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Overpopulation will lead to an implosion

Posted by temasektimes on October 12, 2012

I agree that Malay wedding at void decks add colour to our Singapore cultural fabric. However now with the over crowding, people’s tolerance to noise and over crowding have changed. Many people are craving for a little peace of mind and more personal space.

May we still maintain our way of life without adding further dress on other residents? Can we move funerals and weddings and other community events to a the town hall? This would reduce the noise levels for those who are studying or need peace and quiet for rest and healing. Locating at town halls and community halls still preserves our way of life and give other people more peace of mind. All these intolerance is a result of our poor immigration policies.

This is what is called cabin fever which usually occurs in winter time when big numbers of people are restricted by weather conditions to remain in one place such as home and dorms. Studies have shown that quarrels and fights increased in this period. We have cramped too many people in a small island and tolerance levels are dropping. So it is useless to keep talking about integration when more FTs are being cramped into an already crowded Singapore.

Take a human being growths and the person is growing up skywards becoming taller and reaching for the skies but here we r expanding sideways which means getting fat and thus is not healthy to our economy. Over feeding will cause an implosion.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


22 Responses to “Overpopulation will lead to an implosion”

  1. SgGuy said

    Agreed! But apparently 60.1% of Sinkies dun think so leh, then how?

    Mod’s note:

    The figure is actually 76% if you include those who voted for the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ which is even more pro-foreigner than the ‘A’ team. A vote for WP = A vote for more foreigners!

    • Singaporeans have been talking too much. Next general election vote the PAP out and vote the oppositions in, if the WP has been proven to be in favour of the PAP pls get the WP out too, but first you must be sure or it could be something deliberately done by a certain movement to discredit WP! Just becareful.

      Mod’s note:

      WP is even more pro-foreigner than the PAP. Did you ever hear WP criticizing PAP’s immigration policies? In fact, Low Thia Kiang openly blasted PAP for restricting the inflow of foreign workers in February this year and this is about one of the few times he opened that platinum mouth of his. A vote for WP = A vote for more foreigners! Vote out the ‘Wayang Party’ in 2016!

      • nocando said

        do u want WP or u want PAP?

        Mod’s note:

        Neither because they are part of the SAME team. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  2. TooMuchEgoTooMuchPride! said

    All MPs And Ministers lives in big landed properties…they WILL NEVER KNOW what kind of life we ordinary Singaporeans live! The policies they made never affect them in any way…why should they care about how we suffer!? They are only concern about their pay package and our VOTE!

    • Singkaypoh said

      MPs & Ministers should take turns to host Malay weddings…. you know, promote racial harmony, promote marriage & therefore baby making, the couples can tell their grandchildren “we made you in the ___ master bedroom while having a great CONversation with our great & caring MP!!!” So what do you think? 🙂

      • Jeff D said

        “(1) To be eligible to stand for Parliament or to be named a Minister, a citizen must reside in an ordinary HDB public-housing flat (as further specified in §nnn.
        (2) Prospective Ministers with portfolios involving direct public services, such as National Development, Education and Transport, must be current, active users of those services at the time of their appointment and for a period of at least three years thereafter. A Minister or nominated Minister found to be in non-compliance shall lose his eligibility for any Ministerial post for the remainder of that term of Government.
        (3) A Prime Minister who, during his entire service as Prime Minister, nominates three ministers thus unqualified for their portfolios shall be required to relinquish the office, duties and benefits of Ministerial service, as of the date he proposes that third ineligible nominee.”

        That should be a reasonable start.

  3. teo cheap buy said

    I agree

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    I have a farking noisy Philippino family staying upstairs everyday make alot of noise and anyhow throw cigarettes and spits on the floor of the lift area (their unit is directly at the lift area) which I have never seen such messiness for the past eight years till they moved in! Truly 3rd world mannerism & habits! Pinkie should let them stay around Oxley Road and Istana since he love them so muchie.

  5. Agreed. It’s matter of time. Not if but when.

  6. Agree ministers and mps shd hold communal weddings in their huge compounds. Also wakes and funerals to show they’re one with the people…:-)

    • nocando said

      istana, oxley road, malina bay and changi airport are the idea spot for funerals, weddings and dormitory of foreign workers.

  7. solaris8899 said


  8. sporeoboriginal said

    To whom it may concern (the writer),

    i am replying to your article to my utmost honesty. I AGREE very very much with your proposal and i personally feel its a good one. However, i would like to share with you a recent incident to let you understand better what is happening in singapore.

    My best friend runs a wedding services company targeted more for the minorities
    (malays) and he has been doing it for more than a decade. Recently due to my unemployment,i have been helping him out to setup the wedding sites on a week to week basis. Then after quite sometime helping him out, i realised some community centres in singapore rarely have malay weddings (i cant quote the CC, not nice for their reputation, but i can provide if u email me) so i asked him why but he said thats how it is. I still dont get it. Then one day as i was doing a setup at a specific CC, i was shocked to hear the staff saying to my friend “you can do your wedding event here, but your malay cooking cannot do here. Here we only allow chinese cooking. You all the muslim food so oily.”

    As you know, what makes a malay wedding special is that the food is special and fresh. My question is,chinese people cook no need oil meh? If the answer is yes.. Then i dont understand why the remark was given to my friend like that. As a non malay, i feel that we have more than one Eve Tan or Amy Cheong out there that might ruin our relationships interracially.

    • nocando said

      bring this issue to LHL ‘s facebook and ask for an explanation. some pap stooges like to lord their “power” over others.

  9. oute said

    Right, give them some tasks to do else stop paying them $16,000 allowances…

  10. new AUS PR from SGP said

    I have just bought my “insurance”, whether 6m or even 6.5m population not an issue to me anymore.

  11. Jeff D said

    Seems like it’s time to revive some principles of common law that the PAP has thrown by the wayside since Independence. “Quiet enjoyment” is the one I’m thinking of that’s relevant here, but jury trials have been another point that’s popped up recently. Of course, to have jury trials, we need to stop teaching people to wait for Those Above to do all their thinking for them… that’s going to be tough with this Government.

  12. Robin hood said

    Malay weddings are held at the HDB void decks and community halls simply because it is

    1. Cheaper
    2. Can invite many friends and relatives and colleagues.

    Socially it is good because many have opportunity to meet again. It is cheaper for the guests as the ‘ang pow’ is very much lesser that attending weddings at hotel ballrooms.

    However, such weddings generate noise from loud speakers. The host should therefor be mindful of this and tell the DJ and the musical band to lower the sound to a pleasant level. Even the guests find it difficult to enjoy the good food because of the loud blaring from the speakers.

    It’s all about give and take and consideration for the neighbors.

    • nocando said

      time to consider set aside one venue not so close to residence area for common events .as the event sometime seem to carry out one after another . and playground and whatever sport court shouldn’t be built too close to the residence area . plus, sometime we need to endure the killing noise come from renovation. noise is irritating even for a lesser mortal.
      from Amy Cheong saga i realised how worst the quality of life singaporeans are living. we get by but no one care and appreciate.

  13. We need dedicated areas for such events. Such facilities should be located centrally, easily accessible and soundproofed.

  14. steven theo said

    Hi Aus PR, Do come back as a foreigner. Our SGP gov loves u..Good career waiting for you

  15. I believe many Singaporeans are very accepting of these traditional and cultural practices like Malay weddings and Chinese funerals at the void decks. All of us grew up with them and we don’t know any different. The writer is correct. If you step out of your home today, you will be inundated with noise and crowds everywhere you turn. The shopping centres, trains, raods etc have no more off-peak times. It’s times everywhree and everytime. The only place we can find solace, peace and quiet is in our own homes but HDB living makes that almost impossible. Everyone, for sanity, needs some down time. We need times we can have peace and quiet to clear our minds, to rest, to think. Without such down times, stress levels build. This is compounded by the stress of high cost living and stagnant salaries in Singapore, and no retirement in sight. It is very easy to go crazy on this little island so populated even the beaches, once the place of solitary, are so noisy and crowded.

    When stress levels become unmanageabl, some people lash out at others, some become depressed, others become aggressie and yet others become emotional. Pray, tell me, where does one find peace on this “paradise” island called home?

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