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PAP grassroots leader lodged police report against ex-NTUC director Amy Cheong

Posted by temasektimes on October 8, 2012

Prominent PAP grassroots leader in Hougang Lionel De Souza has lodged a police report against former high-ranking NTUC director Amy Cheong for posting a racist comment on Facebook.

Cheong had posted a rant against Malays having their weddings at HDB void decks yesterday.

De Souza, who is also the secretary of Hougang’s inter-racial confidence circle posted his police report on his Facebook page.

Speaking to queries from the state media, De Souza said that he lived through the racial riots in Singapore and felt such remarks should never be allowed to be made here.

In his police report, he said that the remarks made by Amy Cheong were calculated to promote enmity between different groups on the grounds of race.

Judging from previous cases, it is highly unlikely that the police will take action against Cheong. Numerous police reports were lodged against former Young PAP leader Jason Neo for making similar remarks on Facebook earlier this year. NOTHING has happened to him so far.



79 Responses to “PAP grassroots leader lodged police report against ex-NTUC director Amy Cheong”

  1. shiroiluke said

    Maybe because she is a public figure?
    If look back from 2005 onward till today, those who are charged, fine, jail don’t have such status like them.

  2. Daft Peasants said


  3. Jack said

    That is a very speedy action, I hope the grassroots are always so efficient on all matters

  4. That will teach her a lesson. said

    Good that such matters surfaced.Let’s talk rationally now.

    HDB Void deck is used both for the Chinese Wake(funeral) and Malay Weddings.

    But ask yourself which you rather be –sleep under a corpse (if you are staying in the 2nd floor) or bear the noise of a Malay weddings.

    Apparently,this PAP government gives priority to Chinese Wakes and cancels Malay Wedding;even if booked months in advance.This is being much more racist than Amy Cheong guffles.

    The real racist is PAP/Town Council.For giving priority to Chinese wakes over Malay weddings.

    What Amy really did was being an elitist–not really racist per se. Because only an elitist can ever think a wedding in Singapore can be conducted for $50.Which again is what PAP itself breeds–elitism,.

    All weddings were conducted in their homes whether Chinese,Indian,Malay,Baba or Eurasians.Only that lately modernity had offered Hotels as a venue.And as for Indians in temples and wedding halls.Otherwise before the 50s Chinese would have conducted their weddings in their homes too.

    And talking about affordability ?Do you folks know that decorating the HDB void deck for a wedding itself cost 3 to 8K?And unlike Chinese wedding where only invited guests per table are present therefore fed (usually those that gives a fat ang pow)whereas in Malay weddings all are invited.And the sheer number itself may run to thousands and they all are fed free–with or without ang pows received.

    Many are just as ignorant as Amy.

    In fact,in a Muslim wedding all that is needed is three witnesses including the father of the bride for a wedding.It’s that simple.

    Expensive weddings are Indian traditions .Which can make a father pauper.

    Now,I only wish Amy to be married to an Indian who demands huge dowry.Cash,car,condo and jewelleries are norm.This is minus the wedding expenses..That will teach her a lesson.

    • jay said

      why you diverting to Indians?

      • gary said

        its just stating the facts or cultural norms, i feel that we are getting very sensitive here. just like Russel Peters, the only way he got away with racial jokes because he makes fun at himself/his own race first.

  5. Criminal record for posting on facebook.

    • Mike Zeng said

      Immediate sacking is bad enough and should be sufficient. The fmr cop who lodged a police report is going beyond the Ken. But that’s Lionel dSouza….always a cop waiting to nab any wrongdoer, real or imagined. Lionel will always thrive in police states. In fact in a much greater police state like Zimbabwee, he would have been appointed the chief of Police for sure. Sing is not yet and will never be due to the power of the social media and Internet.
      Poor Amy, she’s being arrowed deeply from all and sundry just for writing some unthinking racist comments. Now even the PM all the way from NZ has sent his big arrow to put salt in her wounds…worst case of cracking a nut with a sledge hammer I’ve seen.
      Might as well hang her! Don’t you think!

      • Jack said

        Why Lionel De Souza did not do the same the YPAP Member Jason Neo when Jason made the much worst racist remark?

    • Mike Zeng said

      Here’s some more….

      This is a classic case of OVERKILL….
      It’s like a gang has whacked their hated victim so seriously that he’s down on the ground near dead, but they continue to kick his prone body relentlessly…even a male does not deserve this cruel treatment much more a female!
      This ugly episode shows very clearly that Singaporeans by and large AND led by their PAP leaders are bereft of decent human compassion. For goodness sake..enough is enough! Did she commit a heinous crime like murder? One would think so if not knowing the details!
      She has already apologized profusely….can’t forgive and forget? As Jesus said…let him who is without sin, throw the first stone!
      I’m ashamed of the PM and all the other 5 Ministers who have added vitriol to Amy’s unthinking racist comments… shows they lack diplomacy and human compassion and worse….they can’t see the bigger picture!
      Amy is not a political opponent you would be justified to whack and whack…shes just a young inexperienced fellow citizen who deserves a 2nd chance! Here’s hoping you will not revoke her citizenship and repatriate her back to Indonesia!
      PS: I’m not acquainted with Amy directly or indirectly.

      • If she was born in Indonesia, just repatriate her back! She could have made people to loose control emotionally physically, and the innocents could have suffered! Think of that, therefore prevention at all cost is always better!

      • Emeritus Sang Nila Utama said

        Mike, it IS A CRIME! I am a Singaporean Malay, by the way.

      • Mike Zeng said

        If it was a crime, ie a seizable offence, why was Amy not arrested by the police but allowed to chabot to Australia?
        Yes indeed, if this was an extremist Muslim country like Afghanistan or even Pakistan, she would have been hung or stoned to death!
        But I don’t think we want to go that way, do we?

      • mahbok tan said

        Sun Xu were given special treatment…Jason too , now anus cheong…..all are their beloved people not any ahmad , ah seng or muthu ….ordinary SGporean.!!!!

        Our police force nowadays are so free that they do not have to do anything…..not like in the early 70’s to late 80’s….!!! Our police now were given instruction to sit in police station and work with playstation 3 or XBox 360 thats why now adays FTrash are very eager to come to SGpore and spawn their community here….!!!

  6. Ken Lee said

    why police report just issue her lawyer letter, though our leader do this!

  7. frankie said

    We live through racial riots,and it was about the Judges” decision which actually spark it.It was people who disrespect authority then that spark it.Making a mountain out of a molehill,and apply such “”draconian””on Amy,it sound like Old Testament Bible days…if you say a bad word against your parents,you would be stone to death!..We are New Testament!…Go ahead and jump the wagon of intolerance and censorship of free speech!..Punishments cannot be DRACONIAN OVER SMALL INCIDENTS…I wonder,those who sensationalise it,people who make bones out of it,who are the real culprits?…I suppose they tell you to hush-hush this and hush-hush that?How come even to sensationalise this by police reporting,so serious????Yes,she was wrong but can a dish washer be paid millons of S$ dollars a month washing plates?You bet!…Where is our sense of proportion,huh?

  8. teo cheap buy said

    Another wayang…miw

    • Darren Yong said

      Who are the people at the top of NTUC? Which party do they belong to?

      Since many Singaporeans know the answers to these questions, they quitely acknowledge that everything is just wayang meant for damage control.

      But the wayang is really extraordinary.


      Is it because she is also a member of the party as many netizens are speculating?

  9. Naivety said

    What an irony as Amy Cheong was actually an FT, (Indonesian Chinese who studied at University of Western Australia) brought in the Pro Alien Party themselves!

    • Jack said

      bring in FT who do not understand our culture and history, she is no diff from PRCs who called us dogs. The govt should self reflect on what they have done to Singapore

    • Overeseas Singaporean said

      I think she is Australian Citizen, as most Indonesia Chinese are. She can leave sg and return back to Australia and join the Australian Union (ALP) Australian Labour Party

      • Naivety said

        Wow…Overseas Singaporean, you’re spot on & she is indeed an Australian Citizen!

        As today, TNP reported that Amy Cheong was infact born in KL, Malaysia & had moved to Perth at the age of 8 & she had
        fled back to Perth, Australia already since Monday’s evening, 08 October 2012 after being dismissed by NTUC.

        Question is how come NTUC could employ an FT to be an Assistant Director of NTUC incharge of membership recruitment and the fact that she was given S’pore PR status straightaway upon hired???

    • Darren Yong said

      I thought she was a Malaysian?

      Generally, when you speak to a Malaysian you can see that they carry a lot of bagage with them.

      So sad that they are not able to let go of those bagage but carry it with them even when they are in Singapore.

      • If she is, send her back to Malaysia. Not too long ago one Malaysian PR pilot working for SIA had his PR status revoked! This time if she is not Singapore born, just revok her status and send her back to her country of origin!

      • Naivety said

        She is infact an Australian Citizen as reported by TNP today that she was born in KL, Malaysia & had moved to Perth at age of 8. Not sure how come she could be employed as an Assistant Director incharge of membership recruitment by NTUC & given S’pore PR status upon hired???

    • mahbok tan said

      Are you sure about that…any proof? If its true than Sgpore have failed in its mission to intergrate FTrash into SGpore.

  10. fpc said

    another wayang. yes it is a little racist but doesn’t warrant such a huge response.

  11. bone said

    Well now that a police report has been lodged against Amy Cheong for her comments, we’ll see what happens next. Does anyone remember Jason Neo of Y pap? he made a racist online statement against the Muslims in Singapore, what happen to him ah?

  12. aceboy said

    Wah.. Even PM Lee come out to condemn her. But how come when PRC scholar Sunxu call us dogs no comment? And some MP even call us to reflect on ourselves. Double standard?

  13. Robin hood said

    While they say sedition is a serious crime, offender Jason Neo was not punished by the court of law. That paves the for the likes of Amy Cheong to stir the harmonious racial co-existence with uncalled for and rude words. Indeed De Souza is concerned and rightly so, made a formal police report.

    Racial tension and rioting has to prevented at all costs. If this irresponsible ex-asst director is not hauled to court and accordingly punished, I fear that another racist will surface. Why should he/she be afraid? He/she can simply say “sorry, I didn’t mean that”.

    A deterrent is needed. De Souza and all Malays do not forget.

    • I Googled Jason Neo.
      He called some kindergarteners ’terrorists’.
      The thing is, terrorism is not restricted to any one race or religion.
      Anyone can blow themselves up in a crowded public space.

      • Jack said

        if you look at the photo taken by Jason Neo, you know he is referring to a particular race, that is obvious racism

      • However, at first glance, the photo looks as ’sarcastic’ as it is offensive.
        Why ’sarcasm’?
        The comment ended with a question mark.
        It it ended with a full stop, then it will undoubtedly be racially offensive.

  14. joker said


  15. spotlessleopard said

    hahahahahaha…..even in the PAP camp it is now a “dog eat dog world”……scoring points at every opportunity.
    I am not surprised esp. from this Lionel guy

  16. Sacking and apologies are the easiest part. Everyone including the PM are always ready with apologies that it has become a fashion. So don’t blame her for her big mouth and then apologized.

    Now the question is what kind of employment screening has NTUC done in regard to her employment.

    My take is that if she is single and if that is the case then we must excuse her for her outburst because whenever there is a wedding at her void deck, she would feel jealous. A jealous woman, like a hungry man is difficult to fathom.

    Maybe the SDU (sex development unit) of which the NTUC plays a major part, has failed her. But NTUC is sacking her.

    • Cozy said

      Wow haters gonna hate eh. So what sort of screening do you think can accurately predict the probability that an employee will commit crimes to do with dishonesty, sex, race etc. etc. Don’t bother answering because if you could I assure you you wouldn’t be here talking smack.

      • Hi Cozy I think you are living in cozy ivory tower for too long. The screening by the way is NTUC’s concern and not yours. why do you bother to speak for them. Of course to you everything is difficult and even you are worried that I will reply and take you on. When NTUC do reply then I will answer them and not to you.

        As for now I am awaiting your response and then I will “smack” back. Just try it as I am ever ready for verbal duel if you are capable of talking sense and not cock please.

  17. KF C said

    funny no one reported Mr Bus …

  18. NaBey said

    Her lips just nice for mine. When u want to take me in? I don’t like diy.

  19. Lional De Souza has got his facts wrong and yet he blew his top off. The past racial riots were not caused by such remarks made but fermented from within by their own newspapers such as Utusan Melayu.

    Hertoz’s case was the result of instigation by the Malay newspaper and the other racial riot was organized to coincide with Prophet Mohamed birthday procession.

    Just tell me which Ms Amy Cheong’s remarks caused the past riots.

    • GaanMaro said

      Lionel de Souza has been living in the past too long. He jumps on the band wagon to seek attention. No doubt about that. This old bloke has on countless occasion repeated about the riots in the past. They say people who talk about the past are people with no future. Lionel de Souza has been talking about the past at least the last 10 years or so. Which clearly means that 10 years ago, Lionel de Souza already didn’t have a future.

  20. Main Bola said

    if nothing happen, netizens complain. something happen, also complain. How to be correct?

  21. dragon said

    Own family wayang wayang,if you is a nobody die hard.

  22. rover2sg said

    Uncle wonders why MediaCorp and SPH paid so much attention to this De Souza guy instead of focusing on the issue itself.

    Why make a police report on matters in which you are not directly involved and when others have already taken appropriate action.

    “I lived through the racial riots” said De Souza. This is not about himself please.

    By the way, whilst he just “live through the riots” this uncle and his medical colleagues were spending our time in the hospital, away from our families tending to the injured, without breaks!

  23. denzuko1 said

    I think this De Souza guy is seeking attention, period.

  24. This Lionel de Souza was never a top cop, not even a deputy supt if I’m not
    Amy has paid a huge price 4 her big mouth and is sacked from her post. She is contrite and has apologised. In making a police report, Lionel has gone overboard to castigate her to make a mountain out of a molehill. A court case wld only fan a small spark to become a bigger spark, and something may just go wrong for it to become a conflagaration to nobody’s benefit.
    Netizens wld do well to close this matter.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      He was a useless cop in the past. He was a desk-top cop and and cant boast of any major track records in the police force. Now happily drawing his pension is good enough… don’t kay poh. I dont like the look of his grago face

  25. Sorry. “if I’m not” shd be “if I’m not wrong here”.

  26. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Lionel De Souza,,,, another uselless former cop and a PAP cronie. He likes to shoot first and then aim later. As a former cop he knows too well there is no need for him to make a police report. The ISA and the police themselves know what to do without being told. There is a saying in hokkien,.. “smart is good enough, dont try to be too smart (carrying PAP balls)”

  27. True BLUE Sinkie said

    I fully sympathize with Amy Cheong. Her remarks were not intentional nor racist,,it was written out of frustration and not giving it a second thought before posting online. At one time or another, we all make silly mistakes cos we pull the trigger too quickly.

    • Edmund said

      We have to think carefully before writing as one wrong sentence can spark a big debate on the internet.She was just letting go her frustrations and just pen her thoughts without giving it a thought if her words could backfire.One has to be careful when penning our thoughts on the social media.

  28. Jimmy Ho said

    What is wrong with Singapore is we punish people more than once. This lady has paid for her mistake by being sacked from NTUC. There’s no need for anyone to jump on the bandwagon to continue finger pointing to achieve whatever agenda they may have, if any. If I could clearly remember, Lionel De Souza was a police officer at Bukit Merah NPC when, few years ago, I submitted a police report that an elderly handicap man (to which I was the caregiver) was punched ten over times on the head by an old folk’s daycare centre volunteer. The immediate reply from him was that it was a non-seizable offence (or trivial matter?) and that we have to apply to the magistrate’s court for an order before the police would proceed with an investigation.

    • Daft Peasants said

      This simi Souza just wanna 搏出位 only la……..want to get inti ah loong’s good books mah……..

      ding ding ding ding ding………………he won 2000 credits !!!!

    • It is apparent the laws need changing. Such non-seizable offences should have been made seizable years ago.

    • Like kids, Police also capable of “dumbest things”

      Our police have done highly commendable jobs as witnessed in and publicized by Crime Watch.

      At the same time like kids they are also capable of doing the “dumbest things”,

      The recent case of an offense of using a mobile phone while driving is a case in point.

      The offense is compoundable and even after she paid the compound fine and demerited, police continue to withhold her mobile phone containing personal and confidential information.

      The question is what else can the police do for this offense unless of course they are trawling at their own leisure for any other offense of subversive or pornographic nature.

      Any one knows that won’t take more than five minutes. But they would keep it for days on end with the cliche “to facilitate ongoing investigation.”

      In my wife’s case bringing through the woodlands checkpoint a small package of “pok pok” for our two-year old grandson, she was subjected to police treatment as if she was trying to smuggle in a carload of gunpowder!

      She was brought to a police car and escorted to Jurong police station by 3 policemen.

      After being kept for a few hours while the police filed in their report she was asked to contact someone to bail her out. As I was overseas she called our son to bail her.

      Then two weeks later she was called to the Jurong police station again and warned that she could be charged in court for bringing in explosive. But the police inspector said ” I will let you off this time with a warning. If you do it again you will be charged.”

      The next time when she was stopped for bringing in a pack of 10 eggs the thought of what she had been through the previous time sent shiver down her spine and her face turned sickly pale.

      When she was led to a room the policeman had to open with a big key her thought was “die I am going into a lockup.”

      When the door was opened and what she saw was a dustbin for her to dump the eggs she sighed a heavy heave of relief and started thanking the policeman profusely (prima facie for making her dump the high grade omega boosted eggs into a rubbish bin.)

      In my case when buying a secondhand mobile phone the slew hands of the shop-owner had me carrying the phone box home with all the accessories and manual but minus the phone.

      This is a clear case of cheating and even theft but the Yishun police insisted it was a case for CASE. Had they come with me to the shop a simple search would suffice. But no, the policeman insisted on Case which on its part maintained it only handles cases of defective goods or goods not up to the standard.

      These are only some of the “dumbest” cases and I am sure you folks have your share too.

  29. It wld be useful 4 TT 2 do a writeup on Lionel de Souza 4 everyone 2 know the small cop he was. Netizens will be surprised he was a low level cop who’s bn made a grassroots leader if this is at all to PAP’s credit! 🙂

  30. A G Young said

    Miss Amy Cheong remarks were not so serious as to cause a RACIAL RIOT, there were many remarks made in the past and had not caused any RACIAL RIOT, so…. please do not EXAGGERATE!!!

  31. Rod said

    I find it interesting. If Amy is a true blue Singaporean, she wouldn’t have felt that way. Every time we invite our Malay or Indian friends, we make they have halal food and no beef.

    Is Amy trying to disunite Singaporeans?

  32. Ah Loong Si said

    Lionel De Souza was no angel in the Singapore Police Force

  33. tintin said

    There’s a saying that before one condemns another, he should be mindful of the log in his own eyes.

    Since the Amy Cheong episode surfaced, many PAP supporters have been busy climbing onto their high horse proclaiming Amy Cheong’s foolishness with some using the severest choice of words to condemn her.

    Staunch PAP supporter Sebastian Lim whose wife is a grassroots leader (in Bedok according to a source), is one such person. In his Facebook page, he admonished:

    “Let this also be a no nonsense warning to any and all other imbeciles who intends to follow Amy Cheong’s footsteps of grave and grievous error of judgement.”

    Now now, this was the same Sebastian who had defamed Workers Party MP Sylvia Lim in a highly offensive, sexist and uncalled for comment. In response to a post by one Anbang Dingguo about Sylvia’s law degree, Sebastian Lim had written:

    “Why don’t you ask her whether she offers free sex to her lecturer to secure her LLB degree?”

    So now it seems that instead of anyone following Amy Cheong’s footsteps of grave and grievous error of judgment, it was Amy Cheong who had followed Sebastian Lim’s footsteps – unless of course Sebastian Lim believes his comments are perfectly alright.

    Note: This defamatory statement has been made known to the PM. However, unlike the Amy Cheong episode, he has not come out publicly to condemn the PAP supporter.

  34. Sgt33 said

    This guy who makes the report, wants to be an mp. He is using Amy as a scapegoat for his own personal gains. What a way to go.

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