP getting stronger. The votes are being passed from the ‘A’ team to the ‘B’ team. There won’t be any real change in the status quo because if you vote for WP, WP will keep the PAP in power:

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power forever)’

    – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Wake up before it is too late!

  13. yoyoyo said

    Stupid. If you can’t work together at all with the opposition, Singapore will just descend into anarchy.

  14. compatriot said

    Singapore Singaporeans now are breathing the political climate of BETRAYALS,BIGOTRY,CRONYISM,DEBAUCHERY,ELITISM,MOCKERY,these conceivably are the definitive form of the element of ill feeling which Singaporeans have been ill-disposed with

    Singaporeans with its ethnics multi-racial and multi-religious society must wake up and addressed these despotic elements dont just stay in your ivory tower for that one day it will come and crumbled with dust

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