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PM Lee: I ‘think’ we owe NSmen something

Posted by temasektimes on October 12, 2012

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was so moved by what he saw during a tour of Exercise Wallaby in Australia at Rockhampton that he paid tribute to NSmen for their sacrifices made to the nation over the years.

PM Lee, who is on an official visit to Australia, told reporters that Singapore has “not done badly” in maintaining the commitment to NS, more so when the Republic has been blessed with 45 years of peace.

In his latest post on his Facebook, PM Lee wrote:

“An exciting visit to Exercise Wallaby at Rockhampton and Shoalwater Bay today… In the live firing exercise I saw not only Leopard Tanks and Terrex fighting vehicles, but also computer systems networking our units, close cooperation between the soldiers on the ground and Apache attack helicopters, and new fighting concepts and tactics.” 

He also paid tribute to the NSmen training in the exercise:

“For them to spend 20-odd days overseas continuously like this for the country, I think we owe them something.”

All Singapore born men have to go through 2 years of compulsory National ‘Service’ followed by another 13 years or so of reservist training which not only disrupt their career, but put them in a disadvantage in the labor market as employers prefer foreigners without NS obligations.


43 Responses to “PM Lee: I ‘think’ we owe NSmen something”

  1. JeoJeo said

    now then u think…!?

    • Alamak said

      One step down ladder ‘what do you think?’ One step up ‘I think’, No use jus say ‘I think’.We all ‘thinking’ all the time if not brain go rust,but for survive.. So go do something lah. Put the money where the mouth got. Must go to oversea learn this lesson? And Oz big country plenty land all Singapore 6 mill go oso no feel crowd out. This oso must ‘think’ and consider.

    • ST said

      cos got brain damage mah, suddenly can think.

    • Angry Bird said

      proven how daft and useless this PM is all these while! stupid.

    • Me said


  2. sniper said

    yes serve NS is a con job meant only for sg citizens. It is really shocking it can continue for over 40 years.

    The PAP say you must be have globally competitive wages in sg so they bring in cheap FT labour.

    But they utilise free NS slaves labour for their own SAF instead of being globally competitive like ALL the surrounding asean countries who have NO NS.

    So whatever come out of the PAP , it is LAN CHIO words only.

    • Poly Student serving the nation said

      Malaysia have NS also what o.O

      • hisham76 said

        I found out NS in Malaysia is more like outward bound school…while the kids were waiting for their SPM result equivalent of GCE’ O, they have to serve ( more like tho attend the OB school for 3 mths ) after that no 13 yrs or not even 1 year of reservist. After the so call NS, they can focus on their career like how to become the next millionaire….:)

    • ST said

      Sad that our NS man allowance is almost the same as a maid in singapore…..They are as good as Slave.
      Stop thinking and take action with immediate effect.

      • Jack said

        sadly, Domestic helpers are paid higher than NS man

      • sexyboy said

        At least maid dun complain and willing to even risk their just to clean the high rise hdb window unlike useless whining singapore ns men, bunch of pussies

  3. Pink Panty Loong said

    I’m very sick of this dummy PeeM that has no real talent and leadership quality but only GOOD in playing with words….I “THINK”….

  4. Zheng Huiting PuaCB said

    LHL you THINK nia? THINK your mother chee bye lah! Now your mother KWA GEOK CHOO must be suffering at 18th level of HELL for your misdeeds!

  5. LeeFugYew said

    Where is my $9,000.00 NS recognition award?
    All the old soldiers want to know.

  6. Lim said

    I think the govt owes Sporeans who did NS plus 13 years of reservist plus suka suka countless weekends of nonsenical mobilisations, two and half years of setback for our educaiton and career compared to girls and foeirgners a lot of things and not just something.

  7. happy said

    pinky you owed them your life,

  8. ST said

    Owe somthing, he scared to commit, so talk than go back singapore forget.
    PM Lee since you know you owe our NS man something……please pay them whatever you have owe them, be honest for once. Do you know many family that have sons suffered because of you. My brothers was paid on S$90 allowance and my parents had to slog like a bull to supports a family of seven.

  9. Realist said

    Singapore cannot go to war. If go war, sure die.
    These NS men are just doing a wayang show for the PM.
    We have army is to control the 40% of the population if they ever think of trying to be funny with the govt.

    • cc chia said

      True. Everything in Singapore is wayang and a house of cards, masterminded by the PAP govt and their propaganda machine the ST.

      Anyway, our SAF generals have no clue on what it takes to manage a war or even a small skirmish, since their only experience is in organizing parades such as the NDP each year.

  10. Sick of this wayang said

    this owing is repaid with more Reservist call-ups and allowing FT to take up your jobs while you are away pouring your sweat and blood out for the nation.

  11. realitygal said

    Suck to be males .. hahaha

  12. Ron said

    The government by start by setting up a generous insurance scheme that will take care of the aged parents of NS men and servicement that died during duties and in the service of the nation. The nations owes a special debt to those who were injured or lost their lives.

    And for NS reservists who were the breadwinners, there must be insurance to cover loss of income, etc.

    If Spore does not take care of its military servicemen, who will?

    • Dopey the PM said

      No worries lah Ron!
      Puthucheary and Tony Tan’s son will take care of NSmen when they become the next defence minister and president respectively. How about you asking Dopey the PM to confirm ?

  13. Putty said

    What have you been doing as a BG in SAF? Now then you start thinking? Logically, you should be able to relate better when you are still part of the force. It only proves that you “white horses” have it so extremely easy, and so very blind that you felt nothing for those who really went through real national service! And also it is the reason why you could not understand what the Singaporeans are going through right now with the ridiculous influx of FTs, since you also do not think as you do not have to face them each and every single day. Perhaps we will need another exercise where you get to take peak hour MRT and bus rides sandwiched between FTs, and a 5 days 4 nights HDB stay surrounded by FT neighbours in order for you to feel that you owe Singaporeans something… tsk, tsk, tsk…

    • APAP said

      Dear Putty,
      I agree with you. These AHs think that FT is Foreign Talent. How wrong they are when they only imported Foreign Trash who steal Singaporeans jobs. They have said that we can accommodate 6 million people. Have they ever travelled in the buses, MRT trains during peak hours. Have seen the trash thrown by them in MRT trains. Have they seen Filipino Trash never giving up their seats to those who need it more. Have they seen PRC Trash eating chicken wings in MRT trains and yes never giving up their seats to those who need them more. Have seen HDB estates where Foreign Trash reside, how filthy the places are. Have they seen PRC, Filipino, other FT women prostituting themselves in many places in Singapore with any health controls. Male Singaporeans have to devote a huge part of their lives to National Service while the Foreign Trash move ahead in Careers. Ask any true blue Singaporean, who is an ordinary man with family commitments and he will tell you get rid of them. The worst Foreign Trash is the Filipino Trash, followed by PRC Trash, Black Trash, etc.

  14. kenny said

    Fuck lah, you only tell the foreigner and in foreign land. Never hear you saying that to singaporean in singapore.

  15. JOHN ONG said

    It is not late!

  16. AMiTuoFo 阿彌陀佛 said

    Our PM has not done any real NS as yet like those ordinary NSmen who has indirectly contributed to our stability and economic growth.

  17. oute said

    Maybe he is thinking of “fixing” your liability by extending your reserve training…

  18. dragon said

    who is to blame? And anywhy just import FT/FW to replace easy issue.Buy and sell then profit, co-operate company.

  19. Paper Porsche Green Hyundai Teal Tata said

    No wonder the men don’t want to anyhow shoot now. Wait kenar give birth to boy. So poor thing.

  20. dragon said

    It sad for the fatal accident NS man.Two years and 10 years reservist is too long for singaporean in one life time.

  21. NSman said

    Dear PM Lee,

    Outside work about $1500. NS work about $500.
    Difference = (1500-500) x 24 months = $24,000 !!! (Can use for further studies, marriage, investment, help family, reduce birth rate problem, social problems etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc)

    Kindly give a decent salary instead of allowance to our NSFs and bonuses to the NSmen.
    It is a must to defend Singapore but please give them what they deserve, thank you so much.
    After all they still work long hours and being forced into this occupation and they may earn more elsewhere.

    Free medical cost, free online learning credits, free eMart credits, etc don’t benefit everyone.

    Anyway Singapore is one of the richest isn’t it?

  22. See-Buay-Song said

    They are lucky. I did 2.5 years and I did not have a maid to carry my Al

  23. spotlessleopard said

    Dont just thiink ….just do it……copensate every Singaorean who served NS 50K or more for their sacrifice

  24. Steve Lee said

    Well, one thing is true. There are lots of born and bred Singaporeans currently living, working and doing very well in Australia today.

  25. nocando said

    why it had to come in 2012? why turn a blind eye when so many PRs brazenly escape NS ?why an iCA official taught a hong kong PR how to shun NS? why many NS men’s misfortune did not hit your thick scull? it is becoz u and yr ministars never ever given a thought to singaporean.
    but why now this belated ” realization” leh? you knew this long enough right? but our media never give you such a heat as netizen did. you can’t live in your ivory tower with yr hands covering up your ears forever.
    open up yr media, we teach u how to appreciate the ppl and listen to the voices of singaporean. how would NS men protect sg when more than half of the population are not sgn? isn’t it obvious enough ?

  26. welovesingapore said

    These are free comment from a leader who has no action to back him. Feel good to being appreciated today. Tommorrow nothing has changed.

  27. cc chia said

    Pinky Lee only “thinks that the PAP govt owes NS men something”?

    It figures, since he never really experienced NS like most of us who did it proudly and never complained, but nevertheless suffered for it and were severely disadvantaged by doing NS; studies-wise, jobs and career-wise where we lost from 2-3 years of our lives.

    Some of us know that Pinky Lee was molly-coddled thru NS training (recruit and OCS etc), mostly accompanied by 2 bodyguards in disguise who probably ended up doing all his chores such as cleaning, boot polishing and rifle cleaning etc and hard work such as fox-hole and trench digging, on his behalf.

    Thereafter, he was fast tracked to be general without any clue on what it involves to be one. Pathetic.

  28. sniper said

    yes. the PAP govt own me one million dollars for 2 years of NS slavery and that is already discounted heavily.

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