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Dumbest things done by Singapore police

Posted by temasektimes on October 11, 2012

Like kids, Police also capable of “dumbest things”

Our police have done highly commendable jobs as witnessed in and publicized by Crime Watch.

At the same time like kids they are also capable of doing the “dumbest things”,

The recent case of an offense of using a mobile phone while driving is a case in point.

The offense is compoundable and even after she paid the compound fine and demerited, police continue to withhold her mobile phone containing personal and confidential information.

The question is what else can the police do for this offense unless of course they are trawling at their own leisure for any other offense of subversive or pornographic nature.

Any one knows that won’t take more than five minutes. But they would keep it for days on end with the cliche “to facilitate ongoing investigation.”

In my wife’s case bringing through the woodlands checkpoint a small package of “pok pok” for our two-year old grandson, she was subjected to police treatment as if she was trying to smuggle in a carload of gunpowder!

She was brought to a police car and escorted to Jurong police station by 3 policemen.

After being kept for a few hours while the police filed in their report she was asked to contact someone to bail her out. As I was overseas she called our son to bail her.

Then two weeks later she was called to the Jurong police station again and warned that she could be charged in court for bringing in explosive. But the police inspector said ” I will let you off this time with a warning. If you do it again you will be charged.”

The next time when she was stopped for bringing in a pack of 10 eggs the thought of what she had been through the previous time sent shiver down her spine and her face turned sickly pale.

When she was led to a room the policeman had to open with a big key her thought was “die I am going into a lockup.”

When the door was opened and what she saw was a dustbin for her to dump the eggs she sighed a heavy heave of relief and started thanking the policeman profusely (prima facie for making her dump the high grade omega boosted eggs into a rubbish bin.)

In my case when buying a secondhand mobile phone the slew hands of the shop-owner had me carrying the phone box home with all the accessories and manual but minus the phone.

This is a clear case of cheating and even theft but the Yishun police insisted it was a case for CASE. Had they come with me to the shop a simple search would suffice. But no, the policeman insisted on Case which on its part maintained it only handles cases of defective goods or goods not up to the standard.

These are only some of the “dumbest” cases and I am sure you folks have your share too.

*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


17 Responses to “Dumbest things done by Singapore police”

  1. denzuko1 said

    Just imagine that you can’t speak the word “bomb” in which ever context in front of airport security, you will be detained, interrogated and they make sure you will miss the flight.

    The state of paranoial is extreme for the security team of Singapore that their action is really rediculous.

  2. JOSHOA Mutalib said

    Interesting scenarios’ let’s forgive and forget move along with our lives we shall.

  3. jack sparrow said

    i did my ns in spf. and never wanted to sign on as a regular. and if you want to know who is dumb, it is those so called scholars in the high management that make all those dumb procedures. frontline officers suffer. give them a break, they are just following procedures, they will lose their jobs if they dont.

    want to know whats dumb? people calling police for assistance when children are playing soccer at the void deck, funerals/weddings making too much noise in the day, etc

    some singaporeans can really be dumb.

  4. Denny said

    The problem is our Singapore Police Force lack intiative to act and think outside the box ,very robotic.

  5. eyeroll said

    seems like cases of stupidity and complaints than genuine concerns.

  6. Dumb & Dumber said

    Not just the Police, but our ICA are also equally capable of ‘dumb things’. Let’s not talk about how some foreigners can get PR applications approved while they are under police investigation or how waiters, prostitutes, masseurs, drivers etc can be classified as ‘Foreign Talents’ and given PR, but one of the dumb things the ICA does is to refuse a visitor’s entry into Singapore, based on mere suspicion that he/she is here to work or to engage in illegal activities, .

    But the checking process is even more clumsy and dumb. Imagine you are a foreigner who intends to take a 30 day holiday in Singapore, visiting friends, shopping, and sight-seeing. You have never committed any offences in Singapore nor gotten banned from entering before. You arrive at Changi Airport, reach the customs counter, and the checking process begins. Here are some dumb questions:

    – what are you here for? (for holiday lah! you think if I come here to work illegally i will tell you meh?)
    – why so long, 30 days? (seriously what business is it of yours? You think i have no money to take extended holiday?)
    – why you come to Singapore so often? (again, what business is it of yours? Singapore now so vibrant and exciting, makes me want to keep coming back, cannot ah?)
    – how much money do you have? show me. (never heard of credit cards or a rich partner who can pay for everything?)

    If they are not happy with your answers, they may bring you into their office for further checking. You will not be allowed to use your phone during the process. If you suay suay kenah refused entry, you will be taken into custody, phone taken away from you, and then put on the next flight back home, without being told why. If you are lucky, you may be told that your rejection is based on Section 25/25(A) of the Immigration Act, Chapter 133. But if you read this, no reasons are stated here.

    If the ICA want to refuse entry to someone, at least give he/she a valid reason and allow them to contact their loved ones right? Why the need to be so secretive? Causing unnecessary anxiety to them and their loved ones, and wasting their time and money in this way is seriously unprofessional. There is absolutely no way for the ICA to know for sure whether a person will engage in illegal activities after entering Singapore and they should stop pretending that they can do so. True, they may get it right sometimes but in the process, many other genuine visitors will be wrongly implicated and penalised.

    End of the day, the ICA should stick to their main job scope, that is, if a person fulfils the requirements for entry, he/she should be allowed to enter. If the visitor really commits an offence during their stay, let the police take care of it. After all, this is their job. Like what the Hokkiens say, “Kiang De Ho, Mai Gey Kiang.”

    And one last thing, why do ICA staff generally have to be so rude? It is possible to be firm and professional but yet courteous. It is not necessary to always talk like maciam my entire family owe you money like that.

  7. wayang people said

    I had a similar situation 2 yrs back, the cab driver just drove past me n sped off when I had alr signaled to him n given chase. I went immediately to make a report, guess what it was classified under lost & found. I was like wtf?! The following morning I called them & asked to see the IO. He called me back after an hr or two, I told him I recognize the cab driver’s face & the cab company but didn’t note down plate number. N my iPhone has a tracking app. I asked whether he could contact the cab company for details like photographs of their drivers, his reply was a straight NO, it’s not within our power to do so. Wtf again?! I asked him, If that cab driver was suspected in a raping or murder case, will the police seek the cab company for further details? I told him all my clients’ details n work data r in there so its vv impt. He said mine was a lost & found case, I will hv to file a report under theft before they can act any further. Hello, it was the officer at the police post who filed it under lost & found. Now I hv to go all the way to the police division to take the same statement again just becos their guy made a mistake. I told him since can’t contact the cab company,my iPhone has a tracking device,so police should be able to trace right? Again I was given the same reply of filing another report. Well in the end I traced the phone myself n managed to locate it at this particular building and I saw about 2-3 similar cabs there.i immediately called him and guess what? “no we can’t do anything unless u are very sure that which cab isn’t, den we will send our men down” can’t they send two men to come & maybe search the vehicles as they have the right to do so while I don’t?in the end,nothing was being done & after two years, nothing heard from them. So to me, they do not care much at petty cases, seriously if SG ever have any protests or riots I don’t think they can handle cos they r too in their comfort zone. Imagine they r so free that foot patrol needs about 5 men in the daytime near my block. Put them in countries that has violent crimes everyday & see how they will react. To most of them, maybe it’s just a job, sometimes wayang abit here n there cover backside wait for bonus can alr.

    • Lim Bo Seng said

      Left my wallet in the cab, called the police, police say must go down to police station and make report, cannot make on the phone. WHAT THE F. Go down police station, police say no need make report unless clear case of stolen asset. WHAT THE F x2.

      Police are fucking useless and rotting really, only know how to do routine scan on people under void decks

  8. Joan R said

    Can anything be done to shut down this dumb website with its dumb articles?

    • Denny said

      Only plebeian have such thoughts.

      • Bob said

        When relegating someone to a group, the noun you use for the group should be in the plural form.

        Your English sucks so I would recommend that you STFU in future.

    • dand said

      yes, for goodness sake, do something about dumb websites with dumb articles! people are finding them, reading their articles and even leaving comments! it’s getting dumb and dumber!

  9. Sean said

    said it before & will say it again: the police in SG are just legalized thugs

  10. Dan said

    I have zero faith in our police. Unless you’re rich and of certain status, don’t expect any help from our police. Even worse, they are known to bully the weak and helpless for seriously trivial cases, but when asked to do real work against real criminals, they will taichi here and there.

  11. Kelvin Lawrence said

    We had a similar experience at Woodlands checkpoint last year after visiting a dying friend at Kluang.ICA female officer came out of her cubicle and walk to the left side of the vehicle without saying a word for more than 20 minutes. She finally called her senior officer and he told us to cooperate. We had already complied by winding down our windows both on our left and right but that did not satisfied this officer She should have just told us again to wind down our window We were completely puzzled and perplexed on her part as a public servant and we are being “bullied” without explanation.

  12. Eza said

    In simple terms.. Singapore’s Law n Order are simple and their dos n don’ts are clearly laid out for all Singapore citizens to comply.. It just take 1 stupid, dumb and blur idiot to spoil our law enforcement’s work..

  13. Kelvin Lawrence said

    I have witnessed police labelled official cars driving without turning on their headlight and side light during their journeys not once and countless times. One member told the police officers about his situation but was himself stopped and booked for a revenge infringement My brother told some officers at a road block about their unsafe location but was issued with a fine weeks ago for speeding which he did not commit at all.

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