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ER Lee Bee Wah: 40 percent of Singaporeans are litterbugs

Posted by temasektimes on October 14, 2012

A post on popular PAP MP for Nee Soon South ER Lee Bee Wah’s Facebook page has set netizens buzzing.

In the post, ER Lee wrote:

“Can we use the strength and power of the 60% good Singaporeans and residents who do not litter to change the bad habit of the other 40 percent litterbugs?”

ER Lee did not elaborate how she arrived at the figures.

Nearly 40 percent of Singaporeans voted for the opposition in the General Election last year, including the PAP’s ‘B’ team.

ER Lee contested in Nee Soon GRC where her team garnered a commendable 58 percent of the votes.



35 Responses to “ER Lee Bee Wah: 40 percent of Singaporeans are litterbugs”

  1. Its The Enlightenment said

    Is she in the 40%?

    • X said

      40% tossed out garbage. Unfortunately the other 60% voted to keep the garbage. Those garbage (81 pieces at last count) are now ruining Singapore by importing even more garbage by the boat loads from China, drowning the country in a sea of garbage.

      Mod’s note:

      The figure is actually 76% if you include those who voted for the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’.

    • GaanMaro said

      Highly unlikely. She is a litter herself, waiting to be discarded in 2016.

    • compatriot said

      These PAP rodents is sneaky,comes out from their pothole to remained as a contaminant to our Singapore society for over fifty (50) years with no audit reports that went completely unchecked if society will,that which must be addressed

      I just wonder what will happen to the remains and belongings of these PAP rodents and its carcasses when they are completely smoked out of parliament

  2. teo cheap buy said

    This Malaysian woman seen so yayapspaya.
    So every family got at least one litterbug.that include ———–

  3. spotlessleopard said

    “Four legs good two legs bad logic”?…… I am puzzled by her logic.

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    If such remarks come out from an opposition members, the whole gang of white scavengers will pounce and condemn it with unbelieveable high moral grounds. But as usual, if it comes from the ruling party, the whole gang will keep quiet and may even rejoice inwardly for sneering at Singaporeans.

  5. Pink Panty Loong said

    Amy, too bad you are not a member of PAP or its affiliates and that’s is why the harsh treatment on you…

  6. FreeTrolleySingapore said

    Is she talking about the election results?

  7. Alamak said

    No need explain lah. 40 pahsen mean otomatic who all not vote PaP. Can oso
    meaning Aljunied got plenty of PaP litterbucks

  8. Poison Ivy said

    From TPL to Foo Mee Har, and now this Lee Bee Wah. Why are PAP attracting all these female duds?

  9. P Koh said

    If 40% of the population are litterbugs then we would be seeing 2.12 million people littering our beautiful Garden City which will be covered by a huge volume of litter. We surely must have a super duper cleaning team who are doing an excellent piece of cleaning job in Singapore.

  10. NaBey said

    U must be grateful to the 40%. Otherwise how u justify for more foreign worker to help us clean the road?

  11. teo cheap buy said

    40% local are litterbug…what do she mean?
    So she mean all her Malaysian country man working in spore non of them are litterbug.

    100% litterbug are locals. All foreigners none of them are litterbug.

  12. Respect our sg men and women said

    Com’on, we Singaporeans know who those 40% are. Our island was litter-free until the FLOOD.

  13. Bai Hu said

    OMG!!! Dun forget 40% of the population in Singapore are foreigners, so there is a very high chance of 40% these littering thingi is NOT done by Singaporeans. Why must she generalize that all the littering are done by Singaporeans?

  14. SO FUNNY said

    “…….including the PAP’s ‘B’ team”

    Nice “additional words” from the mod himself. LOL!!

  15. Ron said

    Well, 40% voted for the Opposition. And 40% are litterbugs….a coincidence perhaps.

    Next time, 45% may be litterbugs…ha ha.

  16. Singapore Cock said

    As a PAP politician MP, she MUST substantiate her claims!!!

  17. Alamak said

    But you all oly comment, no give can-do solution. Easy one, No more sell cigaretts, then sure got no more buts. Same oso no more sell Totto/Banjee, then no more got not-strike throwaway tickets. No more shops, then oso not rubbish. Then Missie ER Lee not got clear rubbish. Where she stay till now hah? We ornery peeples seem this evry day, also some ole men woman look through the rubbish choose what still can use or can sell few cents.

    • ST said

      solution is easy…..only whether PM Lee dare to take action.
      this is the solution: SACK LEE BEE WAH and sent her back to her birthland (Malaysia), singaporean dont welcome or respect her.

  18. Wolfglare said

    Another FT bitch wonder she got blow for Pinky Lee to become minister

  19. Please said

    Pls do not divide SG any further. We have more that enough vindictive arses trying to divide us already. Enough is Enough! Have some decency, please.

  20. tintin said

    Still got 60% popular votes 2010 ???
    Lee Bee Wah go and tell PM Lee to call for SNAP General Election in December 2012. We would like to see if PAP can get 50% of the popular votes after 18 months. How many GRCs will PAP loose this time ???

  21. SAS 89 U said

    Brothers and Sisters of the 40%, don’t get work up on what these PAP guys said…
    The more they talked this way, the better will we have more brothers n sisters joining the 40% membership.
    For us, refrain from talking back with ugly words the better we can increase the 40% Club. If we talked ugly, more will think we un-educated…. Don’t let that happen.
    Show to them what We can speaks logic and are equally educated with that 60% Club. Let the PAP talk nonsense and the arrows will eventually hurt these 60%. All that these 60% takes to shift to our club can be very easily done as more arrows will burst their own dreamland bubble…
    Trust me… A quiet movement of underwater current can bring a whole island down… Slowly let the quiet current gather speeds as the next election comes… Catch them by surprise because, this current government is just an egg shell which can be easily broken?

  22. Steve Lee said

    Singaporeans born and bred here have a very strong ethic regarding littering. We were brought up to respect our neighbours, our neighbourhoods and our environment. I remember picking up an empty can thrown by an obvious tourist many years ago and handing it back to him, telling him that he accidentally dropped it. I then made sure that he threw it in the bin before I left. I took pride in my country and it’s reputation for cleanliness. We all did NS and everyone of us owned a little bit of Singapore and hence we took care of her as she did us. We knew who we were and we knew where we were going. All Singaporeans understood this even if we weren’t always perfect. Nowadays, with so many imported Singaporeans and FTs around who do what they want without respect for our shared norms and culture, it makes it very hard to maintain this community/kampung spirit. Singapore. the REAL Singapore has lost much of it’s true spirit.

  23. So - more urgent to set up high definition CCTV to do 40% in than to catch loansharks in a 60% PAP s'kiapore? said

    Scared … Very scared Liao …. So – more urgent to set up high definition CCTV to do 40% in than to catch loansharks in a 60% PAP s’kiapore? LEE bee wah has begun the big brother watching game on the 40% – it’s time to begin booing instead of waiting for 2016 tO vote them out – remember these groups of dancers rappers etc who would gather at public places and suddenly come together to break out into a dance – it will be good to do that n suddenly with the shout of Hitler / Lee Bee Wah for all the rest to shout hip-hip-hooray or boo ….

  24. Ah Piah said

    Lee Bee Wah, you can be a full time cleaner at a hawker centre and relieve the old Ah Hueys from their misery.

  25. ST said


  26. ST said

    BIG surprise! that not all the MP, Ministers are true blue singaporean….they are fake singaporean, you think they serve with their heart? No! they are lured by the S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  27. Ken Lee said

    there see! our MOE education system got problems! did not even teach their student no to litter!!! bad system!! time to change!!!

  28. als said

    I think this says more about the people who are trying to turn this into a political statement than anything. A simple google search will easily show you what the 40% is referring to, and it has nothing to do with voting choices.

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