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The government should serve the people, not lord over them

Posted by temasektimes on October 8, 2012

With all due respect Mr Lee Hsien Loong should not be overly concerned by the comments made by netizens. Some are indeed rude. Even vulgar and totally inappropriate. But……..Mr Lee, this is democracy! Messy, loud and even confusing sometimes… but at least everyone has the right to think and speak their minds. Do you still want to be a control freak and curtail the further growth of Singapore into a more open and freer society? Looks to me Mr Lee that you will not give up on the Internal Security Act (ISA) as you want to have the vile/evil power to detain citizens without trial. You still can have a form of deterrent against anarchists and troublemakers hellbent on destroying Singapore without resorting to the draconian ISA. It is high time now that we make amendments: we are now better educated and certainly do not need this ‘hoon’ law.

Singapore can be justifiably proud when we look just around us. Within the South-East Asian region we shine as a beacon of truth and light….with reasonable wealth as well. But alas, Mr Lee you’re no longer committed to the nation’s continued growth and prosperity. Seems that you’re more interested in your own gain and political power rather than improving the lives of your fellow Singaporeans. I’ve seen and heard your arguments in parliament when you argued for million dollars salaries for your ministers. I’m not convinced. If your ministers are that good, even yourself, you should resign and make yourself available in the private sector. That way, you will earn more money (your implied claim) isn’t it?? I’d strongly encourage you and your ministers to do so.

I will never criticise for criticism sake. We need to re-evaluate the present situation in Singapore. Amend/improve upon them wherever possible….. With An All Out Effort! You have the power and resources. Just Do It!!

I hope that I’m not being discourteous and disrespectful for writing these forthright and sincere comments. Thanks, one and all. You may criticise me for all you like.

To the precious government ministers: If you cannot take the heat please, please
stay out of the kitchen!

Do remember : As the government you should serve us and not lord over us.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


35 Responses to “The government should serve the people, not lord over them”

  1. Jack said

    Julie, well said. You have my full support. Pls post this to LSL FB too

    • Angry Bird said

      very well said Julie. Yes, post on LHL facebook.

      • Naivety said

        The Editor In Chief of TT or Moderator should help to post this excellently written article onto Pinkie Lee’s FB!

    • Angry Bird said

      exactly, if PM LEE and his Ministers are really that smart, go to the private sector. I challenge them to do that and I bet they don’t even dare.

      • Jeff D said

        First, we have to create a “private sector” here in Singapore; the Government keeps using that term for Temasek- or GIC-linked companies whose boards are stuffed with MPs and Cronies. Solve that problem, and everything else becomes much easier, or at least possible. Leave things as they are, and there is absolutely no incentive for Ministers and Cronies to listen to us mere “heartlanders”.

  2. Scaramouche said

    There is every truth in what she says. I salute u, Julie. Well spoken!

    • Scaramouche said

      I think what you mean is “The government should not lord it over us”. The term is “lord it over” and not “lord over”.

  3. Naivety said


    Excellent speech & very well written!
    My only hope is that the Pro-Alien Party will listen to you ultimately.

  4. Fark The PAPpies said

    A very well written comment that hits the nail on the head.

    This lady is a thinker and a knowledgable and intelligent Singaporean.

    Respect !!

    …. and Two Thumbs Up.

  5. Say it as it is !! said

    Julie, bravo… short & sharp to the point, good & powerful comment, clap, clap, clap..!

  6. Jf said

    Message from “Julie in Dreamland”?

  7. oute said

    Right, right and who is going to tell him.

    We have opposition, but they believed in him also.

  8. singaporeson said

    Typical pap bastards.

  9. TL said

    Talk so much like u so smart, u be minister lah

    • chris said

      Please give her chance do not scold what are you doing about it at least she is saying some truth

    • Lord of SinCity said

      It is not about being smart before a person can join MIW and become a minister.
      It is whether you are prepared to give up all your integrity to become one, not forgetting you have to be totally subservient to the famiLee. Do you understand ?

    • P Koh said

      Some people are only good at criticizing others and when approached to take action, they will shrink their heads into the tortoise’s shell. It is always good to remember that if a person has nothing good to say, just shut up.

  10. Denny said

    A short letter with maximum impact. Keep it up.

  11. sexyboy said

    Nonsense article, what mr lee did is a good thing for singapore, singaporean once let loose from their leash, will cause chaos and all sorts of social problems, it will be a devastating problem to rectify

    • chris said

      are you sure it is good for singaporeans or his own pocket

    • Lucinda Goh said

      With people like you, Sexyboy, we are doomed!

    • liveD,I said

      Much better than you in the philippines, sexless boy. You should leash yourself and stop barking here in Singapore. This is our issue, not yours. Go home and clean up your dirty country first. You got no right to criticize Singaporeans here.

  12. JeoJeo said

    sexyboy sounds sexy, wow

    true democracy has its merit, and sometimes ‘ridiculous’.
    do we have a choice? maybe, it is ‘collective decision’, somehow we are not given any options, only pap decides, which is obviously not true democracy

  13. Singaporean said

    You still dreaming? Singapore is not a democratic society.

  14. Alex Lee said


  15. solaris8899 said

    well said…

  16. Question: What is worse than a Government lording over us? said

    Answer: A PAP MP Putu-cherry who never served National Service yet lording over us !

  17. Born N Bred Sinkapo Lang said

    Aiyoooo, come she can speaks my mind so clearly….this is what I am trying to tell our our Pm…but he seems don’t want to understand or cannot understand.Now the above message is very well written in simple english.So, Mr. PM…what say u???

  18. Ken Lee said

    they have imported lot’s of communist to Singapore! so this law still work! ha ha ha!

  19. LHL has no calibers said

    Julie, you are just fantastic. We need more and more people like Julie to speak out their minds.

  20. mahbok tan said

    Thanks Julie ong for your contribution for the betterment of SGporeans.

    salute your sincere effort. Thanks again.

  21. Julie Ong said

    Hello, All.

    I’m back and thanks for the kudos as well as the brickbats.

    All I am aiming and hoping for is that we Singaporeans can live comfortably
    and happily. I’ll add ‘Confident About The Future’ as there is certainly fear
    and uncertainty due to the policies of the PAP government which has caused some of us considerable angst. When we join hands and work collaboratively
    we will achieve much.

    Do be mindful that we are Singaporeans, no more, no less.
    We have respect for one another irrespective of our diverse backgrounds.

    • Jack said

      Julie, with so much kudos than brickbats, would you consider standing for the next GE, as I mentioned before. or be a volunteer? pls msg me at my facebook, jackngsc

      • Julie Ong said

        Thanks, Jack.

        I’m overwhelmed by your faith in me. However, I’m already in my sixties and therefore have to rule out standing for GE2016. I can still give my views with the aim of changing things for the better. I’ll give my support to anyone or party that have the national interest of Singapore first and foremost in their hearts.

        We certainly have huge challenges ahead of us. I believe that we have in
        our midst capable men and women who’ll rise up to the occasion and lead us to greater heights and better things.

        To this end I hope we can have a new government after GE2016. Out with the tired and stale and bring in the bright and bold. When we change the government we change the country.

        Are we willing and brave to do it?

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