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NTUC Assistant Director under investigation for making racist remark on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on October 8, 2012

An Assistant Director of NTUC Amy Cheong is currently under investigation by the organization for making racist remark on her personal Facebook.

Cheong had initially ranted against Malays having their wedding at void decks.

Her comment sparked a massive outcry among netizens who lodged numerous complaints to NTUC, forcing it to respond.

In a comment on its Facebook, NTUC said it took the matter seriously and will address it in due course:

“Dear fans of NTUC Membership, we have been alerted of an inappropriate comment, allegedly made by one of our staff recently. This matter is being investigated and we will have a report in due course. This is a serious concern to all of us and will be addressed shortly. The Labour Movement centers on inclusivity and we will not accept words or action of any of our staff that is insensitive or offending to any community.”

Cheong has since apologized for her outburst, calling it a ‘bad judgement’ which she truly regretted and added it was in no way a reflection of NTUC and its work.


74 Responses to “NTUC Assistant Director under investigation for making racist remark on Facebook”

  1. Lim said

    I think the facebook comments reflect her true sentiments and the apology is damage control and not sincerely from her heart – she was forced to apologise after it went viral. She thinks its her FB so she can say whatever she likes.

  2. Assistant Director, and she is so stupid… I wonder how this kind pf ppl can make the way to the top. LOL

  3. B Chan said

    Is she nuts making such comments on FB? What does she do as an Assistant Director? Social Services?

    • Naivety said

      She collects $8,000 to $10,000 monthly as an AD in NTUC & most of the time, too free & got nothing better to do & that is way she can post such comments on-line!

  4. NoEgoNoPride! said

    We certainly have more people of such “caliber” in PAP!

  5. tony said

    good news is NTUC Membership has already gave her THE SACK

  6. Tak-Boleh Tahan! said

    We had 2 Malays weddings in the void deck over 2 consecutive weekends…the whole weekend was ruined for us as they need the Sat for preparation and those helpers were simply inconsiderate as they keep playing loud music during the preparations. Come Sun (actual wedding), there was karaoke, singing and music non-stop from morning till evening, and worst, on both occasions, there were a group of bikers who did some stupid moronic stunt in the car park, left unsightly tire marks on the road, created so much noise and polluted the air with their exhaust fumes. I can tolerate it for weekend, but to suffer for 2 weekends is really beyond my imagination…in fact, I once have the strong temptation to throw some dirty water from my unit so as to let them know how irritating they are!

    • Logan02 said

      Oh come on pple! This is a once a lifetime event for that person/couple, give and take respect. Non-Chinese never complain about the funeral procession that takes place under the blocks and goes on for days in a row, blocking walking paths and they also conduct burning which leave permanent marks on cement floors-not to mention the ash pile that’s left behind for the cleaner to clear the next morning. Reader ‘Tak-Boleh Tahan!’ talking about polluting the air? that is nothing compared to the burning of offerings-the richer they are, the worse the environment damage. But non-Chinese understand this is part of culture, and we tolerate it. We dont post this on social networking sites.. I don’t! 🙂


      To Tak-Boleh-Tahan:

      Don’t be such a coward ! show yourself… what’s your name and your designation/organization. c’mon now – don’t hide under anonymous nickname .

    • Virgorian said

      Well said ta boleh tahan!!!high 5!!

    • for shame said

      and by wanting to throw dirty water will solve the issue? TSK. what’s you level of tolerance? zero? shame on you. and to think that the malays can stand the chinese funerals which can go on for weeks at the void decks. be mindful of your thoughts and words.

    • Anti-Racism said

      How selfishly intolerant one can be?! Don’t be a keyboard warrior and hide under anonymity! U gravel at noise over the wkend…how abt the 2 weeks long procession of the chinese funerals at void decks? The massive littering of burnt joss papers at void decks and grass patches?? Noise pollution??!! How abt the crying of the ozone layer (air pollution) due to the annual burnings offerings for hungry ghost’s festival?!!!
      The minorities shut it and take it in their stride bcos we respect ur religion and customary, not question it rudely!

    • serpico said

      hey tak boleh tahan. the malays also tak boleh tahan with your chinese wake with the bloody chanting, gambling way up 24hrs aday for five days. have the malay communities complain. no. this is a multi racial country the last time i check. you and amy cheong are the same racist idiots.

    • a man said

      you deserve to have your ass kicked. do you see the other ethnicities complain about the amount of smog and smoke when Qing Ming occurs, or the amount of garbage and litter that suddenly appears all over the place? i’m pretty sure that that is even more damaging to the environment than the petty exhaust fumes from the motorcycles. stop nit-picking on the culture and practises of others, and start understanding and accepting the differences. looks like you haven’t paid much attention to the racial harmony lessons in school eh.

    • SD said

      We are living in a multiracial society, tolerance is of utmost importance. Just as we have to tolerate smoke, ashes and loud stage shows till 10 pm during hungry ghost festival. We also have to tolerate some noises from void deck weddings.

    • Steve Lee said

      @Tak Boleh Tahan. I value my Indian and Malay fellow Singaporeans extremely highly and respect their culture and beliefs as I hope they respect mine. We must show tolerance for the occasional slight inconvenience that occurs when celebrations take place. What you have described is a once in a lifetime occurance and we should certainly be happy for the bride and groom. I wish them all the best in their future life together.

    • Wei En said

      I empathise with you, Tak-Boleh Tahan! Truth hurts, and obviously, you will have hypocrites here making all those self-righteous remarks.

      For those who claimed Tak-Boleh Tahan is hiding behind the keyboard, aren’t you jerks doing the same?

    • tolerant said

      @tak boleh tahan,
      You’re right. I also tak boleh tahan. With you, of course! You hear any comments on burnings during the seventh month or during wakes? That’s becoz we tolerate it and understands. Perhaps you should change your nick to tak ada otak?

    • Not Taking Sides Blindly said

      Everyone will have their share of frustrations when the use of common spaces affect one’s peace or rest at home. Malay, Chinese or Indian. All equal when you chose to live low floor. There is no solution unless you move higher or you tolerate. There must be an assumed advantage for one to choose living low in the first place. So the inconveniences from the use of common space are the trades off for one’s assumed advantage. It is not right to direct the frustrations at a specific race. Since when have we been so petty over these issues? Why are we (Singaporeans) digging into this when we have been living in peace for decades?

  7. Mark Roche said

    Must be a very depressed person, or starting
    Manopause … I can’t think of any other excuse for such disgusting remarks .

  8. Invictus said

    Deserves a sacking. If this is her private sentiments, then stupid woman should learn to keep it private. I wonder how her sentiments is reflective in her daily work. Sadly for an Assistant Director, she’s pretty dumb. How did she get so high at NTUC one wonder

  9. Tarakan said

    the irony part is is she as an Assistant Director living in a HDB flat? she should be living in a condo at least from my opinion..

  10. Marcus said

    Amy you are well aware of the remarks you made on FB . So say sorry is not good enough the damage is done. Leaving in a multi racial society and current position you hold at NTUC it is unacceptable . The authority should take tough action against her so this won’t happened again . We must treasure the peace and harmony we have and not take each and others race and religion for granted . The people have the right to know what action is taken on people like her .

  11. Ah Loong Si said

    The PAP government is itself racist – bringing in garbage load of toxic waste from China. Unless there is a change in government policy in emigration, long live racism and racial disharmony.

  12. Cheaptalk said

    This is stupid pap is ,employing cronies to top position who cannot make simple judgement
    Shocking , a deputy director using word like fuck and asshole

    But to be honest even head of major government bodies make foolish mistakes like giving up a lucrative career for a blowjob from an old cow

    So it is not surprising

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Cheaptalk.

      Ms Amy Cheong has paid the ultimate price for her indiscreet comments.
      Sad. Yes, even the elites can make serious mistakes such as this one.
      Perhaps we should always remind ourselves to exercise self-control and
      walk away from a ‘heated’ or extremely difficult situation when we feel that
      we’re about to explode or lose control. Never easy, but we must…..otherwise the consequences can be truly horrible.

      Some years ago, our then Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew called
      Australians ‘white trash’ and the Australians rightly so stood up to him
      and condemned him. Eventually, Mr Lee had to apologise. He was lucky!
      He only has to eat humble pie. Ms Amy Cheong got the sack for her racist
      rant. That’s life!

      Nobody is perfect. Hopefully, we’ll not be the one who cop the worst
      punishment for our indiscretion or mistake.

      The wise folks of old said: Look before you leap.

      It is also pertinent that we think before we speak.

      • Enough said

        Hello Julie

        I agree that nobody is perfect.

        But u cannot expect a person of that

        Position to utter such comments

        It is beyond common sense and that is what pap is

        Opening floodgates making stupid investments and throwing away
        Money like burning hell money
        For the dead

  13. Main Bola said

    You are dumb for thinking that Assistant Director is a high post.

    • Lim said

      Actually you are quite right – so many vice presidents, executive vice-presidents created in certain top-heavy organisations Or bus drivers are called bus captains.

    • Naivety said

      Oh, not so high post lah but the salary for an Assistant Director (higher than Senior Manager Appt) in any government bodies/service (such as N’Park, etc) is about $8,000 to $10,000 basic per month only which I think is enough to get you by unless you are earning more than $10,000 per month lah!!

      Similarly for uniformed rank appointments, their starting basic salaries are as follows (incase you’re not aware yet):
      -Brigadier General = starting from $25,000 basic salary per month only
      -Major General = starting from $35,000 basic salary per month only
      -Lieutenant General = starting from $45,000 basic salary per month only

      But however, all these salaries are only base salary structure excluding AWS, Performance Bonus, Variable Bonus, etc.
      So, you can visualize how much the head such as the Commissioner of SCDF & Commissioner of Police are being paid.

      • Main Bola said

        No way ass dir earn so much.

      • Naivety said

        See for yourself…recommended salary for a Senior Manager, Materials Manager at a GLC with respect to the link below:

        Btw, isn’t Assistant Director level supposed to be higher than Senior Manager level as government jobs especially those in the civil service have very complex hierarchies & many levels as I believe you’re quite ignoramus desu!

        You might as well dispute the fact with me that a Brigadier General (BG) starting basic salary is not at $25,000 per month, wakarimasu ka?

  14. Robin hood said

    This asst director of NTUC is supposed to educated, mature and sensitive enough not to make such seditious remarks on FB. This is as bad as making it public in printed media as FB is now widely accessible by many worldwide. She reflects the kind of organization the NTUC is as a close relative to PAP.

    These remarks are very upsetting to the Malay community of this island being the indigenous people whose forefathers had inhabited much, much earlier than this asst director’s. Hopefully, they will remain cool and not lose their heads and resort to undesirable and possibly violent retaliatory measures.

    We’ll wait and see the results of the investigation. Will the Malay PAP MPs follow through and ensure that she will be properly dealt with for sedition.

  15. samueltan said

    I think ‘tak boleh tahan’ is amy ccb sister cos they have the same thinking…hope someone from ISD look into this matter before it blows out of hand.

  16. teo cheap buy said

    How can she insult our Malay comrade under the banner of Ntuc.

    I still waiting for Ntuc to apology to our Malay comrade.

  17. Gina said

    She’s complaining about the noise Malay weddings generate, which is only for a few hours.
    I am Chinese too, and let me ask her about the noise generated by Chinese funerals that are usually held over a few days : the nightly chanting that goes on till near midnight, the burning of joss and paper that pollutes the air, and the chatter and mahjong games held nightly.
    Big mouth and very tactless! Coming from an assistant director? It’s no wonder with her personality that the Facebook status of her personal relationship is complicated!

  18. Jaded said

    what about Jason Neo? His case still pending? What is the outcome?

  19. Alice chia said

    OMG, how irresponsible are her remarks. We are living in harmony over 40+ years. Chinese ghost festival, Deepavli, Malay weddings has not affected us in any way. They respected our traditions and we respected theirs. We have not change and we will still remain the same.

    • Ken Lee said

      guess what we stop at 10pm for under the block activity, but too bad! their wedding go round the clock! even in the 3am there still got people come to the wedding!

  20. TTK said

    she must have had a unit next to the HDB pavilion ,

  21. haotu said

    Please forgive Amy, she already apologised and lost her job. After this i believed she will repent and maybe join the opposition party. she will be more sensitive now, give her a chance lah.

  22. TheOracle said

    No point study so hard to obtain your PhD. EQ & FQ always trump academic intelligence. Yet so many Sillyporean parents rushing and pushing their kids to score distinctions in exams w/o seeing the whole picture. This silly woman should make it to national case study of how to whack one’s future with the keyboard & mouse.

  23. Cher said

    She is lucky, only got the sack. Others will have ISD officers and Home Affairs team at the door step. Lucky lady.

    • mahbok tan said

      It is not lucky , its becoz she is the pap guy….so NATO la. But if its chee soon juan , guess he will be in ISD hotel.
      Actually I am very angry….but better to control myself than to used my hokkien words of anger at her .
      Anyway , we should learned n move on …… Period.

  24. Yun said

    The title ‘Director’ is aka a Manager/Senior Manager position given by most companies in a company nowadays. Not the actual Director managing the company.

  25. Is Amy Cheong one of the new citizens of Singapore? If she is and came to Singapore from other country, the PAP government must revoke her citizenship and send her back to her country of origin. What she did was harmful to Singapore’s racial harmony, and the only way to settle the problem is to send her back to her country of origin if she is a new citizen!

    • Ken Lee said

      ya send her back to Singapore! just put yourself in her shoes, work for the whole damn day and come back at night with people playing music loudly for three days and after the wedding those people who move the thing back going ping ping pang pang in the middle of 3am. how you feel?

      • I am a Chinese said

        You are sprouting nonsense. I live in Kallang area with many Malays. Malay weddings NEVER involve moving things ping ping pang pang at 3am. Yes they play loud music but it only lasts for few hours and mostly in the afternoon, NOT AFTER WORK. And the music is nice. Compared to us Chinese, funeral music also damn loud, and always burning incense paper polluting the environment with ashes and intoxicating smoke. Somemore I live beside a Chinese Temple, frequently will have fucking loud karaoke sessions singing chinese songs by stupid ppl who cannot sing from 7pm to 11pm. And sometimes early morning 7am will have opera singings for the deities/ drumming processions for ki tangs and will last WHOLE DAY.

    • Naivety said

      Was told that Amy Cheong was originally an Indonesian Chinese who studied at the University of Western Australia & she was brought in by the PAP!

  26. Johnny Toh said

    Is she married? Most likely is an ‘old fish’ and jealous of people getting married.

  27. wtf is getting married for 50 bucks? Amy get married for the ang bao money and not true love.

  28. Ken Lee said

    donated millions to the poor, but pay nuts to it employee!

  29. Dora said

    She deserved more than just the sack. Such disregard for racial harmony clearly shows her indifference towards the country. I’m sure she’s more than aware that FaceBook is an online platform that is open to everyone and anyone.

  30. chinesemultiracial said

    hw could she say like she truly born sg..dun tell me when she born in this world she never cry as a baby which make loud noise..??we all born local used to it already such as malay wedding,chinese funeral,hungry ghost festival…all tis are common noise not whole yrs wat..nowadays most gov sector pple got no brain want..they complain low pay la but are they really talented enuff or just base on their cert to get high post jobs..?it seems to me that nw most trying to bring down malay community in sg wherelse during our great great grand ma and grandpa..all of them regardless of race integrate themselves without any problem but nw I been wondering whether are these pple really truly born sg or theirs parents work here and give birth to them here..?so double conform they are not truly sg..its really hurt the feelings of malay community here..look surrounds us as malaysia and indonesia are the nearest to us amongst others..btw as local born chinese,we shldnt tolerate this type of nonsence pple..we shld take care our own rice bowl as many immigrants are looking to take our rice bowls appreciate of wat you have..we shld be more intergrate amongst our own local pple regardless of race or religion.,I really hope she get tough sentence because of what her comments is vieweable by other worlds which might make the viewers laugh twrds malay community here.

    • Enough said

      Pap is NTuc

      Ntuc is pap

      This is a known fact

      Pap is racist dictator who serve

      Foreigners only

      And is true if NTuc

      It does not look after the interest. Of
      Working class

  31. singaporean deserved said

    Racial Harmony is e Key word! Tolerance is another,Singapore is a Multi-racial society,thus everyone MUST play their part in maintaining one!

  32. kev said

    Weddings Not once in a lifetime for some…….2 time 3 time is becoming common. But funerals?….100% once I’m a lifetime………ok ok kidding… just injecting some funcom

    • jack sparrow said

      lets do some simple maths

      100 people died = 100 funerals.

      100 people get married (50 males 50 females) = 50 weddings ONLY.

      and even when including remarriages, highly unlikely that it will reach 100 weddings

      so which is more common?


    • jack sparrow said

      ok, people dont die every weekend. but well, come on. this is singapore. lets respect each others culture. nobody wants racial riots

  33. SEL KUMS said

    Get a hold of yourselves people. The thing here was about some clod named Amy who wrote some disparaging remarks about Malays in her FB page. She will be quietly given another high paying job. She is probably laughing right now at you fellas going at each other.

    • Naivety said

      Yep, totally agreed with what you said as there is always such possibilities if she has high level connections at the top!

  34. Rod said

    I find it interesting. If Amy is a true blue Singaporean, she wouldn’t have felt that way. Every time we invite our Malay or Indian friends, we make they have halal food and no beef.

    Is Amy trying to disunite Singaporeans?

  35. Gina said

    I have an acquaintance high up in NTUC. He was at a meeting with her just last Friday, and he describes her as ‘loud and vulgar’. Whereas in the Straits Times today of 0ctober 10, three co-workers describe her as ‘outspoken and brash’.
    On her Facebook, under relationship status, she selected: it’s complicated.
    No sane man would see her as a potential good mother/spouse. When a man goes home after a hard day’s work, he seeks one who can make an oasis of calm and quiet. Not some noisy harlot who spouts four letter words…posting f***, kns (kanna sai) and ‘after all, its my Facebook page’. Happy for her, as now she has plenty of time to spend on her Facebook page.

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