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JC student: ITE students are ‘losers’ who don’t earn more than $2,400 monthly

Posted by temasektimes on October 12, 2012

A student from a prominent junior college in Singapore sparked a massive outcry when he posted disparaging comments on Facebook attacking ITE students.

In his posts, Austin Tan described ITE students as ‘losers’ who don’t earn more than $2,400 monthly even if ‘they worked OT for 100+hours’

He also made snide remarks at students working part-time at MacDonalds.

“I slack at home all day, play games more than I study and surprisingly I still get better results. People are different. Just like you and me. Like I said, four words, out of my league,” he added.


169 Responses to “JC student: ITE students are ‘losers’ who don’t earn more than $2,400 monthly”

  1. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………………………………………………

    JC students ROCKS!!!!!!

    JC BO BEH ZHAO~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Mark Roche said

    Dear Austin,
    You must really be unloved at home and friendless.
    I pity you because you have just screwed up your
    Future big time by your stupidity and arrogance .
    I hope that perhaps one day you will receive the
    Affection and attention from your parents that you lack.

  3. Spring said

    Why he so atas one?

  4. Chloe said

    WTF?? Imho this is why Singapore produces scholars with top-notch results with ZERO empathy. Thanks Austin you the the epitome of pride and contempt of our elitist society.

    • Chloe said

      *you are

    • spotlessleopard said

      He reminds me of the MP’s incredibly UGLY daughter (with a mole on her face as large as a nipple) who uttered silly things ……well I hope this kid grows up…

    • Fark The PAPpies said

      This arrogant prick, Austin, will grow up to be a PAP worshiper / supporter, for sure. They are all alike… imitating the example of their Satanic Master,the Old Dracula.

  5. Poison Ivy said

    Didn’t we have a MP’s daughter lecturing us to get out of their elite uncaring face:

  6. Facepalm said

    Apparently, Austin’s lack of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling betrays the fact that he does indeed need to “study extra”.

  7. ocean said

    well, he is so damn wrong..

  8. Pedobear said

    Someone needs to counsel him (hopefully as he matures and socializes with people from all walks of life , he will broaden his narrow mind). Regardless of education level, occupation, etc, one should not look down on others.

  9. Ken Yu said

    What an arrogant idiot he is!!!! A person is not being judge by how much he/she earns or how well qualified he/she is. I know ITE students with impressive achievements. Most importantly what makes him think that ITE students are losers, Has he not read about the past of recent Medicine Nobel Prize winner, Prof John Gurdon.

  10. syella said

    Now I have a few opinions on his comments.
    1) Since when has handwriting got to do with intelligence?
    2) Singlish is not frowned upon…Has he seen those articles where people were encouraged to keep using singlish with the only criteria that we know when to speak in proper english and when to use singlish. Technically singlish is uniquely singaporean and I personally think singlish helps us make the community less formal and stiff. Of course we must know when to use what so that we can be understood.
    3) ITE students are not losers. I believe that everyone has their strengths somewhere. I feel that our society has placed too much emphasis on results and grades that has caused this conception that ITE students are losers. No,they are not losers. So what if they take more time to take in the same amount of information than JC students? So what if they are more hands on rather than the blindly memorise and “vomit” all the information on the test papers to score? Everyone is different in terms of learning and I respect that.
    4) Being racist has nothing got to do with peeking and commenting on a macdonal’s manager’s handwriting.
    5) Smarts are not the only thing that determine you as a person. Your attitude and many other values you hold do. Nobody looks at your A level results when you are out there working. No one will ask you how well you did when you show such lack of respect for the people around you. So go on, flaunt that results.
    6) People are not going to call the police to arrest you for this. For it just shows how immature and disrespectful you are. You have already failed as a human being.
    7) You are not in their league either. They don’t stoop as low as you do.
    By the way, I came from a JC too

    • AT said

      Your long post is a chore to read

      • syella said

        @ Steve
        maybe you are right. But then again the variations are inevitable because of the cultures that influences how the language is learnt. Ever wondered why english in the UK, US, Australia sounds so different? Even the malay languages in Malaysia and Indonesia is slightly different. What about Chinese in China and Singapore? I agree that others from other English speaking countries may not be able to understand us, but still I really do enjoy speaking in Singlish occasionally where the occasion is not formal at all.

      • syella said

        Why don’t pick on other posts at the bottom where they are much lengthy?

    • Emily Chin said

      Wow…..good one Stella!

    • Steve Lee said

      @Syella. I’m sorry but I disagree with you. Singlish is not and should never be encouraged. It makes people from the English speaking world (the United Kingdom, America, Australia, New Zealand etc) think we are uneducated and unable to speak proper English. Use it too often and we are then liable to use it inadvertantly during occasions when proper English should be used. Many Singaporeans think they speak proper English when they really don’t. I think Austin is in for a rude shock when he ventures overseas. He will wonder why the English people he speaks to think he speaks English as a foreign language. If one does not want to use English, then speak proper Mandarin or even proper dialect. I totally agree with everything else you have written. I’m ex JC too.

    • pandaren said

      Not all JC students are like that, two of my good friends were from JC and one encouraged me to pursue higher level education even if it’s gonna take awhile. He’s a joke of a person. That is all.

  11. Mirraent said

    lol.. a JC A’level cert is also nothing but a stepping stone.. if he cant get into a uni he is consider no different that a O level student or maybe PSLE since there is IP program.. and seriously an ITE student average can hit more then 3.8k easily depending on his course and what he study..

    a Cert is only there to get you your job and starting pay.. how well you do after that is depend on your skill and experience

    i really hope he fail his A level.. seeing he is just a narrow minded person..

  12. FreeTrolleySingapore said

    Austin Tan: Another social outcast

  13. HAR said

    Think he too stuck up until head spoil already. Why ah?

  14. Babuseng said

    Austin austin austin… you get A’s in JC without studying and you think that’s a big deal. think again. it’s pretty commonplace from what i’ve seen. and the truly smart ones don’t have the insecure need to denigrate others.

  15. BK said

    The question that comes to mind is what kind of education did he had in terms of character? What kind of environment produces the snide remarks that are devoid of grace and humility? If they believe that scoring As is what will get them the life they want, they are in for a surprise.

    “Albert Einstein’s was estimated at 160, Madonna’s is 140, and John F. Kennedy’s was only 119, but as it turns out, your IQ score pales in comparison with your EQ, MQ, and BQ scores when it comes to predicting your success and professional achievement. “, “……A high IQ is often a prerequisite for rising to the top ranks of business today. It is necessary, but it is not adequate to predict executive competence and corporate success. By itself, a high IQ does not guarantee that you will stand out and rise above everyone else.”

    “Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15 percent is due to technical knowledge.Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15 percent is due to technical knowledge.”

    “Additionally, Nobel Prize winning Israeli-American psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, found that people would rather do business with a person they like and trust rather than someone they don’t, even if the likeable person is offering a lower quality product or service at a higher price.” Keld Jensen/Forbes

    The range of skills needed to be successful, has more to do with the ability to understand your fellow humans. The internet already reformed the way knowledge and information are passed on and acquired. The humble person who has morality will gain the trust of his colleagues, they know that they will never be harmed by him/her. But nobody will follow someone who is highly intelligent that lacks empathy , lacks morality and who is obviously self congratulatory and delusional with hubris.

    The income gap is widening and “elites” have no empathy. Is it a wonder that Singaporeans are doing a lot of soul searching in recent years? It is certainly upsetting to see our youths already disparaging their fellow Singaporeans with no other reason than their academic performance, What has happened to our youths? You think that keeping politics our of our Universities is to keep the peace? Peace is found when our youths really discuss , really reach across segments beyond income groups and social background, to understand and appreciate the diversities and skills amongst their fellow Singaporeans; that as a community we craft our total strength based on the ability each possess.

    I still have great beliefs in our youths, but the current political system is sending false signals that distort the social values that are esteemed.

  16. mrbencai said

    I guess as much as we dont want people to generalise ITE students, we should not generalise JC ones as well. And btw, i have a few ITE friends who are in NTU now and doing better than me. Hahaha. Wait till you get into Uni and the work force, then you will realised that the paper that you hold will bring you nowhere if you are an asshole. =)

    Oh and btw, I think you will have a hard time in the army with this attitude. =)

  17. Sunny said

    Losers?? Then why moe spent so much on the campus which is by far better than jc? I hope he graduate and work under a boss who graduate from ite…. One of those arrogant pigs… Wait till he go ns… Someone expose him n see what happen… “AIR” level… Airheads…..

  18. JaySM said

    We all know that ‘A’ levels gets you no where. Nowadays employees get hired by their experiences. ITE students who graduated from Apprenticeship Schemes have more hands on experience. So Employers won’t hire you even if u have the Certs. I’m an ITE student. I used envy some
    of my friends who made it to college and poly. And I had to start working at 16 after my ‘N’ levels. But I don’t regret it at all. At 23, I have more working experiences while those friends just starting University. And 30, many of my friends still trying to find the right career for themselves when I’m already settle earning alot more than them. Me, an ITE GRADUATE is earning more that $3700.
    My ITE buddy. Is a managing director for an interior designer company. Another Friend, not even ITE, just an ‘N’ level, works in a well known Law Firm. We are not Book Smart. But we are Street Smart. This is why we can go far. You are not in my league!

  19. limechef said

    Holy crap, a stalker who peeps on the Mcdonald’s manager… He is spoiling JC reputation and I wonder what his parents are doing, not teaching him how to behave properly and such… Based on his remarks, he is just some stupid kid who doesn’t think before doing something. So… How is he smart? It seems that he didn’t even use his brain to think at all.

  20. darxi said

    When he starts working he will realize that, like it or not, he will have to interact / liaise with people from different backgrounds / with different credentials. Intelligence is not everything. If I was looking to employ someone, I’d certainly rather employ an ITE student with a positive working attitude than an elitist scum who goes around belittling others. He may be intelligent but with this kind of attitude, I doubt he’d make it far in life.

  21. Ben Low said

    If u think ITE student is a loser.. Then get out of singapore. We don’t need people like you in our workforce.. Soo why not go other country..
    For ur information. With our ITE cert. we also won’t lose to you FREAKING A LEVEL CERT!! GET IT!!
    ITE have much hands on project. So lets compare who do a better job..

  22. SWong said

    Only immature and douchebags think they can get away in life just because they slack and still get As. Nothing will come to you eventually if you dont work for it. GROW UP YOUNGSTER. Oh wait, I must say, long way to go for kidos stuck in kindergarten.

  23. Alfred said

    guys – this Austin Tan is a TROLL
    looking for attention
    must find out when he opened his FB account

  24. Emily Chin said

    If you are a JC student, then please write in better English, grammatical errors all over. I have friends who do not have degrees but are traders and definitely doing much better than what you have commented. And just be thankful that you don’t even have to study hard to get to where you are now, instead of lambasting others. Such a pity, all that education but yet no morals! I feel sad for your parents!

  25. kev said

    Permavirgin nerd detected. Enjoy your buttrape in NS.

  26. Hamzah said

    I’ve heard of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Well, i guess this is Singapore’s practical of deevolution. You may have a high IQ, but your EQ is worst than a convicted murderer. You can continue with your stuck up attitude all you want. But wait till you have to serve your NS. Hope you get enlisted to the SAF. Then you will know what the meaning of respect is. Untill then, you are nothing but an idiotic prick. May you burn in hell u mother fucker!!!

  27. said

    This Austin is just another super co*ky elite lad who doesn’t know how to respect people. Nevermind, Austin, just go ahead looking down on people and keep this co*kiness in your head. My guess is some private companies and gov org have definitely taken down your name and bookmark your facebook. You can forget about applying for scholarships. Who wants a scholar who is not humble? How can you lead if you cannot even respect people for who they are? If you become an officer or specialist, you must love your men. If you become a society’s leader, you must love your people.

    Bros, just ignore this kid. He will get his knocks in life. That should change him. He is going to learn it the hard way.

  28. ABC said

    I think the Kopitiam boss is a school dropout and is earning shit loads… This A level grad could be working for a ITE entrepreneur one day. 🙂

  29. anonymous said

    Wow JC students are sure smart my a$$ when it comes to practical they are acting like 5 year old kids who are afraid to touch any dangerous equipment and JC students are so bloody nerds they are not even so sport only brainy seriously why are there social outcast and racist people coming out now a days you guys got no life??? Do you guys need attention go and act in the media and you will get attention you no need to post snide remarks on students who are drop outs they all have their specific reasons why they drop out and on the end of my note i am from ite and i am proud to be an ite student 🙂 i hope karma really strikes you real hard and you will regret it MARK MY WORDS!!! Austin Tan

  30. Mee Siam Mai Hum said

    Haha Austin! JC or whatever Uni only certifies your stepping stone in the work force, and sadly with an attitude like yours, you are just a Cockroach in the society understand? You are just as good as preparing yourself to be “pesticided” over by those who noticed your arrogance.

  31. What Do You Think? said

    Why should anyone be surprised by what this JC student wrote. I dare say most of our students have such mentality nowadays. Anyone who is surprised by these comments obviously does not know what is going on in our schools today. Academic excellence is worshiped above anything else.
    Your future depends on your grades. Ask any of our million-dollar minister who wasn’t a scholar with straight As back in school? If you get Cs and Ds, I think Malaysia or Indonesia suits you better.

  32. dragon said

    I had a friend of my from ITE he earning $1k+ but now $6K above,So why cannot every ppl also can with hardwork.Pls dun be stuck up maybe u came from silver spoon.

  33. JLK said

    pfft~ I’ll be the first to troll him if he ends up working in a company headed by men/women holding ITE-equivalent or lesser education.
    it’s more than just salt and pepper to make a good soup.

  34. JC_Teacher said

    Our kids are turned into ‘learning machines’ in schools, especially in JCs where they typically do nothing else but study. I am certainly not surprised by what this ‘JC learning machine’ wrote. Like his peers, he has lost his moral compass in an environment where academic grades are worshiped above anything else. JC is a place where students are confronted with loads of remedial lessons and where moral education is given only perfunctory attention.

  35. hmmmmm said

    An ITE cert is much more worth than an ‘A’ cert in the industry man.
    ITE guy can be promoted up the rank to team lead>>lead man>>assistant engineer>>…..etc just like any one in the industry but take more time. And these are happening in my company…and they can earn as much as 3.5k in basic salary after some years..if includes OT can hit 4-5k/mth..

    I know some of my ITE friends who eventually go poly and then go NTU to get their degree, some even got 2nd upper or 1st class….

  36. minghau said

    austin austin, your name fits like a dustbin, your mind needs a little dustin’, and a lil’ adjustin’, your iq may be somethin’, but it amounts to nothin’ , if your mind is rottin’.

  37. Oh well, he is not even an adult. This just showed our education systems produced such kids with inadequate social skills and lack of street wise. Every layer of employees have their worth. Your subordinates are totally capable of screwing you up if they are not well treated.
    One important thing is good grades may bring you are good job. The smart people are not those with lots of education, but those entrepreneurs capable of offering jobs to well educated people. You never know, you may end up working in a company whose boss has no more than 10 years of education.

    PS: i hold a Master Degree, but it is nothing without quality job experience

  38. S.A.M said

    Austin Tan, he is one of PAPies products… Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  39. Ming said

    BTW! An ITE cert is worth more than an A level cert… where can A levels go without going on to get a degree? Find me a job that would pay an A lvl graduate above $3k.
    Austin Austin Austin, make a mark for yourself before opening your mouth… You are only confirming what everyone has been suspecting, that Singapore has no empathy or whatsoever. I think it’s because of people like you that make Singapore so cold and heartless…

  40. Sunflower said

    Justin, your mentality equates that of a pea, pathetic, I have friend’s from all walks of life and some were former ITE students, amongst them, a chap pursued a masters in London and became a VP of a company, his wife and himself owned 2 properties in Singapore by their mid 30s by their own means. That’s jus one example of a few very successful people…. Another was promoted to be a manager in his 20s and etc, as for you, airing despise on social media… that obviously shows your pathetic EQ level, with a flawed character, even academically intelligent, you are limited:)

  41. Hida said

    Hi Austin! 🙂 I am a ITE students.. And know what? I believe that every successful person will fall and regret one day.. Unless they got brain to think instead of only studying..Lets see If JC students like u.. Not all.. Like you will success in the future or maybe u will be one of the low class job who earns $1000 per month? Well.. If u think U’re so intelligent, make sure one day I see your face on the newspaper that you have become a successful man.. If not.. You’re just a useless guy, that only know how to insult others while you yourself suffering.. Make sure in the future I don’t see you sweeping your own poop hor.. Good luck! 🙂

  42. Sunflower said

    Just remembered another guy, I knew him when he was undergoing training in NIE as a teacher and found out he was a former ITE student, can’t remember if he went poly after ITE….. anyway, that was a few years ago when he was in NIE, when I met him recently, he has been teaching for a few years and been promoted to HOD, completed masters and can proceed to be a principal… so Justine, in you and your minute world, get your facts right before insulting others, you are on par with Amy Cheong, good day

  43. Joe said

    I’m a ITE drop out with no cert at all. And for his bloody info, im earning more than $2,400 per month.

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Joe for your frankness.

      Our society seems obsessed with money (how much you earn) and your academic qualification. How about your strength of character? Your personality and the way you conduct yourself? These are far more important than the piece of paper that certifies your qualification. Also, out in the world you’ll be assessed on your abilities, knowledge, experience and good communication skills. Diligence is also a definite asset.

      Whenever I’m asked about my educational level I’d always beamed with pride at telling them: ‘PSLE (Hons.)’. A rare achievement! My point is not how far you’ve gone in your studies, but how well you are as a human being. Sure, a good education is essential. It’s a passport to better jobs and consequently a lifestyle with better creature comforts. Sadly, our former Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew is largely responsible for promoting elitism in his policies. Special privileges for graduate women, speak English, not Singlish, etc. For me I’d rather prefer egalitarianism over elitism anytime. What’s so special about me?? About you? Nothing, really. We’re all human and subject to the frailties of the flesh. Therefore, egalitarianism is about all people being cherished /respected irrespective of our education or whether you’re beggar or king.

      Hopefully, with the passage of time Singapore will further grow and mature into a friendlier and more welcoming nation. Visitors or tourists are not only taken in by our achievements. If we are open, friendly and non-judgmental in our attitude we certainly will win many friends and influence many people.

      So, out with elitism. Bring in egalitarianism.

      That’s the better way to go, I believe.

  44. Eddie said

    Apparently he doesn’t know that my friend who doesn’t even have an ite cert is earning more than wat he thought. And a lot of ppl whom I know with psle cert are directors, sole proprietors or successful people in their own league.

    To me, in ur league, these ppl doesn’t exist. And this certainly proves that u are actually, the one frog in the well.

  45. Tommy said

    Someone should get rid of this guy before he creates unnecessary trouble

  46. Glenn Yeong said

    His comments really disgust me. And it’s quite disheartening think that somebody actually has a mindset like his. Grades are not the only measure of intelligence, being in ITE doesn’t make them losers. I truly believe that the real measure of a person is his character; I have met dozens of people from ITE who are twice the man he is. He boasts about his intelligence, saying he doesn’t have to study hard to score A’s: that, in my opinion, is nothing to brag about. That is God-given, he didn’t do anything to earn it. He should just be grateful and thank his lucky stars. For me, if one is proud of his success, it is due to the fact that he achieved it through hard work. Funnily enough, these are the people who don’t brag. I sincerely hope that he’s just a one-off, Singapore would do well with less of his kind in the country.

    • Alvin Ho said

      I agree with you, Glenn Yeong. If that JC is so great n good, then dun study in school n take exam privately lah. I damn and swear curse at that JC student, may his future children born retarded and study in ITE forever

  47. ida said

    God has given you the intelligence.. But He can also take it back in a second in a way that no one can predict nor explain…

  48. Mr S. said

    What Austin had commented was really appalling. I was from a jc and I worked in macs since I was in my first year. Studying mathematics in NTU currently, McDonald’s is still my employer. McDonald’s is NOT for school dropouts. My friends here in McDonald’s range from university undergraduates, prominent achievers in Olympiads to normal secondary school students as well. This is definitely an insensitive comment made.

    Besides, as an NTU undergrad, a number of my close, nice friends are from ITE. Academic qualifications and standards do not guarantee a good attitude. To those JC or undergrad students, please do think that being smart is useless if you have a very bad attitude towards others. My JC has many crooks even though they are smart. Same goes to university life, where there are smart ones who are terribly rude, loud and insensitive.

    And for those who share the same thoughts as Austin, please do look at the world with an open mind.

  49. Randy Choy said

    Austin watch your language on what you trying to say. Ok, pay wise, there are no fix rate in ur qualification but depends on company. So what your pay is very high, u may not enjoy wat u doing, being betrayed, thrown, pushed and lots of nightmare, u dun wish to come to work.but judging ur character u won’t last even a day working in working life. lol Next, handwriting, if i need a fast and efficient do you think u will write very neatly and slowly for the ppl to see? Well, there was a time i wrote very neatly regarding on recording during work, well guess wat i was scolded instead that i have no sense of urgency. Third, A level standards? i do see high results A levels students at the end dropped out from university, maybe u can explain y then. lol anyway since u are lazy slack play games more than u study, pls i suggest dun go university coz u will ended up another skool….. IMH. Anyway i do see arrogant ppl like u, many of them. and i am not bother in all dis things, but seriously, they ended up badly, like an arrogant rich army friend, thinks he surrounded by girls,boast his material wealth, in the end, broke, ask me to borrow him money due to fines for drink driving (Hell i am a poor guy). My ex classmate, claims he will win whole class in mathematics, end, last in the whole class. So, Austin, ur arrogant disgust me, pls continue if you want more bad things happens to u, anyway dis is karma, so wish u luck, and get owned anytime soon haha 🙂

  50. Annoynomus said

    Seen it with my own eyes from news and everywhere..was looking ard and found out most billionaires and multimillionaires were drop outs or barely just passed their exams..while scholars are great workers for entrepreneur…well..whatever it is..there is no point doing a comparison at all..

  51. spotlessleopard said

    He is just being provacative; his datribe is just one of the symtoms of an Attention Seeking Whore…….. feel sorry for his Parents. Hopefully He will grow up and mature.

  52. Xane said

    Fool. Enough said.

  53. Qwertz said

    Don’t feed the troll.

  54. 1. Insulting ITE will not get you arrested. Stating that the government claims ITE are losers who can be nothing but technical work force might be a different story. ( ITE students reading this, please clarify with our Singapore government )
    2. Work in MacDonald for only 1 day means you cannot take hardships.
    3. If peeping means racist, then laws needed to amended to charge those peeping toms for been racist.
    4. You might be smart, a born genius who did well in exams without really studying. Grats then. But i also pity you because after you lived a old ripe age and passed away, you will be a dead genius whom not many be will remembered. Why ? You should be smart enough to know.
    5. As human being, you had failed miserably. If can only choose one category, i will rather failed my science, maths, English but passed character, attitude, upbringing.
    6. Anyway my highest education level is only O levels.
    7. Good luck to your life.

  55. stev.e said

    A fine example of someone who is academically inclined but not educated.

  56. Zoe said

    So this is the type of student JC produces? Come on. He still need to brush up on his English before he can say that he don’t need to study. There are actually ITE students who can do well too. Likewise, there can be JC students who won’t do well. Why look down on us ITE students? It’s not as if it’s in the past, when ITE really means “It’s The End”. Apparently he’s the “frog in the well” for not knowing these. The system has changed. Grow up, boy.
    I’m from ITE and YES, I’M VERY OFFENDED BY HIS REMARKS. We learn things different from what you all do in JC, but come on, it’s still a skill we can use in life. Stop being like those people who live in the past and look down on us because “ITE is a place for drop outs and students who fail their exams”. I actually know someone who has gotten a 6 in his O levels and went to ITE because he wants the course there.
    MacDonald’s manager has horrible handwriting? Apparently he has never read a doctor’s before. Oh, perhaps the doctors didn’t attend JC like he did? What a joke. Handwriting doesn’t show how smart someone is. I would like to see his handwriting and PROBABLY MAKE SURE IT LOOKS AS IF IT’S TYPED OUT FROM A COMPUTER. That would show how smart he is, eh?
    And oh, come on, didn’t anyone told him that he can’t really do anything with A level certificate? He would need to attend university after that and get a nice degree before you can get a nice job with a nice pay. I thought he would actually know that before saying these since he’s so smart. I’m disappointed. Right, ITE certificate won’t get us far, but at least if it has a good grades and remarks on our behaviours, we can at least get a decent job and get into polytechnic. But I guess the remarks on his A level certificate won’t be too nice after his “smart” comments.
    Oh, another thing, if you’re so smart, Mr. Austin Tan, you should know that the word “racist” is not to be used this way. There’s no race included in the entire thing. Smart, indeed. Oh, you scored A’s without studying? There are people who can do that too. You’re not special.
    Of course we’re out of your league. You’re way too low than us.

    I apologize if I offend anyone with my post. (PROBABLY EXCEPT FOR HIM SINCE HE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS SO I’LL JUST RETURN THE FAVOUR.) I’m not mentioning JC students as a whole, since I know that most JC students are very nice people and would understand that not everyone is the same and some of us do better with hands on work than studying in front of a book. But some people just had to ruin it for everyone. We’re all living in the same country, why insult each other? That’s not cool at all, or rather, that’s just plain stupid.

    I wish people would think twice before posting offensive status or comments on a SOCIAL website.

  57. Its The Enlightenment said

    He is dumb enough to not know that there are no “macdonalds” in Singapore.

  58. Kia Ang said

    You won’t get very far in the real world

  59. Z-T said

    I’m sorry if any of my fellows ITE mates offended you. But please mind your ways of talking.. We don’t owe you a living so what does it have to do with you even if we’re getting 2.4k? I thank you for you concern and care for us, sincerely me. As a JC students.. by showing only this action only tells me that you lack of manner, i’m starting to worry for your parents and also does your so called “a” level JC lecturer teaches it’s student this way? I’m sorry if i’m having alot of grammar mistake or punctuation.. At least we ITE still willing to try, we don’t give up. It’s okay for you guys to look down on us. We don’t mind. But i sure hope that Singapore can stop producing media jokers.

  60. Find this Austin. Then we all go and lynch him. We string him up by the neck until he is decapitated. Then we put his head on a stick and parade it down Orchard Road.

  61. Fong Fang said

    Be careful of Karma. When you belittle others and boast about your achievements, you will lose what you are proud of.

  62. Who are you? said

    I always thot that JC student are smart bcos they’re able to think and speak diplomatically…
    This guy ??? LOL

  63. Vk said

    I am an ITE grad who worked hard enough to gain a spot in the local polytechnic. I then work to earn enough to sent myself to Perth, Australia. I am now an accountant at a prestigious accounting company in Sg. I earn 4k and respect from people who knew of my background. You, my friend, may earn 5-10k a month but gain no respect from any. You have the money but not the happiness. True story.

  64. Me said

    Lets all pray using our different religion that this guy will fail his JC and has no where to go. Companies wont even take JC students as compared to ITE students.

  65. mahbok tan said

    ” The essence of knowledge is having it and to apply it ” – confucious.

    Seriously this young chap is lacking in some x-factor in life……you can be arrogant or hao lien….or watever…..but please remember what goes around will come around… prepared for it and be humble. Have’nt you learned history?

    OMG , SGpore education are producing people like him in the JC…..its a failed. Hopefully he can recover his senses before he gets to working life because by then all the HRD will be eyeing him to give a tongue lashing and a BIG NO….unless he works under his father corporation….!!!???

  66. JOSHOA Mutalib said

    AUSTIN Tan for future GE 2016 young leaders movement group. Can visualise him rallyng support , I like him already’ my kind of guy

  67. Diana Ng said

    You think too highly of yourself young man! Didn’t you know ITE are bosses when you still drawing a salary and working under someone else. N you might want to find out if your future employer wants to hire a snoob like u. High education doesn’t mean you can handle everything, why not repair your own flooding toilet or be your own locksmith? I pray hard enough you get lock in and no one help u out because WE are ITE Graduates!

  68. jilla said

    i think someone got “OWNED” in a word war so he/she enlisted help from the entire netizens by appearing he/she was bullied by the victor. what a loser.

  69. welovesingapore said

    Already some of this snobs are in the civil service and higher. Their view of the society is inhumane and sick. Will they strive for the welfare of ITE students who work in this environment if they are in charge or already in charge. Those who are ahead of him may have the same sentiments and attitude and are only working out the gain for themselve only. We are just ordinary citizen being fool into the poverty trap that they have laid ahead. So sad…..for singapore

  70. TYW said

    I’m am ITE Grad in 1999. Joined RSAF since then and had been with the force till now. We are loser? Well, I drives a brand new Volkswagen Jetta and I stayed in a 3 room private condominium in the east. I am happily married with a son. I have savings and other investment well planned till retirement. Am I a loser? How many grads are on parred with me? BTW I’m 34.

  71. POS said

    education n qualification does not necessarily equates how successful you are in life. i know of someone who doesnt even haf a proper “o” level cert but she’s holding a senior manager post in a prestigious company by age 30 and earning a lot more than most uni grads of same age, and no, her family is not rich so she totally owe it to herself.
    you know who u shld really look down on? pple who slack all day, doesnt do anything useful to the society and talks a whole load of crap all day!!

  72. Skybox said

    So Wat if u r havin a A level certi. When u go out to work u wil stil start frm a low level pay which other ppl r takin.. For ur infor, i workin at airport bt my pay is holdin 2 to 2.5k every month & I holdin on to a n level cert which I neve pass out frm ite. N I hav som frenz frm ite can move to higher position. Ite is good y cos they get to hands on, even som of my frenz tt can go JC they wil chose to go ite first den go over to JC. Stop all ur stupit comments lookin down on ITE students..

  73. Edwin Tan said

    His english is horrendous lol. I wonder how he gets his A for GP

    • Sera said

      Exactly what I’m thinking. His GP teacher must have been sleeping while marking his papers if he really does get A for GP.


    You will study Arts or English Clit in NUS, you will graduate with a degree with no intrinsic value, you will migrate to a country which regconise same sex marriage, because you are GAY. YOU ARE A VERY TYPICAL loser.

  75. six3oo said

    Hard truths…

    But retarded guy.

  76. rose13lood said

    “People are different. Just like you and me. Like I said, four words, out of my league.”

    I’m glad that he actually pointed that out because guess what? Nobody wants to be in the same league either.

  77. Confessor said

    Maybe this arrogant bastard is a son of one of the PAP MPs or Ministers.

  78. elineleow said

    Just a EMO, little boy….not mature yet. Childlish talking.

  79. hachoo said

    This is the result of school ranking and branding. SAP school student are equally arrogant. They only mix with their own kind and consider others out of their league. They inbreed. Because their parents are mostly from the elite group and well connected, they often move around in high places even after their graduation. some of the new MPs are borned from such group. and you can now understand why they are arrogant. This Austin Tan is a living example, they start from a very young age.

  80. Mr X said

    confirm not a JC student while he look like more to AH BENG from secondary or ITE dropout act like a JC student such a DISGRACE…..ANAK ABU

  81. Mike895 said

    You may have IQ for for study, but I think u still lack of EQ for your future career…

  82. IWouldSlapYourFaceRealRealHard said

    Austin, your perspective on things is very, very parochial. I was an ITE student, but i am earning more than what my elder sister does whereby she’s a degree holder. Don’t get cocky really, it’s all just a piece of junk paper. peace out.

  83. Eric said

    by the fact that Austin compares, and says ppl are “out of his league”, and equate success with money…
    by that, it is already a negative score on his karma.
    he may be rich and successful (using his own reference), but he won’t be happy.
    he may not even understand this now, perhaps he will, at 60 years old… but it might be too late for his soul…

  84. Eugene said

    If you have full of knowledge and philosophy, but do not have EQs then it is really very pathetic in such a way that people also wont engaged you in the society when you go out to work in future, no matter how good is your certificates.. So please use your brains and talk since you think so highly of yourself. You are keeping everyone into attention in this matter. If you are a clever person you will not talk in this way and is simply stupid because you are making yourself to be an abomination to the public and society. How crazy of you!

  85. unknown said

    Hello.. i am a ITe guy but i earning 3k with 8 days OT! so F off.

  86. Fox said

    Wow, what a genius. Posting such remarks online, creating massive outcry.
    Tempting the school authority to kick you down to ITE?

  87. Achilleus said

    Austin, ITE student can get LKY scholarship, you from JC, can u get 1? if not go fly ur jc KITES.

  88. THF said

    Guys, let’s give him ALL the attention that he seems to desire. I can only hope he will get published in newspaper and get a bad reputation which will stick to him for the rest of his life. Guess what, no company will want to hire someone with such a bad rep, and we will all laugh when he have no choice but to get a job that actually pays him less than 2.4k per month. My dad only managed to complete PSLE, and he is doing fine now with a monthly income of 7.5k. Suck that up asshole.

  89. Barry Kam said

    Simple. He just needs to mind his own business. Work on his own life and career. Make friends, less enemies and live lightly.

  90. Faz said

    I know plenty of ITE graduates who earn more than $2k a month..

  91. O.W.L said

    I’m a sec school dropout. currently working as a pilot boat master… and fyi I do earn more than 2400/month… Wat a clown Austin tan…

  92. shawn said

    His world too small~ Did not realize how big of the outside world. May god forget his arrogant and naive. We understand he just a “xiao peng you”, his hair still haven fully grow.

  93. just me =) said

    what a disgrace. everyone’s the same, and shouldn’t be judged like that based on results and salary. character still the most important anw. judge himself before judging others sia.
    but still shouldn’t put him tgt with other JC students cuz everywhere (in jc, poly and ite) also got both black sheep and nice ppl. just because got this bastard doesn’t mean all jc students are arrogant and despise others like him

  94. Respect our sg men and women said

    Justin Tan, u should really shut the fuck up. My husband was an ITE student and he got handwritting that even he himself can’t read sometimes. BUT he earns 5 digit income per month. U r juz a freaking mini fly screaming for attention. And becos u dun study, u r a frog in the well living in your own world, unaware abt what’s happenning with the world outside. Go for a check up to see if your brain size is below average.
    tsk tsk tsk….. I pity your parents. They must be so ashamed to have a son like you.


    I honestly dont think he is a jc student. From the info that is given online, it seems more like he is an international student that took the equivalent of A level. Freaking full of himself and claiming to be someone he is not. JC student? Don’t kid yourself, it is out of YOUR league.

  96. OhGod said

    So much for being educated. Even if ITE grads doesn’t earn more than $2.4k/mth, so? If he’s gonna carry on this kind of attitude, no matter how high his qualifications are he’s not going to go far. No sense of humility in him. Yeah, no doubt it’s his point of view but everyone has their way of living, no? Why go run others down?

  97. Lee Swee Swee said

    6 words for you. ”Got mother born, no mother teach.”
    Yes its in Singlish. Go frown all you want. Fuck if i care.

  98. Tom Dick Harry said

    Hey Austin! I am from ITE! I am 26 yrs old! I knew a few with qualification doing very good in life and they are very humble! I knew few with no qualification doing even better! I even got a friend from ITE previously and is running a chain of learning centre, hiring top quality of teachers!

  99. XY said

    I am so appalled by his words that i felt compelled to apologise and state the stand of JC students.

    Firstly, people are undeniably born with different capabilities. School is simply a stage of life that does not define who we are and what we can be. I’ve seen first hand how many morons there are in top notch schools who do not do well in later stages of life. It is an individual’s personality and persistant hardwork that drives one to success. Frankly speaking, I believe that Austin will falter in later stages of life.

    Secondly, it is admirable for anyone doing any job to be earning a living by their hardwork. As much as some jobs pay more than others, any individual earing a honest living has to be respected. Besides, why does a manager of a Macdonalds restaurant have to have brilliant handwriting? All that is important for him and society is that he does his job effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, I’ve seen excruciatingly painful to decipher handwriting all over JC exam scripts. Who is to judge here?

    Thirdly, having good grades will soon become negligible and forgotten after one steps into society. As I’ve mentioned in my first point, people are born with different capabilities. Some may obtain good grades easily, while others have to work harder. However, being good at studying only signifies an easier path into the future, not necessarily a brighter one.

    PS: Austin’s English is exasperating to read, not to mention that his arguments are mostly waffle.


  100. Common Cents said

    What jc ah?

  101. If I can I would really love to approach him. Anyone know how come cannot find his Facebook account already? Scared and deactivated? :O

  102. Jac said

    Sekali his boss’s ITE graduate, I laugh,so arrogant, careful karma don’t come back and bite him on the butt.

  103. Milli Vanili said

    Fate moves like waves in the sea. It is so fluid you could never guess where it will take you. To survive you only need to have faith, good timing and humbleness. In life there is no right or wrong answer or a guaranteed success. Austin it is not too late to repent but if you still want to hang your nose up in the air looking down on everyone, you will learn the hard way. Trust me my friend. 🙂

  104. seeyoulater said

    Just another keyboard hero ranting like his trumpet in his pants….

  105. ITE has a General Education Program, which is a night school.
    It offers formal secondary education.
    Ironically, it offered A-level courses until 2007.
    It took its last batch of applicants in 2006.

  106. ITE lecturer said

    Austin’s comments reflect his lack of intelligence and maturity. In fact, his written English is worse that some of the ITE students. I know, because I am an ITE lecturer.

    Amongst my colleagues, who wanted to come back to serve, are an ex-VP in private banking and an a 39-year old soon-to be-retiree (come 2013) because he is financially secure. Where were they from? VITB (before it was re-named ITE) and ITE respectively. I also have a cousin in his 20s, an ITE alumni, who is now earning double of the $2,400 mentioned. No, he doesn’t work 100+hours of OT. He is promoted to supervisory level because his boss decided to reward his exemplary quality of work and retain a good staff.

    Last year, the news featured an ITE alumni who graduated with First Class Honours from NUS. This is something that even Austin cannot guarantee he can even dream of, let alone achieve, given his slack attitude towards his studies, increased competitiveness at tertiary level and the rarity of the First Class Honours.

    Most of ITE students under my care are a hardworking bunch and such a joy to deal with.

    There are bad nuts in ITE, much like Austin is one in JC, but they are far and between.

    When I was a JC student, we were thankful to GOD that we could process and digest knowledge easily, but we respected the ITE students as well.

    Karma might come and bite back at Austin. Will he perform honour killing if his children (in future) ever enrol as students in ITE?

  107. emigrant said

    Its because of losers like Austin that Sillypore will sink and self destruct…..anyone knows you don’t need education to get ahead in life….its just a door opener…that’s all…look at Charles & Keith….earning tons of money with little education

    Study all you want Austin…those who don’t do well in school usually come out tops….there is a saying, A students will normally end up earning thousands as employees working for F students who earn tens of thousands as business owners..

    Loser Austin

  108. I don’t have A-levels, but my handwriting is very neat.

  109. watcher's point of view said

    Its sad to see JC students writing such disparaging remarks about his peers. Today, in a JC, you are spoon fed to the core. So if you happen to go to uni, it is just a ride for you….but when there is no tutors to spoon feed you in uni, you will spend $$$ on getting tutors to help you with your first year…..c’mon, ITE students are still humans…..they are nice and humble people who observe but do not haolian….they know wat kumcheng and guanxi is unlike some jc students…..good luck to the person who wrote dat article, i think he will not succeed in life……..

  110. watcher's point of view said

    Just like in the army, those JC students will become officers and haolian……during reservist, the officers still take bus to book in but the ITE grads or school drop out drive merc and ask their sir whether they want a ride……they have a heart

  111. kublai cunt said

    dont bother…..just another jc pig eating its own shit.

  112. sue said

    im an ite graduate, and i can say there are quite a number of smart students in ite, and the reason we are in ite is because our grades are not good enough for poly. i worked full time after graduating and i earned up to 2.5k per month. now im working part time and taking a diploma as well, and i bet you cant even juggle both austin. such a pity youre living in a shallow world. you prolly should go and reflect on what you have said.

  113. yeaman said

    That’s why our education = fail.

    We need to emphasize moral values more than academic results.

    So what this Austin Tan can get As without studying hard? In my eyes he is nothing more than a pile of shit.

  114. yeaman said

    Man, I am a doctor, but people always complaint about my handwriting, they say worse than kindergarten handwriting. I think that’s why they called it Doctor’s handwriting… ha!

  115. carltonx said

    Wow, I feel so sorry for this fella. Good luck to him in life.

  116. Law Ghee Heng said

    forgive and forget. don’t get too bothered about passing remarks. To all ITE students, I believe you all will work hard and do well for yourself, your parents and for all your loved ones. There is no need to prove to anyone else.

  117. Jay said

    he is in for hell in ns with that attitude. frankly, he deserves it.

  118. EdzyLee said

    I m from ITE and I don’t make $2400 a month. I made much much more. My colleague an O level holder made 6 digits last year. She is an inspiration to all of us.

    It’s a matter of hard work. U can earn ur papers but please have brains too 🙂 don’t leave them in school when u graduate.

  119. blueskysg said

    ITE students might not earning 2.4k per month.But even you can earn 24k per month does not mean you can contribute more to nation. Our education system does not teach us to be well educated and insult others. You have reflected how shallow you are….please have more reading to improve your poor perspective on life instead of giving such comments!

  120. If you saying that ITE students are ‘loser’ then think again, they have a future path right in front where they can future study at poly or mayb better at uni. Just to tell you that i’m ‘former’ ITE students and their future is not over just because of salary issue, To my view, I see ITE students is like a stepping stone to their future success. However i don’t see that JC students can’t achieve what ITE can achieve, they can achieve like them but then everthing got advantage and disadvantage like ‘Austin’s say JC students had more salary then ITE students but they will still need ITE students help when they comes to Polytechnic or uni. I don’t blame his point of view but In point of my view ITE students had a advantage when comes to study in polytechnic or uni.

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