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NTUC director Amy Cheong sacked for making racist remarks on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on October 8, 2012

Singapore’s only legal trade union National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) has sacked a senior high-ranking official for making racist remarks on Facebook.

Ms Amy Cheong, the assistant director of the membership department has earlier posted offensive comments about an ethnic minority in Singapore on 7 October, sparking a massive outcry among netizens.

She was sacked the very next day by NTUC whose Secretary-General Lm Swee Say said in a statement that NTUC “takes a serious view on racial harmony in Singapore.”

He added the NTUC will not accept and has zero tolerance towards any words used or actions taken by its staff that are racially offensive.

NTUC has since ‘counselled’ Ms Cheong and impressed upon her the seriousness of her action. However the session did little to save her from the sack.


37 Responses to “NTUC director Amy Cheong sacked for making racist remarks on Facebook”

  1. Jack said

    this is what PM Lee is referring too

    • aceboy said

      Wah.. Even PM Lee come out to condemn her. But how come when PRC scholar Sunxu call us dogs no comment? And some MP even call us to reflect on ourselves. Double standard?

      • Net said

        I wld expect leaders to show and teach tolerance. Intolerance against different points of views will breed more intolerance. Perhaps NTUC should have led the way and counsel Amy and she face the public to apologize for being insentive. Being branded a racist for a view is way too harsh. To me, a hardcore racist acts on their views points, look at the all militants (whichever creeds they are from) and their supporters in the world. Those are the true hardcore racists. hence, if all exercise restraints and allow a little bit tolerance of alternate views and be gracious about it, Singapore will be a less intolerant place. Leaders must lead by example and not be influenced to be politically right. They should have the moral courage to go against the tide and ask that we Singaporean not overreact and to be more forgiving. Condemning a person for a view (which is flawed) and taking a crusader response against her will only make the aggrieved parties more intolerant. Singapore was built by the industrious efforts of early immigrants and while differences in culture and cultural views and practices exists, by and large, we remained peaceful (beside the herzog ? Case). The only difference I believe is that our society were more tolerant then. Hence, I think that NTUC missed a chance to teach and show one very important aspect of nation building, tolerance towards its own citizens and inculcating them, for we all live under the same blue sky.

  2. Naivety said

    Wow, she is quite a ‘looker’ desu but unfortunately lah, she had been made an example of by the government who is trying hard to control the internet!

    • The World is Laughing said

      agree with you..

      she was just frustrated by the non-stop wedding drumbeats in the void deck, and the pap made a meal out of it to serve their own purpose.

      what did those pap supporters do when some foreigners wanted to stop their indian neighbour from cooking curry?

  3. please put in her remark in your article for us to commnet said

    Can you put in the remark for our reference, so I can make the comment?
    thank you

  4. CPT said

    so for those who think that facebook is good than asked our lady here as it cause her job now and her life going forward as i advise her better not to go Malaysia or Indonesia it might cause her life

    • Naivety said

      The latest information I’ve heard from Yahoo was that Amy Cheong was actually an Indonesian Chinese who had studied at the University of Western Australia & was imported here by the Pro Alien Party to be the Assistant Director of NTUC!

  5. Kuthupdeen said

    She got what she deserves.

  6. JeoJeo said

    poor Amy…
    actually, pap will ‘sacrifice’ their people to make sure they still get voted in…
    they will sacrifice us for their gains, why support them?

  7. musliyadi musa said

    people make mistakes… sacking her is not supposed to be…. another chance for her will be great..

  8. shiroiluke said

    As a spokesperson for NTUC, making such shallow remarks on a public platform is not really wise.

    My view and opinion towards the issue:

  9. rascism sucks said

    i think the fact that your even asking this question is dumb. her words were not professional and left an impression that she was senseless and shallow minded. she doesnt deserve to be in such a high ranking post. and who knows what consequences her words have if she isnt duly punished?

  10. Noises causes Rants anywhere in the world said

    Quite hard to say… unless you have lived at lower levels of a hdb block and experienced the blasting stereo/noise from any big event (wedding/funeral alike) downstairs. Imagine if you have a kid studying for exams or some sick person who’s trying to get some rest. Maybe a peaceful solution could be a sound-proof void-deck or multi-purpose hall in the vicinity? In such a case, pay-to-pollute economics can work without external costs to the neighbourhood.

    • Naivety said

      HDB should build flats with acoustically treated or sound-proof rooms inclusive of master bedroom upto to STC 50 Level instead!

  11. Ken Lee said

    er though you can go worker union to speak up for you… o i forgot they make their own laws!

  12. RH said

    I guess you could say that it was a ‘Fair Price’ to pay 😀

  13. bone said

    Well now that a police report has been lodged against Amy Cheong for her comments, we’ll see what happens next. Does anyone remember Jason Neo of Y pap? he made a racist online statement against the Muslims in Singapore, what happen to him ah?

  14. R Usha said

    if she can say such things, how long will i take to comment abt other religions and races making use of the void deck for events?

    • proalien said

      You’re pretty slow, it’s already happened. Do go beyond this website and update yourself. You should be deleted for obsolescence!

  15. Singkaypoh said

    Okay, remarkable achievement, she managed to lose her well-paid job for an even dumber reason than a blowjob, congratulations!

  16. suren said

    Director? How silly. Her resignation would show how deeply she is sorry and remorseful. Then only community at large will sincerely feel that apology is truthful. Otherwise, her apology is not sincere and she is only doing this because she has been caught for writing the wrong thing. Generally, director representing ntuc should be unbiased in regards to her personal feeling about other minority groups. She openly criticized minority group in the social media shows she is clearly unfit to fill the position as director. Then, I quickly realized she has been terminated from hr job.

    • jack sparrow said

      actually asst director post is just a middle management position. for example, in a certain bank, they have hundreds of assistant vice presidents and vice presidents

  17. LittlePanda said

    This is the day she will forget in her life.

  18. ZA said

    At least she was considerate enough not to spell the F-word correctly.

    How is it that people like her get such high level positions? Kind of makes you wonder if she’s works with like minded people? Also, makes you wonder about her up bringing/family. Remember the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  19. jack sparrow said

    look on the bright side! now all her malay friends will know that she is a racist and unfriend her on fb! that is she has any in the 1st place 😀

  20. Rod said

    I find it interesting. If Amy is a true blue Singaporean, she wouldn’t have felt that way. Every time we invite our Malay or Indian friends, we make they have halal food and no beef.

    Is Amy trying to disunite Singaporeans?

  21. Anthony Seow said

    Absolutely and no question whether she deserves it! She should be really ashamed of herself on two counts. Firstly as a bloody racist and secondly also shows how shallow she is as a human!

  22. Lim Hock Chuan said

    Personally, I was shocked that NTUC sacked her just for silly remarks made by her. I believe she made such remarks was out of impulse only. I was very disappointed that Mr. Lim Swee Say had sacked her. I thought Mr. Lim is a very kind man and now I have changed my opinion about Mr. Lim.

  23. Mike said

    so, at NTUC, does ‘senior high-ranking official’ = ‘assistant director of membership’? Give me a break!

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