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Former NTUC director Amy Cheong is an Australian citizen

Posted by temasektimes on October 10, 2012

Former NTUC director Amy Cheong, who sparked a massive public outcry lately with her racist remarks on Facebook, is NOT a Singaporean!

Cheong, who was sacked by NTUC, has since returned to Perth, Australia where she reportedly owns a bungalow.

In an interview with the state media, she claimed that she left Singapore because of ‘threats’ received by her and her family. She also revealed that she was a Malaysian who studied in Australia before relocating to Singapore to work ten years ago.

One irate netizen asked NTUC why a foreigner was given such a high position in the organization:

“She is suppose to drive membership here right? She is born in msia raised up in Australia..what does she know about ntuc that non of the locals know? Why wasn’t this job given to a local in the first place?”

Given Cheong’s exalted status as a ‘foreign talent’, it is highly unlikely that the police will take action against her, especially now that she has left Singapore probably for good.


94 Responses to “Former NTUC director Amy Cheong is an Australian citizen”

  1. Virgorian said

    Damn Aussie pussy!!

  2. xenophobiclocal said

    So, another FOREIGNERS huh?

    • Angry Bird said

      we demand an answer from NTUC. damn bloody traitors. are you saying there are no Singaporeans willing to take up this post or no Singaporean intelligent for this? damn bloody traitor NTUC. bastards! Sack this useless Lim Swee Say also!

  3. alamak said

    All know FT sure welcome here no? Specialy with ‘Welcome Super’ ? Here all meritocrasy lah, not hippocrazy.. I reelly blur why evryone so kancheong. on Ms Amy Cheong? Less move long. Whaddou you say hor?

  4. Jack said

    now it is clear why she is insensitive to local culture

    • Interesting Now.. said

      And LHL, Shanmugam, and LSS, who were quick to condemn Amy Cheong, and if they were genuinely concern about this incident with regard to racial harmony, should now issue stern reminder to the foreigners here to respect the local races and cultures.

      But will they do it? Or do they only know to put down the locals, and promote the foreigners?

      Come to think about it, perhaps it was the PAP government, who gave the foreigners the idea that they are here to ‘save’ us, that resulted in the latter didn’t think twice about putting down locals?

  5. Daft Peasant said

    aiyah, not sinkie not sinkie lo…….now sinkie or not got no significant meaning also…..kena humiliated and insulted also lan lan seow seow…..

    remember: we sinkies must reflect on why foreigners will call us DOGS!!!

    • mahbok tan said

      Yes they will call Sgporeans DOG’s because we do not know how to retaliate and our GOVT are FUCKING STUPID.

      For one I am not going to accept that. Must make “NOISES” then they will realised of their mistakes….KNNBCCB…!!!

  6. Mike Lum said

    that’s where our jobs had gone to

  7. aussie said

    please dont come to australia.. we know what u did in singapore and u r certainly NOT welcome here.

  8. spotlessleopard said

    So “What do you think”? “I don’t know what to say” ……Why are foreginers involved in our Unions?

    • Angry Bird said

      LimSS sacked her in lightning speed. LimSS must also be sack. Useless idiot!

      • sure or not said

        If LSS can be sacked then WKS will be sacked long time ago.
        They can only be sacked during GEs, GY and his team was a good example in GE2011.

  9. teo cheap buy said

    Aussie C C B

  10. Putty said

    So you mean NTUC Assistant Director of Membership Partnership & Alliance, is a position where no Singaporean will like to take up that you will need to employ an FT to fill it? Come on! tsk-tsk-tsk…

    • Julie Ong said

      Hi, Putty.

      Good point. I will never believe that Singaporeans are not good enough
      for the position Ms Amy Cheong previously held. We should not be parochial or protectionist in regard to bona fide real foreign talent. In this
      instance as in many others local born and bred Singaporeans are bypassed
      and FTs employed in the PMET sector of the workforce. Truly, we have a
      government that is not for us but against us! If they are not directly involved in this discriminatory anti-local employment they are definitely
      complicit in it as the private sector employers can seize the advantage and
      choose at will and random reinforced and encouraged by the pro-alien policies of this heartless, incompetent and irresponsible government. So,
      Singaporeans ‘Chiak Kwee’ (lose out) again. I want to ask the govt without any malice or ill intent: ‘Who pays your overly generous salaries’? It is us,
      the taxpayers in case you’ve forgotten!

      It is right and appropriate: he who pays the piper calls the tune. Now, let
      us hear some new soothing and meaningful melodies in the form of better
      and well thought out policies and action.

      Anything less than that and we will justifiably feel that we’ve wasted our money.

  11. Hugh Hefner said

    Ms Cheong why did you go to Australia ?
    Come to US and know my offer.

  12. Mathewss said


  13. Leslie said

    Foreign talent again. Another blunder.

  14. Mayers Jacab said

    Was she paid by the NTUC to leave the country,it sounds so abvious that she was making up stories ;how could her family or someone who could have sent her threats just within hours of the matter surfacing in facebk ?
    fr creating religious disharmony is a chargeable offence in court ?

    • Dreamer said

      I was thinking the same.. So many racist cases online lately, surely a “mature” or old adult who frequence FB know what is happening, yet the words written on her FB with no mercy.. Strange. And our PM has been talking lot of respect on line, annomity a no no etc, wonder if this some kinda act so that they can say: see what we hv told u.., and come up with different laws to make it a case, … !! Just like the salamat case..!!! LOL!! I really don’t buy she so dummy, must hv a story behind..!!

      • Dreamer said

        She probably hv planned to leave the country anyway..!! Without breaking law she is not criminal.. So anytime she can visit the country again..!!

  15. oldguard said

    Turnover from NTUC very high especially from the IRO’s, many have degrees but many don’t stay for long, now we know why, FT taking the top position from our local bred.
    LSS, please look after our IRO’s, they work very hard and most stay very late to attend meeting, as most meeting is in the evening, bcos branch officials are free only in the evening. We don’t need FT in NTUC, I think we have capable people, give them good incentive and salary if you want them to stay. Just like paying our Minister millions to stay in politics.

  16. TheOracle said

    It’s really a slap on our national union who has been calling employers to hire Singaporeans first, yet they themselves also don’t practise what preached. Sick country, sick union, sick people…

    • They fool Singaporeans (by birth) and Singapore. What have you got left if most employment are given to foreign talents/workers first. Vote the PAP out next GE and vote the opposition parties to be the next government and face the future with a difference! That includes the minorities (Malays, Indians, Eurasians and others), vote the opposition parties in!

  17. Paper Porsche Green Hyundai Teal Tata said

    Apply with Pauline Hanson. She’ll love you, if she doesn’t decide to throw you out of Australia first.

  18. singaporean deserved said

    thank goodness that this amy is NOT a singaporean cos All Singaporeans,whether chinese,malays,indians or other races,knows how to RESPECT each other and will NOT commit or cause this Racial issue!!! so,Brothers and sisters of spore,we will and must unite!

  19. ST said

    forget about Amy, now the important issue is why NTUC gave this job to FT and not Singaporean?, you mean to say none of the singaporean are qualified enough to do her job. OR singapore have no talents after 47 years under PAP best policies or MOE is hopeless?

    • Naivety said

      Fully agreed with what you said…ST

      Some more she is from a 2nd grade university in Australia such as University of Western Australia not the top ranked ones…what so big deal about her??

  20. Ministers Jumped Gun Saying There are Deep Fault Lines said

    The deep fault lines are actually between Singaporeans and the PAP-welcomed-with-open-arms so-called foreign talents . . . not among Singaporeans !

  21. Buck Rogers said

    We have been screwed by a foreigner yet once again …

  22. Singaporeanlover said

    What the?!?!?! This doesn’t make sense she is a NTUC assistant director dude her life and job is wasted… 😱

  23. Singaporeanlover said

    Dude Singaporeans rock man. We are one united nation. Regardless of race, language or religion we must always unite like one family no matter Malay, Chinese, Indian, or eurasians, we must always unite👦👧👩👨👶👵👴👱👲👳👷👮

  24. halala said

    Why Aussie’s talent lived in HDB. They should be living in private housing and there would be no disturbment.

  25. Teo Chhew hore said

    Where is the ‘wayang party’

    So much for being the opposition

    Mod’s note:

    Sorry. ‘Wayang Party’ not allowed to speak up unless it has permission from the PAP.’

  26. I love Singapore said

    As a Malaysian I can tell u that most of the idiots who are racist in SG are formerly Malaysians, Malaysians are the most racists bastards I know and the best part they don’t have the balls to say it straight to your face. Any anti SG sentiments in MY are usually because of these twats that are now your new citizens.

    • S.A.M said

      True….overseas Malaysian Chineses mostly they are Malay haters.. They always brainwash SG Chinese, Indonesian Chinese and so on to hates SG Malay..because of Bumiputra policy in Malaysia..

  27. Smudger said

    NTUC is in deep shite! And I very much doubt the Ministers and key leaders were actually aware of her origin and nationality; thinking that she is Singaporean, these political leaders “reacted”. They are no better than Amy for she too reacted rather abrasively in her posts. Her origin of birth and adopted nationality demonstrates that she was ignorant of the practices of the Muslim community. While I categorically dislike what she posted, IMHO, I very much doubt she is a racist. Now saying this…some of the posts here by Singaporeans leave very much to be desired if some of these very posters are racist. Making generalised posts like, “Never mind, Aussie are equally racist”, and “Why not? That is what Australia is famous for – racism!” does not speak well of some people in Singapore. Surely, we don’t want other nationalities thinking Singaporeans is a hotbed of “racists”?

  28. bozo I am said

    Singaporeans avenge racism by showing even more racism… pathetic and sad!

    • Putty said

      Fyi, Singaporean/Australian refers to the CITIZENSHIP of a person and not his/her RACE. Thus there is absolutely no racism involved here, or someone would have made another police report. What’s pathetic and sad is you can’t tell the difference… T.T

  29. joe said

    Even NTUC is not giving us Singaporean a chance to take up this job. Sad Sad day foe Singaporean. I wonder what is the main reason for not able to fill up this position to Singapore, eh eh?

  30. Ah Loong Si said

    She should be given a PBM in the next National Day Honours List for promoting racism and racial disharmony , the very pillars of PAP governments cornerstone

  31. DPM said

    we need to find out the hiring hierarchy of her position. There must be other Malaysians in there that had recommended or referred Amy for the job. This does not stop here, Need to open up the can completely and let the worms out.

  32. dragon said

    I think more and more ministry or gov link company like PR employee.Because singaporean dun like higher post job or position even with high wages.Feedback from some news fewdays ago correct me if I am wrong.

  33. Talent Scout said

    They took her because they could not find local talent that can write racial slurs & insults as well as she does. Such talent is difficult to find here since everybody is so scared of gahmen …. hahaha

  34. Yharyah said

    Hire more Malaysian foreign trash lah!!!!

  35. Tan Yan Ren said

    Dont blame everybody…THE person you want to blame is the HEAD of the HR of NTUC ..and also the policiy makers of NTUC in this casec the Minister himself MUST carry the CAn!!!!!!!…STOP passing the BUG you leeches!!!YES Singaporeans care TOO DAFT to be in this position?

  36. Sgt33 said

    Talk so big about ntuc. Me a true blue Sinkie,applied for a job in ntuc eldrcare. Shit, orgn. Dont even bother to reply. Dare say they need people for eldercare jobs. All bullshit. Just another wayang to bluff the public.

    • Putty said

      Agree, we’ve heard that time and time again. It’s NOT a problem of Singaporean didn’t want the job. The problem is they do not want to give the jobs to Singaporeans.

  37. futureretro said

    who normally sacks someone in 24 hours? and that someone takes a plane to australia for good in just a few days.. u all been duped.. its all wayang… must msia get all the brunt when these things happen? humans are same everywhere.. now the brunt of it is targeted at foreigners… why do u all trust the media so much?

  38. Sgt33 said

    Australia is an open society. They practices freedom of speech. She is just stating her feelings. Whats wrong with that. Dont bring racism into the picture and dont blow matters up just because she is an FT. Glad she left Singapore. Perhaps better for her over there. Singaporeans are not so nice after all. They bullshit, wahyang, making mountains out of mole hills. What the heck. Waste of everybodys time on this matter. Dont you guys have better things to do.

    • Sgp not Aus lah said

      Nothing wrong if she state her feelings in Australia. But unfortunately Singapore is not an open society and Singapore does not practice freedom of speech.

  39. GodBlessSG said

    “She is suppose to drive membership here right? She is born in msia raised up in Australia..what does she know about ntuc that non of the locals know? Why wasn’t this job given to a local in the first place?”

    That explains the low take up rate of NTUC memberships.

  40. Singaporeanlover said

    Hi I am a Singaporean lover💜💜💜💚💚💚💙💙💙 Singapore rocks nice city .Nice country very cool. Malays Chinese Indian Eurasians one big family…😃

  41. anakin said

    LSS, time for you to state very clearly, How many FT has NTUC employed? Come clean please. IF NTUC which is supposed to protect workers’ right is hiring FTs then something is really wrong here.

  42. Angry Bird said

    LSS must be sacked. Useless idiot and earning millions!

  43. Ah Pek said

    Amy Cheong is just the voiceover of the PAP government policy on racism and racial disharmony. Bring more toxic wastes from China and Singapore will be the capital of China. Long Live Racism. Majullah Racism. Only Chinese for Singapore, no Malays, No Indians.

  44. Robin hood said

    There’s quite a big Malay community in Perth. I don’t think she can stay there long. News travel fast everywhere these days. She better be on the alert. Perhaps the NTUC can do her a last favor by sending her an email or SMS on this.

  45. From Western Australia(aka wait Awhile) said

    Welcome home AC to WA. It is not her fault she is working in sg . it is sg gov prefer FT than local sg ppl. You think she will suffer in Australia. Look at the salary of the various occupations in Australia.

    Working hrs are very comfortable -ie 38 thanks to the gov who is Australia Labour Party led by Julia Gillard-

    Not like sg gov -let sg ppl work until die like the washer lady in Bukit Merah.

    If she is unable to find work, there is unemployment benefits.

    So when she gets old she received aged pension.

    So Lim SS must answer why he employed FT instead of locals. Understand to sack her before the public found out where she is from.

  46. Singaporean said

    guys get a life! Dont blow this out of proporition. So what she local or foreigner? u guys never make a mistake before? lets move on with it.

    • i say say only said

      I will not make this silly mistake if I am a FT previously and a PR now.
      I will not make this stupid mistake if I am an assistant director working for NTUC.

  47. Realist said

    Australia was populated by the migration of ex-convicts from europe in the early years.
    So it figures that AC goes there.

    • So what? said

      That is already history, at least AUD is bigger than SGD now, it is even bigger than USD.

      • Australia was a penal colony. That means many convicts of that time were shipped there.

      • Sour grape said

        Do you know how many foreigners apply to study in Australia and to be Australia PR every year?
        The land of convicts aka penal colony is much more attractive than sgp, why?

      • lift your ass 4 me said

        Realist and Tong Seng, instead of wanking each other, are you aware the Japs built a grave site in honour of those Aussie soldiers who fought them to the end ?

        Are you 2 wankers also aware Australia despite a population of just 30+ Million, have worldclass swimmers, rugby players, cricket players, hockey players, tennis players, cyclists, golfers, motorbike riders, etc, etc, …..worldclass actors and actresses…etc, etc and very brave soldiers who fought along side the Yanks in Vietnam, Iraq, ?
        Would’nt you 2 wankers now say it is a pretty good feat for a land of ex convicts ?

      • Why are you accusing me of masturbating with him?
        I was just stating the facts.

  48. rover2sg said

    It would appear to Uncle that Amy was an FT.
    The focus on her actions should now be closed and we move forward as far as THAT incident is concerned.

    It now bothers Uncle how was she selected and be given instant PR? Was she so talented that ordinary Singapore Citizens cannot do her job? Is she to be replaced by another so-called FT?

    Please do not mentioned the name of the guy who made the police report to give him any further regard. He was more interested in talking about himself to CNA rather than on why the report was necessary!

  49. duh said

    Sorry, your post makes no sense. It is like saying if I don’t speak French, I shouldn’t visit France. It doesn’t require a Singaporean to reach out to Singaporeans – what matters is the job fit (plus she’s a PR of 10 years – what’s your point?)

    • Brainwashed said

      PR of 10 years so what? She is still a foreigner holding an Australia passport.
      MP also reach out to Singaporeans, so also not require to be a Singaporean?

  50. P Koh said

    So much anger, criticisms and comments even when she has already left Singapore. All these remarks cannot change what had already happened. We should just close this chapter and move on and spend our precious time focusing on better things to do in our lives.

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