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NUS graduate working at McDonald’s received ‘Super Star Award’

Posted by temasektimes on October 10, 2012

A 27 year old graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a degree in project and facilities management Christina Ong was given a ‘Super Star Award’ at the Annual Excellent Service Award last night given by the Restaurant Association of Singapore and supported by Spring Singapore.

The award was the highest service honor for Food and Beverage staff.

According to the state media, Ms Ong has been working part-time at McDonald’s for the past ten years and is currently working there as an Assistant Manager.


36 Responses to “NUS graduate working at McDonald’s received ‘Super Star Award’”

  1. Jack said

    what kind of news is this?

  2. Daft Peasant said

    Wah…….swee cha bor…… i like……

  3. Ah Loong Si said

    Consider a position as a Blow Job Specialist as a Deputy to Cecilia Sue

  4. Wah Ka li Kong said

    give her the now vacant director post at NTUC but only If she’s a true blue singaporean!

  5. kns said

    Well done! Congratulations…

  6. Kster said

    ……. noted, so Mac will rise the price of their food?
    just wondering, how much can an assistant manager in Mac earn…………..

  7. Yharyah said

    She looks cheerful and cute!

  8. anakin said

    the way i look at this……Sporeans are damn good f&b & service workers. all those employers who say can’t find locals for f&b are looking for cheap workers only and unwilling to pay more for good talent.

  9. Kor said

    Job is a job. Well done for excelling.

  10. fpc said

    like us aspire to be F and B managers after graduating from NUS

  11. Ken Lee said

    hee National University of Singapore (NUS) with a degree in project and facilities management!! cause job all kanna taken up only can go work in fast food restaurant!!

  12. joe said

    Well done. At least you show to all SME bosses that we Singaporean are not choosy about jobs. Christina, I am proud of you

  13. Robin hood said

    O McDonald her I come, eyai eyai oh

  14. See-Beh-Song said

    Wah lau eh!! Nowadays, you need degree to work at McDonalds hah?!?

  15. Yati said

    Congratulations Christina!

  16. Adam Tan Beng Phoon said

    Well I used to work in Mcdonald….but they refused to send me to manager course because I’m only O level graduated….The Store Manager told me there wasn’t room for O level graduated staffs….only A level and above….(At that time A level and Graduates were not interested to work in Mcdonald as the starting pay for assistant manager was S$1.3k) But few of my juniors were sent to the course and promoted to assistant floor manager after working in Mcdonald for 2 years (The juniors quit their studies and joined Mcdonald full time after I went NS for 2 years, they don’t even have O level certs) Meaning not how hard you work….it is how good relationship you are with the top management….

  17. And why is this here?

    The Mod appears to be bored.
    Pretty soon, trivial reports, like a local baby being born to local parents will find its way here…

    • Law said

      Mod is only interested in Opps tinkie… trust me, his search engine will start to run when the word “WP” appears!!
      Something i notice about Mod. LOL
      He might take over Googles next time!! LMAO!!

  18. DoubleK said

    Good on her! Way to go girl! a graduate driven by passion instead of pay package 🙂

  19. Whatever said

    Good for her. I know uni grads who worked through their university. Humble and not afraid to put in hard work.

  20. GaanMaro said

    Bravo Christina! Well done!

  21. Singkaypoh said

    Good job! But why McD still never promote her to Manager after 10 years despite such a great performance? Elites would have become Brigadier Generals already or Directors or CEOs liao, like some of those who have time for free blowjobs instead of labouring on 10-hour shifts…. poor girl, she deserves to take over Amy Cheong’s place maybe? Or even better TPL’s? So what do you think?

  22. Singkaypoh said

    Any comment Rosario Garcia Tenorio? 🙂

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