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M Ravi’s psychiatrist certifies him fit to practise law on six occasions

Posted by temasektimes on October 12, 2012

Prominent human rights lawyer M Ravi has pre-empted the Law Society by submitting a medical report from his psychiatrist Dr Munidasa Winslow stating clearly that he is medically fit to practice law.

The Law Society had earlier applied in August  for a court order to have Mr Ravi medically checked by a psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health, to determine if he’s fit to practise law in Singapore.

The originating summons filed by the society said if Mr Ravi fails to submit to the medical examination, his practising certificate will be suspended.

Dr Winslow, who saw Mr Ravi on six occasions, certified in a letter that his bipolar disorder “is not affecting his professional capacity” as a lawyer.

His assessment contradicted that of another psychiatrist Dr Calvin Fones, who wrote in a letter submitted by Law Society member Wong Siew Hong to the High Court stating that Mr Ravi was having a relapse of bipolar disorder, and was “unfit to practise law”.

The shocking revelation of confidential medical records of Mr Ravi in public sparked an outcry and embarrassed the Law Society.

Last month, an Extraordinary General Meeting was demanded by 51 members of the Law Society to shed light on the clash between the society and Mr Ravi. Some members have indicated that they may file another motion to censure the society’s committee.



10 Responses to “M Ravi’s psychiatrist certifies him fit to practise law on six occasions”

  1. junde said

    What exactly is the underlying reason why the law society wants Mr Ravi to stop his practice… Does anyone have an honest factual opinion… the 2 doctors should be summoned by the Medical society to see which one of them will have his license rebuked if they cannot come up with a common finding. If Mr Ravi is found fit the proponents in the Law society should be named and suspended until the issue is cleared. just my opinion…

  2. Politically motivated action against Ravi . said

    The present law society committee has brought it’s good public standing into a questionable leadership committee..

  3. skponggol said

    Yet our very own WP Vichy Opposition MPs fail to speak up this grave injustice in Parliament and continue to sleep with the enemies.

    Where is our very own self-styled “Wei Zheng”?

    Mod’s note:

    You mean Wei Zhong Xian? (An infamous eunuch during the last days of the Ming dynasty)

  4. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Lawyer Wong Siew Hong should see the IMH Psychiatrist to see if he has acute bi-polar disorder. I suggest Wong Siew Hong then submit his medical certificate to the Law Society to determine if he is still fit to be a member. Shame on you with such evil intentions (as directed by your superiors)

  5. Robin hood said

    Do you smell a rat somewhere here. The Law Society is supposed to comprise the brainiest minds, be impartial on issues concerning human rights. Why is it getting into this mess?

  6. Politically motivated action against Ravi . said

    Politically motivated .

  7. If I am the power that be, I could reduce anyone into a mental case. History is full of all such cases where political opponents are reduced into carrying their own shit and also holding onto their trousers from falling down. You see human beings are basically robots and with a little programming or brainwash, they can be made to do all kinds of things.

  8. Continue…
    Ravi should be judged on what he has done for the legal as well as citizen fraternity. It was Ravi who highlighted the plights of mere mules while the kingpins go untouched leading to Singapore amending the drugs acts.

    it was also Ravi who highlighted the folly of giving all the powers to the Prime Minister when a parliamentary seat falls vacant.

    You folks please input Ravi’s good works for all to see.

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