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No police action taken against Australian ‘FT’ and ex-NTUC director Amy Cheong

Posted by temasektimes on October 10, 2012

When two 17 year old Singaporean boys posted racist remarks on Facebook in July this year, they were swiftly arrested by the Singapore police and publicly shamed.

The commander of Bedok Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police How Kwang Hwee, said then:

“The Internet may be a convenient medium to express one’s views but members of the public should bear in mind that they are no less accountable for their actions online.”

However, when an Australian ‘FT’ Amy Cheong made similar racist remarks on her Facebook, the police appears to be slow to act.

A police report was lodged against Cheong on Sunday, but she was not arrested promptly which gave her time to leave for Australia two days later.

This is not the first time that foreigners were let off the hook by the Singapore police for posting racist remarks. Last year, PRC student Wang Peng Fei was allowed to leave for China after making racist remarks in a home-made video three days earlier.

Another PRC deliveryman from Shandong was also allowed to leave after making derogatory remarks about a certain race in Singapore.

NO foreigners have been arrested or charged so far for making racist remarks against Singaporeans and disrupting social harmony in Singapore as of today.


33 Responses to “No police action taken against Australian ‘FT’ and ex-NTUC director Amy Cheong”

  1. Naivety said

    As expected, Amy Cheong is the beloved Australian FT of the Pro Alien Party in Singapore & therefore, it is only natural that no action will be taken against her for making publicly seditious comments & remarks!

  2. Sgt33 said

    Because, one set of rules, but apply to two types of people.

  3. SgGuy said

    If the sticker-lady is a FT, bet nothing will happen to her!

  4. Police bully singaporeans said

    The police should be taken to task for not doing their work .

  5. worldorder said

    When news first break, all condemn. When learnt that she is a FT, LSS say spare a thought for her. Since when the govt spare a thought for locals. Sick to the bone

  6. Robin hood said

    Not to worry too much. They’re just just chalking more and more demerit points till GE2016. Don’t you forget guys!

    Mod’s note:

    Their demerit points will automatically become the merit points for their ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’, so nothing will change.

  7. keksim a lang said

    Why on earth such discrimination?Why is the fairness….Someone needs to explain!!!

  8. Lim said

    Yes such selective action makes Sporeans wonder about equality and justice – just like that woman who is wife of big shot getting off the hook for slapping air hostess some time ago and of course the examples quoted above by this article.

  9. BK said

    I have always thought that the Malay wedding at HDB void deck is a cultural part of our kampong spirit. I remembered Fandi Ahmad although a millionaire had his wedding at a HDB void deck. It is something that most of us had grown up with. Chinese sometime make too much noise playing mahjong during the weekend, and most other Singaporeans in general absorb it as natural as thunder during a rain. That is what makes us Singaporeans.

    Not too long ago, a PRC family complained about the smell from curry that a family of Singaporean Indian cook rather regularly. Again most of us who live in HDB, would have found it natural and most of us in fact would love the smell of curry. There was a public outcry after the Community Mediation Center (CMC) under the Law Ministry, disallow a Singaporean Indian family to cook curry in their home. CMC then clarified that it was the Singaporean Indian family who suggested it.

    NMP Viswa wrote a letter to ST:

    “It threatens to strike at the values upon which our society is built – tolerance and acceptance. All of us who grew up in Singapore would have had occasion to be confronted with a cultural or religious practice that was not palatable. Our evolved instinct would have been to respect the right of the other party as a cohabitant of our space, and so tolerate, if not accept it,” he added, that “we should be even more concerned about the negative signal this incident could send out.”

    There were much criticisms of FTs not living within the norms of a Singaporean society from the above incident, Shanmugam then had raised the issue of xenophobia. Again during Amy Cheong’s case he said he had suspicions about the deep fault lines in our society based on race/religion. Firstly he is contradicting his PM, who said (before we knew she was an Australian) that this was an isolated incident and not a reflection of the strength of our race relations. Secondly, he was so quick to jump on the band wagon, but unlike the other Ministers he reinvented the theory of the “deep fault lines based on race/religion. Thirdly, now that we all know Amy is not a Singaporean is he withdrawing his suspicions?

    I am perplexed about this issue of the xenophobic Singaporean? Tommy Koh had correctly pointed put that the symptoms of a more aggressive and agitated citizenry toward FTs are not a reflection of xenophobia, rather the causes are the poor policies of a massive influx of foreign workers coupled by poor transport infrastructure and inadequate supply of HDBs.

    I am very offended by Shanmugam’s insistence on the deep fault lines. Surely this is not the way to parry away the FTs issue and other poor policies. I would like to know where the deep fault lines are? Well, I am betting you wont find it. We Singlish speaking and kiasu Singaporeans see each other as lallang and mimosa, born of Singaporean Sun baked soil, we wont let others speak of us in a way that causes chasm and division.

    • Jeff said

      Well said and articulated. You should be running the country instead of those buffoons!

      • Julie Ong said

        Hi, Jeff.

        Agree with you that BK is articulate and has substance. Yes, BK, why not
        join in the political fray? Many Singaporeans, I believe are ready for a change of government and more so if they are convinced of the calibre
        of the candidate and the sincerity of the alternative party.
        The PAP government will never change. They are still behaving like
        the old tyrant ,Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who thinks that they have the mandate
        to do as they please. Hence, the public’s worry and concern doesn’t
        bother them. They believe they know best.

        As regards Ms Amy Cheong I feel that we should consider the matter
        as closed. She has already been severely punished and humiliated
        and now reported to be in Perth, Australia.

        In truth all of us have our pride and prejudices, including racial bias.
        But the great thing is that we’ve learned to accept one another as citizens with equal rights and tolerant towards one another inspite of our diversities and differences.

        For this we can truly give ourselves a pat on the back.

        Majulah Singapura!

  10. junde said

    WoW based on what I have been reading here in TT and the really fierce comments it seems Singapore is a society that can blow up anytime… It’s
    Ike it is just waiting for the right trigger and Blow … ka Boom…

    • compatriot said

      You dont say,us Singaporeans are sitting on top of a very dry powder keg.Should it blows the PAP government is held liable

      • junde said

        Yes I guess PAP will bare the burden of the blame. As SG soceity is based on tight controls. Converting to a US type free wheeling democracy then the blame burden can be shared by all people.

  11. Poison Ivy said

    If an alternative parties member did this, the police will be very fast to help the PAP fix the opposition. Remember the police works for the PAP, not the people.

  12. NaBey said

    Aiyah.. Because they foreigner mah. They dunno when u see bayi seng u must pull ur friend ear mah. They dunno our culture so must pang chance a bit lah!

  13. said

    bo liao

  14. Goondu said

    To all those that condemn Amy: Can someone explain in plain language what did she write that is racist? It may be factually incorrect to say that the wedding can be had for $50 other than that what could be construed as racist? We are too quick to rush into judgment. We claim to have a great education system, we produce a people that are literate but not educate.

  15. spotlessleopard said

    I am still waiting for Lim Siah Suay to explain WHY A NATIONAL LABOUR UNION HAS TO EMPLOY A FOREIGNER in the Union ….that JOB must go to a Singaporean.

    • compatriot said

      Its ‘ANARCHY'(gereral lawlessness and disorder especially due to result from an absense or failure of government)

      Its ‘ANARCHY’ (general lawlessness and disorder thought to result from an absense or lack and failure of government)

      We are right now living with a led strife life with an UNCHECKED elected government of over 50 years due to the lack and absense of elected forceful OPPOSITION PARLIAMENTARIANS to monitor and refute the convenience legality of cabinet and government ministeries and the general lawlessness and disorder of government parliamentarians,who do as they please to passed statute laws for their own benefits to count pennies in their pockets with no abatement aided by their
      BACKUP machineries making to the theory of practise of political anarchism

  16. Ron said

    Good riddance to this racist woman. She should know about how it is to be on the receiving end of racist taunts. In Perth some racist punks will yell at her…you Chinks..go back to China. And she would know that if the shop is owned by a White, they are not likely to hire an Asian, etc.

    And she comes from Malaysia originally, a country that saw violent racial clashes. She has not learnt and if she was a PR, that should be revoked too.

    She deserved the sack. Let her find a job with a White aussie firm and then pay the 45% Aussie tax. Let’s see if it is that easy.

  17. rover2sg said

    The police report was made by someone more interested in having a few minutes of fame – not particulary on his concern for our civic society. I will not add anything to this or mention his name to give him any respect.

    It would appear to Uncle that Amy was an FT.
    The focus on her actions should now be closed and we move forward as far as THAT incident is concerned.

    It now bothers Uncle how was she selected and be given instant PR? Was she so talented that ordinary Singapore Citizens cannot do her job???

  18. Singapuraboi said

    I agree that Malay wedding at void decks add colour to our Singapore cultural fabric. However now with the over crowding, people’s tolerance to noise and over crowding have changed. Many people are craving for a little peace of mind and more personal space. May we still maintain our way of life without adding further dress on other residents. Can we move funerals and weddings and other community events to a the town hall? This would reduce the noise levels for those who r studying or need peace and quiet for rest and healing. Locating at town halls and community halls still preserves our way of life and give other people more peace of mind. All these intolerance is a result of our poor immigration policies.
    This is what is called cabin fever which usually occurs in winter time when bigg numbers of people are restricted by weather conditions to remain in one place such as home and dorms. Studies have shown that quarrels and fights increased in this period. We have cramped too many people in a small
    Island and tolerance levels are dropping. So it is useless to keep talking about integration when more FTs r being cramped into an already crowded Singapore. Take a human being growths and the person is growing up skywards becoming taller and reaching for the skies but here we r expanding sideways which means getting fat and thus is not healthy to our economy. Over feeding will cause an implosion.

  19. Z said

    TT first says she “native”, so unfair, get harsher treatment than Sun Xu. Now is like “FT!! Not punished enough!!”
    Hahaha, keep going, TT. Very funny to watch you and your supporters and the party you support…

  20. jack sparrow said

    technically amy is not an FT, she is a PR. that being said, how does the government screen potential PRs? seems to me that any tom dick and harry FT can be a PR as long as they have a degree. end up our local grads have to compete with there new PRs.

    totally dumb

    • brain not ok said

      How to be a PR if she is not a FT to start off with?
      Do you know that now no need PRs to compete with our local grads and PMETs? Even EP and S-Pass holders can compete directly with them now.

      • Naivety said

        That’s very true indeed!
        As the statistics & figures from MOM shows that the total numbers of both EP & S-Pass holders are ever increasing just comparing the numbers as at June 2012 alone (Half Yr Period).

        The total number of Employment Pass (EP) as at end Jun 2012 was already a staggering figure of 174,700 as compared to 175,400 for the whole of Year 2011 (As Dec 2011) & the total number of S-Pass holders as at end Jun 2012 was 128,100, this represents a hefty increase of 14,200 S-Pass holders as compared to 113,900 for the whole of Year 2011 (As At Dec 2011).

        Wait until end of the Year 2012 (Dec 2012), you will see both the numbers of EP & S-Pass holders tripled or even quadrupled easily as this is no brainer…talk so much of reining in of foreigner influx by our Acting Minister of Manpower what a Big Wayang only theory!!!

    • Naivety said

      Yep, fully agree…should give the traitorous Papaya government the sacking ASAP!

  21. mahbok tan said

    As expected…..!!! Action will be taken only if its from those who are not in line with their views and ideology….!!!

    Singapore and Malaysia are having the same way of mindset , they are the GOVT so they have the power and they create the perception that they are the BOSS….KNNBCCB….!!! And when they know that their time is up they will create uncertainty and chaos in the country and later claim to be in control and bringing the country back to safety…..!!!

    Also they have sets of laws to be used by their machineries@civil servant@lapdogs to do what is necessary….!!!

    SGporean must learned fast and do the right thing before its too late and we all have to migrate…..!!!

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