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Lim Swee Say now says: We should spare a thought for Amy Cheong

Posted by temasektimes on October 10, 2012

After sacking former NTUC director Amy Cheong in less than 24 hours following a racist post made by her on her personal Facebook, NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say now call on Singaporeans to spare a thought for her.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Lim said it was a ‘difficult’ decision for him to make to sack Cheong:

“For this episode, as an employer, it was not a decision [to terminate Amy Cheong’s services] that we take lightly. To me, it was one of the most difficult decisions I have to make as SG of NTUC because it is going to have a tremendous impact on her – to lose her job in just over 24 hours.”

He urged the public to spare a thought for the ‘pain’ Amy is currently going through:

“This is a painful experience for NTUC to go through. Also, we should spare a thought for Amy and the pain that she is going through. Through some counseling, she has realised the grave mistake, apologised to the public and appeal to them to find somewhere in their heart to forgive her.”

A ex-Malaysian who is now an Australian citizen, Cheong has since left for Perth, most likely for good.


66 Responses to “Lim Swee Say now says: We should spare a thought for Amy Cheong”

  1. Singkaypoh said

    Excellent choice! Aussies dun have void decks, houses are donkey miles apart, u die oso nobody know lol

  2. Singkaypoh said

    Haha, Minister Lim, good guy oso u, bad guy oso u… I must learn from u how to both have my cake & eat it

  3. Denny said

    Another waffling remark from a NTUC Hierachy, just fancy that.

  4. Daft Peasant said

    扮嗮嘢………..DIU !!!!!!

  5. Another FT stirring S*** locally and when the S*** hit the fan, just dust their a** and go off, leaving the local community to clean up the mess.. No responsibility whatsoever.

  6. Mike Zeng said

    Lucky Amy being an Oz citizen. I predicted so in another post.
    Should not be a problem for her to get a job there and maybe also a husband.
    Good luck Amy, you’ll be happier in a freer country.

    • dun think so said

      It will be a prob for her to get a job in oz if she did not have prior local oz work exp.
      Most oz companies do not recog overseas work exp, they may think that theirs are still the best.

  7. platium said

    “stab” her then say sorry! best!

  8. native s'porean said

    Why no S’poreans able to do her job in NTUC?
    Is her job in NTUC required very high skilled to perform?

  9. Why cant that job be filled by a Singaporean? I wonder if She will be sacked if She is a Grass Looter…

  10. Lim said

    Any more foreign talents for labour movement?

  11. Disillusioned said

    What a hypocrite! It’s an unbearable amount of rhetoric to say that it was his most difficult decision to make. Would he have sacked her if she were his relative? No doubt Amy Cheong has committed a diplomatic faux pas, but the sin is not sufficiently serious to deserve a sack, it is not one involvng life and death. it was too minor to be given a capital punishment of sack. At most she could be demoted or have her salary cut.
    LSS obviously was doing this to show how powerful he is, he was not concerned about the deleterious consequences caused to Amy and her family.
    I hope the mistake he has compounded on Amy’s own mistake would not come back to haunt him in the near future.

  12. Alvin said

    Funny how our NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say is asking us to forgive and spare a thought for a Culturally Insensitive Bigoted Foreign Talent. How telling a high ranking – probably high paying director of a government run Union was a difficult decision. Seriously, it should not be difficult nor should it be a painful decision to remove an employee of the Union that represents the cultural diversity as well as the racial coalition that exist in Singapore. I don’t understand why such a decision is viewed as a difficult when it should be labeled as “An obvious and appropriate decision to be made.” Your apparent tight hiring practices has failed to filter such “interesting talents” into the position of membership acquisition.

    Maybe Mr. Lim failed to realize that Amy Cheong got off easy via a quick exit due to an expression of her own mature volition. In the context of things, it was a insensitive and factually inaccurate racist remark made in a casual manner that reflected on her true nature. But seriously you rather that she continue staying in Singapore and reflect on her action all while still working for the NTUC?

    Mr. Lim Swee Say – I find it offensive that you would find asking her to leave as a difficult decision when you have apparently failed weigh on the tremendous impact her comments, It offended not just Malays but Singapore and Singaporeans.

    I am not saying that she should not be forgiven, but just saying I am sorry doesn’t always cut it. Her decision to run back to Perth showed that she is not prepared to face her actions nor is she ready to show sincerity to make amends.

    Lets see if she has the sincerity to return, should any legal action be eventually taken on her and let her atone for her comments.

    • Zinger said

      I see the pages of a thesaurus dog-ear’ed by the time you completed this post! haha!

      • Alvin said

        Thanks .. but there is such a thing called having a decent vocabulary…lol

      • bazzinga said

        No such thing as decent vocabulary with bad grammar though.

      • Alvin said

        Grammar exist rather liberally in an expressive or communicative medium. In another words, we need to give everyone that room to express themselves. There are places where tolerance should be accepted. Don’t you think Bazzinga? Plus we have an island led by highly grammatically correct government who seems to fail each time they try to communicate and “engage” with the locals.

    • How many people seen as a threat to Singapore had been deported to their country of origin? Or any one that had been seen as a threat to the security of Singapore had been in prison for years before?

      • Alvin said

        I doubt her comments were a serious threat to Singapore’s Security. We are after all nation of level-headed and highly educated people. I personally feel that if anyone that has threaten the security of Singapore is the HR director who hired her – imagine allowing such FTs to work in NTUC and our Mr. Lim who actually cared more for the hurt feelings of this racist FT than the offended Singaporeans.

      • mahbok tan said

        @alvin , consider ourself lucky coz we are more educated and more tolerance towards others. But does our previous leaders have that? See how many conspiracies had happened and ordinary SGporeans were put inside ISD hotel.

        just look across the shore in batam , just because 2 stupid FT from india saying something bad about the locals , even though they talking among the two of them , the whole drydock have been in chaos and burned down. I am sure we won’t see that happening in SGpore but we must not be too complacent with it.

        And our leaders do not seem to understand our plight…..Lim bo swee say as if she is a good human with brain….!!! I guess she have been living in a secluded place among her own tribe of hou lian people…who think that they are the special one….KNNBCCB to her….!!!!

  13. What school you come from ? said

    We should charge her in court that would give a serious warning to other Internet users to be more sensible with their comments, I propose that if she is a PR to revoke it.

  14. Pink Panty Loong said

    It’s good to hear that Amy has left Singapore for Australia. Singapore has no more heart & soul under a self-serving & self-enriching ruling party that will not hesitate to bend the rules to suit its own needs.

  15. shiroiluke said

    I have one question in mind, if Amy Cheong is forgiven by ALL Singaporean, does that mean she is free from lawsuit??

    How about those cases that happens since 2005? Some of them get in behind the bars, fine penalty of SGD$5000 or even worse?

    So that is the treatment she gets when she happens to be an Foreign Talent who can really run off back to Perth.

    • monkey see monkey learn said

      Moral of the story is – native sgp citizens should get PR in other 1st world countries such as aus, any wrong doing just run away from sgp.

  16. Gina said

    Mr Lim Swee Say, Just shut up and stop making further comments! That is the only way for the brouhaha to die down. By playing the saint and making ongoing comments, you are only stoking the fire!

  17. nb la said

    who in the right mind will come back after leaving? she is aussie citizen, always got somewhere to fall back on. no such good fortune for locals, especially those without millions of assets (not talking about HDB).

    this is a precedence. any foreigner who shitted here can just pack up and leave on the next flight home, no strings attached. wait till the economy of singapore take a drastic turn, the only place with good business is changi airport. all outward, no inward flights.

    till then, we talk about the long forgotten terms that the gov want us to have- integrate and embrace.

    they are long gone, fuck yourself singaporeans

  18. Fed up said

    You know why it is a difficult decision, because Ausrtalia PM will bring this matter to LHL.

  19. mahbok tan said

    Allo fellow Citizen of SGpore ,

    this kind of incident does make our blood pressure go up north……!!!

    KNNBCCB ….hei anus cheong , why need to run away from your CB mouth….KNN….!!! Face the action here and see for yourself what u have done….????

    Our ministers are worst than her , in words they say forgive and forget , but when ordinary SGporean did it they will be frame up in the ISD hotel…KNNBCCB. Look how sun xu were given preferential treatment….!!!

    Some more australian / ex-malaysian citizen….!!!! FTalent ???? Phuck you GOVT ministers your foreignTrash have proven you wrong again and again….and SGporean are DAFT….????

  20. Adry said

    Spare thought for her. Sure can be done but it difficult to give also. Does she spare a thought before posted the remarks? Plus some more instead face up she runs to avoid it ……

  21. carlryim said

    oh..she ex-malaysian, no wonder, i am aware of how malaysian chinese hated the bumiputras….well she forgot that she is in Singapore….

  22. Fox said

    Have you spare a thought for the Malay community in general?

    I am not Malay, but her statement burns my ear.

  23. Hello!!! said

    Spare a thought for Amy Cheong??? “Difficult” choice to sack her??? R u kidding me…??? R u seriously kidding me???

    First of all, she deserve the termination and might I add it is not enough just to sack her racist ass! She should be severely dealt with by the authority. If we don’t treat racism seriously, nobody will learn. Racism is not a minor issue. Did she spare a thought to the Malay community when she blatantly post her racist comments??? It SHOULD NOT be “difficult” to sack her, why? Because racism SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. As simple as that!

  24. Jf said

    Her degree must be good for NTUC to employ her.Singapore is trying to get more graduates in the Arts. So that we can develop this type of Art Form draw cartoons, make movies and postings to insult other people. The new normal. Many students are already showing such talents. One even get quality time with the defence minister.
    Amy is now very famous, any kind of first movie she acted in will be a box office success.

  25. keksim a lang said

    Many singaporean lost their jobs to cheap FTs, did sway say ever say “must think of our fellow singaporean being unemployed for so many months”?What so difficult so sack FTs? when many local talent were available?All our ministers pampered and treasure FTs so much that they behaved like spoiled child!Singapore cannot have dual citizenships but can accept FTs with many citizenships?

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Keksim A Lang.

      The saying goes ….. Charity begins at home. You are right. Looks like
      in Singapore charity goes to the foreigners first! I am amazed that this
      government does not understand the hardship of the citizens whose jobs
      have been taken over by the FTs. Our less fortunate/poor citizens need more attention and help too! Indeed, this is a Boh Liong Sim A Cheng Hu (heartless government).

      Our only hope is more opposition or better still a change of government.

      Overall, we Singaporeans are sensible and realistic. We are a small country. Unfortunately, our elected government is not for us but against us!

      Vote opposition in General Election 2016. We’ve already lost heaps under
      their leadership so how much more can we lose by dumping them?

      P.S. I’m sure there’ll be many scare tactics nearer to GE2016. This time
      round I believe we’ll be smarter and better prepared.

      Fortune favours the brave!

      • Daft Peasant said

        Julie, i agree with you……. We can try but we WILL NOT SUCCEED!!

        In Sinkie land, pap will forever and ever and ever……be the gahment….. 40% vote against them but look how many seats the pap still have in the parlia-ment?

        The pap WILL ALWAYS IN POWER…….

        Sinkaporeans ARE DOOMED!!!!

      • IronMan said

        Agreed. Nothing ventured, nothing gain. No guts, no glory. Well said, Julie.




  27. Jacqueline said

    You are kidding me right, swee say?! Still looking out for the foreigners eh? Sounds like you got soft after finding out she’s an FT. I wonder if you’d be so compassionate if she had been a Singaporean?

  28. Sgt33 said

    At least, Amy dare speaks the truth about how she feels. If its a fact, its a fact. Not like some bunch of hypocrites, who claims to be against her believes. Search your hearts honestly. Ask yourself, who is racist. Dont wahyang to get yourselves onto the news and support the pappies. I lived in Australia for quite some time. I see Singaporeans are more racist than the Aussies. Only, one dare not say it for fear of the pappies.

  29. NBCCD said

    Lim Swee Say now says: We should spare a thought for Amy Cheong ??? You are really a joke of OCTOBER !! THIS KIND OF FOREIGNER YOU BRING IN NTUC & SG !? NOW YOU SAY ( WE ) SPARE A THOUGHT ?? what we ?? YOU !!! NO WE !! You seow bo !!!??? YOU BETTER GO JUMP DOWN FROM ANY NEAR BY BUILDING LA !!

  30. R Usha said

    the national trades union congress is a dismal failure in singapore. all it does is splurge money on celebrations of all kind, the latest is the 25th aniversary of ntuc downtown east. is it necesary when people r losing jobs and starving in the streets and when a serious recession is looming? and now you have a former asst dir posting derogatory remarks about malays in singapore online. i wonder how long it will take for such an official from ntuc to say nasty things about indians too?

  31. Ah Pek said

    Lim Swee Say . Has Amy Cheong given you a Blow Job , Cecilia Sue , style?

  32. Drama said

    We should blame NTUC for this episode’s they themselves Employed this. FT.

  33. jack sparrow said

    PAP lobang break liao la. now everyone knows that they even employ FTs in government jobs. so many local grads looking for job, giv the job to an FT.

    repent my friends

  34. Law said

    Last time Rojak, now Prata….
    wonder whats next…

  35. Penn said

    even public apology also cannot save her from the sack. then why did MP Seng Han Thong apologised can keep his MP position?

  36. Jacqueline said

    They obviously plan to continue hiring foreigners as they favour them over the locals, that’s why swee say is trying to diffuse the situation by saying ‘she has realized her grave mistake…apologized to the public…find it in our hearts to forgive her’. Isn’t it obvious he’s trying to sway Singaporeans now? Can’t believe our ‘dear leaders’. Think we’re stupid or something?!!

  37. True BLUE Sinkie said

    By nature, Australians are racist. Cant blame Amy Cheong

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