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Malay family told by HDB officers to ‘tone down’ noise after complaints by PRC nationals

Posted by temasektimes on October 15, 2012

A Malay family with four children were told by HDB officers repeatedly to tone down their ‘noise’ after being their PRC neighbors lodged complaints against them.

The incident was shared by Syed Sharil on behalf of her sister Sharifah Nor Farizan on Facebook:

“Recently, she got visited by HDB officers quite often because apparently, her neighbour, who is a China National, complained to HDB about her 4 kids being too noisy.”

Sharil wondered why the HDB officers are siding with the PRC national instead of Singaporeans:

“Now, here’s what I don’t get: I thought the Singapore government wants Singaporeans to have more kids so why in the blue-est of blue hell did they send the HDB officers to tend to the complain as if they are siding with the China National?! They asked my sister is it possible to tone down the kids’ noises. It’s like asking can u please go fuck yourself for no reason?”

In contrast, when a pinoy ‘special’ kid living in Choa Chu Kang disturbed the peace in the neighborhood with his drumming, no action is taken against him and residents were told by their MP to be more ‘understanding’ towards him.



145 Responses to “Malay family told by HDB officers to ‘tone down’ noise after complaints by PRC nationals”

  1. Genghis khan said

    They only ask u to tone down !what is your fucking problem?!u wanna create chaos here rite?!u fucking pig!

    • Steve Lee said

      @Genghis Khan. Just because the writer uses the F word liberally, we should not stoop to the same level and call his a pig. It’s insulting and demeaning. I’m not totally sure but he might have a point here as enforcement should be even handed across all races in Singapore.

    • CornY said

      What the fuck u call people pig.. U
      Dam a fucking pig. I m a Chinese Singaporean, I support my fellow singaporean Malay FRIENDS because WE ARE SINGAPOREAN. If it is too noisy for our foreign talents, learn to live with it or fuck off.

    • Tsa74 said

      Dont like, gtfo. How’d you like it if we Singaporeans go over to Manila and tell the people to stop bribery and corruption and dont eat food from trash right?

      Most people here are okay with the intermittent livelihood of the neighbourhood. Always been the Singaporean way of the Singaporean people, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian.

      What i really dont understand is if its more ‘fun’ in the Philippines, why oh why do they bother coming here? Stay home lah, have more fun!

    • Ben said

      I m Singapore Chinese !! What the hell you are scolding ppl ” PIG” !! Who post it here ?!So you think he created chaos here ?! Pls put the blame On TT anti WP body ….. Malay also Singaporean ok ….

  2. Spring said

    Please show some respect & dignity to the real natives of Singapura (Temasek): the race group Malay.

    • SashaQueenie said

      Please be rational.
      If we are always going to bring in the “indigenous” argument to everything, then there’s no need to discuss anymore.

      • Tsa74 said

        If we are to be rational, we won’t have the problem of foreigners here in the first place, dont you think?

        Rationally, Singapore has always been survived by its own people. Its own people who live through everyday life not minding Malay weddings, Getai shows, and Curry dishes.

      • Warrior said

        All humans are equal in this world regardless of their skin. Don’t stoop low asking for special rights.

  3. It’s either you continue fucking the Malay Singaporeans or you continue favouring the China’s nationals. Wait! Is the HDB officers a PR or a Singapore citizen not by birth? Singaporeans should have learnt your lesson by now, why continue voting the PAP to govern Singapore and why not the vote oppositions parties in?

    • broked said

      In the first place, HDB should not send their officer to my malay friend house. Should fuck the fucking Chinese bastard for such trival matters, waste tax payer money. I am a true bred Chinese Singaporean.

  4. joe said

    HDB Officer should be very careful with their decision as such ‘unclear action may lead to Racial Disharmony.

  5. 陳一峯 said

    does it mean that singaporean can cause disruption to other nationals neighbors. No matter the nationals , all must be considerate not to cause disruption to others. indeed children should be be teach to respect the neighborhood and it is the duty of parent to discipline them. it does not how the children of others can be wild, what matters most is that our children are of good moral.

  6. Singkaypoh said

    F-word sprinkled liberally 🙂

  7. kannina utama said

    So what? What can we do? Wait for 2016? Forget it! 21dec2012 all die already.

  8. Vote PAP Out said


  9. Commando Pants said

    I think maybe the point is being missed, I come from the UK and I find the loudest people by far are Malay and the dirtiest, the most arrogant are PRC and the Singaporean are just so weak…and well the Indian are great but maybe a lil bit really smell.

    • jay said

      What manner of UK English is that?

    • Steve Lee said

      Lol. A fake Englishman.

    • JOSHOA Mutalib said

      UK = ULU KELANG, Malaysia : FT livin amongst the masses’ ” Do you Know Amy Cheong?

      • Commando Pants said

        For you great unwashed here on this blog site, and to be more specific I’m from Scotland – and my statement is correct, very correct. Remember you ALL want to be in UK but cannot as we expect more from immigration beyond maids… God have mercy on your sewer level Asian souls..

      • Tsa74 said

        Lol. Scotland.

        Okay we will disregard whatever you say now. Bullshit anyway.

    • Asian said

      wow, i think you totally forgot about the amy saga!! you are saying making some racist comment here man.. You do know ppl will find ways to dig you out? And for your info, The whole world is depending on asia now. so let your so call “sewer level asian” save your guys’ A$$:)

    • Anti-منافق said

      @commando pants:

      Your COMPATRIOTS david sandison (pwc) and brian dalby (boo-dalby) would be proud of YOU. If you want their contact information, you may find it here: .

      The former National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) director MALAYSIAN-BORN-CUM-AUSTRALIAN-CITIZEN amy cheong would be proud to see her name there too. In the meantime, do NOT forget what gets EXPOSED when a gale blows up your kilt.

    • Anti-منافق said

      @commando pants: This was the link which I reckon the moderators omitted:

      [ youtube . com / all_comments ? v=nMxTcRs3KDU ]

    • Dogs Of The Same Kind said

      Commando Pants, your remarks make you the number one pure breed racist!

      • 共“慘”主義萬“碎” said

        @Dogs Of The Same Kind:

        With reference to your username, you may like to do a search on these terms:

        ” communist mutt sun xu 孫 孙 旭 dog treat cat meat spicy male nine 9 months passport exit permits conscription lifelong reservist dig “.

  10. HDB is selfish and greedy said

    Who created the problem? HDB!

    Our HDB is making our flat too small and too close together, so causing noise problem.
    They are influenced by government to make more money, they are selfish and greedy.

    • To Be Fair said

      Simple. If the government is sincere about solving the noise problem, make the walls and floor thicker to prevent penetration of sound. But, hey….this spells higher costs and hence, lower profit for HDB and should definitely be a No No. Remember PAP’s hidden policy: “We welcome all suggestions (provided they do not affect our revenue intake)”.

  11. What an empty barrel! said

    I didn’t know that having more children = having the right to be noisy. I have three myself but I do not allow them to go overboard. You need to be considerate. The HDB officers are not siding anyone – they are just there to straighten things up. And based on what I’m reading, your sister’s family (and you) need to be STRAIGHTENED UP!

    • Dont point finger first. said

      ya, agree. Maybe someone else too raise the same issue with hdb.. thats why they will take their “precious” time to make the way down to settle stuff. you think they so free? because of one prc?

      • serena said

        You really hit the nail here. I believe this is not the only single HDB noise pollution case and it’s prevalent in other areas. But in this case the real intention of the matter is being distorted to racism and anarchism. We cannot choose our neighbours so we should be be tolerant to noisy neighbours but of course to a reasonable range, well the latter control the noise to the best of their ablity. The remark of “HAVING MANY CHILDREN” is too lame an excuse to encroach on others peaceful life or rather to be more serious deprive others a healthy living environment.

    • Tsa74 said

      Wait till you’re facing your own instance of foreign bias. Just wait.

      Just dont say nobody told you or said so.

  12. Jack said

    as a parent of 2 young children, i can understand that kids tend to talk loud and make a fair bit of noise. PRC usually only have 1 kid can never understand how 2 or more children at home can be pretty noisy.

    • Steve Lee said

      @Jack. This is true. A good observation.

    • CornY said

      1 child at PRC home = quiet??
      Hello cool down… Ask yourself… Have you ever listen to a simple conversation between two adult PRCs??
      Boy, it is LOOOUUUD.
      They talk like they are standing mountains apart.

      • Tsa74 said

        Lol. Astute observation. Like, dude, your friend is RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Dont need to shout or project the voice.

      • Naivety said

        Not surprising what as China is an extremely big country with spacious land and the people there stay miles apart from one another!

  13. lol said

    lolol @ the last paragraph, are you kidding me
    in comparing the situation to that of a kid with special needs, you’re not making a fair comparison at all

    • Again with the feeble-minded vermin. Such non-normal, non-people have destroyed countless lives by just being in existence in the first place. These things should be shot… Personally, I would line those up against a wall and shoot these in front of their families.

  14. Jimmy Kong said

    I am not siding anyone. Neighbours should understand each needs and not pinpointing whose fault. i used to tell my neighbours not of noise but wet laundry. That did not work, so only thing is to tell HDB not the police. Same as noise, they may have children studying in the day and may have affected their studies. The PRCs may not have communicatec correctly as maybe their English is not good enough for our standard of communication. This is a small problem with the Local leaders like RCs and the MP for that area should address. Basically, communication problem, nothing else. My 2 cents of thought. I am a born and bred Singaporean.

  15. SuperBigEgoAntiSocialBastard! said

    @ Syed Sharil Al-Sagoff Bloody hell…Do you mean you have the rights to disturb other people’s peace simply because you have 4 kids? How about I blast my sound system at your door day and night and claims that I’m almost deaf?! Utter Bullshit! Seems like some Singaporeans got rather big ego…doesn’t behave yet cannot take it when others complain! If you think you have the rights to be a nuisance, the rest shall exercise their rights to complain…or even, let you have a taste of your own medicine! Sick Ego Bastard!

    • Tsa74 said

      Oh my god are you guys really for real?

      The main issue is that a foreign national come to our shores, and complain that our way of life is too noisy? Isnt it the same argument when a FT complained about curry smells?

      If the noise theyre making is really that much of a nuisance, others would have come forth to tell them off way before. Our locals are fine with it. No news of complaints. Why suddenly some PRC national yaya make noise.

  16. Ah Loot said

    Tell the chinks to go home

  17. Oh man said

    Does not need to be a foreigner to complain about noisy kids … And encouraging one to have more kids does not mean letting them run anywhere unattended screaming and disturbing peace of the neighborhood.

  18. The question is, what time did they make their noise?

  19. janet said

    This reminds us of the famous curry aroma affair. Why are the commie arseholes given special privileges now, when at one time they were despised and being known as fearful and being put behind bars ? Have we become brainwashed commies ourselves now ?

    • jay said

      China is very important to Singapore. The Pandas are only given to very close countries.
      This is basically about international relations. If locals complain, then the response would have been muted
      Everywhere in the world people and countries are carrying PRC balls!
      Practice please!

  20. SINKIE said


    PAP is bloody racist lah Abang.

    That’s why this foreign talent policy was created for – Curbing malay population growth.

    They might as well call themselves PAMP – Politicians against malay party

  21. Lawrence Lim said

    I am wondering if TT should censor foul language in their post or post from others. It shows the refinement of the society. I do not enjoy reading such post, no matter how serious the case is.


      Nope. TT shouldn’t censor. We prefer freedom of expression. It’s very common and please be more flexible.

  22. Sk said

    ” The Al-sagoff” comes from a reputable family. I’m surprised with the abusive language used.
    How noisy can the kids be? I doubt it’s during late night. You must talk to your neighbour so they can gain understanding of your possibly hyper children.
    It’s all about respecting each other.

  23. ST said

    I am very disappointed with the way PAP is ruling Singapore. ! They give so much face to all these PRC, though I am a chinese singaporean I never like them, so what if my parents are also from China, they dont behave yaya papaya,

  24. ST said

    in the 50s , 60s most singaporean family have 6 to 7 children and my neighbors were malays , we played together and never complain about one another. During Hari Raya our neighbor will give us kueh kueh, We singaporean have to stay united to protect our birth place. PAP is useless , some MP, Ministers are not born in Singaporean.

  25. Andre said

    The TS is a god damn racist, hope you rot

    • MALE Singaporean ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி, professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism said

      You may like to do a search on these terms:

      ” Sandgroper amy cheong twin towers hog rearing منافق eugene nirvan anthony nirvan44 “

  26. delacroix said

    HDB officer needs to show evidences on what is going on here….

  27. P Koh said

    Noise pollution is always a problem for residents living in HDB flats. It is very difficult to control children who run around the corridors or making too much noise. However, there must be a degree of tolerance for all HDB dwellers living in such environment. It is not whether a neighbour is a PRC, a Malaysian or Indian Nationals, parents of children should also be conscious that some people need rest after a tiring day at work and they have to at least exercise control in handling their children to tone down noise pollution as a matter of consideration, courtesy and good neighbourliness. It is also a matter of give and take to cultivate a friendly co-existence.

    • HDB blocks are built with no real consideration to soundproofing. If they were, they wouldn’t be Soviet-reject concrete-slab disasters, but would instead have air gaps, double-pane windows, insulation like fibreglass, foam, cork or even wood to absorb and diffuse noise. As I type this, I am a block away from a neighbourhood strip mall, where I can hear every lorry moving and metal gate opening and closing quite clearly. Three people are having a conversation in the carpark area, and I can hear every syllable quite clearly. Again, I’m on the fourth floor, with all windows closed.

      But these HDB flats do a GREAT job of retaining heat and humidity, don’t they? Talk about solving the wrong problem!

      • Youtube user/jemdude22 a MALE singaporean who, like fellow MALE compatriot larry medina will be as subjected to as much conscription and lifelong reservist liability as MALE compatriot robert viswanathan chandran said

        @ Jeff Dickey (

        If you are a United States of American (USA) Citizen, you may be pleased as well as proud to note what your COMPATRIOT matthew (“matt”) miller wrote recently:
        [ washingtonpost . com / opinions / what-singapore-can-teach-us / 2012/05/02/ gIQAlQEGwT_story.html ].

        By the way, you may like to do a search on these terms:
        ” munafik munafiq matthew matt miller corresponding with missile city smaller Seattle metropolitan teenage daughter “.

        ” Youtube user/jemdude22 a MALE singaporean who, like fellow MALE compatriot larry medina will be as subjected to as much conscription and lifelong reservist liability as MALE compatriot robert viswanathan chandran “

      • @Jemdude: I’ve probably been here longer than you have (were you born before or after ’79?) This is our home, and the sooner we stop looking at what colour someone’s skin is and instead pay attention to the words he’s saying, the sooner we’ll have our country back. We used to be one country, back 20 or 30 years ago; since then, the Ministries of Indoctrination (“Education”) and National Development, along with State organs in the media, have been very efficiently separating us from each other. I remember when people who used any of four languages here were all treated with respect and understanding by speakers of the others; now, you either speak one majority language, or you are treated as an üntermenschen (Google that) by too many here.

        The sooner we all come together in the understanding that our home needs defending not from those who look and talk differently than you or I do, but from those who are profiting egregiously from our divisions and petty squabbles, the sooner we can have a real country again.

        What do you want?

        And think about it; why would someone from anyplace else immigrate to Singapore when thousands every month are emigrating from Singapore? You don’t have to be born here, or be of a particular ethnicity, to be Singaporean. The most important qualifications should be to care, and to work with others to make things better here for all of us.

      • Anti-منافق said

        To Jeff Dickey:

        I reckon what people are curious about is whether you are ultimately a SINGAPORE CITIZEN – especially considering your GENDER [ youtube . com / watch?v=nMxTcRs3KDU ].

        Singapore does NOT permit multiple citizenship for ADULTS.

        That mentioned, it is worth wondering what happens if a Singaporean couple has a disproportionately HIGH number of MALE children with SOLELY Singaporean nationality amid PLUMMETING birth rates in according to the world’s HIGHEST paid MINISTER for FOREIGN AFFAIRS and law (I will not mention “காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் சண்முகம் [கே சண்முகம்]” by name) “city, not country”. Colleague fellow MALE Singaporean ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி would be proud.

        Also, here are some interesting quotes I found from Youtube / user / jemdude22:

        “Tell you something, i will leave Singapore one day if the chinese population in Singapore becomes smaller than that of other races. I will not live in a muslim dominated country after seeing the plight of malaysian chinese. Be glad that we are still the dominant race on this tiny temasek island where the national language is Malay.” – user/jemdude22.

        “东北人再野蛮, 再厉害打架又怎样? 以前还不是被小小矮矮的日本人欺负, 被日本人当畜牲一样宰杀, 还被一批一批的关在731里面做实验! 那时为什么不对日本人叫劲儿啊? 打自己的女同胞就来劲了。

        有些中国人就是这德行,就知道窝里斗,欺软怕硬!” – user/jemdude22.

        MALE Singaporean user/jemdude22 would come in useful for Racial Harmony Day (種族和諧日 / 种族和谐日) as much as AUSTRALIAN amy cheong (張艾美 / 张艾美) considering where that trollop amy cheong was BORN (Malaysia).

        Best, Anti-منافق

        P.S. By the way, you may like to do a search on these terms:

        ” cheung sin wai daughters passport family prata “.

    • Thanks for reading my comment. It’s too bad you prefer to slander those who you assume are more different than not to you, rather than engage in the kind of constructive nation-building that can actually save our country. And, even after reading your post three times, I failed to notice anything written that refuted any of the points I made about our HDB living conditions, and the utter nonsense of pretending that they in any way remain “subsidised”, “public” housing.

      Too many people have been indoctrinated into the false belief that disagreement with the PAP and its policies is a personal attack on them. This is courtesy of half a century of conflating the difference between the State, the nation, the Government, the ruling party, the ruling family, and the once-Great Leeader, whose tolerance of original thought or less than worshipful reverence from others has been legendary for decades. It is telling that, even in a forum conducted primarily in our shared national language, that people who feel so threatened fall back to using their ethnic, exclusive language in an attempt to “lock out” those who are not from the favoured group. To which I would point out this link, among many others.

      The more you continue to close your ears to and slander the intentions of others here, the more aid and comfort you are giving to those who would rather see us and our families homeless and hopeless yet somehow contributing to GDP figures.

      Is that what you really want?

      • eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق said

        Hi Jeff Dickey, who is slandering whom? By the way, are you a Singaporean Citizen?

      • Hongkies Three (3) Passports said

        Hello Jeffery A. Dickey, who is slandering whom?

        By the way, are you a Singaporean Citizen?

  28. Aaron Sim said

    Asean scholar stirs up controversy over sex blog
    Published on Oct 16, 2012

    By Pearl Lee

    A National University of Singapore (NUS) law scholarship holder from Malaysia has stirred up controversy for posting sexually explicit photographs and videos of his girlfriend and himself on his blog.

    If they are not insulting us or making complaints against us, foreign talents certainly add colour to our life.

    • Anti-منافق said

      @Aaron Sim:

      You may like to do a search for these terms:
      ” milked our kindness drawing routine suck up best both world leeches topple “.

      Alternatively, you may like to peruse this: [ topix . com / forum / world / malaysia / TON9C7FMNT8EAB2HP ]

      By the way, about the colourful character alvin tan jye yee, you may find his contact information here:
      [ oocities . org / f1_dahlia / alvintan.html ] or call +60(0)3-62723870 or +60(0)12-6780170.

      Alternatively, you may email: [ alvintan @ alvintan – my . com ] or contact “Facebook” user: [ facebook . com / tanjyeyee ].


    • Anti-منافق said

      @Aaron Sim:

      You may like to find out more about alvin tan jye yee’s COMPATRIOT prof. tey tsun hang who was in the same esteemed institution as vivian lee’s boyfriend (alvin tan jye yee) and POSSIBLY his PEDAGOGIC adviser. I am sure darinne ko wen hui would be proud of the national u-never-study of stinkapore as them all.

  29. Bai Hu said

    I still remembered that last time, there is a Taiwanese foreign minister (under the Ming Jing Dang, Chen Shuibian’s party) called Chen Tang Shan. He made a comment that is funny & real – “Singapore, a country which is the size of a pi-sai (nose dirt), also want to carry China’s lan-pa (balls).” That time, George Yeo is still the foreign minister of SG & he also can’t do anything to refute his comments.

  30. Lim said

    Like what is so obvious to all – stop the double standards. If criticise Amy Cheong, then also criticise Sun Tzu for saying more dogs and humans here. If the PInoy drummer disturbs the peace then give same treatment too. If the govt wants to maintain its credibility this sort of obvious selective treatment must stop. Criticise why labour movement or SMRT need to employ foreigners when there are more than qualified locals around looking for jobs.

    • JOSHOA Mutalib said

      I miss Amy Cheong very much……

    • MALE Singaporean ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி, professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism said

      @Lim: You may like to find out about “robert intrepido” in relation to what happened to Lance-Corporal (LCP) Muhammad Fahrurrazi Bin Salim in Brunei:

      [ facebook . com / robert . intrepido ].

  31. fadzli85 said

    Could it be a matter of the children really making a lot of noise? What do you mean by your children were “noisy”? It would be nice if you could elaborate on this.

    Whether or not the neighbours are foreigners, if your children are running around making a racket, shouting at the top of their lungs, making noise in the common corridor, then I think any neighbour, local or foreign, would have the right to make some kind of formal complaint. Do not turn this into a war between locals and foreigners if it is not entirely justified.

  32. Lim said

    If Teo Chee Hean really wants to prevent racial or religious conflicts – here is one for him to solve. The massive imports of mainland Chinese, liberally giving them PR and citizens are harvesting the fruits of their ill-considered policies. cooking smells, different cultures, noise, drums, etc will come to the fore sooner or later and if not handled properly – will erupt in highly charged emotions or worse if indigenous feels the authorities are siding with the aliens.

  33. oute said

    Asked your law makers as to what do they think about this…

  34. To Be Fair said

    As long as noise level is kept low for rest hours of between 10.30pm to 8am, it should be acceptable to neighbours, esp. the one downstairs. But there are some who can’t tolerate noise around the clock, who expects the whole world to respect their paranoia for the slightest sound. This is unreasonable. Everyone living in the HDB are entitled to a reasonable lifestyle, say, children running noise, pounding of food in the kitchen, even an hour training on a treadmill, during non-rest hours. Weird individuals who jump at tiny noise ought to go for landed property. But our authorities, whether the HDB, Town Council or the Police would always entertain a “complaint”, without considering how loud is loud. Unfortunately, the noise threshold for the “day” and sleep hours are not defined in decibels under the Singapore Law, making it difficult for an officer to determine who’s right & who’s not. It can be a harassment for the other party to be approached by the authorities day after day. This issue does not concern races or nationality.
    I had the experience of my downstairs neighbour came shouting at my door to complaint about noise created by my indoor exercise. Respectfully, I told the middle aged Malay lady, “I will make sure noise is kept to a minimum from my unit from 10pm to 8am, so that your mum can sleep well”. However, to which she replied, “My mum sleeps from 10 to 8 but I am working as a nightclub singer at night and sleeps during the day. So, you shouldn’t make any noise even during the day, meaning round the clock!!”. What do you say to that?

    • Goondu said

      Well, I say that you should NOT do your exercise in the house. Exercise should be done outdoor. Exercise is not a natural daily activity like walking. If your neighbor complained about walking in the house, then he or she is unreasonable. In this case you introduce noise artificially into your home that upset your neighbors therefore they have every right to be upset.
      Be a good neighbor, go to the park and do your exercise there.

      • Warrior said

        Why can’t we exercise within our own house during the day? Why must we do it in a park? As long as we keep the noise level low, without pounding, such are reasonable activities. It is instead the non tolerance of the slightest noise that cause many neighbourly disputes.

    • JOSHOA Mutalib said

      You neighbour of a “kakak” should consider changing her graveyard shift job to a more sensible 8-5 shift or working during the day and coming home to share the same rest time as her mother instead of soliciting her voice and miniority physical talents away to be watchd upon at night club environments

  35. let's VOTE over it if you can ! said

    let’s VOTE over it if you can !

    singapore is a democracy. there are more PRC new citizens than the Malay population in Singapore and there is no way the PRC new citizens can lose when it comes to a vote.

    if you still do not respect the PRC national’s right to quiet and expensive classy HDB living, we should give them a few GRC seats so that they are adequately represented in parliament to fight for more rights for them.

    majority wins, and you are now the minority.

    • Youtube user/jemdude22 a MALE singaporean who, like fellow MALE compatriot larry medina, will be as subjected to as much conscription and lifelong reservist liability as MALE compatriot robert viswanathan chandran said

      @Let’s VOTE Over It If You Can !: You may like to do a search on these terms:

      ” Syed Sharil Al-Sagoff sister Sharifah Nor Farizan special pinoy drumming amy cheong alvin tan jye yee vivian lee professor tey tsun hang darinne ko wen hui “.

  36. ConcernedSingaporean said

    I am in utter disbelief here. What in the WORLD has the PAP have to do with PRCs (or any other nationalities/races for that matter) complaining with regards to the level of noise the kids were making?

    The context of this issue is highly relevant. Were the kids making noise till late at night? Were the kids making noise by banging the walls separating both units? Just because the neighbours are PRCs does not necessarily mean that everything they do are part of the whole PAP-loves-them-and-not-us system.

    Let us not be blinded by our ethnocentricism and fail to realize that one needs to look at oneself in the mirror as well. Let us as Singaporeans think of our words before becoming another “Amy Cheong”. Let us not just jump on the bandwagon of shooting down others just so we can be deemed “patriotic”.

    • Alan Ng said


      Good luck on convincing most of the idiots here…most of the people here blames PAP for EVERY single thing that they “perceive” as wrong without looking at issues as a whole…

      The more posts that I read in most alternative news sites, the more depressed I get in how we Singaporeans behave and think…it’s really a sad state now…

    • JOSHOA Mutalib said

      Amy Cheong was representing herself against other”s oppinion, I miss Amy Cheong

    • BeObjective said

      It is not even clear that the complainers are the “China National”. I thought the officers should not disclose who originated the complaint?

      What is absolutely clear, is Sharil’s dislike for Chinese nationals and the PAPs for letting them in. The latter is political opinion, the former is just racism.

    • Youtube user/jemdude22 a MALE singaporean who, like fellow MALE compatriot larry medina, will be as subjected to as much conscription and lifelong reservist liability as MALE compatriot robert viswanathan chandran said

      @Joshoa Mutalib:

      Considering the CURRENT nationality of the trollop you mentioned (although she was born in a Muslim country which permits HOG-rearing and has the world’s tallest [to date] twin towers), you may like to do a search on these terms:

      ” ntuc amy cheong age jane cafarella octopus elaine teh not singaporean conscription reservist “.

      That trio of Female AUSTRALIANS would be SO PROUD.

    • MALE Singaporean ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி, professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism said

      @concernedsingaporean: I refer to your comment: ‘Let us as Singaporeans think of our words before becoming another “amy cheong”’.

      You need not fret – amy cheong, the former National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) membership director, has NEVER BEEN A SINGAPOREAN.

      If you want, you may want to find out more about eve tan ( facebook . com / eve.tan.549 ) after doing a search on these terms: ” eve tan health promotion board low educated lazy “.

      You may also like to check this out: ( facebook . com / hpbsg / posts / 524106234273311 ).

      MALE Singaporean ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி, professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism

  37. mahbok tan said

    Not bad quite a few pros and cons opinion …… !!!!

    Guess the words did not describe in the full picture of the environment and nature of the complain. so better not to jump into conclusion. maybe the writer can provide more info before we comment further. e.g the children playing within their home , timing , have they approach the neighbour to talk about the noisy kids and more .

    Hope we can keep our mind at peace and prevent us from having stress.

  38. singaporean deserved said

    in my humble opinion,we[bros & sis] of spore MUST live in Peace,Harmony & Respect for each other,regardless of race & religion.since most of us live in HDB,its inevitable that once in a while we will face ‘situations’,thus we have to be tolerate & hopfully e other party will have some consideration for others too!

    • Spot on. Posts like yours simply highlight how much a reputation (vote up/down) system would help move the discussion along here.

      But I’m afraid that there are far too many people who would rather do their thinking with their ego and their “threatened” self-image than with their intellect. So long as that remains true, those reaping the benefits need not worry that they will one day no longer do so.

      • Youtube User/Jemdude22 A MALE Singaporean Who, Like Fellow MALE Compatriot Larry Medina Will Be As Subjected To As Much Conscription And Lifelong Reservist Liability As MALE Compatriot Robert Viswanathan Chandran said

        @jeffrey a. dickey:

        You may like to find out what MALE [ youtube . com / watch?v=nMxTcRs3KDU ] dzaky (putra) wirahman, facebook number: 1664863412, wrote that “we foreigners are just using your country [and] you need us more than we need you”.

        By the way, considering YOUR gender vis-a-vis the CONSCRIPTION-cum-LIFELONG-RESERVIST liability for ALL MALES, regardless of how many MALE children the parents conceive amid the PLUMMETING BIRTH RATES IN SINGPORE, are you a CITIZEN of the Republic of Singapore?

      • eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق said

        Typo: “vis-à-vis”.

        Also, you may like to find out what the abbreviations “NSF” and “NSmen” stand for.

  39. Sigh... said

    You can’t win the PRCs. As mentioned above, their number already bypass the Malays in Singapore. Furthermore, when GE2016 comes around, you will still vote for the PAPs after receiving their “package”, right?

  40. eyeroll said

    its not about race or nationality lah please. its about the noisy kids. i’d ask my neighbor to shut their kids up if they scream insessantly.

  41. jay said

    Here’s a message guys!
    There’s REALPOLITIK involved here.
    China is going to be a major player in the international arena
    Maybe it is time for PAX Sinica. So its important that we treat our Pandas and PRC well.
    So this is more about international relations than local relations
    And the ONLY objective way of assessing noise is by installation of noise meters
    Otherwise it’s all very subjective.

  42. 陳一峯 said

    still think it is the parent duty to discipline their children.
    parent should also teach their children to be considerate.

    we are not much different from some of the new immigrant if we are just as inconsiderate as some of them.

  43. Ah Loong Si said

    That shows something – PAP government is racist – Malay Children, Indian Curry. How about the endless Chinese funeral wakes conducted in the HDB void decks? For that you must have tolerance so says the preachers and practitioners of racism. Thats Uniquely Singapore

    • JOSHOA Mutalib said

      Chinese funerals are major tolerance’ grew up very fond of it just curious of the various procession takes place,

    • Tsa74 said

      Yes other races tolerate Chinese funerals, Getai shows, auctions, burnings. Singaporeans have always been a tolerant lot.

      Besides why is everybody here acting as if loud kids are specific to the Malays?

      Is there some sort of anti-Malay sentiment repressed? Believe me they have nothing to do nor ever want anything to do with the influx of people from the Philippines.

      Just as how we dont blame Chinese Singaporeans nor hold them in likelihood to the PRCs.

  44. emma said

    I’m a half french, half chinese singaporean, I live in a 3R HDB. My left neighbour is a sweet Malay family who smiles at us each time we meet. My right neighbour is a quiet lady PR from China who respects our privacy and makes sure her laundry doesnt go into our space. We live in perfect harmony and the secret I reckon is MANNERS and CIVICISM

    • jay said

      which half french and which half chinese?

    • Sadly, manners and civic spirit went out of fashion after the first generation of our Government passed on the reins… if we want them back, we’ve a lot of (persuasion and) work to do. As long as any suggestion is taken as a personal threat invoking the “rule or be ruled” mentality so prevalent from the top down nowadays, I’m afraid we’re dooming ourselves. And what few children we have.

  45. Milton said

    Syed Sharil, since when you think your sister have special rights to make so much noise…if it was a Singaporean family that complains about your sister, what do you think HDB should be doing? Bloody fucking inconsiderate idiots create noise pollution for others and still want to come here and KPKB. What a fucking shit brain asshole!!!

    • Tsa74 said

      What if its proven that its not much of a noise, and local neighbours dont have a problem with it. And its just another case of foreigner kpkb?? Dare eat shit then? Only then you want to get angry?

      Think lah.

      • Dogs Of The Same Kind said

        Wow…since when you people can think? So, you don’t have an answer on whether the noise was too much or not, right? You are shooting your own leg but it is quite typical of morons like u, with brains filled with shit because that’s what your parents feed you with! Now go back to what you are most capable of…eat shit!

      • Tsa74 said

        What is your point? Your whole reply is stupid, and is aimed at nothing but racist hatred. ‘Since when you people can think?’ – please there are plenty of people of other races who are way smarter than you.

        In any case if youre too dumb to understand, let me explain it again for you. There is an answer; noise probably wasnt too much. Proof? None of the locals have ever made any complaints before. The locus of the problem here is that if locals did not find a problem with the supposed ‘noise’, it is more probable that it is an overreaction on the part of the foreigner. Probability, heard of it? Reasoning, use it.

        What a retard. No substance. Talk to me and have a proper discussion when you are more educated.

      • Dogs Of The Same Kind said

        Interestingly, for someone to simply derive the fact that no locals complained means no locals find it a nuisance is a educated response really proved your shallowness and narrow-mindedness? and you call that a logical reasoning as well?

        FYI, I also have a family living upstairs that create lot of thumbing noise even after midnight, probably because someone is practicing dancing at night without any considerations for my family below. I would very much like to complain to Town Council, but agree with my wife that once I complain (and they will definitely know it is us complaining), the situation might worsen and the idiots above might get even more aggressive, at the same time, create more animosity between the 2 families (yup, we simply don’t trust that they will be civic enough to considered the feeling of their neighbours below, judging from the fact that they don’t even return our smile nor greetings when we met in the lift after so many years). So, does that dispel your one-sided assumptions?

        Of course, I can’t expect a spastic like you to consider others’ feelings, as judging from your self-centered mentality and disposition, you will probably be one of those that irritates other and still feel it is your rights to do so!

      • Tsa74 said

        Self-centeredness? I think projecting your own dispositions unto others’ situations, is a more viable example of your self-centeredness.

        1) You dont know if the Malay/Arab residents are really making as much of a ruckus as these PRC nationals claim
        2) Simply because you’ve tolerated others does not mean this case bears the same traits as yours

        What if it wasn’t a ruckus? What if it is really an example of an overreaction?

        Proof. Foreigners have complained before of our local customs, i.e Curry incident. It may not be the same instance but it has happened and may happen again.

        Talk about narrow minds and the lack of understanding; do you try to understand from the side of the local family? Instead you chose the selfish choice and imposed your own experiences upon the incident. True, understanding perspective s subjective, but your argument clearly bears none, fuelled instead by your own agenda, whilst blatantly and racially criticising discriminately.

        Besides if your neighbour is being a nuisance, have some balls and resolve it instead of hiding away behind a screen and venting your frustrations upon the majority. You may never know, your own activities may just be as annoying as theirs to you.

        In this matter, the point of the case is clearly an overreaction on a foreigners part, telling the local what to do. That is the whole point of that article and it is clear as day.

        Who’s the spastic, irrational one now?

        Further, no, I, do not insist that it is a right to annoy others. Which brings me to your stupid post and comments, which annoy me, as it has nothing of substance nor having anything to do with the actual point in matter, except for your slanderous and racist observations.

      • Dogs Of The Same Kind said

        There we go…you have so finely proven what I’ve described about you just from your response above. You think you have rights to assume, but looks like assumption is the only education and experience you have ever get in your life. But the most shameless part about you is whatever you criticize other about, you are doing exactly the same…especially about me imposing on others…just look at your other post just within this thread…aren’t you not doing the same? Likewise, dare to tell me you are not a racist? Common, your response to me and others, even before they provoke you, clearly demonstrated that despicable mentality of yours in that small little pea-brain you have (or do you have one really?). But obviously, racist like you are so blinded by your accusations of others that you feel these accusation will make you more righteous. Your postings so far have not weight in on the issues featured here either, and it’s just your own self-righteousness that you feel should be imposed on others, and I can only think of one kind of people who likes doing it – a stupid moron with an immense sense of self-inferiority!

      • Tsa74 said

        My posts thus far have always been as responses with regards to comments. And pray tell, when have i ever been racist? Unlike you, most people exercise a certain amount of restraint when posting things online; your lack of such ability clearly shows your own incapabilities.

        When faced with an argument or intellectual discussion, the only thing you can do is try and attack the person now, and say that I am being racist? Proof, idiot, show me, prove it to me, as I have nothing to fear, for I am not racist. I have multi racial friends, multi national friends, and till you can ever prove me racist, stop indulging in your brainless antics and calling it an argumentative response.

        I hate having what i thought was an intellectual debate, which then simply turns out to be a one sided affair. You have only thus far confuted me with stubble, and think it suffices as an opposing argument.

        And at the end, all you can do is insist on the other party’s supposed misjudgments. I recall you were the one who lumped the words ‘you people’ in your irrefutably stupid comments. And here is a hypocrite, a stupid one at that, who can’t intelligently hold water with his arguments, stoop to simply lambasting others without proof nor point. People like you will go on in life or whatever’s left of yours deaf dumb and blind, and others will curse you; and you shall remain unknowing only due to your stupid ego.

        My posts have always aimed at your lack of direction towards the main issues featured in this article which you clearly missed and instead start to vilify peoples with your discriminatory mindset.

        Enough with you and your petty mongerings. Get schooled please, before attempting to pull hay over supposed feeble minds.

        My points still stand; if you come into the argument with your very own assumptions, do not try to impose unto others on their assumptions. More so when you were the one who definitely came into it with racist mentality. All your arguments so far have been fallacies.

        Let people be the judge on whos the racist idiot who cannot accept an intellectual discussion.

      • Dogs Of The Same Kind said

        There we go again…a solid proof of what I have said…you simply indulge in spilling your self-righteousness assumptions and “I am always right…” mentality as a way of putting others down, so as to show or give yourself the false sense that you are more righteous than others, and yup, there must be some wires missing in your pea-brain that let you conveniently discard or ignore such self-righteous mentality which is offensive to others.

        BTW, is “you people” a race, or it was your imagination which again you self-righteously impose on me that I’ve meant some race…that being the case, you were actually the one who is having that “race” in your mind, but not me. You then impose your assumptions on me, when I was simply referring to the inherent mob mentality of certain people here.

        Your racism was well-displayed when you agree with Syed Sharil’s radical views in attacking the PRC neighbor just because they are foreigners, which by the way, also demonstrate Syed Sharil’s highly racist mentality as well. Who gives you the right to assume that Syed Sharil was right and the PRC family was wrong, when you do not even know the truth, especially whether indeed the kids was really irritating to their neighbours (again, you conveniently assume that since no locals complain, it must be OK)!)?

        Hate-mongers like you are much more dangerous and disgusting than the PRC family being drag into

      • Dogs Of The Same Kind said

        Ohhhh…by the way, I am also quite confident that those intelligent and rational people here will be the best judge on who is the real racist scum here who “assumed” he had made an intelligent discussion!

    • sniper said

      tks. brother. you said it exactly as I would have.

      the rules of hdb is clear. live in your flat like a mouse so that your considerate behavior is return by your kind neighbours.

      Anything you do to disturb the peace, your neigbour will notice and return in kind and soon war will break out.

      It is so simple only a sensitive race would make it a racial issue.

  46. SashaQueenie said

    Regardless of nationality, if you make noise and are a nuisance to others, then you should be reported.
    I am not defending anyone or finding fault, but ultimately, we live in a densely packed concrete jungle. It is imperative everyone practice graciousness and consideration. It has nothing to do with whether one came to our tiny island later or not.

  47. Naivety said

    Haha…It seems like the Malay in Sinkapore is actually the punching bag for the Pro Alien Party!

    • layla said

      PRC is your punching bag whenever they speak, stand, shit, pee, or have intercourse.

      • Hongkies Three (3) Passports said

        Here is something for the C☭MMIE SYMPATHISERS: [ youtube . com / watch?v=j604lzFjFDY ]

        – little consolation it may be to you (or anyone).

  48. Play fair said

    Strange that our fellow singaporeans did not complain to HDB about the noise (if ) actually created by the 4 kids. Why the PRC are complaining ? When our fellow Singaporeans can bare the noise but not the prc ?

  49. 中国人要团结 ! said

    Unite please.

  50. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Let us all be gracious to all our neighbors and teach our children too!

  51. Track & Reveal said

    If you all go to Syed Sharil Al-Sagoff’s facebook, you will not fail to notice that he is a bloody racist himself, and a much more extreme one than Amy Cheong. He is dangerous and we should all closely monitor him before he further instigate the moods and emotions.

    Syed Sharil Al-Sagoff, go back and tell your sister to be more considerate, and teach her kids some manners that will ensure they have proper social manners and considerations for others. Anyone and everyone have the rights to complain about inconsiderate neighbours, so stop trying to insinuate PRC to attack Chinese Singaporeans…I am picking every word you utter and write on your facebook, and will consult legal experts to see whether any constitute a racist rant. You are no better than any of the racist you have criticized, as you are a greater racist yourself!!!

  52. S.A.M said

    That happened to me in the past I got visited by HDB and Police officers in early 7 a.m because my neighbour, who is a Indian PR, complained to HDB and Police about my kids being too noisy… the kids to get school clothes, breakfast and made a lot of noise.. After Police Officer left I went downstair and scolding them upside down…

    • SashaQueenie said

      But it’s your kids whom you should be scolding! You know how to inseminate but do not know how to raise children! Kids are noisy, but only ID we allow them to. Kids listen to us, and if they don’t, dish out the consequences. It’s parents like YOU that is becoming the plague that is infesting Singapore. Vermin!

      • Singaporeans no different what... said

        Precisely, but we do have many many Singaporeans who lack all forms of social manners and think it is their rights to irritate others…S.A.M. being one of these many. Can you imagine what kind of kids he is raising? No wonder our younger generations are getting more and more rude and uncultured…sometimes even uncivilized!

  53. muddy said

    Malay eh? The name sounds Arab to me….

  54. Judge For Yourself said

    What happens now ? Is it a fight between the malay family and PRC ?

  55. Nikita said

    I am also a born and bred Singaporean. I share the comments :-

    1) HDB intervened because of “NOISE POLLUTION”. “Noise pollution” will remain as “NOISE POLLUTION”. No amount of vulgar language will replace “NOISE POLLUTION” with “RACISM”.

    2) “FERTILIY” and “THE NUMBER OF KIDS” does not give you the right to encroach
    on others’ right to live a quality peaceful lives as we also bought the flat like you on cold hard cash.

    3) As for how much noise is considered noise pollution is a contentious issue. But if more than one neighbour complains, the picture of “NOISE POLLUTION” will be accentuated and not ambiguous for others to distort the real picture.

    4) Children are parents responsibility. Parents should be accountable for their actions not the HDB not your neighbours.

    5) We Singaporean are well-educated enough to be tolerant of foreign immigrants, to be patriot to our country, to be responsible for our own action, to be analytical enough to see a distorted fact here.

  56. Peter Koh said

    For those who stay in HDB flats, they have to learn to be tolerant and have to give and take and refrain from complaining over small issues like noise by children particularly when they are running across the living rooms. Also there were many complaints about ‘tapping’ noises which actually come from running taps and not children playing marbles and this is one big issue where many such complaints are lodged with the Community Mediation Centres (CMC) and the SubCourts and are wasting a lot of valuable time to resolve. For those who have zero tolerance to noises, it is best to seek accommodation in landed properties otherwise they have to learn to adapt to such “noise pollution” which is inevitable. Similarly those with young children should also be concious of the noises caused by their children and take a firmer stand to control this pollution too. It is a matter of “Live and Let Live”.

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