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PM Lee: The government has ‘gained’ from the casinos

Posted by temasektimes on October 13, 2012

The two casinos had brought revenue to the Singapore government, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Giving a lecture to the Australians at a dialogue session in Sydney yesterday, PM Lee said there have been ‘obvious benefits’ from the two casinos.

“There is no further issue of principle and from the point of business, it’s quite good to have two in fact, the casinos are happy because then if you don’t have as much luck as you wish in one place, you go to the other place. They came up at a good time, after the financial crisis. Business-wise, they’ve done very well; revenue-wise, the government has gained,” he said.

PM Lee went on to elaborate:

“There’s some offset because our horse racing isn’t as exciting as it used to be, people have gone to gamble in casinos instead but overall government revenue has gone up.”


85 Responses to “PM Lee: The government has ‘gained’ from the casinos”

  1. Bai Hu said

    Very sad that our PAP government has degenerated morally like this. Money do make people do funny stuffs 😦

    • NBCCD said

      Like borrow from loanshark and continue gamble after losing hard earn money ! no other way out and jumping from MBS ! created so many problems ! still talk about gain money ! what a CB !

    • Angry Bird said

      “There is no further issue of principle and from the point of business, it’s quite good to have two in fact, the casinos are happy because then if you don’t have as much luck as you wish in one place, you go to the other place. They came up at a good time, after the financial crisis. Business-wise, they’ve done very well; revenue-wise, the government has gained,” he said.

      So you useless money face PM, go open up a few more Casinos around the island and the govt gain even more financially. But did you share the gains with its citizens? hell NO, yet you indirectly drive them & their families to self destruction, to the grave! You EVIL moron!

      • Francischuanghli said

        Our Gov’t is indirectly asking us who disagree to leave & 6% of our wise talented had done so. LHL had also announced his respect for them to go. Should we all go & let this Island for the LEE family to decide for their wishes ???????

    • sunny said

      PAP Government r full of gamblers. They let Temesek gamble away Singaporeans CPF money. Then they gamble with peoples lifelihood by bring so called FT to increase population. Then taking biggest gamble by letting HDB price to rocket high price and any time the bubble breaks, we are doomed!!!

      • Francischuanghli said

        U PAP ( Poor And Pitiful ) so willing to pay for that S$1/2Mil. housing project. What else is to say.

  2. Nico said

    Say that to the family who lost loved ones who committed suicide due to gambling.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Nico.

      Your’e spot on! Problem gambling has wrecked many individuals as well as families. Huge losses and indebtedness can lead to despair, anxiety and desperation. Yes, some people have even committed suicide.

      Counselling for problem gamblers can go some way to helping them overcome their compulsive gambling. An educational campaign together with a few ‘catchy’ slogans can serve as a good reminder not to get carried away with one’s gambling. It’s OK to have some fun. Win or lose a few dollars, then walk away…..and perhaps go to the stall and order your Mee Siam with more ‘hum’ if you’ve got a win.

      Addiction to gambling is a serious problem.

      We can make money, but it should not be at the terrible expense or even destruction of the individual or family.

  3. Singkaypoh said

    “it’s quite good to have two in fact, the casinos are happy because then if you don’t have as much luck as you wish in one place, you go to the other place” – so if temasick is sick den go gsick play hor? no wonder “our horse racing isn’t as exciting as it used to be”?

  4. Money Faced said

    It’s all about what the Govt gain!!! Yah as long as the Govt gain, everything also can. The people got gain anything????

    Money money money money, always taking about money!!!!!

  5. Naivety said

    Down with this Wicked & Evil PAP Government ASAP please!

    • spotlessleopard said

      My family and I consisting of 7votes will vote the Opposition again and hope this time the PAP will sit in theOppostion Section of Parliament in 2016

      Mod’s note:

      If you vote for the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’, the PAP will be return to power again in the form of a coalition govt as the fake opposition party has vowed to stick by its side through thick and thin:

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

      – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

      To vote out the PAP, its ‘B’ team must be eliminated first. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

    • Francischuanghli said

      那又什么样? A team. B team 有何分别?

      • Naivety said

        At least the symbols of various parties are different & I happen not to like the “lightning” one better than you not doing anything about it at all except whining in the forum here!

  6. dog of the dogs said

    Rather surprised to hear this statement from a leader. :((

  7. Lim said

    PM Lee claims to be `anxiously’ watching social effects of opening 2 casinos. Really? Once the exclusion period is over in ?10 years the govt is free to build a 3rd or 4th casino maybe run by NTUC? So many ill effects – loan sharks, fraud, crime, suicide – isn’t it time to stop the anxiety phobia and put some real concrete actions?

    • Suicide is environmentally friendly.
      There will be less people vying for the worlds limited resources.
      Without suicide, the worlds population would have exploded out of control a long time ago.

    • Francischuanghli said

      Once. Pple live with it, Pple will not talk about it anymore. Didn’t U see Kui Low now aday oso eating DURIAN. This. Had never before.

  8. $ better than moral said

    PAP govt has gained, people lose, family lose, society lose, S’pore lose.

    • Penis Always Protrude said

      Will PM Lee care to tell Singaporeans “who” has gained the most in monetary terms from HDB conveyancing in the last 47 years ?

      And will PM Lee publicly declare his family wealth and assets under oath and propose a law for everyone in parliament including the president to do so ?

      Not doing so can only mean we have a PM whose penis is doing the talking. What do u think ?

      • Francischuanghli said

        Please, friends, have U forgotten the Abolision of INHERITANT TAX. What is the purpose behind of it ?

  9. Looney Loong said

    It is sad that a person born with a golden spoon in his mouth, want for nothing in life, and put in his position of power by his ruthless father can think that 2 gambling dens is good for Singapore / Singaporeans…

    No wonder he is increasingly looked on in scorn by the majority of Singaporeans.

  10. Jonas said

    Money-faced Pinky!

  11. One-eye dragon said

    So, I see.. the only justification from PM Lee is government gain revenue from Casino, and all the other issues can sweep under the carpet.

    So we know who is the real one-eye dragon.

  12. OMyGod said

    “’s quite good to have two in fact, the casinos are happy because then if you don’t have as much luck as you wish in one place, you go to the other place.”

    Cannot belive this is what our PM said to a foreign audience.

    Look at the moral, he is encouraging people who lose money in one Casino to continue gambling in another to lose more money!!!

    A responsible advice is if you lose your money in gambling, just stop and leave.

    • Francischuanghli said

      This is wat exactly happening in the country call SinkA-Poor, When u fall into the drain, broke your leg & didn’t die, someone will crash U with a giant rock on your head so that u will surely die.

  13. denzuko1 said

    Its strange that he only mentioned te governmet has gained and not Singapore as a whole. I think there is only PAP and “government” in his mind and not the people. No wonder his policies never tell the people what they have gained.

    • Pat Koh said

      Denzuko1, I hate to say it… but you are absolutely right!!!

      • nb la said

        casino is a zero-sum game. nothing appeared out of thin air. when they gain, someone must lose. is the majority tourist $$$ as they claimed? i beg to differ.

        when they collect 300m of entry fee and spent 30m on curbing gambling and stuff, u will wonder the profitability of this whole thing. who are the no. 1 losers? ya, kum gong kias like u and me.

    • Francischuanghli said

      This is how he understood about the defination of Gov’t, A place to make $$$ for himself.

  14. NaBey said

    Govt has gained. So what? What has people gain? Tax reduced? Housing, car, public transport price reduced? MRT, buses upgraded and less crowded? Roads are less jammed?
    Donkey face! Only you and ur bunch of monkeys pocket money gain!

  15. NaBey said

    Horse racing no longer exciting?
    U better mind ur word! We only have 4 big races in singapore! Horse is never a race and will not be the 5th race. I sue u for discrimination!

  16. Kelly said

    LHL is peaking half-truths (therefore lying) again. Government might have gained but Singaporeans certainly have lost. Many were bankrupted by gambling.

  17. Pat Koh said

    “There’s some offset because our horse racing isn’t as exciting as it used to be, people have gone to gamble in casinos instead but overall government revenue has gone up.”

    This is just not right!!! What kind of a culture is he trying to promote in Singapore?

    I know that he probably meant it as half a joke… but I still cannot believe my eyes, that a Head of State would say this… I have never thought of him as a strong leader even when he was young… but to see him proving that I was right… and to see him getting from bad to worse is painful.

  18. Oh man said

    One can always choose NOT to gamble.

    • dun talk cock said

      One can also choose NOT to eat and sleep.

    • Judith Tan said

      Yes, true, but if it is THAT easy to resist temptation, we wouldn’t have gambling addicts and drug addicts in this world. Think of human beings and how their minds work before making bold statements like this. Not everyone is as stoic as you and some need help in resisting temptation. The government isn’t helping by bringing temptation to our backyard and is doing more harm with speeches like this one from the PM.

    • Steve Lee said

      @Oh Man. Much as I dislike the casinos, you are absolutely correct. One can always choose NOT to gamble. No one has held a gun to the heads of those who foolishly choose to do so and squander away their hard earned money. Gamblers are FOOLS.

      • nocando said

        i pity those who died of gamble. but things don’t look so simple on the surface. it affects non gamblers too. this is not sth we can control of regarding FT policy.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      So it’s ok to legalized drugs too? Cos one can choose not to take drugs?

      • Naivety said

        Good analogy & well said…Pink Panty Loong

      • Oh man said

        Yes, if the society is mature enough to handle. Drugs and gambling are not exactly analogous to each other, drugs being more of a physical addiction and gambling a psychological one. Of course, the initiation of both can be due to the same like peer pressure, but I made that comment based on gambling due to greed. Btw, drugs are not to be blamed e.g medicinal morphine is legal and aids patients in pain, it is people who abuse it.

      • Actually, one CAN choose not to take drugs.
        Many heroin addicts could have chosen the other way, but they did not.

    • P Koh said

      Gambling with excess money for fun and excitement is perfectly alright. However, not everyone has got the tenacity and strong will-power to resist the temptation of wanting to win back what is lost which therefore gave way to indulgence and finally loss of huge sums and consequently getting into all sorts of debts and ultimately suicide as the last resort. Those who are weak are best advised to stay away from casinos.

    • Singkaypoh said

      LOL one can also resist offers of free sex & blowjobs, but how many do??? Not the elites so far as we can see 🙂

    • Penis And Pissing said

      to Oh Man,
      How about PM Lee making it legitimate to sell and buy guns in SinCity ?
      One can choose not to shoot or use it on another person, right ?

      PM Lee really ought to consider going ahead with my suggestion for a 1 year trial period. What do u think ?

      • Yes, one can choose not to shoot, the same way that one can choose TO shoot.
        If I had a gun, I would point and shoot for no damn good reason.

      • emeritus Goh said

        @Goh Tong Seng,
        if only PM Lee legalize the selling and buying of guns, I will invite you for a game of russian roulette.
        if you think about it, there is tremendous benefit for the economy all round.

        The following will benefit :- shops selling guns and bullets, those doing undertaking, those selling wreaths, those who organize funerals.
        those foreigners on the waiting list to work in SinCity will not have to wait too long, the courtrooms will be less busy with disagreements being settled personally, most important of all, plenty of jobs will be created………

      • P Koh said

        Why do many other foreigners like to come to work, stay and become citizens of Singapore. It is safe as we do have very strict gun laws. In USA, we do not really know whether you will return home alive everyday when you step out of the door
        to go to work or to do some errands because no one really knows who is lurking behind to mug you or whether some crazy guy will go around firing recklessly and insanely killing innocent people. Thank God we do have stringent gun laws.

      • night watchman said

        My colleagues and I fully agree it is a damn good idea to allow ownership of guns in Sincity provided of course all businesses go to sporeans. I am in the security business and it makes sense for me. I can grow my business because people like P Koh will need my services. Don’t worry, I will give you a good discount and guarantee my best security guards. I have always wanted to increase the pay of my security personnel and I see this as heaven sent opportunity.
        My security staff will be so happy. what do u think ?

      • P Koh said

        @Night Watchman. You are such a simplistic person. Have you ever thought that if I can easily own a gun, do I still need your security protection. I think that your security guards would then be fearful that people who commit burglaries will now carry guns too and your guards would be exposed to addtional real risks of injury. What do you think? My dear friend please wake up especially when you are in the security business.

      • night watchman said

        P Koh,
        you are even more simplistic to think that because you own a gun, therefore you do not need security guards.
        Let me ask you a simple question. Do you think you can be 100% vigilant throughout 24 hours ?

        Better still, ask around, especially the rich blokes in other countries. They can afford to purchase enough guns to fill up a room but why do they hire security personnel ?
        I can arrange a trial run for you using blanks and let’s see how you fare with a gun in a simulated combat scenario ? It is not as easy as you think because of what you have seen in movies and tv shows.

        You are right that gun ownership will increase the risk to security personnel, but the plus point is they will command a much higher pay and receive greater appreciation.
        Having said, the risk also applies to potential crooks. If they live by the gun, then they will die by the gun.
        If you are the fearful type, just make sure you don’t become a crook or a security guard..

      • P Koh said

        You are contradicting yourself Mr. Night Watchman. How could I be fearful if I said that if I had a gun I would not need to have security guards for protection. If anyone wants to commit crime they will find a way to do it if he is seriously focused. There can never be 100% vigilance as you seem to think even with security guards around and Presidents have been assasinated with the highest alert being in place. What plus point are you talking about with enhanced salary of security guard instead of enhanced security which would not need to be so strigently enforced if guns are not freely available. You are only looking at the situation with your business in mind and not the safety of innocent citizens who would be fearful if guns are freely purchased as in the USA. Just this morning’s news on SkyNews there is a report of a security guard being shot in the neck and I am sure that you do not wish to see such things happening to your staff in SinCity. If we can avoid it why invite it.?

      • night watchman said

        P Koh,
        not fearful if you have gun ? Because you say so on this forum ?
        Then take up my offer to give you a trial run.
        Start with blanks first, then live rounds if you feel up to it.
        Bulletproof vest is mandatory.


      • P Koh said

        Mr. Night Watchman. Thanks and no thanks for your offer, Singapore is relatively safe place that I do not think there is any point for me to subject myself to a trial run. I was a NS man before and have used weapons and am a pretty sharp shooter too. Perhaps it would be a good idea for me to sharpen my skills further if I can use your rifle or practice range for practice purposes. In fact in my many travels to China, the answers that I get on why they send their children here to study is first of all, Singapore is a very safe country and secondly they are comfortable because there are many local Chinese and their children do not feel out of place.

      • night watchman said

        @ P Koh,
        nice to hear you were a sharp shooter.
        I have staff who were sharp shooters, but when confronted in a real situation, some turned out to be a disappointment. I understand it is only human. For your info I have ex snipers but they realised it is different when they have to face off with armed crooks.
        Anyway, I know it is good for my business with gun ownerships but I understand the concerns of sporeans and their wellbeing should always come first .

  19. Angry Bird said

    “There is no further issue of principle and from the point of business, it’s quite good to have two in fact, the casinos are happy because then if you don’t have as much luck as you wish in one place, you go to the other place. They came up at a good time, after the financial crisis. Business-wise, they’ve done very well; revenue-wise, the government has gained,” he said.

    So you useless money face PM, go open up a few more Casinos around the island and the govt gain even more financially. But did you share the gains with its citizens? hell NO, yet you indirectly drive them and their families to self destruction, to the grave! You EVIL moron!

  20. Daft Peasant said





  21. Judith Tan said

    OMG! I can’t believe our PM is actually promoting gambling! Horse racing not good enough, go casino…what kind of morals is he trying to impart to our young ones? Imagine future generation saying “Our PM says it’s ok to gamble as long as it’s done in the casino”. That’s exactly the impression that this speech gives me. Seems like it’s all for the sake of making more money and to hell with social responsibility for the government. I am appalled and disgusted, especially when it seems like gambling-related suicides and crimes have gone up lately.

  22. Lim said

    To those who self-righteously says you can choose not to gamble is like saying there is nothing wrong with surrounding yourselves with drugs, naked underaged hardcore prostitutes, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, gold bars and opening ur house with valuables wide open – you can choose not to be tempted, addicted or steal. Then why tempt people with all kinds of vices in the first place? Money and greed from taxes right? Unfortunately most people are not Saints and the ones who ply the vices are just as culpable. If not why hang drug traffickers when the drug addicts can choose not to abuse drugs? Casinos like drug traffickers are blameless? Because according to self-righteous logic, people can choose not to gamble or abuse drugs so don’t blame the govt for allowing casinos or drug traffickers for selling drugs?

    • I will not be accused for what I am not. You have fucking offended me.

    • I will fucking find you, track you, hunt you down and I will FUCKING kill you, fucjing cut you open and fucking take out all your insides. I will fucking tear you apart for that defamation of character.

      • P Koh said

        Hi Goh Tong Seng, this guy is just offering his own opinion and you should not become so upset and get angry. If you feel this way, he has succeeded and you are a point down. If you read and just ignore what he has written then you are a point up and not so agitated. The saying is “one ear, in one ear out”. Not worth getting upset and hurt your emotional body and lower your resistance level.

      • I had once vowed to protect my image.
        I am willing to kill for honor.

      • I meant for my honor.
        I am willing to commit honor killings.

      • the villain's assistant said

        I believe Goh Tong Seng is trying to recall a movie scene that captured his imagination. Let me hazzard a guess, was it from the movie ” SAW”, part one to ten ?

        FYI, I had a dream that was so realistic whereby the victims tortured and tormented by the villain in “SAW” were all MIW….and I was his assistant !

      • You are fucking pathetic.
        I AM A FUCKING SERIOUS PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!

      • This has nothing to do with movies or politics.
        This is about my honor, my image, being attacked.

      • fucking serious said

        to Goh Tong Seng,
        What image do you think you have ? Spell it out.

  23. JOSHOA Mutalib said

    2016 GE. Do Your Part people……… Vote for Amy Cheng.. Shux am missing her lots already barely a week has past….

  24. Pink Panty Loong said

    The “Government” is “Pro-Aliens Party” is “FamiLee Business”. See the connection? Cheers.

  25. The thing with casinos is, the house always wins.
    In order to win every time, one has to join the house.

  26. nocando said

    he already known the consequence had on singapore but he insist on saying that it is still too premature to say. you can lie but we knew.

    • nocando said

      we voted you in not for only making foreigners happy. if the ppl of “Singapore” not happy , 50% of them want to migrate then u and yr guys 50% of PAPies are a failure. not so much to be proud of. in fact, it is a shame. but of course, u guy never give a shit for the sovereignty of singapore .

  27. People Inaction PArty said

    It good to have 2 wives. If you don’t have luck in one, go to another one. Also good to have 2 ruling parties, have hookers (if you have no luck with your wife or girlfriend, you can go to them), etc. What is this guy thinking!!!

    • Penis And Performance said

      “What is this guy thinking ?”
      Agree! There is also the option to try his luck with his neighbours’ wives and maids as well.

  28. Citizen John said

    No wonder so many in debts to moneylenders which is doing a booming business. Everything he has said here is shamelessly evil. There is support from the top: ‘no principles’ involved. Totally devoid of morality when families of gamblers suffer.

  29. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Stay away from any form of gambling. The spirit of gambling is worshiped in these casinos It cause any human to make error in wanting to gain more. The method is always the same. First or second trip will likely be on the winning side. When you lost, you will try to win back and start your downfall You can never win the casino unless your spirit is more powerful than the one that is stationed at these casinos. CA-SIN-NO Pls do not sin and lose your life and your loved ones too! Flee! Flee!!! Don’t blame anyone but yourself when you are in it.Be free and be contented with what you already possessed.

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