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Senior SGH consultant under police investigation for allegedly molesting a sexy medical saleswoman

Posted by temasektimes on October 11, 2012

A well-known Senior Consultant from the Singapore General Hospital is currently under investigation for allegedly molesting a medical saleswoman who was reportedly quite ‘sexy’.

The doctor holds a senior position in SGH and is an influential personality within the medical fraternity.

The incident only came to light on Wednesday after two male friends of the alleged victim posted on Facebook accusing the doctor of molesting the woman.

Both posted links that revealed the doctor’s identity, complete with his picture, specialist medical qualifications and appointments.

A spokesperson from SGH confirmed that a police report has been made, but was unable to comment on it as it is still pending investigation.

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23 Responses to “Senior SGH consultant under police investigation for allegedly molesting a sexy medical saleswoman”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Here we go again…..SEX is alive and well in Singapore!
    And sex involving the elites and the rich and famous are very news-worthy!
    Wonder who he is….Deft not a gynae nor an urologist!

  2. Henry said

    Can we have a new pic, please?

  3. futureretro said

    later they will probably say one of them is an FT and divert the attention to an anti-FT session again.

  4. Ron said

    Why is this being kept so quiet…no pictures, no name given?

    When Strauss Kahn, ex-IMF CEO was arrested for alleged molest and sexual assault, his picture was splashed all over the world. While we need to give the Police time to investigate, making a false report is a serious offence. And so it is in the public interest that some official information be made available.

    We are in danger of having the social media become the mouthpiece of all news, true, malicious or false. The old ways of “under investigation” is no longer tenable. In HK and USA, the police chief normally makes a press statement.

    Why is Spore afraid to provide news about on-going investigations?

  5. NaBey said

    I also kena molest by a female doctor! She touch my bird, turn here and there and touch here and there. Lucky I control and never stand up.

  6. Lim said

    Is it legal to expose the identity of this person?

  7. ngpy said


  8. nocando said

    is he a FT?

  9. sputzy said

    Hullo Ngpy, the guy isn’t said to have molested a patient. He’s supposed to have molested someone selling medical stuff. A salesperson. So his professional integrity is just fine.

    Wonder why so many so-called intelligent men and professionals can’t keep a rein on their sexual urges. Maybe they’re not so hot after all…

    • Chloe said

      I don’t know… My take on this that they study excessively and lack basic social skills to repress their urges.
      The detrimental effects of the great emphasis on education is beginning to show through cracks from the otherwise ‘perfect’ facade of our society…

  10. Eee said

    Wa lau, if he’s innocent after police investigation, these 2 male friends going to get it bad. The doctor will surely sue them for defamation, claiming damages for reputation, loss of income and projected income, plus mental anguish, etc. The 2 guys must also pay for the doctor’s legal fees and if he engages $5000 per hr kind of lawyers, I think the 2 guys can drop their pants leow!

  11. happy said

    you can be assured it is not a gynae

    see too much of pussy to appreciate it

    it is like eating rice everyday

  12. Sexitup said

    Hooray…..stand up for Singapore

  13. Lim said

    In future all hospitals must issue directives that female drug sales represenatives must be over 40 years and preferably married, not allowed to wear revealing clothes, all 3 vital parts must be covered, clothes must be loose fitting, no perfume scents, only drab clothes, no colours allowed. Otherwise it is assumed they are using unethical tactics to sell their wares.

    • Singkaypoh said

      FYI – SCDF Peter just LOVES 40 year old MILFs loooool
      In future any salesgal who didn’t get a sale can yell molest! loooooooooooool
      Unless it’s that horny Sri Lankan doc again? Maybe he was transferred from CGH? looooooooooooooooooooooool

  14. Singapuraboi said

    Wonder why men have strict corporate fess code and women don’t? It is about time someone enforced a standard corporate dress code. Men wear long sleeved shirt, tie, dark trousers and dress shoes. In western countries corporate dressing for women dictates black or grey pants or skirt suit. Skirts can’t be shorter than knee level. Collared blouse in standard corporate colours like white, blue, pink and grey. Court shoes or covers shoes only for women with some heel. Scarves, cravats, and bows are encouraged. This will project a more professional image for executive and the company. Or else some women fess up for the office like they r going to a wedding party or to the clubs. It is funny women always say wearing collared shirts and jackets are too hot and are always complaining that the office environment is always too cold. Imagine the poor guys who have to wear ties in our hot weather? Some if us have to wear full suits at work. Then since we are covered up, men rarely receive unwelcomed advances ;p.

  15. Mike Zeng said

    The significant word is “well-known” SR consultant lah! That means someone most people here esp ST readers know already. So likely to be local and achieved medical success in his area of expertise! Think of which SGH SR specialist would be dealing with med products sales rep and you are there.

  16. Erm actually all docs deal with med sales reps…

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