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PM Lee condemns Amy Cheong: Her comments were totally ‘unacceptable’

Posted by temasektimes on October 9, 2012

When NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu called Singaporeans ‘dogs’ online, NO PAP minister stepped forward to condemn him. In fact, Singaporeans were asked to reflect on themselves instead by a PAP MP.

However, when one Singaporean Amy Cheong posted a similar comment on Facebook, she was roundly condemned by the ministers including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself.

In the latest post on his Facebook, PM Lee described the comments made by Cheong as ‘just wrong and totally unacceptable.’ However he added he was glad she promptly apologized for her mistake.

PM Lee also made use of the opportunity to give Singaporeans another lecture on the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

“Let us treat this incident for what it is: an isolated case that does not reflect the strength of race relations in Singapore. But it sharply reminds us how easily a few thoughtless words can cause grave offence to many, and undermine our racial and religious harmony. Let us all be more mindful of what we say, online and in person, and always uphold the mutual respect and sensitivity that holds our society together.”

In contrast, PM Lee appeared to be more forgiving towards Sun Xu:

“He’s been chastised. He’s been disciplined… He’s sorry about it. And I think we should accept that.”

Meanwhile, the public lynching of Amy Cheong by the state media continues….


45 Responses to “PM Lee condemns Amy Cheong: Her comments were totally ‘unacceptable’”

  1. Singkaypoh said

    She can join Oracle…seems to be a vacancy for somebody with um…oral skills 🙂

  2. Jack said

    Amy Cheong has apologized too and she did it immediately. PM Lee seems to be more forgiving of foreign scholars?

    • compatriot said

      I think (2nd)PM Lee is bias and a bigot as he forgets that he is one of the sons of the soil yet he chastised another with malice

  3. solaris8899 said

    Favouritism is what papa has….no chance for local but chances r opened for foreigners.
    What a double standard.

  4. Yharyah said

    Many locals like Amy Cheong are living at a small HDB flat and has to endure to all sort of noise abuse.

    Unlike the ministars with million dollar salary staying at Landed or penthouse who do not face any of this issues.

    • funny said

      Ex-assistant director stays in hdb flat?
      Title big but pay not high enough to move out from hdb flat?

    • hihihi said

      I dunno what else to say.

    • Naivety said

      Yep, fully agreed…

      Should ask multi million dollars ministers to stay in HDB flats for a change & experience the sound & noise first hand!

    • Muhammad azhar said

      i dont understand… What noise… It has been a tradition to beclose in a community…since the kampong days.. So if there is a malay wedding going on or a death of a chinese citizen.under the void deck. All should either feel happy someone is getting married or feel sad that someone else has died..not to complain about the noise.. For me that is what a close community should be like..
      Anyways you are living in a flat.. You know things like these will happen.. Ignorance has got the better of you.

    • Singkaypoh said

      So how do we know whether she lives in HDB or condo or landed???

  5. dragon said

    If you are a foreigner u got help,sorry if u are singaporean.

  6. saying said

    Do not bite the hands that feed (vote) you.
    Sure win mentality will think otherwise.

  7. Z said

    Native? Sure? TT’s zero credibility

    • Naivety said

      Hey TT!

      Please get your facts correct as Amy Cheong is an Australian Citizen not Singaporean as reported by TNP today that she was originally born in KL & had moved to Perth at the Age of 8.

      Question is how come NTUC could employ her (FT) as an Assistant Director incharge of membership recruitment & was given S’pore PR status straightaway upon hired???

  8. denzuko1 said

    Seems like our PM has nothing better to do. Worse is that it takes him so long to respond.

    It also give me the feeling that he is incapable of hanling major issues in Singapore such as stagnant salary, high housing cost that he gets involve with such minor stuffs.

  9. singaporeboy said

    could it be possible that social security between races takes priority over the need to address the problems between foreigners and singaporeans?

    not necessarily meaning tt they dont care. just maybe they think one is more urgent than e other?

  10. Pink Panty Loong said

    He’s speaking up for himself la!

  11. GodBlessSG said

    Can anyone verify if Amy Cheong is a PR or new Citizen?

    • Naivety said

      As reported in TNP today, Amy Cheong was infact an Australian Citizen & was originally born in KL but had moved to Perth at the Age of 8.

      Question is how come NTUC could employ an FT as an Assistant Director incharge of membership recruitment & was given S’pore PR status straightaway upon hired???

  12. Mike Zeng said

    Alamak, mr Pinky Lee, can give some chance to the poor girl, or not?
    She already kena sacked immediately and had apologized profusely…..
    What more you want? For her to go on her knees and ask your forgiveness?
    In fact, as the PM, you should stay away from this. Your 5 Ministers already chatised her and Min Zorro Lim already sacked her. So lay off lah….don’t be the biggest bully here….you won’t win votes this way!

  13. skponggol said

    Amy Cheong should join the Workers’ Party….

    She would be more likely to be made a party cadre than all other non-Chinese party members.

  14. Rod said

    I find it interesting. If Amy is a true blue Singaporean, she wouldn’t have felt that way. Every time we invite our Malay or Indian friends, we make they have halal food and no beef.

    Is Amy trying to disunite Singaporeans?

  15. Respect our sg men and women said

    Come on lah, dun tell me most Singaporean never joke abt one another’s races before. Amy is juz suay someone in her facebook decided to sabo her.
    Our chinese finerals under the blocks are even louder than any malay wedding. At the end of the day, its abt tolerance towards one another’s culture. And I think we Singaporeans had done well in this.

    • miqilliah said

      well said…..finally sumone other than a malay actually pointed out the common use and noise from the void deck between the 2 races….

    • Z said

      Are you blind to what is a ‘joke’ and what is real contempt? Good luck.

      • Respect our sg men and women said

        When there’s a chinese fineral below a block, I believe some malays did post insensitive comments on their fb as well. Juz that its in malay and we don’t understand what was written. But really, what’s the big deal? I dislike loud noises as well. Though we dun do wad Amy did, we get annoy but have to deal with it. At least a malay wedding ends before 11am while chinese fineral may end at 11pm but some folks play majiong till wee hours and chat loudly.

  16. Wo Lai Ye said

    This incident is different from the Sun Xu incident. This is a racial comment and from someone in the establishment.

  17. dog of the dogs said

    Too bad for Amy , she is not from PRC.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Aiyah dun worry lah, very soon she’ll be in another cushy job, just like SMRT Saw…. maybe just need a few BJs enuff liao 🙂

  18. fpc said

    how come you don’t condemn your father when he jokes about malays

  19. Daniel said

    He will surely use this incident to beat locals up over internet courtesy.

  20. Cecilia said

    Maybe if Amy provide services like Cecilia, she can walk away freely.

  21. keksim a lang said

    So how? police don’t have t charge her? Wondering who will be the next Amy Cheong….just wait n c

    • Naivety said

      Amy Cheong is an Australian Citizen who was originally born in KL but had moved to Perth at the age of 8 as reported by TNP.
      She had already fled back to Perth, Australia on Monday evening itself, 08 Oct 12, the day she was dismissed by NTUC…how to charge???

      BTW, how come NTUC could employ an FT (Amy Cheong) to be an Assistant Director of membership recruitment & she was given S’pore PR status straightaway upon hired???

  22. Lim said

    Heard from chinese papers Amy is an australian citizen holding Spore PR. she flew off on the very night this thing exploded and she was sacked. How come NTUC don’t employ true sporeans?

    • you get what you give said

      If this is true why did our National Trade Union Congress employ a foreign national as assistant director when there are many just as qualified locals available.

  23. TheOracle said

    Why nobody condemns what our leaders said about our neighbors? Go and check out WikiLeaks when our leaders have been calling Japan a bit fat loser, Malaysia is led by incompetent leader, Indonesia is full of corrupted people, India always half-in half-out of ASEAN. Monkeys see monkeys do, nothing faulty about current saga.

  24. Ah Pek said

    What PM Lee actually said ” PM Lee extolls Amy Cheong – she spoke on behalf of all Singaporeans, especially toxic wastes from PRC”. We need more Amy Cheongs in our next GE.

  25. Tan Yan Ren said

    STOP THat guys!!…”ah Pek”….do you know what you are saying?”ah PEK’s ” comments must be corrected ….The PM is right …in both Sun Xu and Amy Cheong..let me tell you why? Sun Xu is still a student and as such the condemnation MUST be measured, precise and Move on after a definitive condemnation…like what the PM did…the AMY Cheong comments is NOT excusable and she was an ADULT besides the fact that she was holding a senior responsdible position at a Compny ..which happens to be NTUC.Racial slur IS NOT TO BE TOLERATED AT ALL!!!!.In this case the PM sent the right signal together with the Ministers at a pace and emphasis level that is correct and right…iiiiiI am fair in my comments that if the right message is made with the RIGHT Proportion or dosAGE ..I WILL AGREe and say so..!!! card for you “ah PEK”

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