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Singaporeans show their unhappiness with immigration policies publicly at Teo Chee Hean

Posted by temasektimes on October 11, 2012

Despite the best efforts of the government and the state media to hard-sell its immigration policies to Singaporeans, public opposition to it continue to rise.

According to one participant who attended a Town-Hall meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and two other ministers to get ‘feedback’ on the nation’s population policies and ways to reverse the declining birth rate in Singapore, many of the participants appeared to be fed up with the current situation and were merely there to air their grievances.

“The mood in the hall was pretty somber as the participants voiced their concerns, grievances and anger one after another such that at one point, the moderator has to interject to calm them down…..The ministers appeared to be answering from a script – the same standard template reply. They don’t give the impression that they will change the policy. They are just there to explain the rationale behind the immigration policy and to sell it to us.”

After DPM Teo reiterated the importance of Singapore continuing to import immigrants to boost its falling birth rates, sighs could be heard among the participants with one irate man standing up and walking away on the spot, prompting him to say:

“I could see that, just watching the faces of the audience; some of the things, people nodded their heads while some shook their heads. This represents the kinds of dilemmas and difficulties that we have, as the government, to try and meet the aspirations of our people.”

One Singaporean Osman Sidek wrote in to the Straits Times Forum today asking if the next generation will have to deal with a larger aging population in the future:

“If indeed this increase is required to support our ageing population, wouldn’t that generation itself grow old in the future, thus needing a bigger population to sustain it? Aren’t we merely passing the buck to later generations?”

Another Singaporean Paul Chan pointed out the ramifications of a larger population using Hong Kong as an example:

“It took Hong Kong more than 100 years to accommodate a community of 7.1 million, even though they largely comprised Chinese from a single province – Guangzhou in southern China. Beneath the veneer of a vibrant city are tremendous stresses and fault lines, despite the apparent advantage of homogeneity where more than 90 per cent of Hong Kongers share the same Chinese dialect – Cantonese – as well as the same social and cultural backgrounds.”

Despite the ‘feedback’ from Singaporeans, it is highly likely that the decision has already been made by one old ‘wise’ man behind closed doors and the session as well as future ones are merely a ‘PR exercise’ or ‘wayang’ to sugar-coat the bitter policy which is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life in Singapore.


57 Responses to “Singaporeans show their unhappiness with immigration policies publicly at Teo Chee Hean”

  1. Denny said

    LKY was playing god diticating Sporean to stop at two and now LHL and his kangkong wise men are playing’ MOSES’preaching waffling sermons that Singapore need more immigrants to prop up the economy in this promised land. What a duff statement from the elite?
    Come 2016 all sound minded Singaporean must vote out PAP if not all native Singaporean will be thrown into the cesspool and drowned.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Singapore should only grant PR status and citizenship to the majority of the female FTs working here. Then, sex-starved Singaporeans will make more babies with these female FTs and boost the Total Fertility Rate.

    • Andy Tay said

      Singaporeans are very angry about the liberal immigration policy but our clueless politicians still refuse to acknowledge this and insists that we need to bring in hundreds of thousands of foreigners every year.

      I think we are banging our heads on the wall if we think they are going to listen to us.

      The only realistic option left to us, is to vote them out.

      Mod’s note:

      It is not realistic to vote out the PAP so long its ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ is not eliminated yet.

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

      – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

      Our only hope is for the real opposition to contest in Aljunied and Hougang in 2016 as well to vote out these non-performing ‘Wayang Party’ scums out!

      • compatriot said

        My only wish now for Singapore is to see that the PAP is kicked out from government this shows where the OPPOSITION has won the majority if not all the parliamentary seats less the WP that forsook its voters

        The change of government must prevail and will prevail

        The angst of the citizens and people of Singapore runs deeply inside with intolerance and is more similar if not worst to the wrath of a woman comparative to the Bersih Movement in Malaysia.

        Mod’s note:

        WP has already forsaken its voters a long time ago when it vowed to form a coalition govt with the PAP:

        ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power).’

        – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

        In fact, WP is even more PRO-FOREIGNER than the PAP. Low Thia Kiang lashed out at the PAP for restricting the number of work permit holders in February this year and that is one of the few times he opened that platinum mouth of his in parliament. A PAP-WP coalition will spell DOOM for Singapore. The real opposition parties like SDP must contest in Aljunied and Hougang as well to boot out these ‘wayang’ scums.

  2. Populist said

    Most of the foreigners are in the retail, F&B and construction industry. We could cut down the manpower in these industry by asking all the restaurants, Hawker centre and etc to close down. We should ban all Singaporean and PR to frequent all these places and encourage them to eat more wholesome home cook meals. In regard to construction industry. Maybe we, we should encourage people to stay in JB. The property there is cheap and good.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Yes, let’s encourage the foreigners to go JB, as recommended by our government.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Yeah, close all shopping malls & hawker centres…. so you gonna cook for us izzit? And go buy our Prada & LV handbags for us? If we all stay in JB then jam will take 3 hours to get in & out, come to work at 12 noon & leave at 3pm???

    • XYZ said

      Why dont you just stfu if u do not have any contstructive comments.

    • gerum said

      great suggestions. suggest you tell the hawker bit to Viv B, who has a dream of training hundreds to become hawkers. he’ll be so disappted. he needn’t waste his courses tho. lots of younger pple today can’t cook, so they can attend.

      of course we’ll need shorter working hours, so pple can be home in time to cook dins. which means we’ll need better bosses, who don’t send you off on wild goose chases. pple who can actually plan and think. my god, productivity could actually rise at last.

      with fewer people, we definitely won’t need as many shops and malls. we won’t need to keep increasing the trains and MRT lines, so wel’ll need fewer construction workers. ditto for housing. don’t need to stay in JB too.

      Swee say will be a but put out. he promised to create thousands of low-wage jobs. but he’s just small stuff.

      have you spoken to the cabinet about your proposals?
      be warned though, they’re not listening, and they have rather fixed ideas about things, you know.

      • compatriot said

        Stay focus,keep suggesting,conserve and save our energy and direct them as to how to kick and eradicate the PAP from parliament

  3. watever said

    and the people there in the townhall meeting, unhappy, yet 60% will still vote them in.

    thats reality.

    Mod’s note:

    The figure is actually 76 percent if you include those idiots who vote for the PAP’s ‘B’ team, aka the ‘Wayang Party’. In 2016, the ‘A’ team will lose more votes to the ‘B’ team, but nothing will ever change.

    • Anyway Mod ur SDP is not getting any seats at the next elections. SDP aka u trying to destroy the WP but u will not win Dickhead

      Mod’s note:

      Nobody is destroying WP – it is part of the PAP which must be voted out, that’s all. A vote for WP = A vote for more foreigners!

    • Lucinda said

      Moderator, your undying efforts to brainwash and alienate us from your so-called ‘B’ team is very clear. But not to worry, we will vote for SDP, NSP, whatever party except PAP.

      Mod’s note:

      Vote for any party except the PAP and its ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

    • Mod, the WP did not conduct the town hall meeting, so the 16% who voted for them are not represented here.

  4. dragon said

    This is call singapore.Singaporean are paying for good better betterest ppl.Millions dollars paid job.Do as they said singapore children.I think creative ideal should be from all combined talented singaporean not alone or a few family members if singapore need to improve.

  5. Populist said

    The other way is to set a punitive price on the labor costs. Perhaps we could set a monthly minimum wages of S$5000.00. If company could not afford it, please close down lah. In that way, I think it will lead to mass reduction and purging of foreign labor. Only real Foreign talent could survive. With massive factory close down, I think we could kick out at least 1 million foreign workers in the process

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      What a beautiful proposals! Let’s submit this to Mr Mai Hum.

    • 1. Are factory workers worthy 6f a $5000 monthly salary?
      2. Manufacturing is a very important sector. Because of the strength of the AUS$, Yen and the US$ in relation to our $, we can export what we make here more easily than they can import what they make there.

  6. Populist said

    I am happy to see many Singaporean Jobless if we could purge out the foreign labor. I am prepared to pay the price to trade joblessness with less foreigners in Singapore

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Yes, we don’t mind being jobless in our own land than to lost our jobs to a land of trashes.

    • Singkaypoh said

      I hope you stand for election in 2016 and see how many votes u get???

      Mod’s note:

      He will definitely get more votes in 2016 as there will be more new citizen voters then.

    • Then what you are proposing is no different from treason, trying to cost us locals our jobs and destroying our lives just to remove outsiders. You are no different from a damn terrorist who is willing to harm innocents just to attack one target.

  7. Ken Lee said

    one person S$100 x 1 million! wow! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! huart ahhh!

  8. Angry Bird said

    “one irate man standing up and walking away on the spot” . . . . only one??? come on Singaporeans, I believe there are many more who felt the same, they should all get up and walk away . . . this will give TCH a strong evident signal that we do not accept his BULLSHIT! Singaporeans MUST learn to unite and act together. Don’t be a mouse!

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Teo Chee Hean..Soldier.. Dont talk cock like sing song as you were in the SAF and as you are in civvy street. go Fcuk yourself and your duaghters to increase the population and Total Fertility Rate

  9. Surprise said

    Minister, did ask yourself the question why we could have growth with 4 million people back in the days and now we need 6 million plus for growth….

    That prove that PAP have no idea to grow this country…

    • Populist said

      You need to close down the factories and banks before you could stop the growth. Maybe 40% Singaporean who voted the opposition could quiet the Job first lah.

  10. Populist said

    OK. Let chase away all foreign investment. Let close down all the factories and Banks. I am sure all foreign labor will go home if they are Jobless. However, Singaporean must prepared to be jobless Lah. Never mind Limpeh Got money

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Yes, yes, we’ll rather die of hunger in our own land than to die in a land of trashes.

    • And you would rather live off him than to earn your way to a stable income?
      You have offended a lot of people.
      You never had the right to be called a populist in the first place, because your intent to live off someone is not popular.

    • Vic said

      Wow! it is scotched earth policy that you are proposing? Don’t need to let xenophobia overwhelm you.

  11. NBCCD said

    Peoples get old in years to come , this is nature . most important is this tiny island is so small it aready flooded with so many FT”s whereever you go , how ??
    You are dame right ! all native Singaporeans must united ma ! where local Chineses / Malays / Indians . FT”s are outsiders ! don”t let that climb all over our head !

  12. Lucinda said

    No need to close down factories, banks etc. so childish. Just slow down everything a little, no need to push so hard ahead of others that even the neighbours get jealous which made us the hated people in the region. That is enough to send back the unwanted FTs.

  13. david said

    For the last 10 years, the garment rampped up large influx of foreign workers to boost the economy. Yet now we might end in a technical recession. So, the garment says again that we need some more foreigners to save the economy. When will enough foreigners be needed to be safe huh?

    • Singkaypoh said

      Let’s see…. 1 FT to give me BJ, another to be my maid, and another to have my babies….if every Sporean like that economy automatically cheong ah !!!

    • sputzy said

      Safe? Now that’s a dirty 4-letter word in Spore. There is no such place as Safe. We have not been safe for 47 years. For sure, we will not be safe for 47 more.

  14. Heart said

    Though it’s obvious Singapore birth rate disaster was LKY’s fault, no one else! He started 2 child policy in 1969 and In the first five years of this policy, birth rates already fell to 2.08 and natural replacement rate of 1.06. In 1980 birth rates has fallen to 1.74 and falling year after year. But he has to wait till GCT took over as PM before the reversing the policy after 1986 when Birth rates had dropped to 1.44.

    My wife was a third child of her family! And when it was time to go to primary school, the government forced her mum to sterilize or else she can gain a primary school place.

    LKY owes her and many Singaporeans for forced sterilization. Playing god through incentives based on mothers education just isn’t right! At one time HDB allocation priority had been given to university graduates! Is this any different from Hitler’s racial cleansing?

    But for now the best solution for Singapore is for more Singaporeans to increase birth rates. Those who complain, stop complaining! Please get down to doing it! Make more babies! If ou don’t make more babies, stop complaining about the government’s immigration policy. If birth rates improve, I don’t think the immigration policies will favor migrant workers!

    • Naivety said

      You’re indeed shallow & stupid to think that the massive influx of foreigners by Pro Alien Party is due to the low birth & fertility rates of Sinkaporeans!

      Try to think harder & deeply out of the box please!!!
      And had it ever come across to you that PAP massively imported in foreigner & new citizens so that they could buy votes for themselves inorder to prolong & preserve their rule & authority over SinkieLand forever?

    • Sg Citizen said

      You talk as if making babies are free. Ah gong will feed, clothe, house, feed, and educate them for you. All free of charge. When HDB flats are going for over 1 million in the near future and it will cost another half million to own a car in Sg, and with taxes going up but salaries are depressed, you better pray you even have any money for buying your coffin and getting a proper burial when you are dead.

  15. How to compare? said

    NZ used to have same population as SGP but NZ govt not as crazy sorry should be not as ambitious as pap govt to fill up its immigrants like there is no tomorrow. NZ is a very much bigger country than SGP, they have the capacity to take in more immigrants than SGP but they only selectively take in quality immigrants thru their skilled select migration program, what about SGP? No program, nothing, some more still got the cheek to call itself first world country.

  16. BOT said

    Go to for a first hand account of the dialogue session.

  17. sniper said

    yes we can have FT but the idiotic SAF general better compensate me one million dollars for my 2 years wasted serving his lousy army for nothing when FT can come in freely with doing a day of NS.

  18. Respect our sg men and women said

    Why even attend that in the first place? Waste of time and put shit into your own ears only.

  19. Tan Yan Ren said

    IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!!in my opinion this an attempt to “KILL” Singaporeans ‘ voices of discontent at the polls in 2016 by BUYING loyalty votes from the IMPORTED NEW CITIZENS from sources they feel these new citizens can and will be BLINDLY loyal to the SANTA CLAUSE Singaporean authority since they are poor and jobless in their own country..NO MORE new citizens from China…there are too many already..THIS is the fear factor which makes them go against OUR WILL and PROTEST!!!!

  20. Populist #2 said

    Let the intake of foreigners overflow.
    Let the population grow to 10 million.
    Let there be revolution.
    Let there be chaos and war.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Yes, let’s that be the downfall of PAP! 2016 Boleh!!!

      • Malaysian PR said

        The scenario of 10 million is unlikely to be happened:

        Firstly, due to the slow down of world economy and Euro debt crisis. Singapore economic development will slow down considerably. This coupled with the higher worker levy. lower cap of foreign workers, aging population and slower birth rate. You will need to thank god if we are able to maintain the population size of 6 million.
        Secondly, with higher housing prices and higher cost of living in Singapore. The supply of Malaysian workers has already being drying up. With the growth of Asian economy, future import of foreign labor is no longer sustainable in the long term.

  21. solaris8899 said

    TCH double standards.

  22. Rosey said

    We to gather need to take strong steps and if they don’t stop soon its going to be a big political issue.

  23. Tan Yan Ren said

    dont be stupid…the pAP did NOT GET 60%. They got much lower in real terms…ACTUAL BORN and BRED Singaporeans comprise of the MINOR portion of the 60% and the rest are IMPORTED SINGAPOREANS …ie NEW CITIZENS…this means that REAL ORIGINAL Singaporeans are protesting against the GOVT but they were ” BURIED “by the newly made Singaporeans who by gratitude, voted for the ruling party!!SO NOW Teo Chee Hean is trying to justify increasing the population to 6 Million for the same reason to prepare for the” BURIAL” of the BORN and BRED Singaporean’s vote at the next elections ….all the reasons he is giving is nonsense!!!IN GOD I TRUST this WILL FAIL and DEMOCRACY will prevail…..!!!

  24. Karamel said

    Some more the large intake of foreigners is either from China who can’t even speak basic English *facepalm*

  25. What Do ya think ? said

    Wonder whether he answered difficult questions with “what do you think ?”, and got screwed well and good by Ah Peks (rather than by by youngsters). Ng Chai Si

  26. Sg Citizen said

    SDP should really secure a stronghold in Singapore first like WP before even attempting to contest in Hougang and Aljunied. The last thing we want to see is the opposition votes being diluted and PAP having the last laugh and reclaiming both Hougang and Aljunied. Please stop saying WP is PAP “B” team and trying to dissuade opposition voters from voting for them. This plan will only backfire. I feel that Chee Soon Juan is a respected man, whose party should not stoop to using such methods to smear a fellow opposition party.

    Mod’s note:

    Then how do you explain WP openly declaring that it prefers to form a coalition govt with the PAP than the other opposition parties?

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

    – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  27. P Koh said

    I just could not understand why the government has so far failed to explain the rationale behind opening the doors to the lower educated foreign nationals. Are they afraid to acknowledge or admit that despite the good intentions, this policy failed miserably. Perhaps, they were trying to fill up the jobs that Singaporeans shy away from especially the labourious low paying jobs and new citizens are necessarily required to fill this gap but they forgot that there are social problems when lesser or non
    educated new citizens are imported. More thought is really needed before they open the floodgate again to accomodate another million or so as stated by PM Lee. Fix up the infrastructure and social problems first or Singapore is going to have an explosive populace bent to remove the present government for such undesired mistakes.

  28. steven theo said

    All the shopping, eating, transport and housing are actually satisfying the foreigner. How would there be so many SGPn be the cause of there inflation n unhappiness. It is like chain reaction or snowball. So if reduce these foreigner, naturally the landscape will change n the gov will start to blame SGPn. But the fact is they bring in too much too fast, faster than SGP can absorb. Wearing a shoe too big to wear, just bcos we want to be world number 1 then.
    Do u notice now PAP do not even dare to use this World no. 1 slogan? Bcos that was how n what we are now!!!!

  29. steven theo said

    Stop creating a 3corner fight. This is a PAP strategy. SGcitizen n TTR r really a loser n trying to use this method. This show PAP can never take acknowledge housing n aljunied GRC. Scaredy loser. Learn to face with pride !!!!

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