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Time to forgive Amy Cheong and move on

Posted by temasektimes on October 9, 2012

I feel Amy has already been punished and NTUC has stated its stand. But looking at her picture being splash all over the papers’s headline today, I do feel humanely sad for her. How is she going to walk with her head up. Although what she did could potentially could stir up a major situation in some countries, but in Singapore we are still very civil, though we must not take for granted.

In the end its about balance and I do feel the community leaders should stand up to help her walk out of her current situation. The last we want is for her to do anything detrimental to herself due to the pressure she is facing now. Losing a job in less than 24 hours is very tramatic not to mention thousands of people scolding and commenting on her,she probably cannot walk out of her house.

Her martial states “its complicated”, not sure if she has anyone to support her. In the end, she did not kill, steal or rob anyone, does she seserved to be plastered all over and be humiliated? She lost her livelihood, where is her next income going to come, not to mention how is she going to be employed in the short term. It would wiser to have a community leaders (including Malays) to walk her out, counsel her and have closure over this matter. We would be better off as a society.



83 Responses to “Time to forgive Amy Cheong and move on”

  1. Jane Wong said

    She should have been more mindful and not made such comments especially on FB esecially so when you are working inthe public sector….

  2. jf said

    Of course Amy Cheong is forgiven. She knows now the power of the internet.
    Now we should know why humans lost the ability to receive thought messages, what others are thinking, in a crowded environment.
    Amy herself must want to seek help for her inability to control her loud mouth.

  3. Singapuraboi said

    I agree with Freddy Yap. And would like to suggest that events such as weddings and funerals be held at town halls or community halls. I can understand the frustrations of Hdb residents when their kids have to study for exams or their babies and sick elderly parents need rest. HDB should be more sensitive to the needs of the other residents who are not involved in the events for life goes on per normal for these folks. With 5.31mil people, the noise levels has increased exponentially and the govt and Hdb should find ways to provide peaceful enjoyment of residents in their home which is the last resort of sanity.

    • Lynda said

      I agree with u too. I stay on a low floor with young kids ( who needs to nap during the day) and at times the noises created by activities downstairs can be round the clock becos of the preparations ( cooking the previous night before for guests / setting up of chairs or tables etc .. All these create a lot of noises)
      Sometimes I wish the void deck below my block would be occupied by some family services offices to avoid having it being used by weddings or funerals..

    • Yun said

      Well mentioned, totally agreed.

    • carlryim said

      not only the void decks, the carparks too, when the AUCTION going on for several days for the seventh month prayers , frm 7pm to 11 pm…

    • compatriot said

      Very well said and to me you are indeed a true’Friend Of Singapore’
      I wonder are we all consumed in a post war aftermath that Amy Cheong bravery posted article belligerent or salutatory unique in disguise

      If not,why then there appears today thereon the postings of suggestive venues from netizens about the conducting events and functions of wakes and weddings appropriated to town halls and community centres and clubs that can provide better environmental health and facilities that is more dignified

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Agree 100%…..and LSS the NTUC boss aka Zorro should personally visit and take her out for lunch in the CC and let her apologize personally to her neighbors esp the Muslims there. Let her shake hands with all those offended by her and end the matter there and then! Moving on…..
    But my take is….she will seek a job in Aus or elsewhere to leave her nightmare behind. Never again will she visit this hypersensitive and unforgiving country!

  5. wah ka li kong said

    StageD! Staged! staged! ….bravo …..should an Oscar award!

    • Naivety said

      Yep, agreed with you!

      For all you know, she might be quietly given another high paying job as there is always such possibilities if she has high level connections at the very top!

  6. Hugh Hefner said

    er…. Ms Cheong, please contact me.
    I’ve an interesting offer for you.

  7. delacroix said

    agree with Mr Yap, we should move on & forgive. show the world good heart of Singaporean. we should guide her back to let her understand the beauty of Social Diversity…..

  8. TooMuchEgoTooMuchPride! said

    This is an unforgiving world…don’t pretend that by simply saying “You are forgiven”…the wrong-doers will be forgiven and forgotten! If so…there will be no need for the yellow ribbon project! Going to jail would have literally no impact on the wrong-doer! The pain and scar the wrong-doer inflicted must be returned with equal amount of pain and scar!

    • Doing something equally damaging, or worse to someone who did the same, but claiming that our actions are righteous and to be served as justice upon her while her actions are deemed wrong?

      And thus that makes us no better then her, which makes you, me and all those who won’t forgive her, hypocrites, and worse.

      • Punish her said

        I am not Malay, but I cannot forgive her. What she wrote is too malicious to be forgiven. She needs to be charged in court and sentenced .Strange, I don’t feel like a “hypocrites, and worse.”

      • Naivety said

        How? As she had already fled back to Perth, Australia on Monday evening itself (08 Oct 12), the day she was sacked by NTUC.
        Btw, she is infact an Australian Citizen but was originally born in KL & had moved to Perth at the age of 8 as reported by TNP.

        Question is how come NTUC could employ an FT like her to be an Assistant Director incharge of membership recruitment & she was given S’pore PR status upon hired???

    • Well said! The Malays have been psychologically scarred by this Amy Cheong. It was so insulting and disgusting from a schooled person who has no feelings of respect towards others. If she is not Singapore Citizen by birth then she deserves to be deported back to her country of origin at once. I think I have no mercy for that PRC Singapore sponsored students currently studying in one of the Singapore’s universities for having called Singaporeans “dogs”! Deport him back to China, there are Singaporeans who deserve such help.

  9. anakin said

    Well AC should have thot abt that before degrading others. Her comments were elitist, not just racist. She was looking down on low income groups. Her initial reaction was its my FB dun like dun read. Yes, it was a dumb thing to put on FB and she did not rob and steal but as an educated person she should have known better. If it were me, i would sentence her to charge $50 for organising 10 Malay void deck weddings to put her money where he mouth is.

  10. Azzedine said

    Well, I hope she kills herself Fred. She has to deal with what she did

  11. ironic said

    perhaps she can start a catering business supplying food to malay weddings.

  12. icefire said

    think govt should throw her into jail under internal security act
    disturb the harmony and let her off becos she is rich ???

  13. anaksingamelayu said

    Fred Yap, your race wasn’t the one insulted time and time again. Amy Cheong took something so wholesome and joyful like a wedding and turned it into something so racist and hurtful, and why? did we, the Malay people, do something collectively hurtful towards her? you have no idea what the Malay people have gone through over the past few years, so don’t come and preach to us about being humane and all that. it’s good enough she didn’t get jail time for her comments.

    Mod’s note:

    What has the Malay people gone through over the past few years? Isn’t life better here as compared to Malaysia?

    • Chris Wang said

      Dear Moderator, as a Malaysian Chinese residing in KL, i need to write in defense of Anaksingamelayu. i think it is not just a case of economics over all else (such as dignity of a race, minority or otherwise). Sg Malays are definitely ahead of the curve compared to brainwashed UMNO Malays here. The minority wants to be treated with dignity, just like the Chinese here in Malaysia. Amy Cheong did nothing to bridge the gap btw the races, but sought to instill hatred towards another race. She may have been punished enough, but i suspect there are many closet Amy Cheongs out there, whose neanderthal instincts would have had them do the same (lashing out w/o thinking), had it not been for draconian anti-racism laws. The Chinese here are subjected to outright state sponsored racism and i can truly identify with Anaksingamelayu.

    • Cozy said

      getting all agitated because some ignoramus insulted your race and culture? you need to get a life and focus on the things that do matter.

      • befair said

        agree with Cozy…there are more important things in life to do than just get agitated over some comments….bigger things in life are taking care of your family and children, working hard and striving hard to have a better life elsewhere.

        Remember this….little things pleases little minds
        Big things please big minds and and big minds are first movers….like successful people in life

    • Reef said

      I’m Malay and I would just like to state that not all Malays feel the same way as Anaksingamelayu. Many of my Malay friends, myself included, feel that it is indeed sad that Ms Cheong has to suffer such intense consequences for a remark that is most likely made in the heat of the moment. While of course we do not condone her actions, let us show that Malays are capable of forgiveness and grace.

      Eh, Mod, its very tactless of you to insinuate that Malaysians are worse off than us.

    • Emeritus Sang Nila Utama said

      Fred, why is it always the Malays or the Indians got bashed by our Chinese Countrymen?! Think about it…..

    • Invictus said

      Mod, is it ok for a minority to insult Chinese Singaporeans because life here is better than in China ? Reaps you have never hear our leaders insulting Malays that they could not be trusted and cannot serve in sensitive areas epecially the military.
      Perhaps dignity for you is cheap and can be bought with some crumbs off the table.

    • befair said

      Gone through??…every race goes through some form or persecution, bar none….

      The test is what you do when faced with such persecution and this applies to all races all across the world….if you want to sit in one corner and cry and whimper like a child, that’s your perogative…the whole world will just move on and you will be left behind…the mark of a matured person is to dismiss the persecution(as long as its not bodily harm) as something that you can brush off. Remember God is the ultimate Judge & Jury. no man has any right to judge. You just move on with your own life. You see what the Taliban and those idiotic militants are getting for being too smart in judging people?

  14. Jaded said

    good timing sia… perfect time for a code of conduct on the Internet…

  15. Mahaboob Baatsha said

    Forgiveness is human nature hope all Singaporeans may forgive her including me. Thanks

  16. Who is Amy Cheong? said

    Someone pointed in Yahoo that this smart alek is an Indonesian Chinese , studied in Australia and given citizenship by this beloved government. So this is the social cost for opening the gate wide to any dog with a degree.

    Now PM, DPM , AM blah, blah are coming out to condemn such remarks. Too late , damage has been done. This is not the first time we are seeing. the Young PAP chap called the kids terrorist , The Young Chinese Ah lian made nasty remarks against Indians and now this lady. all this points to years of racist feelings bottled inside this people. Singapore always had racial differences but when I compare my younger days in late 60’s and 70’s , today situation is worst. Many Singapore Chinese became more chauvinistic and racist ever since PAP govt bull dozed Mandarin campaign.

    In my view, Mandarin campaign was aimed to brain wash local Chinese to believe that PAP is their representation , it worked to some extent and many Chinese fall for it. Now the ugly side effect is emerging. Those days, many Chinese could utter words of Malay. Now they only speak , English and Mandarin and largely don’t socialize with other races. Every race cluster together and that is the recipe for disaster.

    Look at our National football team. Everyone cries that we should make it multi racial but it falls into deaf ears. Same problem here. This scheme to divide the society by race is dirty and ugly. Hopefully Singaporeans get alert and don’t fall for it. Otherwise all will perish.

    • Luffy said

      Sorry Chinese can’t kick football… Just look at China’s football team.

    • Naivety said

      As report on TNP today, Amy Cheong was infact an Australian Citizen who was originally born in KL but had moved to Perth at the age of 8.

      Question is how come NTUC could employ an FT as an Assistant Director incharge of membership recruitment & given S’pore PR status straightaway upon hired???

  17. What school you come from ? said

    Amy is lucky that this did not happen under LKY’s watch. He would hauled her to the courts to make her understand her action could have started a riot . Our goverment has been trying to unite all Singaporeans of all races.

    • roni63 said

      Huh? LKY is the biggest bigot.

    • Invictus said

      Are we talking about the same LKY you publically question Malay Singaporeans’ loyalty and make it a point that Malay’s must not serve in sensitive installations. I question if LKY ever cared about the Malays in Singapore other than to use Malays as pawns in his political strategies

  18. I feel sorry for her,a mature adult of 37 (NOT A TEENAGER) but for a Singaporean who had completed her Primary and Secondary Education here in Singapore she has learnt nothing of our local mixed culture of tolerance towards one another. She completed her tertiary education outside Singapore and she had instead adopted her western culture of “f..king” around…Doing thing without giving it a thought for others and then to apologise for her mistake. This BLACK mark will forever REMAIN in her body …….

  19. Ron said

    Will Internet users ever learn? There will be other racist comments that will stir up the hornet’s nests again. And there will be more fools in trouble again.

    Some have gone to jail for racist comments. This case is not over as the Police may decide to charge her.

    Losing a job in Spore is a big loss especially when the employer is NTUC and the job is more secure in such times. She has paid dearly but she should have controlled her emotions. Like some who said she was known to be brash. Well it is probably not a one off event but she just did not have the quality of character to respect other customs and beliefs.

  20. Ed said

    Some sources says she’s not local… Probably explains why…

  21. Boon said

    “Mod’s note:

    What has the Malay people gone through over the past few years? Isn’t life better here as compared to Malaysia?”

    Dear Mod
    I am very surprise as the moderator of the Temasek Times, you know little of what the malays / muslims have to go thru in SG. Disappointing ….

    • Cozy said

      care to elaborate?

    • Jaded said

      Of course he does not know. He is just as clueless as the pappy masters he worships. Just wait till election time comes and you will see the full power of his ball-carrying skills.

    • sw said

      I am a Chinese, but I would agree with Boon and Anaksingamelayu. Life as a minority race in any country is certainly not easy, no matter how economically strong the country is. Our Malays may be richer than the Malaysian Malays, but, this does not mean they are happier or living a better quality of life. Try living a few years as a Chinese in Europe. Australia or US and you’ll know what the Malays in SG have gone through.

      And this is not even taking into consideration some questionable policies the SG establishment has imposed over the years which seem to discriminate against the Malays – e.g. SAF recruitment policies, SAP schools.

      A little emplathy will be helpful here.

    • Mod is not nulti-talented said

      Hello! This Mod only know how to bash up WP. Anything else … pls don’t look to him/her/it!

    • Invictus said

      Afraid Mod’s logic here is warped at best.

  22. Jo said

    You know what doesn’t make sense is that this is not the first time this happened here in Singapore. Being half Chinese from my dad and the other Malay for my mom, I am saying this as a neutral party. I just feel that by now people would have learnt their lesson from what happened in the past like for example the “curry” incident or the infamous PRC mentioning something bad on his Facebook in which I totally forgot partly because I don’t give a hoot about it. But this coming from a local is very unacceptable. I mean, come on. She should have known it was a death sentence for her as soon as she hit the “post” button. Trust me, what she is receiving now is not so bad. Look at what’s happening around the world when some douche decided to create a video portraying a gay prophet Muhammad. So like you’ve said, Singapore is a civil country so she should be thankful no one put a price on her head. Learn from it, apologise and move on. Us Malays will take time to accept her apologies so be patient. It’s not like breaking your mom’s favourite vase where you apologise and get away with it. It takes time. For now, she just have to do the ‘time’

  23. Ren said

    She can always come to me for counselling…I can get her a job too…

  24. Bob said

    I am an ex offender who did not rob, steal or kill anyone. I consumed marijuana and was arrested, jailed for six months, spent another six in a halfway house. I was not even an addict. That was the first and only time I commited an offence. Till now my records are with the police, and I have been terminated from jobs because of my records. So what makes this racist pig so special that she should be pitied and be above the law?

    I am not given that privilege and all I did was smoke pot. And by the way, I’m Malay obviously.

    • jack sparrow said

      i feel sory for you bro. have you tried the food/beverage industry? also try the hospitality industry. these 2 industries tend to accept ex convicts better

    • eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق said


      Senang berkenalan dengan anda.

      You may like to do a search for these terms:

      ” Lance bovine dying elaine teh jane cafarella population smaller Muslim plight dominant race island language 731 小 日本 畜牲 实验 ” – little consolation it may be to you (or Muhammad Fahrurrazi Bin Salim).

      By the way, are you a Singaporean Citizen? The former National Trades Union Council (NTUC) director, amy cheong was NEVER one.

      Since you used the PORCINE word about her, you may also like to do a search on these terms:

      ” Sandgroper amy cheong hog rearing twin towers “.

      Also, considering HER nationality and GENDER vis-à-vis Singapore conscription and lifelong reservist liability on all MALES, regardless of how many MALE children the parents conceive – do NOT start me going on what happens if a Singaporean couple with solely the nationality of a “city, not country” (read: காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் சண்முகம் [கே சண்முகம்]) has a disproportionately HIGH number of MALE children all born with SOLELY Singaporean nationality amid the PLUMMETING BIRTH RATES.

      Jumpa lagi!

  25. Crazy Horse said

    Amy Amy… come here. Unker shoulder lent to you…

  26. patrick eng said

    i’m glad that you try to put compassion back into our society. some have been jailed for live,
    driven out of the country and made bankrupt for doing some ‘silly’ things. thanks again.

  27. Clover said

    Well its time to forgive and forget. Obviously, Singapore still has a long way to go to really has a cohesive society. Chinese here are also called cheena by other minority race. She already got fired, why still harp onto it? So for those minority who called Chinese, Cheena, they should be jailed right?

  28. Rod said

    I find it interesting. If Amy is a true blue Singaporean, she wouldn’t have felt that way. Every time we invite our Malay or Indian friends, we make they have halal food and no beef.

    Is Amy trying to disunite Singaporeans?

    • Naivety said

      She is not a true blue singaporean as reported in TNP today that she was born in KL, Malaysia but had moved to Perth at the age of 8 & she is infact an Australian Citizen.

      Not sure how come NTUC could employ an FT as Assistant Director incharge of membership recruitment & granted S’pore PR status straightaway upon hired???

  29. Julie Ong said

    Yes, Mr Fred Yap.

    Ms Amy Cheong has already paid dearly for her hurtful remarks towards our
    fellow Malay citizens. I’m sure she will also feel awful of herself and possibly even
    in tears. I hope that all of us now can be generous hearted and let this incident
    pass away naturally.

    For Amy, I wish that you will pick yourself up, learn and grow even from this very
    painful lesson.

    You will be a better person after all this.

    • IronMan said

      Yes, she will feel awful. Feeling fearful of an angry mob and feeling anger & hatred towards the one person that cost her job. Fleeing immediately after getting retribution? Why doesnt she stay and do some community work to show remorse? What she has gotten is a form of deterent for other racists in the future. I can forgive but not forget. Besides, this incident has already passed. Why bother anymore? The culprit is no longer here.

    • Dopey as PM said

      Many a times, things are said and done out of shere frustration and feeling of helplessness in coping with stress.
      I believe majority of the Malays are magnanimous and they will accept Amy’s apology.

      Being a Sporean I can say for sure the Malays feel alot more agrieved by MIW policy of bringing in Millions of migrants from PRC and hundreds of thousands more from India.
      And to make things worse, a spineless leader and his stooges are forced upon the Malay and Eurasian community.

  30. skponggol said

    At least Amy Cheong had admitted her mistake and apologised……Compared that to Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim…

    Up to this very day, Sylvia Lim has neither the guts nor integrity to either admit or deny whether she had ever made the statement that non-Chinese party members are more difficult to be made a party cadre.

    Likewise, Low Thia Khiang has neither the moral courage nor social responsibility as NTUC to investigate and sack any bigoted racist in his party.

  31. Kandaswamy Perumal said

    Just because Amy C has put it out in public forum her thoughts, she is being vilified. If she did not put her thoughts in the FB posting, would her feelings still be Ok? That prejudice would have still been in her. There are many Singaporeans with the same prejudice in their minds. So the question is how did these prejudices come about. Well, if there are going to discriminatory policies, existing these feelings will always persist. It is Singapore wide…….these discriminatory policies. The Govt has acknowledged on paper that it cannot have Malay pilots. There are institutions in the army, where because of who you are, you do not qualify to be a part of Singapore’s defense. Mind you, everyone Singaporean male is expected to serve but the decisions on equal opportunity for equal ability does not exist for all races there. We have quotas in the Universities on how many Indians, and Malays can be lawyers and doctors. If the segregation of Singaporeans continue in the Universities and army, etc. of course the same bad values are growing amongst Singaporeans of different ethnicity. Just because they do not say it openly doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Amy C said it as she saw it. Too bad for her she works for a Govt body, and they have to make an example of someone, and she turned up, with her views on a Sunday. There are many with the same thoughts, but they have better control of their views. So who is to blame for the prejudices and discriminatory thoughts……………

  32. fnu lnu said

    One lousy careless insensitive post and you end up sacked and gainned infammy in the local front page newspaper?

    Why do Singaporeans or residents of this beautiful country forgets that you have no free speech? No constitution will protect you, and not even if you apply to speak in that park, no guarantee….unless you already prepared to be certified a mental case.

    And please. Everyone needs to understand and practice racial tolerance and respect of others. If we do something, do consider if your neighbors will be inconvenient, regardless it is a norm to do so, dont take things for granted….

    It is best to communicate or invite others you think will be affected or at least attempt to tone down when certain hours have pass. In short, be considerate!

    Racial harmony cant be taken for granted, need to work hard to maintain it. But for AC case, front page? Way overblown lah…

  33. Gina said

    Thank you Fred, you have ‘excellent’ counselling skills. For implanting the idea of ‘doing something detrimental to herself’.

  34. Lawyaburuk said

    Once done, it cant be undone.
    Do and dont get caught.. But she got caught red handed. Face the music and accept your fate Amy Cheong.
    Penal code(Chapter 224), no 298, ” Uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious or racial»feelings of any person.. 298.  Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious or «racial feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, or causes any matter however represented to be seen or heard by that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years, or with fine, or with both.”

  35. GaanMaro said

    Everything said and done, let’s forgive and move on.

  36. jack sparrow said

    isnt it great to be an FT like amy? come sg earn lots of money, kena big time mistake, run back to homeland. no criminal charges whatsoever.

  37. fiza said

    i am sure she has learned from the incident.. let’s move on already! 🙂 remember, to err is human, to forgive is divine!

    • Teh Cheang Wan said

      “to forgive is divine”
      that’s true But this makes sense only when the famiLee and their stooges commit mass harakiri or follow in the footstep of TehCheangWan.
      what do u think?

  38. I actually consider this specific post , “Time to forgive
    Amy Cheong and move on THE TEMASEK TIMES”, highly engaging and also the post ended up being
    a great read. I appreciate it,Jack

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