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PRC masseur had Singapore PR revoked after being jailed for arson

Posted by temasektimes on October 8, 2012

While some white collar professionals including a former SMU economics professor were unsuccessful in their application for Singapore permanent residency, it appears that foreigners from a particular country are given PR relatively liberally regardless of their professions.

A PRC lady Liu Guiling had a Singapore PR revoked recently after she was jailed for torching her Singapore lover’s fish farm:

Besides her, there are many other PRC masseurs, beauticians, bus captains, nursery teachers, cleaners, construction workers and even prostitutes being given Singapore PR and citizenship.

It is not known what additional values these PRC ‘talents’ will bring to Singapore.

In an interview with National Geographic magazine, Singapore Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew proclaimed that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than locals.


32 Responses to “PRC masseur had Singapore PR revoked after being jailed for arson”

  1. Aminurasyid said

    This Lee Kuan Yew is outdated, don’t he know that by bring in so many Chinese citizen from China will spoiled the TRUE BLUE livelihood of our Singapore citizen.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Aminurasyid.

      I agree with you. Besides, it is racial discrimination. I believe that we should get good people from whatever source country and preferably young too. Persons of good character who are also honest and hardworking. Definite asset to Singapore.

      With the deluge of immigrants our nascent and uniquely Singaporean
      culture will be spoilt or compromised. Let’s hope that the children of these
      newcomers will adopt our ways and learn ‘Singlish’ in addition to mastering the rudiments of English. If we do not take things too seriously Singlish is
      really fun! All things considered let’s hope that we’ll get back to the basic tenet that we are all Singaporeans, no more, no less.

      P.S. Oh, not 6 million people. Not until and unless we are prepared
      for this number. Overpopulation and overcrowding will certainly impact
      adversely on our everyday lives.

      • P Koh said

        Agree 100% with you that unless and until the present problems that are the hue and cries of Singaporeans are fixed, there is no real point in trying to inflat the population to 6 millions and creating more woes. We are already fast losing our Singaporean identity and if the government does not take cognisance of this, then it is going to be a really sad state of affairs for Singapore.

    • NBCCD said

      He brain dead aready ma .

    • Paul said

      Do you think he cares? The PRCs are preferred because they are more subservient. Just like Singapore and Singaporeans 50 years ago when the majority left it entirely up to him to lead them to the promised land and he felt like a god.

    • Ken Lee said

      we are encourage to go china buy their land!

    • Darren Yong said

      Singaporeans are no longer voting for them.

      Isn’t it obvious that they need to bring in those who will vote for them.

      If you wanted to cling on to power, what will you do?

      Allow Singaporeans to vote you out or bring in those who will vote for you so that you can remain in power?

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Lee Kuan Yew dream of re-joining Malaysia but was not successful. By bringing in more mainland chinese, he wants to make Singapore a county of China

      • Jeff D said

        So much for our vaunted “multiracial” society. Countries run by people whose loyalties are not to that country and its citizens have never had happy outcomes, historically…

  2. Johnny Toh said

    TT has downgraded to STOMP II with this kind of news.

  3. Naivety said

    How come PRC masseurs could also be given S’pore PR status & what special talents & skills does she possess?

  4. alamak said

    Bus captain ‘more harder driiving’ ok lah, mean go faster you reach work faster come back home oso faster.But sometime axxiden drive into other car or off the road. masher bootician very good can make you more healthier and more prettier look… Cleaner constructon worker of coarse must have if not who to do the dirty work you tell me. Even pros most essentiel when man want to kok kok if lau por too tire all time after work for earn money..They more harder striving mean they can more better oil and drive your nuts, meybe crack them even. Correct no?

  5. To be democrative, reason must be given for those not successful! said

    I do not need to know if my application is approved, but I need to know if my application is unsuccessful, so that I could improved to reapply for it.

    To be democrative, reason must be given for those not successful!

  6. Most massuers in Singapore are PR and some even are new citizen. If one can count the number of massage parlours here and multiply by just 2 (conservatively), you can get the number of PR granted. And this is just a very small fraction.

  7. Ken Lee said

    the blue are too clever to fall to his trick so he must get more idiot. but he does not knows is that those idiot he import is more idiot then he think! ha ha ha!!

  8. jackie said

    I think it was reported in the newspapers one or two years back that there is this prc couple who work as hawker assistants are also singapore pr. It was also stated that their children are back in china, which means that they only want to make money here with no intention of having their family here.

    very selective, my foot.

    • Francischuanghli said

      It’snt it better then to make them identifying as one like U TBS ? U give them meal & make them your guest is better then make them wife to displace yo wife or mother to your children !! Which would u prefer ??

  9. Daniel said

    Has been happening for years, our glorious leaders gave PR to a former maid of mine, who was caught stealing by 2 employers. I guess PAP think they are better than locals, more talented, more on.

  10. NaBey said

    LKY like to “take PRC in”?
    Normally I like PRC take me in.

  11. nocando said

    foreign talent his mother ka chng

  12. nocando said

    these day ppl died secretly and anonymously, often times cannot be mentioned about the name. whether he or she was a victim or offender or minor or the case was sex related or what. left so much to imagine…

  13. proalien said

    Temasek writers are not only absurdly anti-government, they’re also daft about gender issues. It’s masseuse, and not masseurs. Sigh, the ignorant continue to proliferate their own kind, and some respondents simply flaunt their lack of astuteness…

    • Jeff D said

      Is the word different in Chinese or Tamil, as it is in English and Malay? I’ve noticed that TT is in dire need of a copy-editor competent in English… and commenters as well. But this is Singapore lah…

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