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Grace Fu: Singapore Conversation turned out the way I had expected

Posted by temasektimes on October 15, 2012

The Singapore Conversation is going according to ‘plan’ and is turning out the way the organizers had hoped for, declared Minister in Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu.

Speaking to queries from the media, Ms Fu said:

“The Singapore Conversation is not meant to be an extended Meet-the-People Session and it has turned out the way we had expected,” she said.

The Singapore Conversation was given extensive publicity by the state media of late as a channel for the government to reach out to ordinary Singaporeans.

“I hope there’s a platform where we can hear a variety of views. There may be a minority who are treating it as a platform to air bread-and-butter issues, but I believe this platform is necessary. I believe once Singaporeans have participated in it multiple times, they would understand its aim better and set their sights further to talk about what they hope for Singapore to become 20 years from now,” Ms Fu added.


24 Responses to “Grace Fu: Singapore Conversation turned out the way I had expected”

  1. Lim said

    Dear Grace, I believe you are mistaken in thinking it is only the MINORITY who are treating it as a platform to air `bread & butter issues’ but the MAJORITY who are creaking under the yoke of increasing housing, medical, transport, job displacement by foreigners and other costs as a result of the govt’s policies. If the national conversation has gone according to plan and turned out the way you expected it is because the agenda is so controlled and a significant participants chosen by the media are affiliated to govt and the real hard questions are deflected. It is so unspontaneous that it seems the conversations are like rehearsed answers from scripts -.a bit like in parliament, the MPs submit their questions, the ministers prepare answers and everyone is happy and never probe further.

    • Angry Bird said

      voted these traitors, betrayers, boot-lickers and hypocrites out! would rather take the risk with the oppositions than continue to suffer under their evil regime.

  2. teo cheap buy said

    We don’t need so many Wayang

  3. Ah Piah said

    It turned out the way the government wanted – you choose the audience with prepared questions to ask, then give the stock answers reiterating the government’s viewpoint and then declare the conversation as a success with your pre-picked audience applauding the success of the The Great Wayang. Why did Lee Hsien Loong chose not to field any questions from journalists on his recent tour of New Zealand & Australia – he could not stage manage the interviews like he does in Singapore.

  4. Copycat Chan said

    Also as expected the opposition party REFUSED to attend and than claimed not invited. WP not only don’t dare make noise in Parliament, outside of parliament in a more casual setting also don’t dare to confront the govt

  5. JeoJeo said

    this is typical wayang conversation show of the pappies

    the very important policies were not discuss with the people, such as immigration policy, which affects our life extensively… house prices, transportation, jobs, social-economic aspects, big part of us…

    now it is only the trivial issues talk, yet the media coverage is so big

    this selfish pappies are only after the $$$, have not see they are helping the SG people

  6. spotlessleopard said

    Self denial at its best…

  7. P Koh said

    Why plan for twenty years ahead when the present moment is flawed with unhappiness and social problems which remain to be resolved. Soon we will have a new Singaporean identity which should be called “新甲破人” as even in twenty years, we will not be able to curve out the Singaporean Culture which has painstakingly taken 50 years to build. I think our Ministers have a long way to go in thinking about the long term plan for the Country especially in taking care of the True Blue Singaporeans. The way things are shaping up the direction that we are going does not really look good.

    • I have a modest suggestion for The Minister and His Cronies, and all the other folk who are trying to make Singapore into a fun-fair-mirror image of the Shanghai of the mid-1920s whilst running it as though it were the Shanghai of the mid-1960s. Emigrate to the real Shanghai; take your money-making wayang schemes with you, and let the rest of us spend the next half-century or so rebuilding Singapore and recovering from the damage you’ve caused.

      Thank you.

    • nocando said

      新加破 to be exact. newcomers join in then the whole thing broken. hope you agree with my suggestion.

  8. JeoJeo said

    immigration policy were not even discussed and the pappies just introduced quietly. their intent is to replace us with the rich immigrants,
    the conversation is just to create an illusion, to make us think that they listen. wayang wayang

  9. Denny said

    Dear Grace Fu, you can go on posturing about how progressive your Singapore conversation turm out the way you had expected but actions ,speaks louder than words because your posturing is empty.If we native Singaporean ever going to see real political change come 2016 we will be brave enough to vote you and PAP out.Your slogans turn out to be foreigners first and native Singaporean thrown into the cesspool.

  10. Ordinary Citizen said


  11. X said

    “Grace Fu: Singapore Conversation turned out the way I had expected”

    Of course it turned out the way you expected —- it is staged, for goodness sake. Everybody read from a fucking script vetted twenty times by the PAP central committee and every cocksucker who appeared on the show was thoroughly investigated and interviewed twenty times by ISD to ensure their loyalty.

    You want something unexpected? Just pick your participants at random from the street and allow them to ask any questions. 10 minutes into the show, Lee Hsien Loong would have slapped everyone twice the way he slapped Dhanabalan. 20 minutes into the show, he would be crying like a bitch and asking for his papa to put all these radicals in jail.

    • But we are in jail, X. You don’t see how chained everybody is to the great weights of their HDB flats, the CPF money that we’ll never see and all the other things that give this famiLee-run town the highest cost-of-living/national happiness ratio on the planet?

      We can do better. It’s tempting to say we can’t do any worse, but G-d tends to take that as a personal challenge. We really don’t need another 50 years, or 5, of the Pay and Pay Government with its Wayang Poseur collaborators.

  12. Alamak said

    Tok-tok aways cheep, esp. top brass who no need worry bread butter issue, becos they oso got milk and honey,not forget many money. But we small fry like Hungry Ghost waiting for crumb for survive. Meybe she forget French queen loose her head
    when ask starve people ‘go eat cake’. Whaffor look ’20 year from now’? Nother two year more only come 2014, we all know what ’14’ mean. If not know, sure can learn.
    No ony the madam, for we lower class oso ‘Singapore Con’ turn out way we expect. You go wayang awreddy know what going happen. Quite correct, we are ‘ordinary Singaporean’.live on ground floor. Got few ‘extra-ordinairy Singaporean’ who living
    in seven-story, or 78-story.

    • Julie Ong said

      Alamak, I like your sensible and down to earth views.

      Yes, I agree that the government is oppressing us. They are not looking at our present living conditions, but continue to talk about Singapore in 20 years’ time. This is bordering on the nonsensical. Who knows what tomorrow brings? I can understand/appreciate it if you have a 5 to 7 years plan, but beyond that ….. what are you trying to be? Fortune tellers? The plight of the struggling working men and women – these should be the government’s priority now.

      The rich/poor gap is apparently widening. A recipe for discontent or despair. How can we have a higher standard of living when wages are stagnant or even lowered and the cost of living is high?

      How can the government ministers live in wealth and luxury at the expense of the citizens’ misery?

      This is a take, take, take government. We have given and given, but let’s give them the rotan come General Election 2016.

      Be Prepared. Be Resolute. This may be our last chance.

  13. Pink Panty Loong said

    Another 20 years? You expect us to believe you that things will work out in another 20 years with your Party’s poor records? Where is the Swiss standard of living promised since Woody Goh’s time? Gosh, don’t try to smoke us with some unforeseen future that you monkeys aren’t confident of achieving ok? We are no longer the citizens of a barren land, you know.

  14. NBCCD said

    Prepare the unexpected !

    • It’ll only take 20 years of daily meetings, hundreds of Government Scholars™, and billions in Ministers’ and Cronies’ salaries and bonuses to have it go strictly according to Plan, of course. But it’s not like the PAP is averse to spending our money…”public risk, private (Connected) benefit” seems to have replaced “Majulah Singapura” as the national motto.

  15. Naivety said

    Wow! Nowadays, Minister only knows how to TCSS only after collecting such humongous salaries…so so ‘DisGraceFu’!

  16. drama fan said

    u been the consersation is not a drama show ?? with LKY son as the main actor and having his grass root doggies as the supporting cast ???
    i still think to vote them for the next star awards … most entertaining show and best actor …
    LKY can help his son path way to hollywood he can film the next Mr Bean movie – “bean in wayang parliment”

  17. amazing grace said

    Her father “James Fu” was press secretary to LKY when the latter was PM.

    Following in the footsteps of her father, Grace Fu is now serving LKY’s son in the PMO. It seems loyalty commands a premium ……and Grace is keeping her family tradition alive by serving the Lee dynasty.

    So what do you guys expect Grace to say ? Of course must proclaim in a manner that ensures the emperor and son will be happy ….. LOL

  18. nocando said

    are u kidddddddddding? why would i care about “their cuntry” ? we are less than 50%.

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