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ASEAN scholar from NUS Law posts videos of him having sex with girlfriend on blog

Posted by temasektimes on October 16, 2012

Barely one month after a NUS Law professor was charged in court for obtaining sexual gratification from his student in exchange for better grades, NUS Law Faculty is hit by another sex scandal again.

Alvin Tan Jye Yee, a National University of Singapore (NUS) law scholarship holder from Malaysia found himself in the spotlight for posting sexually explicit photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend on his blog, one of which featured him ‘poking’ her in doggie style in a public toilet at night.

In the same post, Alvin extended an invitation to interested couples to join him in a ‘swing party’ to exchange sex partners. His girlfriend, from a university in Malacca, declared her dream to be a AV porn star. She was heard moaning loudly like exactly like a Japanese AV actress in one of the clips.

Speaking to queries from the media, they said that they started the blog, which is not private, because they wanted to “share what they do in private with the world”.

There are no immediate comments from NUS Law School which is ranked one of the top ten law schools in the world.


50 Responses to “ASEAN scholar from NUS Law posts videos of him having sex with girlfriend on blog”

  1. Daft Peasant said

    more sexciting news day by day…….HUAT ARH~~~~~~~

  2. Robin Hood said

    Waah lau. Our little red dot is becoming a SEX HAVEN. What’s NEXT?????

  3. Sam said

    Another Malaysian chinese given preference in Singapore.

  4. spotlessleopard said

    Alot of free publicity for this local University……….Looks like this University is going to the DOG(GIE’S) ….

  5. ghost of Yong P H said

    This law student has just helped NUS move up the rankings and become the top 5 Law Schools in the World rather than just top 10.
    He is what I call the real talent SG truly needs.

    I hope Shanmugam will coax him to take up SG citizenship, ASAP !
    It is people like this young man who should take over as president of our Law Society and get the members to be more pro active….

  6. kublai cunt said

    seen better than this… no big deal

  7. Singkaypoh said

    Tastefully done what… lighten up, what’s the big deal

  8. Cozy said

    what’s wrong with sharing your sex lives with others?

  9. What kind of lawyer is he going to be ? said

    Sick people

  10. Ah Loong Si said

    How come Cecilia Sue is not in the picture with her trait “Blow JB”

  11. kenny said

    That makes uni life more interesting.


    Its NOT tastefully done, her …as Cecilia Sue would say “privates” looks like its blooming with genital warts. NUS must sack him. Alvin says that all the pictures are taken in Malaysia. That is incorrect, one of the pictures above (doggy style in the toilet) was said to be taken at The Esplanade Handicap Toilet !!!

  13. Naivety said

    Hey TT,

    The bodies are not totally exposed & naked with some critical parts & areas shielded…do you have the uncensored version?

  14. Why is this here?

  15. Johnny Toh said

    The girl damn ugly, just like this TT mod who has a ugly heart.

  16. FreeTrolleySingapore said

    This is the kind of person we give our tax payer’s money to. HELL. HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ANY INTENTION TO WORK IN SINGAPORE!

  17. Karen said

    This must be a very unorthodox (but creative) way a foreigner is trying to help increase Singapore birth rate. He wants Singaporeans to get “sexcited” (sexually aroused) so they will f**k more and have more babies. Only a foreigner can be this creative.

  18. Ken Lee said

    need more baby’s, just do what our gov ask for! no wrong!

  19. RL said

    Influence by his Professor, I think…

  20. 龍的传人 said


  21. RL said

    Corrupted minds and dirty thoughts … Cannot be a lawyer…. Pretty dangerous because he doesn’t have a pure heart.

  22. TAK BOLEH LAH said

    Somehow I feel that more and more m’sian are trying to seek unnecessary attention from the media and social media. Recently one of them is distributing leaflets at the Sentosa Cove asking the residents there to buy or give him a sporty car. Really funny.

  23. B Chan said

    What is the big deal. If they dare to show, nothing wrong. Now that is really a FT. Hope more SGs are that creative and uninhibited.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Yeah man! Some more he generously invites u to exchange & share-share with him 🙂 Now THAT’S “engaging the people”, not just TCSS like CCS

  24. nocando said

    asian nationalities are easily get into law school in our university becos they are submissive?

  25. nocando said

    singaporeans hardly get to study law and medical or qualified for local university left so much to imagine.

  26. Elve said

    Scholarly blonde. Cool man.

  27. NationalUniversityofSex(NUS) said

    cum 2013, Tan, will graduate Magna Cum Laude (“with outstanding honor”) from NUS – Faculty of Law : Asia’s Global Law School after doing Prof Teh su su for grades.

    He will be highly qualified and eligible to service fellow sexually active clients with sexual related crimes like Cecilia, Ah Gay, and Prof Teh. That is if he sits for the “Bar” exam, and do a honors zoophilia (bestiality) component that requires a threesome with the kangaroo judges.

  28. Oscari said

    what did they study man… so happening.

  29. drama fan said

    if they wan everyone know abt the sex life why hide in the room ??? do it in the orchard road … or istana … maybe our govt can exchange a seat in the parliment with them for their special services …
    scholar still need to work hard n study smart to ensure success but offering service to the corrupted minister can be the easy way out

  30. haha said

    for the toilet pic, it is in public area, is it legal?

  31. wow said

    She has the cheap slut look.

  32. Pattymore said

    His writings does make me self reflect.
    He is brilliant, & articulate even though unconventional.

  33. Williams said

    Wahhhh….my icon …be strong bro

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