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Workers Party MPs continue to ask more frivolous and ridiculous questions in parliament

Posted by temasektimes on October 15, 2012

Parliament is supposedly an important occasion for opposition MPs to ask the government questions of national interest and to hold it accountable to its words and actions, but in Singapore, it has degenerated into a fracas thanks to the Workers Party.

With 6 MPs and 2 NCMPs in parliament, one would expect the Workers Party to be more vocal and critical of government policies. Unfortunately, its MPs continue to waste precious air time by fielding irrelevant, frivolous and ridiculous questions to ‘amuse’ the ruling party.

After spending 10 minutes talking about ‘bird droppings’ in the last session, newly-minted Hougang MP Png Eng Huat asked the Minister for Transport what additional steps are taken to assess the suitability of the surrounding areas for the construction of underground MRT lines in the wake of the Watten Estate incident. (and the estate is not even in Hougang)

As if one question on the topic is not enough, NCMP Gerald Giam asked the Minister for the specific causes of the property damage suffered by properties in Watten Estate as a result of the Downtown MRT Line construction works.

Meanwhile, the unofficial spokeswoman for the PAP Sylvia Lim put up the same ‘wayang’ in parliament by asking the Minister of National Development on the use of tempered glass in panels used as safety barriers at balconies for condominiums as if it is a grave matter requiring urgent attention.

There are no questions fielded by WP Chief Low Thia Kiang who was again missing in action.

During the election rally last year, Low proclaimed that his party would be a ‘co-driver’ to the PAP to slap it if it falls asleep. Judging from his frequent no-shows in parliament, it appears that he is the one who has been ‘sleeping’ instead.

With such a ‘loyal’ and ‘virtuous’ opposition in parliament which is dying to form a coalition government with it, the PAP is never in real danger of losing power.




29 Responses to “Workers Party MPs continue to ask more frivolous and ridiculous questions in parliament”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    It’s called ‘self-censorship’!

  2. Wayang Party said

    WP = Wayang Party = Wrong Party.

    Vote these arrogant people out in 2016!!!

    Mod’s note:

    The real opposition parties must contest in Hougang and Aljunied in 2016 to boot these good for nothing leeches out. After all, didn’t the ‘Wayang’ Queen declared that WP will contest in Marine Parade and Tampines too?

    • Jenny said

      Looks who talking now…why don’t the “real opposition” go contest in PAP walkover wards? Whats the use of SDP or NSP took over the 2 wards? PAP still have the same seats like last year. Do something productive. Go get other PAP’s ward and you can fight with WP lol.

      When one have no capabilities, its better if they keep quiet and put more hard work.

    • is right for WP to play wayang said

      This is politic, why should WP teach PAP to do now, and for PAP to improve and win the coming vote?

  3. Wrong Party said

    PAP have achieved so much since the last election.

    1) They cut their own salaries.

    2) They conduct a National Conversation.

    3) They review many policies.

    What has the WP done since the last election? NOTHING!!!

    Vote for WP??? I rather vote for PAP! At least PAP have changed.

    While WP and their supporters have become too arrogant.

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ has wasted taxpayers’ monies to conduct a by-election in Hougang to replace their adulterous MP with one who seem more interested in ‘bird droppings’. We are paying $15,000 monthly for these leeches to ‘wayang’ in parliament and in their estates once in a while.

    • Politic is dirty, WP is right said

      you seem that do not know what is politic, politic is dirty.
      WP is right

    • ST said

      Mike & the rest…..PAP say one thing & do another thing…good example for u to think.
      Sharil wondered why the HDB officers are siding with the PRC national instead of Singaporeans:

      “Now, here’s what I don’t get: I thought the Singapore government wants Singaporeans to have more kids so why in the blue-est of blue hell did they send the HDB officers to tend to the complain as if they are siding with the China National?! They asked my sister is it possible to tone down the kids’ noises. It’s like asking can u please go fuck yourself for no reason?”

      In contrast, when a pinoy ‘special’ kid living in Choa Chu Kang disturbed the peace in the neighborhood with his drumming, no action is taken against him and residents were told by their MP to be more ‘understanding’ towards him.

    • Naivety said

      Hey Mod!

      The 6 elected opposition MPs only costs S$90,000 in total per month (6 X 15,000) which is still cheaper than one (1) bloody million dollars Minister from the Pro Alien Party at S$91,666.67 per month (S$1,100,000/12 months)!

      WTH you talking about wasting of Tax Payers’ Monies as the other 2 NCMPs are not entitled to the full $15,000 allowances per month?!

  4. fpc said

    wp has done a great job getting pap to change.

    what has sdp done beside raising 30K for Chee CJ?

    • DustyP said

      I think you will find that Chee CJ raised most of that money on his own! I too am mystified by the WP tactics, its almost as though there is an under the table deal not to mention anything the rest of Singapore wants to know the answers too!

      Mod’s note:

      Was the ‘deal’ done ten years ago when the late JBJ was ousted from WP by his protege LTK? Hmm….

  5. SO FUNNY said

    SO many self post self reply. LOL!

  6. dragon said

    Oh they cut thier pay ! How much they collect one whole year including allowance and bonus must transpency OK.

  7. alamak said

    This is how you feel. I’m sure those people that WP asked these questions on their behalf for will appreciate it.

  8. tan said

    Selective reporting much? CSM asked for greater access to data generated by government and paid for by taxpayers.

    SDP asked for this right? Why don’t you man up and report this as well?

  9. Realist said

    I’m surprised WP asked such frivolous questions.
    They should have asked what brand/color of underwear is PM now wearing…..
    ha ha ha………

    Mod’s note:

    Why should you be surprised? WP is not known as the ‘Wayang Party’ for nothing. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  10. rover2sg said

    It will be interesting to know of the Workers Party stand in the matter regarding the AG’s claim to obtain cost regarding the Hougang election case. There are also many other issues in which they have remain silent,.

    At a recent lunch of old school mates – one chap stated that he was disappointed that the WP has not been working hard since the last election. I countered by saying that the mass media has not been helpful to the opposition.

    Since then, after much thought, I tend to agree with him. There are plenty of opportunities for the WP to state their stand on various important issues.

    Instead they remain silent and Sylvia Lim seems to be going overboard in praising the PAP.

    This uncle for one is reconsidering his support for the WP.

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ will never dare to raise this question in parliament because it is afraid of offending the PAP. With such ‘ball-less’ opposition in parliament, the PAP is never under any real pressure to change. The real opposition parties like SDP and RP should contest in Aljunied and Hougang in 2016 to vote out these non-performing clowns!

    • rover2sg said

      Uncle wrote to stimulate good discussion points and to hear other views that may cast more light into the issue.

      I take exception to the Mod’s note adding to my thoughts and I do not agree to the manner and your views. You seem to have another agenda and I do not appreciate you interposing it into my message..

  11. . said

    Selective reporting … Good Job in misleading

  12. Anti-SDP said

    why is TTR so bias against WP… do run in the next GE and see if the residents can elect you to parliament.. then you can walk the talk..

  13. 陳一峯 said

    changes must be progressive.

  14. Realist said

    Come Jan 2016 and you’ll see WP members emerging from their shells to do more wayanging. As from now, they’ll continue to hibernate and be docile as a church mouse.

  15. kenneth tan said

    Lol Temasek Times I think your blind hatred and prejudice for WP is really risible and downward cowardly.

    Firstly, you seem to pin all of PAP’s failings on THE MINORITY PARTY who has no real power to scupper any unpopular bills. Plus, have you really been following Parliament sessions? Well I have and I can tell you that WP has put the heat on PAP during the sessions. All downplayed or omitted in our mainstream media of course. So you are presenting yourself as alternative media and yet you believe everything the 154th media tells/omits to tell you?
    If say, the WP wants to cut down the number of foreigners in Singapore and calls the Perm Sec of the National Population And Talent Division to give them a piece of their mind, do you think the Perm Sec will really entertain them? Hello, Mr Perm Sec takes orders only from their political master, the PAP. Do you even have an intricate understanding of how our political system works?

    Secondly, if you really find them performing dismally, why don’t you do a one-on-one interview with the leadership of Workers’ Party and tell them upfront; instead of doing an online blog and taking cheap shots at them and blaming them for every single PAP blunder and gaffe? It’s like saying it’s my fault but your problem.

    Thirdly, you seem to have an obvious problem with the popularity and prominence WP has gained in recent times. Are you Goh Meng Seng in disguise who seems to think he is the only one who can take the fight to PAP and be the sole unifying force behind all the opposition parties? Your posts smack of someone who seems jealous of the limelight that WP has found itself thrust into. If so, why not come forth and tell us who you are if you want a bit of the limelight. WP has apparently done some internal cleansing to do in light of the recent Yaw Shin Leong saga. Are you maybe one of those who have fell prey to the “cleansing” because of questionable ethics etc?

    • Robin Monkey said

      He’s(mod) highly paid to bomb the WP, do you think he will answer your qns?
      Don’t sabo him lah, his end of year bonus is coming soon.

  16. RL said

    Time will come when God takes over Singapore….

    • He’d better hurry, if He wants to have anything left after the PAP loot the place and the Wayang Party play deputy imitation Keystone Kops.

      Question for Ms Sylvia Lim: exactly how are your team’s efforts protecting us from the worst whims of the PAP Leeadership? I know FTs that are being paid (badly) for 40 hours a week while being forced to work 66-72 hours a week SO THE COMPANY DOESN’T HAVE TO HIRE SINGAPOREANS. Half a dozen complaints to MOM later, no action… again, Ms Lim, why should we continue to believe your team’s words before you got into Parliament when your words afterward amount to aid and comfort for the enemy?

      2016 and 2021 can’t come soon enough…the real divine intervention would seem to be if we got a free country by then that hadn’t been looted to the cobblestones.

      Mod’s note:

      No point complaining to the unofficial spokeswoman for the PAP. She will tell you that all PAP laws and rules are ‘fair and just’. Just vote these non-performing leeches out of parliament in 2016. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Boycott the shameless, worthless, useless, spineless and hopeless ‘wayang party’ now!

  17. Ben said

    Anti WP again 🙂 lmao TT mod …wake up lar …. All Singapore not Kooning

  18. mental wastage said

    My brain cells accelerated its apoptosis process each time I visited and is treated with nonsense like this.

    Why are people putting up with this? Singapore tends to produce information sewage dumps since the days of soc.culture.Singapore, then tre.

    The technology has advanced light years, but the people’s mind remained in the dumps.

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