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Aljunied resident expressed unhappiness with WP MP Pritam Singh and his lucky draw

Posted by temasektimes on October 11, 2012

Dear friends,

It is with great sadness that I feel compelled to write this email.

WP use carrots to buy your vote:

For very long, we always say that PAP is bad because they use lift upgrading as a carrot to ask you to vote for them. But recently, it seems that WP go one step further. To get you to vote for their lift upgrading and NRP, they will hang a lucky draw carrot in front of you, which in principle is no different from a lift-upgrading carrot.

This shows you that today WP as an Opposition Party, they ALREADY offer you lucky draw with 40″ plasma TV. When WP become Ruling Party, what will they offer you? When they get access to reserves, what will the extent they will go to?

WP use ‘gian peng’ tactics to attract people to their event:

Singaporeans are not ‘gian peng’. But the WP treats them so. By automatically including residents in their lucky draw, the tactic is to attract them to show up at the location in the first place.

Pritam Singh says that this is to encourage them to vote yes (see my first point above), but more importantly, he secretly wants to attract more residents to his WP grassroots events, which may not have alot of people who would normally attend in the first place.

Recruitment and brain-washing exercise?

This tactic is taught by multi-level marketing. They will give out a survey with the question “does being in MLM automatically make you untrustworthy?” If you tick yes, they don’t care you. But if you tick no, then they will ask for your number and invite you to events.

Why? Because you are the kind that is open to listening to them! They see this as an opportunity to recruit you and brainwash you.

It’s the same with WP. If you vote “no” for their NRP, it means that you don’t like them, so they invite you to their event for what? Waste of a plasma TV!

But if you vote “yes” for them, it means that you are at least “neutral-friendly”, so they will invite you to event, ask for your telephone number, and before you know it, you will be creating a hardwarezone account to defend their reputation, or sit in coffeeshop and spy on your neighbours who badmouth them! (personal experience, har har..)

Cutting corners

Pritam Singh later come out and say, not just the households who vote yes get to participate in lucky draw, all households get to participate.

But I ask this to Pritam Singh: If all household can participate, then why you purposely only include people who vote yes, and make people who vote no go through the extra step of saying “please la, let me try to win the plasma TV also.” You like people to beg you issit?

It’s not a lot more effort to write those extra names on the lucky draw tickets. But when you convenience yourself and inconvenience others, still can come up and make excuses!

What WP has done in this lucky draw may seem very small, and the money involved is insignificant. But that’s not the point! This is about fairness, and what is right or wrong!

When I first join Opposition many years ago, I don’t think about what good things I can get. I think about what is fair. I think about what is right.

And this is not fair, and not right!

If you think I very im-chim (stingy), you must think that now WP is Opposition party. And now they already using the resources they have to chu stunt, they already making excuses for cutting corners. In future when they become Ruling party, then how??

And unlike PM Lee, WP don’t say sorry hor.


*The above was an email written by an Aljunied resident which has been circulating among residents. His contacts are kept confidential out of fear of that he will be harassed by fanatical WP supporters who have a penchant of resorting to hooligan tactics both online and offline to silent their critics


16 Responses to “Aljunied resident expressed unhappiness with WP MP Pritam Singh and his lucky draw”

  1. Writer is a PAP supporter and therefore like TT, is a WP critic. Tok cock only.

    Mod’s note:

    PAP supporter = WP supporter as WP is a subsidiary party of the PAP, aka its ‘B’ team. They are both on the SAME side. Only difference is the logo. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please wake up before it is too late!

  2. Henry said

    I am going over to Aljunied … the lucky draw is more practical … David, you can move over to my GRC … no lucky draw at all, also got no say in lift upgrading ….

  3. James Tan said

    Haha, there you go again. you will not post my comments as usual.

  4. denzuko1 said

    I am skeptical about David tan’s article. Is the lucky draw only allegible for those who vote for WP’s lift up-grading or those who woted “on”? If it is the later, then his comparison with PAP’s tactic is totally different.

    WP’s tactic is to encourage people to vote on the issue while PAP’s tactic is to get people to vote THEM on the issue. We must distinguish between the 2

  5. ST said

    is there a typo error ? I thought PAP are the one that buy vote, just before GE2011, dividend/GST(or whatever) was given to all Singaporean. As first I didnt know there is such thing as buying vote, until I told one of my oversea friend that govt give us money….and he got a shock !

  6. skponggol said

    Workers’ Party should donate some or all of their lucky draw to the poor, abut fearless Hougang resident, Mdm Vellama, who has been hounded by PAP becos she sacrifices everything to stop PAP from delaying Hougang by-election and ensure a WP victory.

    WP should not abandon its very own Hougang voter and launder lucky draw all over their fiefs to buy votes. They should take take of the very weak and its Hougang resident whom they had ruled for over 20 years.

    Mod’s note:

    Dream on. The ‘Wayang Party’ is only interested in saving its own skin. It will not do anything to antagonized its political master.

  7. TT is likely a PAPie site masquerading as an opp site. TT sided with PAPie Dannis in the last hougang reelection. Now it posts a PAPie article pretending it’s a disgruntled Aljunied residet.
    To TT moderator: don’t bluff, lah. U’re working to split opp camp only to boost PAPie suuport. But netizens aint stupid, know or not. Hahaha. 🙂

    Mod’s note:

    Unfortunately, your comment shows you belong to the unsuspecting majority who are still deceived by the ‘Wayang Party’ into believing it is a real opposition party when it has since become the unofficial subsidiary party of the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

    • Nico said

      Then ask SDP to come to Aljunied to challenge WP Lah. Talk so much for what? SDP is not even competing with WP, so if we don’t vote for WP means we vote for PAP. Still not saying you are not PAP lackey? What else are you?

  8. CornY said

    U not happy cos u don’t get to win the lucky draw rite? Try harder next time. Lol

  9. teo cheap buy said

    Another pap supporter..cheer

  10. Nico said

    David Tan? Are you even aljunied GRC citizen? Wa Lau, talk so much. We aljunied GRC people are not even complaining.

  11. I love TT said

    TT can’t dig out any WP news until you need to write your own?

  12. It is nothing wrong, use the same tactics to counter your enemy. said

    It is nothing wrong, use the same tactics to counter your enemy.

  13. Naivety said

    David Tan, You’re a Bloody PAP Ass Kisser & Boot Licker!

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