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Aljunied resident: I am most disappointed by Chen Show Mao’s dismal performance

Posted by temasektimes on October 16, 2012

I am an Aljunied GRC constituent and I voted for Chen Show Mao partly because of his past star quality and partly because I abhor the indefensible humongous salaries that the Ministers are paying themselves.

I hope Chen bucks up to our expectation, because otherwise I would be in a dilemma whether to swing my vote back to the PAP. But I have vowed that for so long as the Ministers are grabbing such unjustifiable salaries for themselves I would not vote for them. So, maybe I have no choice but to continue to vote for Chen despite his poor performance.

It seems so long ago and so far away when Chen first joined the WP. My Chinese scholar friend even predicted that ten years down the road, PM Lee would lament to the high heavens: “ji sheng Mao, he sheng Loong?” just like the way Chou Yu (in the Romance of the Three Kingdom) did in his death- bed: “ji sheng Yu, he sheng Liang” after he was repeatedly outwitted by Zhu Ke Liang’s mastery.

Now, it seems that this prediction would never come true if Chen continues in his lackadaisical dismal performance. Perhaps we now have to turn our hopes to Chee Soon Juan who has been consistently outspoken against the high salaries of the Ministers.


*The identity and particulars of the writer are kept confidential to protect him from being harassed by fanatical WP supporters who often resort to hooligan tactics online and offline to silence their critics.


27 Responses to “Aljunied resident: I am most disappointed by Chen Show Mao’s dismal performance”

  1. Nico said

    More like the identity is kept confidential because it is a fabrication by TT itself thus has nothing to prove. SDP come to Aljunied and die together with PAP with deposite forfeited.

  2. Babuseng said

    here we go again… TT in its one-sided campaign against WP. yawn.

  3. singaporean deserved said

    give him & his party some time,afterall Rome is not build in a day!

  4. No Can Do said

    TT is a PAP site to divide Opp. Period.

  5. Observer said

    sick and tired of the WP bashing by TT.

  6. johnny said

    Haha.. what a joke! Good try TT.. Mr Chen is a self less man who gave up his international law partnership to make a difference to the lives of Singaporeans. He has worked tirelessly for Aljunied constituents everyday. He attends every Meet-the- People-Sessions at HDB void decks and treats everyone humbly.

    Even the Lees sit up when he speaks because they know Mr Chen is someone they want in their camp, not with WP’s. They even sent Vikram Nair to attack him in parliament (nigerian scam smear).

    It’s so simple to see what TT is doing: Does SDP have anyone with the same calibre as Mr Chen Show Mao? Chee Soon Juan?? haha.. What a joker. The answer is so obvious.

    So please don’t bother with these smear campaigns.. It’s really pathetic.

    Mod’s note:

    Dr Wijeysingha is of the same calibre as Chen Show Mao and more importantly, he dares to speak up against the PAP. What’s the use of having a dummy with all the academic qualifications with the world who does not open his mouth?

    • Nico said

      mod: stop pretending you are SDP supporter when you are actually (as all know it) that you are under PAP. The real SDP supporter will not doing anything that breaks opposition, not even CSJ.

      Mod’s note:

      Nobody is pretending to be supporters of SDP. WP is on the SAME side as the PAP. Attacking WP = attacking its political master. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Wake up before it is too late!

      • P Koh said

        MOD As I said before you are broken down tape-recorder and time to stop playing God.

      • skponggol said

        A real SDP supporter will not do anything to break the REAL opposition alliance…

        But real WP supporters have been going around smearing other opposition parties….while the Vichy WP leaders refuse to identify with other real Opposition parties and only too happy to trigger 3-cornered fights.

    • Georgie said

      I think that Wijasingha and K Jeyaratnam are equal to Chen Shao Mao. They have much better knowledge in economics whereas Chen has better knowledge in law. I think both types of expertise are sorely needed among the opposition. Most important is that we must try to get more opps into parliamentary to balance out the PAP’s strangelhold.
      I hope they opps will not end up fighting and killing each other in three-corner battles.

      Mod’s note:

      The ‘Wayang Party’ has already declared its intention to contest in Tampines and Marine Parade GRCs in the next GE to eliminate the real opposition parties on behalf of its political master. In retaliation, the other opposition parties should contest in Aljunied and Hougang too to make these scums busy. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message to everybody you know.

  7. Johnny Toh said

    “*The identity and particulars of the writer are kept confidential to protect him from being harassed by fanatical WP supporters who often resort to hooligan tactics online and offline to silence their critics.”

    BS to the max. LOL.

    • yoyoyo said

      Yeap. Just another chance for TT to slime WP. Sadly, it just makes the other opposition parties seem petty and I will definitely choose PAP over SDP or (shudder) RP.

  8. Francischuanghli said

    Jump from HOT PAN to the HOT SOAP. Hahaha interesting . Singapore is folding up lo !!!

  9. Henry said

    Thanks, TT … indeed another taalking point. When I next meet up with Mao for coffee (tea in China for the other Mao), I will feedback to him. For the writer … don’t we will not tell who you are … stay low, ok?

  10. kenneth tan said

    Lol Temasek Times I think your blind hatred and prejudice for WP is really risible and downward cowardly.

    Firstly, you seem to pin all of PAP’s failings on THE MINORITY PARTY who has no real power to scupper any unpopular bills. Plus, have you really been following Parliament sessions? Well I have and I can tell you that WP has put the heat on PAP during the sessions. All downplayed or omitted in our mainstream media of course. So you are presenting yourself as alternative media and yet you believe everything the 154th media tells/omits to tell you?
    If say, the WP wants to cut down the number of foreigners in Singapore and calls the Perm Sec of the National Population And Talent Division to give them a piece of their mind, do you think the Perm Sec will really entertain them? Hello, Mr Perm Sec takes orders only from their political master, the PAP. Do you even have an intricate understanding of how our political system works?

    Secondly, if you really find them performing dismally, why don’t you do a one-on-one interview with the leadership of Workers’ Party and tell them upfront; instead of doing an online blog and taking cheap shots at them and blaming them for every single PAP blunder and gaffe? It’s like saying it’s my fault but your problem.

    Thirdly, you seem to have an obvious problem with the popularity and prominence WP has gained in recent times. Are you Goh Meng Seng in disguise who seems to think he is the only one who can take the fight to PAP and be the sole unifying force behind all the opposition parties? Your posts smack of someone who seems jealous of the limelight that WP has found itself thrust into. If so, why not come forth and tell us who you are if you want a bit of the limelight. WP has apparently done some internal cleansing to do in light of the recent Yaw Shin Leong saga. Are you maybe one of those who have fell prey to the “cleansing” because of questionable ethics etc?

  11. fpc said

    this is a joke. CSM did a lot of good things. he even got lhl to take the mrt. you think chee cj got that going?

  12. gary said

    George, agreed with what you mentioned. Not only Mr. Chen is disappointing, the WP elected mps are also not up to expectation. The whole bunch is not raising bread & butter issues which are affecting true born Sporeans. Dr. Chee would have perform better than LTK & his gang if he was given a chance to stand for election. Come 2016, hope he would stand for election.

    Mod’s note:

    That’s why LTK has been praised by the PAP and its media as an ‘exemplary’ opposition leader while CSJ is demonized. One CSJ is better than all the 8 ‘wayang’ clowns combined. The real opposition parties must contest in Aljunied and Hougang in 2016 to boot out these leeches! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  13. FreeTrolleySingapore said

    Chen Show Mao. SHOW HAIR in parliament only.

  14. Karen said

    WP MPs in Parliament should be more aggressive and confrontational and ask tough questions. Otherwise, they are useless. They cannot act like PAP backbenchers and just go through the motion of acting like the Opposition.

    Mod’s note:

    An opposition which does not oppose is better off dead. Even the PAP backbenchers are more vocal and critical than these useless ‘wayang’ leeches which do nothing but ‘wayang’ in parliament. The real opposition parties must contest in Aljunied and Hougang to boot out these scums once and for all. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  15. CornY said

    All the way WP… I will always vote for u

    Mod’s note:

    The PAP will thank you for voting for it. Haven’t you realized that WP is merely a subsidiary party of the PAP to make it look good in parliament? A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

    • yoyoyo said

      I will always vote for WP too! *high-5*

      Mod’s note:

      Yes, please continue to vote for the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  16. Vote WP Out said

    Mod is right. Judging from the rabid, mindless, deluded, delusional comments above. WP supporters and IBs should stop giving lame excuses to defend WP’s pathetic performance in Parliament. Even Tin Pei Ling did better than any of them. If things stay the same, I would ask my friends to vote WP out in 2016!

    • Anthony Ho said

      If WP’s MP is good for nothing, why not you go and tell your master don’t worry no need GRC system in GE2016. Tell your master no need to gerrymandering. Announce GE date early and allow one month for participating parties to campaign. If WP MPs is lousy why all these unfair and undemocratic system to prevent opposition candidates from entering Parliament. Only you don’t know, your master knew oppositions are presenting better, betterer and bettererer candidates.

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